Stop being the world’s best kept secret ...

Being featured on podcasts is the most effective way to attract clients, build authority & generate revenue ..

Having interviewed over 300 coaches, I found one of the biggest challenges for coaches when it comes to leveraging podcasts effectively is that they are going on podcasts randomly rather than strategically.

That’s why I created The Strategic Podcast Guesting Workshop for attracting clients & building authority so you can generate revenue. 

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3 myths

Hello, Beautiful Soul,

As a fellow coach and woman behind the microphone, I know how deep your desire runs to make a real difference. You have incredible insights and transformations to share, yet, it feels like your voice drowns in the vast sea of digital noise. It’s not about being louder; it’s about being heard by those who need you most. This is where your journey takes a transformative turn.

Embrace the path less traveled and connect deeply with your dream clients through our heart-led storyselling system™, uniquely accessible through the Podcast Alchemy Academy.

Join us?

Imagine a space where your voice is not just another echo but a beacon of hope and transformation. Our community offers more than a platform; it’s a place to collaborate, share, and get support to broadcast your message out to the world. There you will learn to create a bridge to hearts ready to receive your message. Creating moments that matter, sharing stories that resonate, and building an unshakable authority in your niche, all while being authentically you.

Inside Our Sisterhood of Success:

Our Strategic Podcast Guesting Workshop is a carefully crafted experience designed to walk you hand-in-hand through every step of your podcast guesting journey:

  • Pre-Application Clarity: Begin with intention, knowing exactly what to do before reaching out to podcast hosts, ensuring your message aligns perfectly with their audience.
  • Finding Your Podcast Tribe: Learn how to spot the podcasts where your ideal clients are eagerly listening, waiting for someone like you.
  • Mastering Storyselling: Unlock the power of your story, creating a heartfelt connection with listeners that transforms them into lifelong clients.
  • Maximizing Your Impact: Discover how to extend the life and reach of your podcast appearances, turning each episode into a client attraction magnet.

Your Exclusive Invitation

Dive into this journey with us and gain access to this Strategic Podcast Guesting Workshop taking you step by step through the framework designed to show you how to leverage podcasts to attract clients, build authority & generate revenue so that you can be the change you seek in the world! Moment Is Now

In a world craving genuine connection, your voice has the power to change lives. The real question is, will you step into the light where your future clients are waiting for you?

“Ignore this call and remain the world’s best-kept secret; answer it and watch as your dream client circle grows beyond measure.”

Let’s not let another moment pass wishing for change. The opportunity to expand your reach, impact, and client base with authenticity and ease is here and now. Are you ready to embrace it?

With all my heart,

jill hart

Who Am I?

Jill Hart

The Coach’s Alchemist & Host of the You World Order Showcase Podcast.

Having interviewed over 300 coaches (so far) and because my mission is to ignite the shift towards a world that recognizes every individual’s uniqueness and potential, I’m dedicated to…

Empowering life, health & transformational coaches to be the change they seek in the world by featuring them on the top-rated international podcast and showing them the skills needed to effectively attract clients with podcasts consistently with Strategic Podcast Guesting. And providing a private community for networking, collaboration & support.

jill hart

Strategic Podcast Guesting

After chatting with over 300 incredible coaches on my podcast, I noticed something fascinating—while many are absolute wizards in coaching, the realm of podcast guesting sometimes feels like uncharted territory.

That’s why I’ve decided to bridge the gap with something special: The Strategic Podcast Guesting Workshop designed just for you: 

Stop being the world’s best kept secret and effortlessly attract your dream clients, build authority & generate revenue…

Imagine this: instead of just “showing up” to podcasts, you’re making every appearance an impactful step towards your coaching business goals. Sounds good?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re diving into. 

Here’s the scoop:

  • Finding Your Fit: We start by identifying podcasts that not only align with your niche but are where your ideal clients are tuning in. It’s like matchmaking, but for podcast guesting!

  • Crafting Your Message: You’ve got gold to share, but how you share it matters. We’ll refine your key messages so they resonate, inspire, and call listeners to action. We lean into storyselling rather than the traditional impersonal strategies.

  • Pitch Perfect: Getting on the right podcasts means pitching yourself the right way. Weave your offer into your story for an unforgettable experience. I’ve got insider tips to get you noticed (and invited!).

  • Showtime Strategy: It’s not just about getting on the show; it’s what you do with the spotlight. We’ll strategize on making every minute count, ensuring you leave a memorable impact.

  • Beyond the Mic: Leveraging your podcast appearances doesn’t end when the recording stops. I’ll show you how to maximize each episode to grow your audience, authority, and client list long after.

This isn’t about adding “podcast guest” to your resume. It’s about strategically using podcasts as a powerful tool to expand your reach, connect with more clients, and amplify your voice in the coaching world.

Ready to turn the mic in your favor? Let’s make your podcast guesting as impactful as your coaching.

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