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A Cat, A Boy and A Coaching Practice – The Intersection

Years ago, maybe 20 by now, one of my sons was about 4 and we got a cat. Honestly, I don’t remember how the cat came to live with us, just the interaction between the cat and my son.

As I was sitting at the table,

he comes up to me…

his arms covered in scratches!

“I think she loves me!” he says, proudly.

A Coaching Business Like a Cat

Over the years of coaching, and sales and entrepreneurship, I’ve been beat up, scratched up, failed a ton, succeeded just enough to be like Bob, (my son). . .

and exclaim, I think she loves me!!

Quitting Isn’t an Option

Even though I’ve tried to other outlets for my desire to solve problems for people, I keep coming back to coaching. More specifically helping coaches coach.

Over the weekend I read through Alex Hormozi’s new book & listened to his training on getting leads. You can watch the training for free here: Alex Hormozi Leads Training. A friend suggested that his training just wiped out all of the guru’s training around.

It’s Only the Beginning

His training is nothing short of incredible. He takes things that might have been confusing and made them simple. As with most simple things, however, when it comes to applying the concepts, having someone who actually knows how to implement the simple strategies makes all the difference. So, while he might be sharing simple concepts that will work, many need help actually getting started. And then figuring out what comes next. Not to mention all the little details like setting up funnels, actually creating the content, reaching out to 100 people a day when you’re only 1 person.

And Then I asked Myself

Do I really, really want this? Or do I want something not quite as grandiose? Do I really want to help life, health and transformational coaches be the change they want to see in the world? (That answer is a definite YES)

I guess the questions is..

Does the cat love me or is it trying to see how much I love it?

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