The You World Order

The Coach’s Alchemists Journey & Birth of The You World Order

How My Journey Began

It all began one winter day in February of 1960…

Just kidding – sort of 

Perhaps you can relate to this, I was tired of being depressed by all of the terrible things being presented to us that are happening in the world. So, I decided to change my focus.

I know that we are powerful creators – and it rather frightened me that I might be calling all of these horrible things into being. That I was in fact part of the problem!

change your thoughts change your reality

Something Shifted

After the covid years, something shifted for me. I realized that I could make a difference as just one person. That I owed it to my people to at least try! I could create a podcast where I featured people being the change they wanted to see in the world. 

At first I decided to have anyone who wanted to be featured on the show, but that quickly got out of hand! I realized I needed to pick just one group of people. A group of people that I could help further if they needed it. And that group, I decided would be life, health & transformational coaches just starting out.

Totally gifted with a solution to a problem they themselves have overcome, many coaches lack clarity around what they are offering & to whom they are offering it, a systematic plan to make those offers & a plan to grow their practice in a sustainable way.

All things I’m gifted at helping them with!


And Then I Realized...

I really WANTED to help them. Because by helping life, health and transformational coaches get clarity, find clients & scale their practices I would be part of changing the whole world.

Truly I believe coaches are changing the world. They are touching lives and those lives touch other lives so the ripple of change happens across families, communities and the whole world!

ripples in the water

My Vision

have a vision of a united world, where everyone is contributing in the way they were gifted to contribute. Without governments or religious dogma dictating how a person must conduct themselves. 

Being an anarchist at heart and loving to explore all things “woo” I felt pulled to start the You World Order Showcase Podcast.  And would love nothing more than to share what you are doing to be the change you want to see in the world.

What Make Us Different?

Our mission is to transform the World, One Coach at a Time. As a dedicated, strategic partner to life health and transformational coaches, we passionately believe in your power to change the world.

Our unique coaching program (the Empathy Edge Coaching Program) is designed to help ambitious coaches like you break the 10K per month barrier and scale to the heights of 6 & 7 figures without burnout.

With our program, gain clarity around your offers and launch them confidently.

Leverage our strategic and intentional marketing plan to find and attract the right clients.

Create a conversion funnel powered by effective lead magnets that move leads to solve larger problems.

Hone your skills to conduct persuasive discovery calls and be an impactful podcast guest, a unique feature that aligns with your long-term goals.

With our proven track record of coaches finding clients right after the first coaching call, it’s clear that our system works.

Our coaches’ testimonials acclaim our knack for providing clarity and offering numerous ideas to push your business forward systematically.

This coaching program isn’t just about scaling your business; it’s about scaling your impact.

We’re here to enable coaches to create transformative experiences for their clients, and in turn, change the world.

Join us and begin your journey towards business growth and purposeful transformation.

If you’d like to get clarity around your offer, finding clients & creating a scalable business you are invited to schedule a Empathy Edge Discovery Session. My only intention is that you come away from the session having made progress  towards your vision.

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