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Hi there!!

I am Jill

The Coach’s Alchemist & Host of the You World Order Showcase Podcast

 – New around here? Let me introduce myself! I’m Jill Hart, a nature loving, woo kinda gal, who loves helping people make a difference and a living and is passionate about being part of the solution – making the world a better, kinder and more sustainable place for us all.

My days are split between training my puppy and helping life, health and transformational coaches be the change they want to see in the world.

I share my life with an amazing man – kinda sappy but, he has allowed me to pursue my dreams no matter where they lead. And though he is my second husband he is #1 in my book. (A weird fact – both of my husbands have the same birthday)

I have 5 children that mean the world to me (and 8 grands)
Lived on a homestead with goats, sheep, chickens, a cow, ducks & geese and a llama named Larry.
I make soap & artisan bread from scratch and built a camper out of wood from the ground up (though my husband helped, I did most of the work myself)
I’m an introvert who has had to learn to be an extrovert.
In my 30s I built a cleaning business and gifted it to a friend when I decided to become a realtor.
And I live in the little town in Idaho that the movie Napoleon Dynamite was filmed in.
I love wandering through the woods, sitting by a stream, and watching the leaves shimmer on the trees while sitting in my backyard on a warm summer evening.
To be interviewed by Joe Rogan and maybe Oprah
To inspire people to step into their superpower, to share their unique skills & talents to better the world.
To be part of elevating the consciousness of the world by making the You World Order movement a concept the people around the world embrace openly.
My superpower is problem solving.
I care deeply about the success of others and making the planet a lovely experience for every human (and animal) on it.
I have 40 years of experience in sales, marketing and building businesses from the ground up.
I have spoken to groups of tens and hundreds (okay, when I spoke in front of the hundreds I admit, I was nervous)
I am an intuitive – I can often feel what someone needs even before they speak to me (I told you I was a woo kinda gal).
I believe we are all connected and it’s important to value the contributions of everyone.
Honesty, integrity, kindness, are my core values.
Where are you from & what are you doing to be the change you want to see in the world? Shoot me an email – tell me about it.

Did You Know...

I’m also a “super manifestor”! You can learn all about how I manifested $54,000 in 3 weeks here.  

Because I’m part of the Million Dollar Experiment, I decided to create a Manifesting Journal. You can get a copy here.

It is a full size journal 8.5×11 with large print, wide rule lines for writing and a full 160 pages jam packed with manifesting potential. 

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