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Taylor Caruthers joins us to discuss how she supports health care with coaching, tools and community so that they can navigate and enjoy their lives.

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Hi and welcome to The You World Order Showcase podcast. Today we have with us Taylor Caruthers. Taylor is the resilient mother of five who defied the odds embracing motherhood at 15 with 14 years in nursing. She thrives in reproductive health. As an entrepreneur, she coaches with healing, authenticity and the pillars.


Of anti racism, gender inclusivity and trauma awareness, tailor guides marginalized by pop folks to break systemic burnout cycles, empowering them to lead life and business with newfound confidence. Welcome to the show, Taylor. I'm really excited to hear your story.


It's quite an accomplishment to start having kids when you're so young and then really accomplish so much.


Thank you.


Oh, thank you. Yeah, it's definitely not a journey I would recommend, but at the same time it has definitely set the tone for who I am and how how I've grown up and continued to grow to this day.


That's pretty amazing. I too have five kids, but instead of starting really early, I started really late.


Actually I started at a normal time and then I had most of them. After I was like 30.


8 so.


Go ahead. I'm sorry. Yeah.


Having five kids is always.


It's an adventure in itself, so how did you get get started into nursing? What made you?


Go towards nursing and it's kind of like a.


Go ahead.


I I have always been in a like helping capacity. So I my grandmother is actually a nurse and has been my whole life and she owns a home care agency. So when I tell people that I've really been in home care since I was 8 years old, I'm not exaggerating.


I originally went to college for broadcast journalism and that started to I started to see that it was basically going to be a really long time and the odds of being successful in that field because I didn't want to be like on the local news. I wanted to be like on Nightline and like.


Dateline big NBC like big.


Stuff I'm like, OK, this is probably not really like a family oriented career. When I started to learn more about the hours and like trying to get the stories, I'm like this. This is not going to work for me. So I started having the conversation about, you know, career paths and nursing just felt really aligned and really good.


And that I could.


Help people make a difference and also make somewhat of a decent living and be a mom. So I definitely, you know, we'll get into how different healthcare really is, but it definitely was one of those things that I just felt called to and you know.


Kind of found the way in to nursing school, which was really competitive and I've been there ever since.


That's that's an amazing story, and nurses are really the unsung heroes of so much of the medical industry. I've had recent experience with hospitals and.


Doctors are hard to find. You know, you watch these TV shows where the doctors are all like milling around and doing stuff. Well, that hasn't been my experience in the last few times, anyway. That I I can remember being in the hospital and it's just the nurses and the nurses are making most of the decisions like it's like.


And you don't want to make him mad.


Yes, always be nice to your nurses for sure, because your nurses are usually the ones that are going to save your life.


Yeah, exactly. That was my point. It's like there aren't any doctors really around.


Yeah, for sure.


So you're you're helping these people and it's a super stressful environment. I I know nurses and doctors too are are like really high on the suicide rate scale. It's it. You just have to work such long hours and really.


Think you're dealing with people who are sick and they're not really in the best frame of mind. They're not happy people because if they were happy, they wouldn't be in the hospital for the most part and and then their loved ones who are worried and.


Often hard to deal with too, so it's not any surprise that they have such.


A stressful.


And high levels of burnout, really.


Yeah, it definitely. I don't have a lot. A lot of my husband has always called me a paperwork nurse, which I laugh at because I'm like, I can still see patients, but I definitely, you know, my career has been mostly between home care and reproductive healthcare and. And yeah, even in those settings.


Of healthcare, you are.


And with people at their worst, what is? You know, sometimes the worst day of their their life. And it's not always pretty. And when you throw in any other dynamics of things are not happening exactly like they think it should, because that's what they saw on TV. And they realize that it's drastically different.


And that, you know, nurses, doctors, the social workers, like everyone else is, is there usually because they want to.


Because it's not like you're going to be a millionaire from being a nurse. I mean, I'm sure at some point you can, but people are there usually because their hearts are in it and we're human. You know, we're doing the best job that we can do for you, but they, you know, it's kind of what we train for too, of, you know, when people are.


Hurt or not feeling well, they are not them, their best selves. And if you work with elderly population just using that as an example, elderly folks with dementia.


Sundowning is a thing that that person that did, that sweet person you were just talking.


To it for.


Knowing how to anticipate the the changes in the human condition really and adapt to that and not let someone else's bad day become your bad day. So when you move on to the next patient, you have to act like that didn't just happen and continue to.


Keep moving forward with that perspective because everyone deserves that level of care.


Yeah, and it it's.


It's pretty amazing that.


Nurses are for the most part, really good at that. I I was dealing with a Hospice nurse, and I'm just so impressed that they're.


Their ability to to be cheerful, even at a really difficult time for the family and not stealing their hope.


Even though it was very misplaced in our situation, it was just like.


She just did the things. No big deal.


And there's there's just.


Yeah, they're just so amazing. But they they really do need the tools and the support of people like you in your coaching where they can.


Find the tools to help themselves have good healthy boundaries.


And just.


Realize that they they can put themselves first.


And by doing that, help.


Everybody around them fix their relationships and.


It's the hardest thing that I learned the hard way. You know, you feel like or you you hear especially as.


Women, but all all genders deal with some form of it, but you feel like putting yourself first is selfish or you don't have the right to. I'll do it later. I'll take care of me after I finish taking care of everybody else, but that results in you pouring from an empty cup and there's only so much you can pour from.


At perpetual empty cup and.


You know, versus the flip side when you do prioritize yourself and your own self-care, you are going to be of better service, greater service to others and of course like that's not a a knock at you know we do the best we can until we can't you know we just that that's kind of how.


I even have one of my first mentors who told me, like, I mean, I've been a nurse for almost 15 years now, right in the beginning of my career, within, like, the first year or two, she was like, yeah, nurses don't typically retire, they just die. And I was like.


Yeah. And I mean, that's kind of what I see. You know, some nurses get in a certain role or place that they they love and they enjoy, they can do it in their sleep and.


They don't, ever. You don't, you know? See. Nurses like, actually retire, retirement, foreign nurses. Like, they work 40 hours a week now they don't, really.


Go and you know, say like, OK, I'm done. And it's just like that drive to you're. There's always going to be something to fix and somebody to help and just making sure that you are as important in that equation as everyone else that you want to help.


It's kind of like moms. Once you become a mom, you're a mom. Until you die. There's, like, no retiring. There's no.


You're just always the mom. I.


Like you may do other things and you may be known for other things, but you're always mom.


Or Nana, as you get older.


100% one day, yes.


Yeah. So how does your coaching look?


My coaching has definitely grown as I have grown so right now ioffer a 12 week program that goes through the pillars of like literally as I learn and grow it is going to help you.


Explorer. I really like to get into the subconscious and the things that may not be readily apparent that are actually keeping us stuck in different ways, shapes and.


Forms. So exploring what's their understanding and then learning how to embody and empower that so that you can take your power back and whether that means creating a business that you love or a life that you love, can't really manifest on a shaky foundation you can.


I don't recommend it. I've done it before. I got the T-shirt. It's not cool. So it's really all about doing.


That subconscious work and bringing the subconscious conscious and making the decisions about, you know, there are definitely patterns that might still be serving you and you might want to keep them, and that's OK. But if there's some that you're like, you know what, I don't even understand why I always do this or why this always happens to me in looking at things from a different perspective.


Of life happening for you and not to you. So it's a lot of radical responsibility, acceptance and you know, understanding the fact that you are the master creator of your reality so.


Whatever is happening in your life right now, it is because you either consciously or subconsciously created it that way, and that can be tough to look at. But as somebody who is actively doing that for myself, that's kind of where the modalities come in of making parts of that a little less painless.


I'll say there's always tears, but making things you know as easy as possible and also with the support and guidance of someone that is still you know, on that journey, I don't think I'll ever step off to say like, oh, I'm completely healed and everything is.


All good, but I continually do my own work so I get to continue to hold people at deeper levels. The more that I go deeper into my own work. So it's pretty amazing so far. So I will be doing another course in April.


Actually, so yeah, I'm super excited for new folks who are ready to do this kind of stuff.


Sounds very exciting. So do you. You're doing it in Group settings or one-on-one.


I do both. It really is up to the person based on the modalities that I use. They can choose. There are some portions that our group, but we of course don't go that deep. But I'm also about fostering community and giving people the tools so that when they're done with the program, they don't just revert back to whatever.


They wanted to change so that, you know, hopefully they build more bonds and relationships with people and their cohort and continue to, you know, I'm going to be here of course, but continue to uplift and support each other. And really, you know, branch out into a whole other area that may not have been possible.


Without those deeper connections.


I really like communities for that very reason. You you meet some people that stay with you.


Forever. They just you become friends and you know connections are always great. You never know when you're going to need somebody's expertise. And the more connections you have.


I think just.


It just helps everybody.


100% I have met, you know, I'm I'm a fan.


Of both, I've participated in both group and one-on-one, and I see the value in in both so ioffer both and allow people the opportunity to choose and I I try to do a hybrid because the the number one priority for me is safety. So if somebody you know, unfortunately there is a lot of harm that has been done in the coaching and healing.


Community. So somebody's, like, super like, I cannot fathom being on a call with, you know, five or six other people. I just can't. I'm not there yet. I will absolutely. You know, honor them and meet them where they are. That is another one of just like my principles.


Of people are I. I'm not here to push or drag anyone along the continuum, because when they're truly ready to do it, they'll actually be able to hold it. I don't want them to, like, perform for me and say like, I'm doing all this work because Taylor said so, like, I want them to.


For them and for their future, you know, generations and whatever they're going to go on and and create after the fact. So it really is about what feels most safe for people.


So what kind of modalities?


Do you?


Lean into.


I right now I'm trained in Breathwork Reiki data healing. I also study astrology and human design, so I'm usually not. Usually I am very intentional about when even with events and when I'm starting cohorts and things like that. Like I'm already looking.


Ahead energetically to see what is happening. If I know peoples astrology and at least they're big three, I know how to communicate with them a little bit better. That might actually.


Be a little bit easier for them to digest and and process and take because I know that if your moon is in cancer and like right now the moon is in cancer as we're recording today, you might be a little more emotional today and that's OK. So I'm not going to, you know, I can at least know that and support you with that because that might not be something that you're aware of.


But the breathwork and Theta healing and Reiki are the the main modalities that I use.


And they're very powerful modalities. I've I've come to appreciate the moon lately. A lot more than I ever have. I've been working on manifesting in my own life. I've, I've.


I joined this experiment and I I really actually I'm using it as an experiment and.


It's been going very well, I have to say.


But I'm using the new new moons.


To set the intention and.


Purposefully going through the.


The the things that.


I feel are important in terms of manifesting the things that you want to appear so.


I appreciate how different cycles in the moon and different placements of the moon in the sky can affect us in.


Interesting ways so.


And the key there too is like even digging into the fact of like, where is that new and or full moon in your specific chart. So not just you know we have the Virgo full moon coming up in a couple days and I'm a Virgo son.


But I also would take the time to look into like, OK, what does this mean for me? So that I know more conscious.


Obviously, what am I focusing on releasing and what do I want to call in to that space of that? I'm opening up so yeah, that's that is exactly one of the things I have a friend. That's a monologue or I'm not a monologue, but it's a whole different aspect that it threw me off because I've been studying astrology and she's like.


Only talking about the moon and I'm like, wait a second. OK, this makes sense. So finding what works for you and finding what feels good.


MHM. And.


When you know what your moon is, it's like we all know what our sun signs are. But very few people really understand what their moon sign. I'm an Aquarian moon sign. So it it really helps you figure out the where the balance is in your own life also.


And as as you said.


And that's hilarious because I'm a I'm an Aquarius rising.


So we're In Sync there.


So I know that you have a Facebook group, so you want to tell us about that a little bit and then let's talk about the master classes.


That you do you?


Sure. Yeah. The so the Facebook community is called Elevate your essence. I literally put community in there because everybody has Facebook groups and I was very hesitant to even have it, but it is, I call it tiny but mighty. It's very engaged. I people are are forging relationships and that that is that is what I wanted.


Was to bring people together.


That are in, you know, different places in their lives and their journeys to have a safe space, to ask questions. I've been doing a live series with different members of my group that do other modalities that I don't do. Just so that if people are curious and you know when you're up at 2:00 in the morning on a full moon.


And you don't quite know why, and you're kind of poking around. Like here's some free, you know, videos that you can watch from real people that really.


Care that you you know, the last two that I did were both were both of the ladies were hypnotherapists and that is not something that I I know anything about personally nor am I trained in it. So it was really cool for me as a learning experience, but also for people in the group because these are resources that are going to continue to live.


On so, I try to keep that group very.


I want to say very safe. Safety is again just the the utmost. I want people to feel safe and honored and respected in in whatever they're experiencing and know that they can come there, ask a question or get support in whatever way feels good for them and some people might just want to come then and that doesn't happen too often.


But you can put up how you're feeling or what you're going through and just say, like I just needed to put this out here. I am not actually looking for any feedback like that's OK too. So it's to come as you are and just get to grow and meet other people in different areas of their.


That's awesome. I love that. So I know that you give you do master classes. What are those around?


The first one that I did which still available it, it'll probably always be that one was on. I called it healing straight up no chaser because that is how I used to drink. So I kind of chronicled what, you know, how nonlinear the healing a journey can be. And I, of course, I'm still on my.


Own but that one that was the main topic for that one. The workshop that I'm doing coming up next is on confronting your lineage and owning your shift. So I think every time I see a need and I see where things are going. And as I continue to do my own work and.


Feel back then.


Layers something new comes up for me that you know, all ultimately feeds back into my program and the work that I'm doing, but with this more direct language, I'll say. But with this more, you know, direct language, very clear like we are, we're going deep in this one. So I know it might not be for everybody, but for the people.


That it is for, I think it will definitely be super powerful and they'll have a journal to work along with during.


And the after and access to the replay. So I'm I'm super excited to offer that.


That's that sounds pretty amazing. You had a a line on your website that it really hit me. I embraced sobriety about six months ago. Now that he you.


You said something to the effect of.


Watching television.


Asleep and having a drink.


And I actually can relate to that because that's what I.


Used to do.


You're awake, but you're asleep. You're just like. That was the time that I just wanted to be by myself.


Yes, I am.


Yeah, I am. I I'm at this point. I have. I will be coming up on almost two years.


Of sobriety and has utterly changed my life in.


The best ways, but yeah, I relate to that. I was kind of painting the picture of you work all day. Take care of the the kids, the the partner, you know the the you take care of everything and it's like all you want to do is not think it's like give me a glass of.


Mine let me put on Netflix something absolute like I'm tired of thinking like like I didn't even know. Decision fatigue was a thing. I don't want to think about what's for dinner when I get home. Like I I don't. I don't even care. So being in that place and existing there and and I did it, you know, for years for a very like successfully.


Which is even more terrifying of like, I didn't even realize how disconnected from myself I was because of how well I performed and showed up and and did the things there. There was never any reason for anyone. I wouldn't allow anyone to think that something.


Off, so yeah, it's been. It's definitely a a big part of the journey and and making that choice to to say, like, I actually don't this this can't be a part of my story anymore.


And it I don't know about you, but I I didn't find it that hard to just make other choices. And once I had the tools to.


To do the inner work that you have to do in order to set the boundaries that you need to set in your life so that you're not feeling like that at the end of the day and you're you're not trying to make all the decisions for all the people, which is ultimately what leads to decision fatigue. But.


Was it difficult for you to?


Embrace sobriety and.


Yeah, I didn't want it. I didn't want to. I didn't think I needed to, but I went to treatment. I work a 12 step program, so I am very active in the sobriety community and the the.


Desire to drink was relieved pretty early in my journey and I know that that's different for everyone. I'm grateful for me that it it's just not a it's not a thought. I can sit and attend like, of course my everything looks different now, but I can be around it and I'm not like repulsed, but it's.


I don't even. It's not even a choice for me anymore. It's not an option like it it it became not fun, it became it wasn't even providing the relief that it wants used to provide and that that like ohh this is relaxing like it it wasn't.


Fun anymore? It wasn't relaxing anymore, so I'm really really grateful for, you know, all of the support that I've had to be able to not let that right. The ending of my story and to be able to, you know, get the support I needed to make different choices and.


Really, you know.


I don't. I hate to say that like start over, but part of it is, you know, starting over, there's definitely some death and rebirth that that happens when.


You choose to just not engage in any mind altering substances and say, like, I'm actually going to do this life thing.


Like sober, which is also terrifying but so worth it.


I don't, I don't know. Have you discovered that in doing the?


The not using that mind altering substances, but you can actually alter your mind without them, and that high is so much better because.


And safer, Brett, Breath breath work is a a perfect example of of that of I now that I.


And safer exactly.


I don't consume and I had never even tried breath work before. Like almost two years ago. I. Yeah, the release of, you know, DMT, when you are breathing in that pattern and that euphoric feeling, it's nothing I've had ever.


Experienced with alcohol so I and and same thing with with, you know Reiki pretty much every modality. I've I've I have personally experienced and and now also provide like.


These feelings and sensations that I'm just like what is that? And it's super.


For for me, because the Virgo wants to know all the things and have all the control. And now I just have an an, an openness and a willingness and a surrender because it's like I have, you know, nothing to lose and everything to gain from from the potential that this experience.




Bring me into another layer that again I've buried or disconnected from for so long that of course, listening to my intuition again feels weird and not normal because I didn't for so long. So now I'm like, out of why I do that.


So it's definitely a lot of, you know, learning and some things learning for the first time, at least in this lifetime of how to be and exist and do. But it's definitely been.


I wouldn't change it, that's for sure.


Yeah, I feel the same way. It just been such an amazing adventure. It's like, why? Why would you want to do that when you could have this?


How do people get in touch with you if they want to work with you?


Join your community and.


So I'm everywhere I do spend most of my time on Facebook, but I am also on Instagram so I'm on Facebook as myself, tailoring for others and my Facebook group, which is elevate your essence community. I try to make it super easy, so there's a quick little link in my bio to Click to join.


I am picky so I want everybody in there, but you have to answer the questions. You do not have to give me your e-mail address, but I at least need you to acknowledge that you're going to help create a safe space.


But yeah, the group is growing. And yeah, booking a call, I all ioffer can't speak ioffer a 30 minute enlightenment call that is complementary and we can dive in and you know, I my goal with those calls is to provide value. And then if the person wants to speak further.


About any of the services that I.


Do always open to have that conversation and the breath work Theta healing and Reiki. I always need to like specify people can get those services with me and not have to be in the coaching container. So if that is something where people are just you know like baby stepping their way.


Then there's zero judgment. If you just want to book breath work for now. Like I honor that I respect that. You know, again, people are where they are. So those are offered a la carte as well.


That's awesome. And it's really a great place for people to.


To really just get their feet wet a little bit. So some of these modalities are are pretty new and.


People don't generally, just in the wider population know how powerful, just knowing how to breathe, we take that so for granted. But there's there are ways that you can breathe that will do different things for your body. It'll get different.


Energy is going.


And 100%.


It's it's.


I totally recommend that if Taylor is willing to to hook you up, that you should definitely take advantage of at least one one exercise with her.


Yeah. I I always tell people at least one but like because obviously you have to just try it. But when you're shopping around and and I say shopping because that's what it ends up being. But when you're looking around for like what, what can I?


Take away and like what can actually be, something that I want to do for for the rest of my life. And you know, like I meditate regularly and all all the other things that I do. But I tell people to give it three tries because I know for me breath work very.


Different every single time. And I I breathe regularly. Every single experience is different. So giving yourself two to three times to just see like.


Is this am I willing to keep going because that's a question you have to ask yourself. So I try to say it like of course, all three times don't need to be with me and every facilitator is different, but really important to give yourself that, that grace and patience to figure out what does actually work for you because something will.


Yeah. And like, once I learned how to box.


Breathe. I never had trouble falling asleep again.


Who knew it could be something so simple?


Something so simple and unmedicated like I I don't take. I don't take sleep medications anymore, and I used to even take like melatonin, which you can just buy on Amazon. I don't take anything for, for, for sleep anymore. And the quality of my sleep. And then again I of course I'm a nurse, so I'm not, like bashing, you know, pharmaceuticals.


That's the whole other conversation, but.


Yeah, like I if I don't need to take anything and I still feel great, I use box breathing too, so I totally get that.


It's like I I'm well past menopause and I was not sleeping. I would wake up at 2:00 in the morning and lay there until, you know, five or six. When I would finally just give up and get up. But now I go to sleep at 10:00 and I sleep until 6.


Don't wake out of phone.


Kind of life changing.


Thank you so much for joining me. Taylor. What's the one thing that you hope the the audience takes away from our conversation? What do you want to leave them with?


I leave people with.


Do it. Do it anyway. If you're scared and it feels uncomfortable or uneasy, go for it and believe in yourself.


We'll leave it with that.


Thank you for joining me.


Thank you.

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