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3 Myths About Finding Clients with Podcasts You Might Still Believe

Finding clients with podcasts, the 3 myths you might still believe but might be costing you clients, time and money.

3 Myths about finding clients with podcast you might still believe...

Myth #1 About Finding Clients with Podcasts

Not all podcasts are created equal.

Of the over 5 million podcasts out there – with over 70 million episodes worldwide so far, you can be certain that somewhere in that ocean of content your ideal clients await you. The secret? Discovering where your ideal clients are tuning in and targeting those podcasts.

You might be wondering at this point, “how the heck do I find clients with podcasts, if so, many exist? And it matters which ones I chose?” Well, the answer to those questions, you can find here shortly.

As part of a cohesive marketing strategy, you want to always be adding to the conversation around your niche. When you pop on just any ole podcast you scatter your focus. People don’t really know where you stand out. Which leads to Myth #2.

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Myth #2 About Finding Clients with Podcasts

Once you find where your ideal clients tune in just chatting with the host about “whatever” will attract your next client.

Podcast hosts mostly care about their audience. They want their guests to bring value to those listening. If you don’t have a plan, then one will be provided for you. That said, knowing how you can bring value to the podcast featuring you and having a group of stories to lead the conversation to a logical conclusion (taking the next step with you) – That is the formula for success.

Why Leading the Conversation Makes a Difference

Leading the conversation establishes you as the authority. Knowing what you want to share and how to share it in a way that moves the listeners to take action, won’t just happen. You must plan for it.

Finding clients with podcasts is a marketing strategy with lots of moving pieces. It takes practice and planning.

Join us in the Deep Dive Live we do each week in our private community to discover all those moving pieces and get clarity on how to implement them in bite sized pieces.

Myth #3 About Finding Clients with Podcasts

Believing that if you show up your clients will come!

That could not be further from the truth. It takes preparation to go on someone else’s podcast, beyond finding the perfect podcasts to be on. Going to all that effort to then rely on the host to market the episode leads to lost opportunity. And likely a loss of revenue for you.

That is your content too!

There are specific ways to maximize your leverage using that content!

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Why You Must Leverage Your Own Content

As we’ve already established just popping on any old podcast and chatting about any old thing isn’t going to find you clients – it requires a concerted effort on your part. After investing all that time and energy, wouldn’t it make more sense to take advantage of all that content you just created and create a huge buzz around it?

Not only will it help boost that episode, and therefore help the podcast as a whole, but it will really cement your value in the eyes of other podcast hosts as someone who knows what they are doing as a podcast guest.

4 Crucial Elements to Effective Podcast Guesting

      • Knowing what to do before you apply to a podcast to be featured

      • Knowing how to find and approach the podcasts where your ideal clients tune in.

      • Knowing how to lead the audience (and host) to taking the next step with you

      • Knowing what to do after the episode to ensure that you get the most exposure for your efforts


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    Being featured on podcasts, once properly prepared, can catapult your coaching practice in ways other forms of marketing may not.

    Podcast statistics for the 4th quarter of 2023 might lead you to believe that finding coaching clients with podcasts is a good idea.

    These statistics illustrate how powerfully the podcast audience, when properly prepared for, drives sales. Podcasts represent the cutting edge of information distribution. In my opinion, they replace the radio talk shows of the pre internet era.

    Because Spotify and Apple are accessible to everyone, it puts the 50 million podcasts at the world’s fingertips.

    Leveraging Other People’s Audiences

    By leveraging the podcast audience’s of others you will have the opportunity to speak to many people not usually in your sphere of influence. Remember, though, that bringing lots of value to their listeners balances the equation for all involved… The listeners, the host and you.

    Take the assessment – Be proactive when it comes to finding clients with podcasts.

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