The 1 Thing Most Coaches Struggle With & How To Solve it Quickly

Coaches struggle with this one thing more often than not –  finding clients. And finding clients that can afford to pay them.

While I think that if any problem is sever enough people will find a way to pay for the solution, there are situations where people simply do not have the ability to pay.

You definitely don’t want to be actively attracting those people.

Coaches Struggle Finding the Right Clients

Finding your ideal clients always comes down to just a few simple things.

First off you need to create an offer. 

Your offer needs to solve a specific problem in a tangible & quantifiable way.

You really need 4 elements as Alex Hormozi shares in his book $100M Offers:

I highly recommend you get the book and read it twice – once just to get the broad picture and then the second time with a pad & pen. Do all of the exercises.

The basic include:

1. Decide on what specific problem you solve that causes your ideal client so much pain they will pay you to make the pain go away.

2. Help them see that you know specifically what to do to help them make that pain go away – so they believe you can actually help them change their painful situation.

3. & 4. Are really where the rubber meets the road as far as what your clients are willing to pay. You’re offer needs to convey the idea that they will get the desired result quickly & easily. 

The faster and more simple the result the higher the perceived value of your offer.

Once You Have an Offer

Once you have an offer, the next step in the process requires you to make people aware of your offer.

This is the place most coaches struggle.

In the beginning they try a bunch of free strategies that don’t work because they only have part of the puzzle or they venture into paid advertising (that usually also doesn’t work because they don’t understand the process)


The Secret

The secret to making people (the right people) aware of your offer is to have a strategic and intentional plan. One that you collect data from based on your results.

The fastest way to accomplish this is to hire a coach. Someone who understands your industry, knows how to help you and can shorten your learning curve – substantially.


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