The You World Order

How The You World Order Was Born

Often, I’m asked, ” How the You world Order Showcase Podcast got its name”. So, I thought I would share the story with you.

When the You World Order Was the New World Order

As I sit here thinking back almost 4 years ago now…

It seems silly that I was so caught up in the belief the world was ending. That the New World Order was going to win out. That the dystopian world, I’d read about in books like 1984 and Brave New World, had arrived.

With TVs everywhere, the endless wars, the rants about climate change (no matter which side of the discussion you fall), the poisoning of our food supply, radiation bombarding us daily, corrupt politicians (I’m A political – an anarchist in its truest sense) and caught up in the apocalyptic writings of the Bible, I was quickly falling into a state of believing that there was no hope! Depressed and anxious I knew something needed to change. But I simply did not know how to change it.

And Then Covid

To me, Covid was a blessing of sorts. It opened my eyes to the possibilities. I deconstructed from religion during that time. Embracing a new reality. One of inspiration and hope. I began to see that there were many changing the paradigm. That the course set by the New World Order Cabal had competition!

Life, Health & Transformational Coaches

I become involved with coaches, who were challenging the statis quo. Coaches being the change they wanted to see in the world. Creating the you world economy. An economy based on individuals helping others solve problems, rather than the old paradigm of corporate solutions.


Because everyone is unique, and valued, it became obvious to me, we don’t have to compete with each other. In the you world economy, people find value in their unique contributions. We inspire each other. Together we create a better, kinder and more sustainable world. We fit together, each of us, to share the gifts we have. To complete a picture that allows us all to live more empowered lives. (You can read my post about coworporation over in our private community.)

The You World Order Showcase Podcast

Literally one random day, in April of 2023, I decided to start a podcast. I knew I could help shed light on the good these coaches were doing. While participating in a networking group, Guy Tuell mentioned the you world economy. And thus, was born the name of the podcast – The You World Order Showcase.

Wondering How We Can Help You?

There are a variety of ways we can help you, help the world:

You were put here for a reason; step into your power and make the difference you were created to make! I believe in you…

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  1. This is absolutely brilliant Jill.
    I’m so impressed. And very much in agreement with all you said! You speak my language!

    1. Love what you are doing too Layla!! Branding, though often overlooked, is everything. In my experience, it begins with an inward journey that leads to finding one’s mission in life.

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