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In this revealing episode, we meet Tara Prater who is a faith-based certified fitness and health coach. She introduces transformative coaching programs—Overcoming Emotional Eating and Holistic Hormone Regulation—emphasizing the significance of faith and individualized wellness for healing.

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Hi and welcome to the You World Order Showcase podcast. Today we have with us Tara Prater. She is a faith-based certified fitness and health coach and she offers a coaching program for people who are interested in becoming faith-based coaches as well. So welcome to the show Tara.


I'm so excited to chat with you today.


Thank you. Thank you. That's kind of a mouthful.


Isn't it? It is.


Be careful not to trip over.


It it's fine. Yes. Thank you so much for having me.


So how did you get?


Started in all of this.


Yes. So I have a well first and foremost, UM, survivor of sexual abuse. And so that led me down a journey of first emotional eating. I can remember way back in probably 5th grade, you know, going to the Oreos or going to the chips or whatever. You know, when you were sad.


I'm lonely and stuff.


It was a secret that I literally carried from my parents just until this past September. I never told them that I had been abused, and so 40.


Two years of a secret that led into lots of different health issues and things like that that has brought me to where I am today, but lots of issues with emotional eating. So that was my first baby that I really just felt God calling me too, because I had.


And, you know, tried all the programs I've coached other programs. I've done the pills, I've done the diets, I've done all the things and umm, actually in the pandemic. You know, when all of us thought.


We didn't know if we were going live another day or.


Whatever it was.


I could see those thoughts and behaviors coming back because actually in 2006 I had an onset case of bulimia, adult onset bulimia, again, going to food to try to control things that were out of control in my.


Life and the pandemic was a perfect setup to try to.


Create those issues again after many years of therapy. So it was then that I really started digging deep into faith-based programming for not only myself, but then offering it for other women and then just health issues that arose in 2000, well in 2000.


Trying to build my business trying to do it, you know, just burn the candle at both ends and everything like that had a daughter that has a lot of health issues and she had to have emergency brain surgery.


Jerry knew something was off and went to have. Of course, the the labs and stuff. Brian and my doctor called me and she kept calling me, kept calling. I kept, like, denying her phone call. I'm like I'm busy. Finally. I'm like, OK, she's called me and that something's probably up. And I was actually diagnosed with pre diabetes and insulin resistance.


And I knew then that it wasn't food and it wasn't exercise because not that I'm great, you know, perfect. But I'm not. You know, it's not my issue really right now. But it was stress and not sleep.


And so I was already an integrative health practitioner at that time. So I really took the holistic approach. I knew that I had to look at so many other factors besides food and exercise to really heal my body from the inside out. So that's where the holistic hormone program came from. So everything comes from my issues that I know.


Other women have issues with.


Hair mess is often our message.


Yes, and I on a daily basis, I'm like, you know, I know somebody's out there that's dealing with the very.


Same thing so.


And it's awesome that in this day and age there are people that we can reach out to and.


They can.


Not only just empathize with us because.


They've been through the same things that we're struggling with, but they've figured out some things and have some tools that can really help you get through the worst of it quickly and start to heal instead of being stuck in.


Whatever the trauma is that you're.


And I really think God is leading me down a road even deeper into trauma, since I have finally opened myself up and been so very honest about that. And you know, can now share that because I do know that that was the root of all of my.


Issues because I had anxiety. I had mild depression.


Had hypothyroidism for a while, and thank God through all of the holistic, you know, spiritual work that I was done, I was able to heal myself. Of all of those things. Not that I don't still deal with anxiety from time to time, but I've learned some good strategies that get me through that moment and.


You know, keep me going. And so now, thank God I'm, you know, not on any medications except for just, you know, herbal supplements. If I want to take them or, you know, things like.


That, but yeah, I really, I feel like God is even opening up bigger doors with the whole trauma thing and where that will go in the future. Who knows? But I'm very excited about that. But yeah, like you said, using our tests to be testimonies because we can help women or, you know, whoever comes into our lives.


Not to stay in that hamster wheel and you know, OK, here. Here's a jumping off point. And let's start there because this is something that will take you a step further in your healing process.


I admire you.


Your ability to open up.


About things that are very personal to you being abused sexually when you're a young child is.


And not being able to go to your parents.


That's a.


Horrible, horrible burden to bear and it.


It can change you in a way that.


Can destroy your life or you can allow it to empower your life. I knew a young girl who was a neighbor of mine who was sexually abused by a janitor in the school. She was going to and she didn't tell her parents. She was about 15 or 16 when she told me what had happened.


And I went and told her parents about it and they were able to get her help. But I can't even imagine carrying that. She was 16 at the time, but it happened when she was in 3rd grade. So maybe 910 all of those years.


She had held that by herself.


That's so far.


And I other than like I just have to say by the grace of God is what got me through, you know, I was raised in the church and so I'm so thankful for that.


And so I.


I feel like God just knew I'm just one of those people and I this is totally wrong. I'm one of those people that, you know, I just take it in on myself. I deal with it. I keep moving on and it's crazy to think that I did that back at the age of 4. You know, I just thought that my poor parents couldn't handle this, you know, and it's like.


Who? Who planted that idea? You know, they were great parents. They were wonderful parents. And when I told them.


I was very worried that they would think otherwise, and that's what I was like, you know, you guys were fantastic parents. I don't know why I didn't, you know.


But I do. I do feel like God must have just held me in those years, you know, and kept me going and pushing forward until I was, you know, able to.


Clear myself of that and you know, just come out and.


Because sadly, it is such an epidemic and.


Everywhere you turn, it is happening.


Any level of trauma, you know, different levels of trauma. It's everybody has some level of trauma.


I would say.


It's almost impossible to get through childhood.


Without some sort of trauma, I think that's, you know, part of the.


Part of the experience.


So what you do with that?


Trauma. Are you going to hang?


Yeah, yeah.


On to it and let it.


Kill you, or are you?


Going to.


Stand up and.


And make it let it make you stronger. Are you going to be the hero of your journey or are you going to be the victim?


I had a my therapist, the one therapist that I worked with, probably for the longest when I was dealing with the bulimia, you know? She told me. She said here, she said you say, you know, it's going to be OK and that's just something I always say it's going to be OK and whether I really, like, rationalize it.


But she was like, why do you think you say that? And I was like, I don't know. I just know it's gonna be OK, like. And she was like you've got God on your side, you know, you've got God carrying you through and lifting.


You up and.


Giving you just enough to get through that next day, you know, and sometimes that's just what we need. And so, you know, yeah, I know it's going to be OK.


Whatever happens cause he's with me.


You know, and sometimes that's enough.


It is, it absolutely is. And that's one thing I've been sharing with a friend of mine that I'm just working with. You know, she has a went through a rough marriage divorce, you know, and is just riddled with fear right now. And that's one thing that I've been trying to just work with her.


You know, just pray to God that he's going to give you just enough to get through the.


Stay. You know, just enough through whatever obstacle you are facing that day, you know, and he's going to carry you through.


So that is that's been powerful in my life as I go. And that's one reason that I just knew that God was carrying me down a path of faith-based coaching because.


He is the supernatural power, and that's one of the things like with the overcoming emotional eating program that I created. You know we talk about.


Everybody you know, the diet world says you have to have willpower, power. You have to have discipline. You have to have self-control. self-control is actually the fruit of the spirit that God gives us. We have to tap into that and I'll never forget. One day I was vividly, like, driving down the road headed to Sonic because I was going to emotionally eat. I was going to blow things out of the water.


Today, because I was stressed and I just, I prayed and prayed. I was like Lord, just give me a sign and just as soon as I was turning the corner to go to Sonic, this song came on the radio and I'm like.


All right. God, I hear you.


There was something about he's got me or something, you know?


And UM.


So that's one of the things you know, I talked to my ladies about before your feet hit the floor, you know, start saying those prayers because Satan's going to be on you. And but God can be there and give you that supernatural power. And he does. He follows through every single time. So.


Very, very blessed.


I've had some experiences.


Like that too.


Like crazy. And it just like you gotta wink. It's like, OK, I.


Hear you.


I was.


I was one time driving in the car and I prayed that.


God would sing me a song.


And he I actually got 2.


Songs one was the dance by.


I lost his name.


The country singer.


Take that.


Yes, Garth Brooks. Garth Brooks. Yeah, thank.


You and the.


Other one was.


I believe angels are watching over me.


By Diamond Rio.


And to make matters worse, I'd never heard of Diamond Rio in my entire life, and they came to our little tiny town that summer. A couple of months later to perform.


At the fair.


And that's the only concert I've been to here. But I went to that one because that was just like.


That is so-called.


Yeah. And then there's no coincidence. It's like you can't cough that up to just coincidence like that.


I call them God moments.


You know, yeah.


You know, that's God when you've asked and he's provided, which is what I coach my women to, you know, he is going to provide you with the self-control. He is going to provide you with those hunger pains. He's going to provide you with the fullness that you desire to get through and to meet those health and Wellness.


He's just waiting on us to cry out to him. You know, I share a story a lot of times with my ladies about, you know, the disciples when they were in the boat and it was rocking and the storms were raging and they were just like, oh, my gosh, what are we going to do? And Jesus is sleeping, you know? But he was waiting for them to cry out to him, to then calm the storms. And I just, I vividly.


Use that so many times in my own life, but in coaching my women, like have you cried out to him today because yes, he knows he knows what's going on in your life, but he wants you.


To reach out to him, to pray to him, you know, and worship him when you know.


Good or bad?


But that that is, you know, that's what he's waiting for.


So you do offer?


Coaching, is it one-on-one group?


So it's kind of a little bit of both. So I used to do just strictly one-on-one and it's just very time consuming. So now both of my signature programs that overcoming emotional eating and then the holistic hormone regulation program, women can start at anytime.


So they jump in. You know, we have the guides that they go through day one, day two and stuff like that.


Several women are within that group, but they're all at different times. And so how I customize it and individualize it now is kind of for the nutrition, for the fitness end of it, for the holistic, you know, like, how are you sleeping? How many steps are you getting kind of that whole thing that we still need to look at to get you healthy?


I use an.


Excel spreadsheet so that we have that daily contact. So women go in there and log, you know how many?


Grams of protein we've sat. You know how many they ate that kind of thing. And then all of those other factors. So I'm looking at that every day. And then we also have a voxer app, which I have absolutely loved using because we can go in there. I have one for my overcoming emotional eating, lady. So they're all in there with that.


Or I have one for my holistic hormone regulation program. And so we're.


You know, we've got two different groups that are dealing with different things. And so whichever one the ladies are in, you know, they can go in and say, hey, I'm dealing with this today or.


For ohh this scripture I'm on day week three, day two and this is the scripture and it just really hit me like this today. Sometimes I'll pop in and do polls or like today we dropped a favorite, our favorite water bottle our favorite. So just kind of getting that community activity going and so they are.


All virtual.


Both of those programs are both eight week program.


Grams. And so they get daily post every single day. So like for the overcoming emotional eating program the very first week we talk about what is your specific self sabotaging thoughts and behaviors because we know Satan knows us and he knows exactly how to attack us.


And so for me, you know, my self sabotaging thoughts and behaviors are going to be very different than yours. And we need to be aware of that. It's not a.


One for you know, everybody's not the same. So once we figured that out for you through a couple of different tests and answering things like that, then in week two we go into, OK, these are the tools that God has given us. So now we're playing, we're going to play offense. Now we know that Satan knows what we deal with, and now we're going to go into our tools that God has given us. You know, whether that's the.


You know the armor of God. We talk about that just all kinds of different things. Week three, we really talk about overcoming.


Your or taking your thoughts captive because Satan had you know that's his first line. He gets into our brain and on average he has 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day that he can infiltrate. And so when my women start to really hone into that.


What are my thoughts? Are they more negative or are am I focusing on food so much? Is it now become an idol? You know where that is now a sin. So just very, very powerful each week.


But every day you get a workout. That's for every level from advanced to brand new working out.


You get a daily Scripture, a daily workshop song, because again, we want to keep that, you know, in the forefront at all times. And then the same thing goes for the holistic hormone program. We actually go through what's called the DE stress protocol because again, we're looking holistically. Women are very intricate individuals and anything and everything can throw off our hormones.


So for the first week we talked about diet and nutrition and with this program we have a specific carb cycle, a specific workout cycle and then some fasting, intermittent fasting windows that go with your menstrual cycle. So that's another way that I customize that program because.


Not everybody starting on the same day, so again we work. I work with the women to say, OK.


You've got three different phases within your hormone cycle. Which one are we in? And OK, this is how we're.


Going to progress.


If you don't have a menstrual cycle, say you're already in menopause or post menopause. We use the new moon as day one, so the last new moon. So the again, we still go through a cycle, but we've learned that women do not do well. Some women, I won't say.


All women.


But a lot of women don't do well with like every single day of the month. Doing these really hard, strenuous workouts. There's periods in our cycle that we really need.


Best for our body to build the hormones we want them to build, and that's what happened to me. Like as a fitness trainer, personal trainer as coaching this other program and lost a lot of muscle mass because I was just hitting the grind every single day.


You know, besides those other things. So we do diet nutrition again, that's a cycle. Second week we do exercise and we talk about those three different exercise cycles within our menstrual month.


And we get education like, why is this important? What are you building in these certain days of the month and what exercises are going to help support those hormones that you want to have a lot of success with women that have extreme PMS, polycystic ovarian syndrome and this concept?


I won't say that I treat fertility in any way, but if you are a person that deals with infertility, going the holistic route to heal your body is so very important because we learn about stress in the next week and you know what stress does to your body, what does it do to hormones?


Toxins. You know toxins is a hot topic in now, you know, in social media. And what are they? Where do we find them? It is, you know, on average an average woman just everyday woman.


Encounters almost 200 toxins in on around her body before she even leaves the home in the morning, and that affects our hormones. It affects our fetuses, growing hormones or future ones.


And so just learning how to detox fat safely. I show I teach the women, you know, this is kind of the protocol that.


I use and safely do that. We talk about the importance of rest, why we need rest. If you're not a good sleeper, let's work on that. Here's some strategies for that. And that was a huge week for me.


I really had to get a really strong.


On bedtime routine because I was one of those that woke up a lot in the night and so blood sugars would be up in the morning, cortisol levels would be up in the morning, which all?


Impact your hormones.


We talked about emotions, our emotions, other people's emotions, and you know, setting healthy boundaries. How do we do that? That's hard. I had to do that.


Husband didn't really like that all the time, but so he.


Had to recognize other people's boundaries.


Yes, very, very true. Yes. And it's, you know it.


We live in a world that we.


You know, it's our way or no way and instant gratification and so reading others and reading ourselves like a lot of times we don't know what our body is telling us, you know, and to be able to be able to listen to that and then, you know, choose healthy and stuff like that. And then the last we could talk about.


Supplements and a lot of that is.


Long term, short term supplements, we talk more about detoxes umm, how to go about that that you know will help you because you store excess estrogen. So if you've got polycystic ovarian syndrome, sometimes your estrogen dominant and you are where you are estrogen dominant but you're holding it in your liver in your fat cells and we have to 1st get that out.


Safely, in order to be able to heal holistically, so lots of great, you know, information and again daily contact so that I can really get in there and work with these ladies because everybody is so different.


I'm gonna ask you.


This is kind of a technical question. There's something I heard a long time ago and maybe you have some thoughts on this, but do carrots really soak up excess estrogen?


There is actually the. So I received my certification through Umm, it's integrative health practitioners and they're they actually give us a recipe for a carrot salad like a carrot salad.


All and everybody that I have known as a practitioner that has used it, I've recommended it for women. I'm not quite sure they've bought into it because some people just don't. You know, they think it's voodoo and I'm like, no, God created these foods for us. But yes, that is one of the fresh.


Groups that can really help with.


So it's really, really.


I thought that that.


Green beans. I love green beans, but green beans can actually increase your estrogen levels. So if you have high estrogen levels, you know green beans is a food that maybe you don't want to eat a lot of. So it, yeah, lots of cool stuff.


Out there lots of natural, holistic stuff, but yes, you are. You are correct on that. Carrots are great.


Yeah, they are.


So many.


The ones that.


Are long and loose and not.


Chopped up and soaked in Clorox.


Already, yeah.


I won't go there so.


OK, I will. So my husband, who's just learning to shop, he comes home with the little soaked in Clorox carrots and like.


Yeah, yeah.


You really don't want to eat those because they are soaked in Clorox. I mean, you can eat some bleach, it's not going to.


Kill you right away. But it's really it's a disruptor for your hormones, and I suffered from endometriosis a lot when I was younger because I.


Swam a lot. I'm.


Almost totally convinced that it was the chlorine.


That caused it.


That's one of the things we found out with my youngest daughter. She's got a connective tissue disease called ellers danlos syndrome, which makes her susceptible to holding like chemicals and heavy metals. And I'll never forget, like, there was one year, probably 2017.


Was just her worst year, pain wise. And so we got a hot tub and did not really realize at that time I wasn't an integrative health practitioner yet.


We were bathing her in chemicals, you know, and so when we had, I had the heavy metal test ran on her. Chlorine was high, bromine was high, you.


Know all of.


These chemicals, you know, so we really had to go through a lot of detoxing with.


Her, but yes.


Absolutely, could very well have played a role.


News we learned.


And you know, we didn't know what we didn't know back then. And it's so great why I do what I do to get the word out because coaches are really making a huge difference in the world by sharing this information and.


You know they're going out and they're finding the answer and the solution to the problems that they suffered from. But sharing that with other people really is helping all of us live better lives.


Well, I just I have a.


One of my best friends.


Was diagnosed in like probably she was 38. I would say in perimenopause and I'm.


Like no like.


That's not normal. Like, just don't take that and accept it. You know, like there are things that you can do. Hopefully it's not too late for your body.


To heal yourself of that, you know, and it just it just breaks my heart because you see more and more of infertility in the polycystic ovarian syndrome and our young girls going through puberty super, super early. I mean, it's scary and it's all, I mean, a lot of it's environmental or emotional or something that is disrupting the hormones.


As you know, as God created them to be so. Yeah, that that's my mission. I'm ready.


Along that vein, you offer a coaching program to help women become faith-based coaches too. And how does that look?


Yeah, yeah.


So end of last year, the beginning of this year, I just felt like God was telling me take this to the masses like I want people to know about.


This I kept hearing songs that were related to, you know, the Great Commission or whatever it was, you know, just felt God was confirming this over and over and over again. So I've created a 16 week they literally go through the programming because that's vital. I want the ladies.


To go through the programming week by week and so I coach them through the program just like they are.


Coach. But they also have additional work within like a website based where they could get modules and I teach them, you know, pain points that maybe some of their future ladies will have kind of how to help them over to come that some business strategies and things like that and then they do.


Just a little separate certification to be certified as a health coach, so they go through my stuff for 16 weeks and then about every other week they have a module to do for this other little certification so that they can actually say I'm a health, I'm a certified health.


But then, once they're finished with the 16 weeks and they're finished with that certification, I have an ongoing monthly, you know, training whether you know we do trainings on different things every month. So you know sometimes it's building the business part of it, how to speak to your ideal clients.


But I feel like.


Just like we talked about using your test to be a testimony, I know there's thousands of women out there that have this test that they're thinking how can I use it? How can I use it for greater good? And yeah, we can certify them. Like I said, in 16 weeks they get 40% Commission.


Out of every client that they sign up, and so you know whether it's a stay at home mom or a lady that wants to get out of the workforce or work less or do it on the side. You know, this is something that is absolutely doable from anywhere in the world.


Old I've coached people from my phone for years, so you don't have to have, you know, glitzy equipment or anything like that. But yeah, it's super exciting.


Because just like me.


Helping other women.


Helps me feel empowered because I'm empowering them and so I want other women to be able to do that as well and to be able to walk alongside me, I've got a coach that's finishing up in Texas and she's wanting to actually trans.


Late all of my stuff to be able to share it with the Spanish speaking community and I'm.


Just like, Oh my gosh, like.


That was so mind blowing to me, you know, God really is opening up doors to be able to share it with the whole world. So yes, would love to talk to anybody that might be interested in one, you know, getting the information for themselves, they get to walk through these programs, you know, and heal their own self emotional eating. And then the holistic hormone program and then.


How can we build a business for you to be able to coach other women?


I have.


One thought on this and that I think is.


Is helpful for people that might be considering going and going through your coaching program and.


That is that.


I think what you're offering is a system where they don't have to create their own program in addition to going and becoming certified, which is the normal path.


For most people, that become how.


Your life coaches, you, you go and you get certified and then you have to figure out what your program is going to be. And you put all the pieces together. So what I think you're saying is that you have a.


A program. A system that works and they.


Will be trained to walk people through it, so they would handle the boxer out portion of it and actually coach the clients that they bring in, but they wouldn't have to recreate.


The whole program themselves, so that is.


That is a really big deal.


Yes, thank you for that clarification. That is. Yes, that is exactly what it is I have.


With that out.


Created these programs. I feel like through God and like I said, healed myself of these issues. Won't say that Satan doesn't still, you know, tempt me from time to time. But I feel like, you know, I've got a pretty good handle on it. But yes, they will have the eight week programs, the two eight week programs, they will have verbatim.


You know exactly what everything is. I show them how to, you know, some people do it on closed Facebook pages. Other peoples want to, you know, send it to their women through e-mail and e-mail drip series. I teach them all of that. They have the workouts. They don't have to worry about creating workouts themselves. I have that already. It's. Yeah. It's a done for you.


Program you all.


You have to do is show up and help.


Your ladies through it.


And then I'm there.


That's pretty amazing.


All the time, you know, on the other end and that's kind of my goal walking in the future is I want to build up coaches so that really I can step back.


From coaching women so much myself, but empower the coaches and train the coaches and give them resources and things like that that they need to be successful versus, you know, being the one in the trenches with the ladies. I want to be in the trenches with the coaches that are doing it. So that's kind of my vision.


As we go.


I love that it's more like a franchise than anything else.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I just.


Franchising the opportunity.


Very excited. I've got a lady. That's one that's in North Carolina, one that's in.


Wisconsin or Minnesota north? I've got Texas. And so looking for lots of ladies to join us and just walk through that together. Yeah, I'm. I'm very excited. I'm. I think God's got a lot in 2024 to free women of these things whether it's going through the programs themselves or actually.


Linking arms with me, you know, and providing financial freedom for their families and things like that. I'm very excited about that.


Yeah, we should be.


Kind of a big deal.


And they can find out about both.


Options by going or all three options really by going to your website which is.


And that is www.fuel X actually changed, possibly since I've scheduled this with you www.fueledbygodcoaching.com.


So, fueled by God coaching dot com and what will pop up first is the coach certification program. That's my first page that comes up. But if you go to work with me.


It's going to share with you the different programs. I also have a monthly membership so women can transition like they do the eight weeks of the overcoming emotional eating. And I always encourage ladies like we know nothing is healed in eight weeks. You still need accountability. You need still need the support. And so I have a community membership that we have and have people all over the country.


That we have a good time, even though it's virtual. We, you know, tease each other. We pray for each other we.


Do all kinds of things.


But it's a great it's even a great starting point. Like if you just don't really know what you need, but you know you need some.


Thing. It's a great place to start each month we kind of focus on a different topic. So this month in November, we're talking about being satisfied in the small things. So it's been, you know, satisfaction and a different topic each week and then December will be focused on a different topic, but you get your daily workouts.


And like I said, the community we do extra trainings, we get meal guides in there as well.


And then I just launched. If somebody is interested in that would be they would just need to do the contact me button because I don't even have it on my website yet. But you can do contact me and say, Tara, I want your six month commitment. I do have it's for $150.00 a month which is a Super deal.


Because you for six months you're coached by me, you get both of the programs and then you get two months of the community membership and that daily one-on-one. So it's really your biggest thing for your buck. You're going to get all of the programs for $150.00 a month for a six.


Month commitment and again they just have to do the contact me and say Tara, I want your six month coaching deal.


They can pay upfront for it and get a month free as well. So that kind of is a little bonus there, but I just.


I don't want women to stop at 8 weeks and be lost. Like OK, now what?


You know, so and the magic always.


Happens in the groups you just meet people that have become your friends for.


No you can.


Sometimes the rest of your life, they just.


Absolutely. And that's one thing you know, I've really loved about the Boxer app because.


Women can go in there and leave a voice memo and say I'm just really struggling with this today, you know? Or could you pray for this today or, you know, like I said, this this scripture really hit this or I had a lady that we were talking about. She just has some trauma with the, with some her, her son is developmentally disabled and so.


There's a lot of in and out of the hospitals, seizures and things like that. And so I was just talking with her about Umm, I had gone through some EMDR therapy for trauma based therapy.


She happened to, we had talked about it one week. The next week she opened up a devotion and it was talking about it. And so she just voice message. She was like, Oh my gosh, you know, it's just so amazing that.


God knew this time this year, this week, this day, you know. And just to see it all laid out. And so it's just so encouraging. Like you said, the community aspect is so encouraging because we're all battling something and you know, we can be that support to each other.


Absolutely. So what's the one thing you want to leave the?


Audience with today, Terra.


Well, if I could leave.


One suggestion is don't.


Negate the power that God gives you.


UM, and I think I think about.


You know, and I know there's some women that need those shots that are coming out, you know, and different things like that. But I worry that if women are not getting to the root of whatever their issue is with their emotional eating or their hormone problems, that whatever program they go through, if they don't get to that root cause, which is really what I want.


Up to help them do.


They're going to keep coming back to that issue. It's just going to keep coming back time and time again. And so God is a powerful play in that God is a powerful part of that. And in our last week of both of our programs, we talk about, you know, what is.


If you don't know what gold is, set next, go to God about that. You know, I laugh because my mom has went through this program and she hates to exercise, hates it, hates to.


Sweat. And she was like, I just know I need another habit. Like I've got this under wraps. I feel like I'm doing good, but I feel like I'm kind of stagnant. I'm like, well, start praying about it, like, see what God has to say about it. And don't you know, God was this whispering in her ear that she needed to move her body a little bit more.


So that would be what I would leave ladies like, really take your health and Wellness journey, your health issues, whatever it is to God.


He's going to he's never going to let you down. He's going to always guide you, direct you in the right way, show you something that maybe you need to do or not do. So that would be my advice.


Thank you so much for joining me, Tara.


You it has been a pleasure. I think I could talk all day with you.


Feel the same way.

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