Rajesh Rai: Transformation with Remote Reiki Healing

In this energetic episode, host Kasey speaks with Rajesh, a master Reiki teacher. They discuss Reiki’s benefits in calming the nervous system. The conversation covers topics such as aligning energy, addressing skepticism, and the potential for personal growth through Reiki sessions.

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Thanks for joining us today for the You World Order podcast showcase. I'm your host, Kasey Lian and I’m extremely excited about today's episode, something I personally don't have a lot of information about. So I'm looking to learn a lot and I have Rajesh, a master Reiki teacher.


And I am so intrigued to learn about what you do.


Where you started this from your story. Everything about reiki because I.


We'll admit I don't know.


A lot about it myself so.


I'm going to be learning a lot today. I hope you listeners are going to be learning a lot today. Without further ado, Rajesh, why don't you tell everyone about yourself, your story and what you're doing?


Hey, Kasey. I'm from Singapore. I'm excited to be here today, so my background is like I'm actually a chemistry teacher.


I used to. I was training chemistry and I taught chemistry and so Reiki kind of like fell into my lap pretty much.


The dentally I want to say so in around 2012 I discovered that my ex-husband was having an affair and outside 25 maybe 20-7 at the time and none of my friends were married if they were married. Their husbands were not having an affair, so, you know, kind of like Googling and like random friends were recommending.


Like I can go.


Go for something called past life regression. Sounds like. What's that? You know? But I was willing to try anything once.


Because I was in this mindset.


Of or I?


Have a problem I'm going to fix it. I'm going to. I'm just going to throw money at the problem and fix it as fast as I can. So I went for the regression and one of the things that showed up was to try raking as a way of healing the relationship so that I did something naughty. I took time off work and went for a Reiki afternoon.


The call it's like a group of people together.


And there was some chanting and this lady gave us, like she did a random set of things with her hands. And she's like, oh, you now have Riki and you can perform Reiki on each other for like 3.


Days or something and.


It was so cultish and such a weird right, like I was like, oh, I don't like this. And I kind of like got out of it like real quick. But ten years later.


My friend told me about Reiki and she said that she did three sessions of Reiki. She had a boyfriend after three sessions and I was like, yeah, I.


Want a boyfriend?


I'm gonna do Reiki and go get a boyfriend. So that's kind of what started my journey back into Reiki took me a decade to go back.


So it's sad to say that I did not have a boyfriend by the time my sessions were done, but I did seek out my practitioner for things like when my good friend passed away by suicide. I felt like the grief was very overwhelming, and when I saw a psychologist or other people, it was very hard to have language to tell them what I was feeling.


When I was with Reiki, I would just sit there and receive the Reiki Energy. So I thought there was such a gentle, soothing modality and I felt so good after the sessions. Like I kind of wanted to be able to do this for other people as well. So that's where my.


Journey with Reiki is.


Ohh, I love that I love.


It was so.


Personal for you?


And then it took you 10 years after that, it still took you 10 years to kind of.


Uh. Say, OK, maybe I should look into this level. Maybe this could benefit me. So why don't you tell us just about what it is? What is Reiki? What? What is the practice of Riki and what are the benefits?


So I feel like it took me 10 years only because there was very little information on it. Like I reckon you haven't tried Reiki before, right?


Yeah. And I didn't know, Reiki. And but I heard about this. So I have done like reading. I read like maybe 100 books on it on, like Reiki and Akashic Records and systemic constellation. And it was like a lot of things. But I thought Reiki was the gentlest modality and something that even a layperson could receive. So what it is essentially soft.


Energy. I know how to connect to my higher self and I know how to channel energy to you. So let's say when you are in New York right now and I'm in Singapore, my computer knows how to talk to your computer.


Like there's a frequency through which our devices are communicating, and essentially we're energetic beings and I would have a something in me like a modulator or something and that would know how to talk to the frequency in.


Your body. So in essence I can send energy to you even all the way into your life. I've tried it before with my friend. When I first did it, I had an American friend. I told him, Tom, I'm going to try on you because.


You receive it. Then I can do it for anybody you know, anywhere.


In the world, right? Right.


So the energy healing modality and the benefits would be the science of it is that you would be getting the body into the parasympathetic nervous system like we have the fight like every states.


And Reiki, just get someone out of those states because those states are very like reactive or very regressive. Like someone will kind of retreat from a problem, go into depression, or they'll be very aggressive and very confrontational with people. And those are not good spaces to be to be in. They're not resourceful places to be in, but else with Reiki. If you calm them down enough that they can.


Take a look at their problem in a bigger.


The next useful for everybody. So it's essentially just getting someone out of the fight flight freeze fake. But the benefits is it calms them down. Some people come in with intentions like they come in to have a relationship or they come in to have a child. Like I have a few friends who have had miscarriages and they wanted to get a child and they did or they come in because they're not getting.


Paid for projects.


So the benefits are like so wild, so vast, but predominantly you feel good, like you're essentially paying me to feel better at the end of the session.


Wow. So it sounds like it could, it could benefit for any number.


Of factors is there.


Something that you mentioned, someone who had, you know, history of miscarrying and wanted to have a child relationship grief as well. What are you seeing as the most?


I guess the highest amount of people, So what are?


They coming in for?


Like as far as the reason?


Most of it flying.


Sure, most of my clients have been coming to me for many related issues like someone wasn't able to sell her house and we did a bit of Reiki around it and she sold it for like 100K over asking price.


And it's like weird like I can't control the outcome, I can just send energy to the problem and then sometimes, like, sometimes I think we approach things with a very needy energy. So they always say this with money that if money was your friend and if you're sitting opposite your friend and you were telling your friend, like, hey, don't go, I need you. Please don't leave me. You know, it's a very needy energy. And my knees like ripped out.


Like the energy. So we just kind of like send some energy to, like, soothe the person or soothe the money. Then the money is like, OK, come, you're playful, you're.


Cheerful. Now I'm gonna hang out with you.


So I love this because it almost seems like it gets your body in such a relaxed state that whatever challenge that you're maybe facing at that moment and we.


Mentioned a few.


It it's giving almost like a biological.


Way to deal.


With it cause a lot of people, right? So a lot of people may not know how to handle certain situations or you know, do you find that a?


Lot of people.


Because they don't know about it tend.


To say oh.


I've never heard of Reiki. Seems a little out there. Do you get a lot of pushback to?


You know, like that, like, how does this work? Like, you know, like being skeptical is probably the word I'm looking for. So do you find that to be?


Like an issue.


It is. I don't blame them. I mean, it took me 10 years to get to this point, right? So I feel like if I speak to someone and they get there like quicker anytime, quicker than 10 years, that's a win. But there has been a lot of education around it. So I'm trying to get like on any on as many podcasts go talk to people about it.


Somehow the conversations around my friends also changing, I've been posting very aggressively on my Instagram and all of them are like, what's Reiki tell me about it?


So I feel.


Like, if enough of us are doing it, then it should pick up in time because it's something that we could all work with, right? It's breathing.


Like we breathe to modulate, to regulate our nervous system, and then all these other tools like stretching and yoga and Reiki is just something else which can use like it's actually I think we have many, many tools that you can use. Reiki just seems to be.


The tool that I like to work with.


And my mentor has said this before that you can have like a whole toolbox of like EFT.


Which is like tapping on acupressure points on your face, systemic constellations and all that. But they keep going back to Reiki and he was like, yeah, you only need one too. You only need to know how to.


Tie your shoelaces 1.


Way. So I told her. Like try it once and if you don't like it, then you know, don't do it. Go try something else. Like you will find something else that works for you. So usually the push back is like, why am I paying you when I don't even?


See you like all my work is remote.


So I don't even meet them online. I'll just be like, OK, tell me what time you're free. If it's a mutual time, then we'll go ahead, make the payment, and then I'll, I'll do the rekey for you.


It's a lot of them are like, oh, it's weird because I don't even see you, like, holding your hands, you know, when near me, you're not hovering. Uh, you know, even talking to me on the device. And I'm like, yeah, but I'll go lay down for 10 minutes. I'll give her a PDF guide on how to prepare for the session. But I'll tell them to lay down for 10 minutes. And if they're not filling it, I'm like, OK, then take it as a free session and then.


Go off and do your thing, but usually in 10 minutes I'll ask them like, how do you feel the flow of energy and the flow of energy usually shows up for people as like sensations. It can be like hot or cold.


It could show up as tingling. Some of them see like images or visions, and then they can share this with me during the session. So usually like if you give them like a 10 minute or 15 minute like filler into the session, then a bit more open about it like I think there's always this cynical part of us is like, hmm, why is this working? But I don't need to know how my brain, how my body is using the oxygen.


Like sure, I know where it's going. Like the lungs and all like, but I don't actually have to know. Like the ATP at the ADP and the NADPH like I don't need to know all the cycles that it expected.


It's so interesting to me because I think if somebody is.


I think it would be more successful. Am I correct in saying this? If it would be more successful of a treatment if the person.


Is open to it, yes, correct and it.


Comes quicker, right? Is that what you're saying?


I feel like it would come on quicker, but essentially like what Reiki is doing. It's even when people come to me with a with an intention, I'll tell them like, hey, I'll program the intention into the Reiki. Like, can you be open to like whatever shows up? And there's this thing called a healing crisis because.


There's always, like, suppressed emotions and like repressed emotions within the person's psyche and the Reiki, just like uh, clearing it like really quickly. So for some people, it can be overwhelming. And I sound like, yeah, drink a lot of water. Is this the toxins moving through your system? But I don't have your skin like roses before.


Like if you get a lot of roses, which I like buying like lots of roses, they always come with something called cut petals on the outside of the Rose.


So it's kind of like peeling away the layers. So the rows, the gut petals protect the rows, and so we have all set up like guards against like people's energies or we're so hard. We're so traumatized. We're just trying to protect our little hearts. But in doing so, you close yourself up to, like, so much.


Joy and so much.


Enjoyment and stuff with life like closes up to like being enthusiastic about life.


So with Reiki is just kind of like disassembling all these layers so that the rows that you can like finally bloom. The premise is that everyone's 100% perfect anyway. We just have, like conditioning that we're trying to shed away.


Ah, I get it. This is so fascinating to me. Do you ever have anybody that comes to you with not something specific? So, you know, maybe not a money issue. Maybe not a relationship issue or something like that, but they seem off. They're not balanced. They seem lost or something like that. Like, have you ever had someone come to you like?


You know, I just.


Like with that peeling, does that go into it? I know. I mean that sound very educated on this, but I'm fascinated. It's.


Just it's very, very.


Yeah, I can hear you.




I hear you. I think most people have like a problem, so most of my people are like many people. They want to sort out some money issue or like me, they're trying to figure out what's with relationships. And it's very interesting.


But I struggle getting into like aligned relationships like they're aligned for a while, but because I think I moved so quickly in my own spiritual development that my person can't keep up with me anyway, end up going off in like different tangents. So have there been people who come to me? I think I've had one and then I use this thing called human design. I'm not sure you're familiar with it.


So if you give me like your birth city, your birth date and your birth time, I would keep into a computer software thing and they would tell me things like your account tracker is open or your third eye center is open. It would certain guidelines on like what I could work on.


With this.


Person. So if say their route center is open like we have seven children systems in the body.


Actually have 22, but seven is the main chakra science and so I will look at that and then see, OK, what do they maybe need help with? So I find that.


Human design is a framework.


And it gives me some clues, especially when this person is always coming to me and saying like, I don't know what to do. But The thing is I don't know what to do is a state that we are choosing you're.


Choosing to know.


Not to you're choosing to not know when to, to not know what to do. And it so happens that takes a sort of comfort, like you're choosing to be in that state and we stay in this state until it becomes so uncomfortable that we get out of it.


So in those cases I would like look at that chart, tell them to do things that could be supportive, like grounding, grounding could look like going out in nature. So if I look at that chart and they have maybe three open sentence or tunnel like you have to go meditate for like 45 minutes a day or go for walks for 45 minutes a day. So I use like enough framework to help me support.


So that there's some, like tangible steps to do by the end, like I'll give some Proms like go journal and this, but a lot of times like insight if they come.


To me, with like no.


Problems to solve like oh, I'm here and I'm just going to try it. I feel like that's actually the best thing to do because it's just having this conversation with my friend that we're all perfect beings. Like, the truth is that we are all 100% perfect. But with all this conditioning and so you could spend Reiki or prayers or affirmations, you could spend a lot of mental energy.


Trying to solve the problem, but all of our problems are also like illusions.


If that makes sense.


So because the problems are illusions, if someone comes to me with like no problem, but just like I want to get to a better feeling state, I feel like that state is actually a little bit easier to get to. Just like I find like the human nature, we like to have some tangible outcomes after the session. And then I'm like, oh, yeah, so go do this, go do this. And then I think that satisfies like the ego part of them, but the spirit.


Out of it came and received the Rickey. In fact, sometimes I feel like the Riki would go to the client beforehand, like when I first started my Riki practice I.


Would do it for.


Friends. And so I'll tell them like.


Pay me after the session.


But on the day of the session, maybe I was going to meet them in four hours, they'll be like Rajesh. I don't need a session. I feel really good.


But I would feel great. Then I learned after a while that actually the Reiki Energy had already gone to them like we had the divine appointment. Like the appointment already done in theaters, and we just had to carry it out as like 3 characters.


So after a while, like I talked to my mentor about this, she's like, no, you have to ask the payment before you do the session for them. If not, you're gonna keep getting drained. And I was like, that's true. And so then they stopped happening.


Like all cancellation, yeah.


Yeah, that's so interesting. So it already started. It had already started before you actually met. Wow, that's unbelievable. And how powerful. That's a testament to how really powerful it is. So when you do see your clients and you do have people come to you, is it like a one time thing do.


They have to come.


Multiple times.


Or is that depending on?


The thing that they're trying to work on and solve.


I think like most of my friends do see me quite often.


It's very interesting because I'm at a place in my business where I've, like, barely started for about a year. When I'm starting to charge like I've done this like two to three years now. But I've started properly charging and initially I was like, why would somebody pay me, you know? So I started with like $38 and I was quite randomly posting on Instagram. Like, pay me for rate.


Etcetera. Reiki, at this rate and I could go buy like a food or drink. So I was showing them like my Michelin star restaurant thinking. And I'm like, yeah, support me in doing this and get Reiki and the prices are like quite cheap at 1.1 point like 3848.


And I've gradually increased it to 120 and so I find that there are people who used to buy from me at the lower price points, but they're not so comfortable at the higher price points. And for them, I'm like, it's OK because there will be someone at their price point that they could work with. But for me, like, it takes energy to do the work.


For them, like what people are actually is actually paying me for is for me to meditate, for me, to do the channeling for me to work through my own emotions as they come up, because the clearer I am, the better I can channel the Reiki.


For them as well.


So in theory, Kasey can do the channeling yourself, you just need to sit down and meditate. But you may need to meditate like 5-6 hours a week.


OK, like an hour a day and we don't and we don't do that cover. Always looking for like quick fixes.


Yeah, that that's exactly why I was asking, because I think people nowadays in, in, in society now in the world now everyone wants everything fixed. Now you know or yesterday and sometimes.


I think people need.


To understand that it is a process.


And that and I love how it's an alternative to what societies tends to push now with, you know, if you go to a physician and you know you, you know they're.


Just going to.


Give you a medication. Most likely. It's just really comforting to know that there's other practices out there that don't necessarily have to jump, that it's within ourselves.


And heal our.


Bodies and I've always believed that I always listen to my body when something's wrong. I rarely go to a doctor because.


I feel like.


My body is the one that's going to be handling all that.


So like, I really go to the doctor because I feel like sometimes when I do that, it sometimes makes me worse, right? So like, I almost say, like, you know, I don't know if there's anything close to related, but I almost will myself to stay well. And if I do get sick to kind of.


Yeah, maybe get through it quicker or maybe you know, so there is, but it's a lot of inner type of work and I love that it's becoming something that's more of a conversation that's not looked at so much as oh, that's a little weird. Like people are becoming more open to it.


Because I would much rather do something like this to kind of heal some of the woes that I personally deal with in my life, then have to go to now. I'm not talking about the medical field, believe me, but it's there for a purpose and obviously, you know.


But I feel like if there's ways that we can do it in a more natural way, yeah.


It just seems like kind of to me at least, it seems like an over. It seems like a no banner now. The only way that I ever knew about is like I had a friend who used to do it religiously, but I never really asked her about it. She would just say that, you know, she had challenges and she would go and do her. Reiki, true. But she and the reason I was asking about the longevity is that she always went like she was like always going.


So I didn't know if it was something where it's like if you gave me your treatment, if you gave me.


You know, if we had a.


Session would I be cured? Do I have to come for six months or, you know? But I guess it.


Really depends on.


The person and it depends on how quickly you can connect the energy, correct? Because I understand it's a.


Lot of work.


On your end. And that's fascinating.


It is. I mean, so it's a practice. It's evolving. So right now what it looks like for me is like 120 seems to be a fair rate to charge people. So some people do it like one off, then in an ideal world they would get a package that would be like they would get the weekly maybe once every two weeks or so. I would suggest like at least once every.


But currently I am I am working with someone in a container which means she gets support from me every day. She gets like mini boots or Reiki for me from me depending on like what she talks about that day. So she's currently working through like her marriage and yeah so she like what do I do with my marriage like do I stay in it? Do I leave? And I was like.


I'm not the best person to answer that question, but I can guide you through it and we'll let the Reiki like show you what needs to be done. So for her, what that looks like at the moment, it's like a month of raki, daily raki, and four sessions of distant raking for 1 1/2 hours. And I have given her journal because the journal questions are channel so that they can.


As they write on the prompts, it would surface some feelings for them, and then we can uncover the feelings during the everyday wiki, or if like details to me, some things that happen for her during the week, they will do that during the weekly sessions.


So it looks to me like I'm going to be doing more one-on-one more, one-on-one work like that and it's a good space for both of us because it's like a big problem that we try to solve within a month for her as far as possible. It's something that she's been dawdling on for like 4 years. So I was like, yeah, give me a month. Let's see where it goes. I can't promise will be done by the end of the month. But you should see, like, sufficient.


The best.


Yeah. So next time I'm at in terms of work at the moment, but you know when you're asking like would you be cured? It's almost like we like, you know, they got petal, we only have so many good petals that you can pull away and it's a bit like cleaning a window. If your window is dirty, maybe the first time you clean it is still gonna be dirty. The second time you clean it is too dirty. But the third time, you'll start to be clean up.


Clean up and more light, more of your own inner light will come through, and so it's going to take a certain number of wipes. I can't promise how many wipes it to.


But yeah, it is, but it's so like, say, in a married scenario when two people come together, essentially you're looking at the energies that she's bringing in the energy that her partner is bringing in. They have a kid. And so then you also have to consider the dynamics of her husband with the child, her dynamics with the child, her parents dynamics and.


How that how that was a representation of what marriage is to her and the customs representations from his parents. I feel like there's so many dynamics. And if you go all the way back to the grandparents actually looking at many lines to like Claire so.


Could it be fixed in like one time like possibly, but not highly probable.


So it's normally like do it once, see what happens for you, and if you like it and you come back within a certain time, I'll give you the package price. So it's always like them being open. Try out certain things.


Yeah. So I imagine each.


Circumstance. You have to figure out how much work has to go into it. Probably now my other question is.


Do you find? Obviously there's energy.


And every person that that you're having a session with or that you're connecting with.


How do you physically?


Connect with one person.


On that level.


And then have to then kind of channel another person?


That seems very fascinating to me. So like if you're in one session with me this morning, but then you have another session with completely different person, completely different issues, completely different petals to peel off, how do you shift your energy to than another being?


Sure. I think maybe what we haven't gone into so well is this concept of the law, oneness. I think they cover this really well in Islam, but the idea is that you and I are one, me and my client, you know the one that has a marriage issue is one person. So in theory, any work that I do or myself or any work that Kasey does to transform her trauma.


Is actually transforming the collective, and we're all part of, like the collective. So essentially, while I'm like, look at your picture, let's say challenging regular energy to you, you would get the rekey, but so would anybody in your lineage. And so is anybody that has like some problem. So if let's say we're working on loneliness, there's also a collective loneliness that you would sort.


Of be.


Healing together.


I love that. I love that. How can people get in touch with you?


So I'm on Reiki Energetix. I think I'm most accessible on Instagram. It's REIKIENERGETIX and my website is by the same name but is Reiki dash energetics.


I love that. I think that if people are open to this, this is a remarkable way to really get in tune with our bodies, especially trying times like this. And like you said, even past things that we may not be realizing that we're holding on to and I think it's.


You know to gain that clarity for well-being is an absolutely beautiful thing and I really, really thank you for sharing your story and what you're doing and how you're trying to help people. I think it's incredibly important.


Thank you.


Melissa's plug is like go do Reiki if you like. Get it from me, get it from somebody else, but try it out. And if you don't do regular, at least just sit down and meditate like 30 minutes a day. Like, do something for your own spiritual well-being.


Yeah, I love it. I would much rather do something beautiful and holistic like this any day. So thank you so much for opening my eyes. I know you opened the eyes of many of our listeners. Thank you for your time.


Today, Rajesh, I love it.


Thank you, Kasey.

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