Tripping Through the Stars with Astrologer Michael O’Connor

Michael O’Connor joins us on the You World Order Showcase Podcast to discuss all things astrology & numerology and of course the wooden dragon year that is 2024! We dive into how stars inform our lives in a variety of ways and how interesting it is that our birth charts can be so accurate.

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Yeah. Hi, and welcome to the You World Order Showcase podcast. Today we have with us a special guest, Michael O'Connor. Michael is a life coach astrologer.


Just kind of an interesting connection, so honoring both the themes.


And cycles of destiny and free will. Michael supports his clients to realize their full potential.


With a deep understanding of their Natal chart within the realities of their actual life circumstances. And I love this. I love the intersection between free will and your Natal chart, which kind of suggests that predestination is involved.


And I think.


It's probably a combination of both, because I definitely believe in life contracts.


It is.


It the free will actually starts before we come.


What are your thoughts on that? Welcome to the show.


Thank you. Thank you, Jill. Glad to be here. Thank you for having me on. Yeah, you know, free will is a part of destiny. We're actually. I would go as far as to say a core feature of Destinies, to learn how to use free will to, you know, be responsible Co creators.


And so we're always Co creating. We don't really create our destiny that is popularly kind of understood out there, but it's wrong technically. I mean, it may seem like we're creating our destiny, but we're genuinely Co creating it and that Co creation introduces cooperation.


Too, so it becomes a little less egoic on the high side. So people become that much more, you know, cooperative with themselves and others and that sort of attunement thing that, you know, or alignment that.


More mystical types speak to uh, you know, we might all in some way people more in an athletic world might talk about being centered in your core, you know, and all good things, all good things like that. And that's true physically. But being in alignment means you're in the.


In the flow of your destiny, and one might argue, and this is where astrology comes in, consciously, yes.


You know, difference being.


That it's not an easy thing to measure, of course, because we're in the water, shall we? You know, say everybody's in their own water. So the subjective factor is, as a matter of fact, I would go as far as, say, there is no such thing as objectivity, really. It's it's that it's kind of an A relative illusion we share.


Because every person's subjectively psychically engaging with their own reality, right. So even though there's close shared experience.


This we're, you know, we're sitting together watching something. We're sharing it. But you're having a different experience than me. Right. And . And it gets into that menu tie. But that subjectivity get is linked to the word holism, like the whole universe is 1 grand continuum and.


Not only in the manifest outer universe, but dimension.


All the interdimensional planes that are behind this outer manifestation, just like the computer, has layers of technology within it behind it. It's no different in a, but it gets metaphysical. Of course it transcends.


Merely physics.


And the you know that kind of.


Discussion of physics versus metaphysics and but the physicists are stuck in empirical measuring. Oh, we can't measure it.


So you know so that, but if they trying to claim authority there, well, you know, we just have to study the subtle senses where the five senses don't reach.


And there you go, right. The whole world of discussion there purely with sound light, right, so it starts there so, so, so much for empiricism.


Good food.


Persistent does work.


In a very limited way, even Einstein, when he was talking about his theory of relativity, that only actually works in the.


The micro.


Chasm. It doesn't work in space.


And they have a problem with that. Physicists have a problem with that.


It's even Einstein. You know? Like he's been. He's been used and popularized as the opinion of some. You know, he's a celebrity, you know, physicist and.


Yeah, the.


The whole notion of proving things with mathematics is kind of not really science. Mathematics kind of got in there. And so it's kind of almost like imposed itself because science is more empirical. But then of course, metaphysics.


6 transcends the empirical, doesn't exclude it, of course. It just includes it. It's more inclusive, metaphysics versus ironically, where physics becomes exclusive. It's kind of an ironic thing the human condition.


And the.


Kind of the leverage of.


It's almost like it's. It's almost like a massive PSYOP, really. It it's almost like.


It really is nobody experiences reality the same.


No two people ever.


Exactly, exactly. The point of the continuum of subjectivity. It's all one. And yet, paradoxically, we each are unique. And so, even when it comes to our astrology, I've always said, you know, look how you embody.


Your archetypes astrological archetypes, right? It's a way of describing it. How you embody the archetypes is your way because you have your own soul, your own genetics, your own experiences, right. And of course, your own free will, which is ever there choosing to accept or not.


Accept or to advance or to retreat or whatever. And while those things are woven into our destiny by probability, like you said, predetermination the free will is that improv?


Of factor which you know can work for us, but our free will, ironically, could be the very thing that caused us.


To blow it.


You know, like we sabotage with our free will as much as we achieve the OR beat the odds, I guess is you know.


We achieve the possible with our free will, but we can also again sabotage. So that's double edged sword, a free will.


It's like people that manifest things everybody's always manifesting.


Manifesting gets this.


Gets categorized as like this. This woo woo thing that doesn't really exist that what you think about is what you bring about and there.


It and it may just be because you draw it into your sphere. It's like you magnetize it somehow and it's drawn to you so that you have these experiences about what you're thinking.


And and you know, we think about good things and we think about things that aren't so good and then we can end up drawing those to us. So it kind of falls in there with the whole free will thing is.


Is we have the ability to decide what we're going to focus on.


Yes, exactly. You know the that's right, the free will, the thing about law of attraction and manifesting.


Is one of the important things to remember is that we're and this is where astrology comes in. We're manifesting from our subconscious also. That's the key and the astrology chart. As you suggested earlier, Jill is the contract. It's a.


Astro code.


We don't choose necessarily everything in the chart. I don't believe because our choosing is subject to our karma. So that like we at the end of our life, we and more specifically at the beginning of the next life, there's a it's like, you know, when we die, we die.


Physically, then, ethereally, then astral, then mentally according to.


To the Tibetan and Egyptian books of the dead, you know, they recognize their stages after the physical death, but then we go into kind of a a resting place for relative periods of time, sometimes for short periods, sometimes for hundreds of years, depends on the level of the soul and.


It it, it said. But then yes, there seems to be a choosing.


Choosing that starts to occur, but it's kind of subject to our karma says. OK, here's the karmic score, and I would offer it's rather something I've observed over the years, so I feel quite strongly about is that we pick up where we left off. So if you leave the world in a lovely way, you'll arrive in a lovely way. But if you leave the world.


On a battlefield, you're gonna arrive in a battlefield, so you don't just choose a battlefield.


You it's because your mind state when you left is cut. A kind of like a karmic imprint. It's waiting. Then you come in. But the what the soul does choose. I believe in the chart rather strongly. And and it's a complicated conversation. Never one that can truly prove.


But at least with a certain confidence, I say to people you chose your son sign and then we can get into the fine print of that in like the sun being the focal point of the chart. At least that's true in Western straw.


Energy. And then, you know, I go and that is showing me if I get right into the nitty gritty of the sun. Sun. So I'm big on that zeroing. See that there's all kinds of ways of studying astrology. I'm a humanistic astrologer which means I'm person centered not event.


Focused. I'm not interested as much initially in some predictive thing I'm interested in. Who are you? Why are you?


What are you dealing with? Where are you at? You know, where are you coming from? Means. What motivates you? Where are you going? To means what you're destined to. So it's not a narrow thing. And so humanistic astrology I would call quintessentially the astrology of a life coach.


Because they're not trying to. Because once you start predicting, which is fine, but it strays into now a different category of thinking. That's not life coaching.


Because the life coaching wants to be in a conversation, right, more of a dialogue based. How you doing, where things at tuning into reality. That's what I meant. Wanna know? You know, like, I'm not here to that person with their free will and their reality know where they're at.


Right. They know the score is, but to have the added support of the.


Blueprint of that dynamic and then I'll tell them.


Well, it's quite an amazing. Astrology is such a powerful tool depends on the the person and where we're at in our journey together, you know, but.


Usually, like if it's the first time reading, they're like.


What they can't even believe what I can show them, and I'd like to tell people, you know, I'm not. I think it's very exciting that they're psychics out there cause they read minds. And I think that's very exciting. And then, you know, there's good tarot readers, all kinds of types of people doing different things, all very.


Right. But I like to say about astrology. Imagine is showing you what I just told you and right down to how your mother was, how your father was, how your siblings are, how your relationships are, how your all this karma Dharma thing.


And I said it's based on where the planets are positioned in the sky and and then we map it and and.


They're so people are like.


Oh my God, you can see that you know it's because.


It is.


That's so wild. I I didn't really start getting into astrology and I didn't have my Natal chart or my numerology charts done until I was in my 60s and.


Looking back because you get like all of this. No, I'm.


I thought you were in your.


Almost 64. Getting into just looking back at all of the pieces because you get everything, like everything up to where you are and then into the future where it could go. I mean, it's just about potentials and.


You bet. You bet.


And looking back at how I navigated those, because I'm at this point now and it's there's a lot of water under the bridge, it's it's interesting to me to see how accurate it was and how.


I was destined almost to reach this point and now all of these other things are are are lighting up for me.


It's it.


It weren't meant to light up back then.


Astrology can be compared like you know, traditionally and classically. What's the value of a map? The answer is very valuable if you're at all a traveler. Right? OK. But suppose if you lived in a small town you it wouldn't matter. But they gets into this sort of mystical notion that we're, you know.


As souls journeying through the Earth school.


It's not just through time and space, but that's true too. But specifically, we're journeying through the Earth school, which you know, like a school that has all the various classes, and there's lunch and recess and gym and art class and all kinds of. So it makes it kind of purposeful and fun. So but it.


We're kind of that's where I was going with that.


The map.


The map. So what? Astrology is truly when you really understand it well, it's like your cell phone.


It's got way more apps in it than you would believe. Like. In other words, though there's many systems of astrology out there, you know, and I studied them all, at least enough to be familiar with them, whether it's Mayan or Vedic Chinese, there's Tibetan, there's.


Northern and southern hemispheres.


That hemisphere thing is a kind of a different conversation. It because the North Pole is the North Pole. It seems like even a person born in Australia still there the north.


As though they're born in the North Pole still applies. It's uh. Why exactly? It's kind of another little mind Bender, a little bit that one. So it doesn't Orient to the sky.


But, but the point is, there's all kinds of systems of astrology, and I was going to say there's druidic too, kind of quite an interesting, and there might be more that I haven't studied. But there's other little branches like human design and all these things all sort of sharing in a an archetypal world.


Of thinking so, there's a common denominator. Western astrology. Out of all those systems is the only solar astrology, and the rest are basically lunar.


All of them.


Have value. You know you get into.


Right. I will venture that Western strategy is the most powerful though, but it does depend on the who's using it. Just like anything a guitar, you know, there's Jimi Hendrix, and then there's, you know.


Yeah. OK. There you go. And me? Exactly. There's all. For example, there's all kinds of levels of expertise in everything. So. So it's all relative that way. But Western astrology itself has many branches. So I'm I'm kind of a generalist in the sense that I can.


Because that's why, as a life coach, I created this video, just the slideshow action that was saying life. What does life mean? Right? And sure it doesn't just mean, you know, get 6 digits in the marketplace. It means everything about what's important to us as evolving.


Souls, when you get really into it, and that's where the particular branch of astrology I'm into, which is humanistic, is where Nate it's it's actually humanistic. Astrology is an evolution of Natal.


OK, there's Nadal.


No strategy.


Traditionally, the astrologers, even traditionally, we're very focused on prediction.


So, so Natal astrology or humanistic astrology, or even evolutionary astrology, all of which I do.


Is more modern. Actually. It's a. It's the. It's well, the horoscope for the person who's always been there. They weren't as interested in the person as much as the event.


But now the modern astrologer is going back to.


Well, pretty much in the 20th century, as the 20th century astrologers who broke the ground on the more predictive. So in other words, if you can go to astrologers in the 1800s.


They were very into prediction. They weren't so that much into helping the person know who they are and why they are. And you know, it was more. This is gonna have.


So, so this evolution of astrology into Natal, or what again is more technically called humanistic, is very person centered and what it draws a person to do is really understand that Natal chart deeply. And if you do it and I do know it very deep.


It's not like rocket science. It's it's learnable. But if you do, you don't even need to predict anything.


You're seeing that person's. I mean, yes, the planets do make transits, and that does create chapters in the cycles of destiny. So it's not like.


It doesn't matter.


But but even if you didn't do that, and if all you did was focus on that.


What happens if it's done? Well, it's the person gets aligned.


They go.


And people will say to me they have over the years more than once, they'll say, wow, I mean, many times it's almost like you gave me permission to be myself and I.


Said couldn't have said it better.


So yeah.


I feel the same way it's like.


It was very freeing to realize that.


This is fundamentally who I am.


And it's OK I was.


There we go.


I came here for that reason.


That's it. That's it. It's a very deep, affirmational thing. As a matter of fact, my motto really, it's not as loud anymore on my website, but it's always be an affirmation, inspiration, vision, strategy. That's why I thought the the life coach thing and I took a life coaching course with NLP years ago.


Because I wanted to understand what they were. You know what the angle was. And I got some certified and cetera right there.


But what it came down to according to that life coach, teacher was it's it's significantly about rapport with you know talk to the person who are you, how are you, what's going on and a life coach is kind of like a supportive cheerleading.


Strategist. Right. Strategist. There's if you bring in. So that's where affirmation.


Core inspiration. Oh my God. My life. And this is what I'm here to do. Vision, which is similar. You kind of get a vision for your life, not just surviving. And then it gets into that strategy. And that's when it starts to roll up the sleeves, you know, and get, that's where. Yeah. It gets more practical.


That's where the manifesting happens, and manifesting is just materialization of stuff that's already in existence. It just hasn't materialized.




Yeah, you know, manifesting.


It's kind of like a I'm I'm a big advocate for authentic self actualization. That's my whole thing. Authentic self actualization.


It's not who's to say and who's to judge what if one?


When you realize or experience deep affirmation, that's all you. You tap your authentic self.


Most people kind of have a vague notion of it. OK, they do. But when they have it played back to them and quite frankly, usually, at least in a more sophisticated way than they can frame because they don't have the objective, they don't have the practice, the insight, the.


All of the tool, they don't have that. Then you're you're helping in like in a very affirmational way and that's the keyword they're reframing themselves.


They're they're getting and. And the goal is is always for that to be.


Supportive of course. That and so again the keyword is affirmation. When they hear that it actually has a healing effect. So when I say it aligns them, it brings things into a excited to be me feeling right, that's what.


Excites me when they get excited to be themselves. I know I'm doing my.


Right. And that's the beauty of it. So it's not about bringing my interests not about bringing attention to me. You know, I'll say yes, I'm able to read this, but I can read it. I'll tell them I'm reading it. And if I'm telling you, I can interpret it. But it is talking about you.


Right. So it's like that and it works well.


It's really fascinating and it it's so timely. You were talking about the 1800s, but back in the 1800s, witches were still being burned at the stake.


Exactly. The world has changed exactly right.


Yeah. And like it was, I think around the 20s. It seems that at least in the United States and and there are still there are still witch laws on the books in England which.


I I believe it. Yeah, you you know.


It makes sense when you say the 20s. That's exactly a good true, true point. Especially it happens to be that the origin of the League of Nations, which is 1920 actually by the way, the exactly.


You know, with an alignment with what you just said is was a very significant turning point and it of course evolved into the UN.


Which itself is under its own evolutionary you know requirements to you know, because it's a, it's an appointed Council, not an elected, and that's a bit of a problem to.


Me, by the way.


But anyway, the main point is that it was the step towards.


Global conversation cooperation and it's coincides synchronous synchronistically with as you just said, a lot of new consciousness, so it itself is a synchronicity of it. But yes, it gave rise to a whole legion of new thinkers.


Those from all kinds of areas, but very significantly in the world of astrology.


And and Western, this is where Western astrology start to really take off because it was only well.


It go, it does go back a little further, like when the planet Uranus was discovered and then which was.


Kind of in the 18th century, and then in the 19th century, Neptune. And then in the 20th, Pluto. Right. And then there's been others since, and it was more specifically, Chiron.


In 77, so it's all relatively recent that these other players have been introduced and Western astrology is designed to incorporate them. Other systems I'm not. I'm not sure if they can, I'm not 100% sure, but they're not. They're a little bit more set.


A little bit more fixed, even Vedic astrology, ironically, and it does at worst, still adhere to a very predictive model. And of course, medical astrology is very focused on the constellations, but Western astrology is based on the sunlight.


We divide the year by the.


Light of the sun.


So it gets into this exciting thing when you get into that solar.


Even better of athletic astrology of lunar system is what I'm trying to say.


And it seems like.


The the more predictive and the older versions of it were more around.


And around.




Or yeah, around nations and not nations like we know them today because it was, there was a period of time when it was more monarchy driven and monarchs are groups of families, their families and tribes rather than.


What we have today, and I was just talking to my husband about this, the other.


Day because it it.


He he plays these war games.


That we were talking about World War 2 being kind of the last.


Period when monarchs were fighting each other, because after World War Two, we started getting that maybe with their dictators around, but they're not really monarchies like there were monarchies that controlled the money and and controlled the assets and controlled the land.


Like there were before World War 2.


It it it just it was interesting to me to watch.


Very good, very good point. Very good point indeed. That is very accurate.


And I think that now astrology is more focused on the individuals. It feels like we've entered a period of time where instead of nations and countries.


And leaders being so, so important, we're now getting down to individuals, each individual recognizing the value of each individual in this huge tapestry. That is, is the collective reality and and helping the individual realize their full potential.


Because when an individual realizes their full potential, it impact.


The everyone else around them and it it will talk about raising the consciousness, but it really does raise.


The the consciousness or reality of the whole collective as each.


Beautifully said, yeah.


Individuals activated.


Nicely said, yeah, it's all part of the Aquarian Age energy that's coming in. Technically, I've done close studies. I firmly believe we're.


Well, put it this way. The dawn moment of the age of Aquarius, I believe, has not quite occurred. We, and interestingly enough, according to my studies.


The very like.


In in earliest stage of Dawn Cause Dawn's a process right. He's about 1920 and so and and according to that calculation. Interestingly enough I I had it different before I had a different number in my head.


And it was a significant year. 1993 was a very that's what I thought for a long time was the actual dawning moment. But I changed it a little bit.


But it it that was a very significant feature of at least the dawn, because that's the year that the Internet went public, by the way, and it was beautiful story about the day it did. It's interesting that the day of that the Internet went into public domain.


Was a new moon in Taurus, which is the sign of foundations.


And it was Earth Day.




April 22nd and 19/19/93. That's when it officially public. It was out there a bit already in 92 etcetera, but they that if you look it up, you'll see April 22nd, 1993, yes.


The launch, so that was very segmented. So yeah, we're in this new vibration, even if it hasn't technically dawned. I think that it's dawning exact, you know.


I think it's at the end of this decade of, like the end 2029, Winter Solstice, 2029. In other words, the on the eve of 2030, which is interesting because that so happens to be the the timetable for the UN.


To, you know, like the.


What is it called the?


Well, they have. They have. There's plans with the, I guess I'm trying to remember what it's called like.


Agenda 2030.


Agenda 2030, that's what it is. Thank you. Yes, that's right. Agenda 2030, quite obviously and I.


I wasn't trying, but anyway I've done a whole study of doing a a master class here on the 17th of February. It's too bad this won't be aired before that, but it will be all about the timeline of the each requires of kind of an endeavor to prove.


But in the process of it it it's a kind of an indirect way of teaching people astrology too.


No, it's a fun thing, you mean.


Would be really fascinating. I'm gonna sign up.


For it.


You're a good patient, not.


It's early still for me.


Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it is.


And the the replay will be available, I'm sure somewhere.


It's a master class which is designed to be a. You pay for it, not like a YouTube thing, because I don't have the.


Energy to do the YouTube game, you know, to get it right. And I neither do I want to give it away. So a master class is a kind of small fee 3 hour class. But yes, after that it'll be on my website and people can go and purchase the like purchase the right to see it. Exactly. Yes. Yes.




And fire, yeah.


So that kind of leads us to.


If people go to your website, they can also get sign up for your.


You're not newsletter. That's the horoscope. It's weekly.


It is the horoscope. I do. I have been writing this horoscope since 1993 and I kind of have a sort of a knack for.


I have a.


Degree in English lit and I understand astrology well and I figured out also how horoscopes work, which is quite wonderful all on its own. It gets into this very.


Archetypal principle kind of mystical, all on its own.


Ironically, and of course, it only works at a somewhat limited scale, but people still, they're quite amazed that I can tap into it at all. And you know, I'm not saying I'm the only one, but I have been able to do it quite well. So yes, I do this weekly horoscope and it's one can take the.


The paid version or they can have the free version, the paid version just gives uh. I do a longer.


Discussion each week of what's going on so they get more than their horoscope. They get, you know, a deeper psychospiritual, insightful astrological look at the week. And then I do that every.


Month and for.


The year, that's what the members gets. It's a nominal fee, and with it they actually get.


Discounts on their reading. So it's designed if you get this much in readings, well, your membership's free. That kind of thing.


Do you include numerology, the numerology part to it? Do you, or does it just strictly validity?


Yeah, I do. Well in the in the horoscope, I always talk about the universal year and the.


The Universal Month you can get right down to the Universal Day, but can have the words. It's simple thing that 2024 = 8, so we're in a universal year and I always tell people the.


Reason it's kind of a really wonderful thing that it works at all. But I say the best rationale I can give you is that it's because we agree it's 2024.


And mystically speaking, it's almost as though.


Reality has.


Made itself aligned to that like that's so in other words, our Co creation is happening on an individual and a collective level, which is sort of.


It's all time is.


Exactly. It's an agreement where we really do have the divine spark, so it gets magical, and that's where you get, like you say, you get into attraction and Co creation. And so I'm into all of that a lot as well as you say, I do, admittedly lean it in the direction of remembering.


And reminding the person that remember you're able to attract.


But your subconscious is attracting also, so if it's not your Dharma to attract big money, you're not going to probably then that's a bit. That may sound a little restrictive, but it's like. But the point is that the big money's not important. What's important is that you're authentic.


Because that it could be a hindrance, it could be a big problem for you. You know, suddenly now that you're burdened. So it's that tricky line right of.


And it could be that you don't fulfill your destiny.


Exactly. Yeah, you. It'll all kinds of things. You could become greedy, lazy, lost, corrupt, abused by others. It goes on and on. Yes. So it's not always the gift. Exactly. So it just be it. It doesn't exclude the magic of Co creation.


Become lazy.


But it.


Puts it in a more authentic alignment, and then you're Co creating according to your.


Destiny. And what would be otherwise?


Called your true need.


You know, I mean it's it's.


Kind of you have.


To I mean, if you get into a world of extreme poverty in some parts of the world, then it's that's another thing to talk about. Right? And but even why are they there is another conversation. But in other words so.


Did they choose it?


You know, sometimes.


I think we do choose the the struggles that we go through at some level before we come here. It's not like they.


I would somewhat somewhat, I think I'm. I'm not sure I have to admit, put it this way.


Karma is a law and you.


What happens is.


This is what I've come to figure out for myself.


As a spirit, we're in the ocean of God. We're one with the the whole but.


As a soul.


We're like a droplet out of the ocean.


That the soles like a that droplet, has little skin around it, you know, that's what makes it a droplet. That skin is our subconscious mind.


So that's where we get into the soul.


Having the mind.


It itself isn't mind like people will talk about the soul as energy and vibration.


Goes no, no, no, no, no.


No, no, the soul.


Has a mind that is energy and vibration.


OK. And then then that but?


Mind, as soon as you're in mind, you're in duality.


OK. So it's like known as the mind of God. You're in duality.


Then you're subject to karmic law. So. So it's kind of a choosing, but the choosing.


Has deep roots to it like.


It's a it's a deeper thing.


Some of the karmas in our charts goes back lifetimes, so we don't choose those. They're there waiting, but they need to be reconciled. That's what they mean by atonement. So it's a bit of a paradoxical conversation. So it there may be, like, OK, roll up your sleeves.


On the soul level soul plan, but it says OK, you got these karmas and you got you know the negative ones and these are the good ones.


And so yeah, and and and it says this is where.


You left off.


And now?


The Council almost is saying we think you should become a Pisces because according to what happened before and where you're at, Pisces would fit your need now very well and and and by the way, we're going to be, you're going to be born not just as any little piece you're going to be born on this day.


With that exact degree.


And so forth. So so it's just a way of saying so.


It it's seen, in other words. In other words, kind of a bit of a paradoxical conversation, but we are the inheritor. See, we can talk about soul plan, but we can also say that in this incarnation we are the inheritors of karmas. We did not create.


But they were they were a part of the continuum in the mind of your soul. And they were waiting. So see how that's.


Not entirely choosing, but not entirely. Not choosing. It's a bit of a mixed conversation, so there you go. That's my so.


Yeah. So think of it as.


As we are.


Individual humans, we are made-up of a bunch of cells, trillions of them, and each cell has a consciousness. It's an it's a living entity.




And it has a purpose.


By definition, a cell is a living.


Entity and we are it's a whole unit and there's little communities that exist within our physical being.


Ohh yeah, it's a whole. It's cool. It's a whole unit.


And we kind of Co create with it as well, but just as we are like that as a being, I believe that the universe is like that.


On a grander scale, you call it Gaia. You could call it whatever, but we are all just cells.


In this bigger.


And we all have a purpose, but ultimately the purpose is directed towards the purpose of.


Whatever the source is that we are part of.


Yeah, that's a good way of describing it. Yeah, in holistic.


Philosophy. It's all holes within the holes, like the whole universe is filled with whole galaxies which have whole solar systems which have whole planets which have whole entities which have whole cells, etcetera, right? And it's all part of a continuum of mind.


So invariably there's no escaping that we're part of something larger. That's why Co creation and cooperation are the keywords there is. I like you know, that notion that ultimately we're.


We're a droplet out of the ocean of God, and you know, we could say we're.


Some would say on a sole level, we're always in the at spirit at the level of spirit. We're always in the ocean of God.


The oneness of existence, but as a as an evolving, individuated soul.


Were that unique unit of God experiencing itself back?




It it it has to do with the experiential aspect of.


And we get and the idea right, the idea of the school we're in is to learn to be a responsible Co creator. In other words, the responsible use of free will, which is 3.


Water source.


Through trial and error, pain and pleasure, basically, you know, the whole journey of that and that's where the karma comes in. And then ultimately it leads to a graduation point, which is not, you know, there's sort of a natural evolutionary process.


It's a model I follow, which interestingly enough, I discovered later, was shared by the Buddhist philosophy, which is approximately 800 live.


There's a reason why we that number, but I won't go into it. But and I won't try and overly defend it, but it's a model that it takes approximately 800 lives to graduate from this school. And no, you can't sit under the body body tree and accelerate it in in. No, you can. You can.


Accelerate and facilitate your journey and make it smoother. That's called Wisdom, which is what life Coach astrology is about. It's about how to enjoy you.


Enjoy your day, enjoy your life, be healthy, feel fulfilled. Make meaningful contributions by being you.


Right. Always about being you and doesn't hurt that if you're really doing it well. You're not only cleaning up karma from yesteryear, your your uh self actualizing, which means now you're getting really good karma, especially to the extent that you are making meaningful contributions.


OK, so all of which will have a sort of an both an acceleration and also a vibration raising effect, right? So so yes, those statements right there are significant to the whole.


Purpose of of life coach astrology it's to not help you align yourself with an external motivation of society at which at worst means you're selling yourself out on the marketplace.


And your values are shallow at worst, right? It. No, it puts you more in alignment. Whether your destiny is just to be a great parent or whether you're here to be, you know, the president of a country, whatever it is.


Make no mistake.


The consciousness, which is kind of like.


Knows everything just to throw it in there, like Santa Claus is watching you. So. So it kind of comes with a certain sobering hey, you know? Sure. So it kind of counters a little bit against just I can be having do anything I want.


And I say ohh, why would you want that when you can be everything that you are?


At a high.


Vibration, right? So it's that kind of language.


That all kind of sneaks in there and it all becomes that's the beauty of astrology, that it works at all and it does and it's like proves itself every reading.


You know I.


Do I mean, you know, it's not like every reading is as good as every other, because depends on a lot of things. The complexity of that person.


They're build our rapport, all kinds of things, but but still mostly yeah, people.


It's kind of most enjoyable sometimes when I get the the 75 year old father who got a gift from his daughter and I tell him things like.


Yep, that's it. You really. I'll kind of tell a bit of their life story, how you've been they go. You got me. You know, you're like, you're hitting the nail on the head. That they say it all the time. Right. And and. And sure. It's my ability. But the fact is it's there. It's it's written there and yeah.


Yeah. So that's good. So, yeah, that's the whole story. It comes to that understanding.


The very fact that astrology works at that level, OK, and that's part of my interest. Therefore, the whole game is exceedingly purposeful. It's an ergo thing. If this works, like if we can, if I could tell you this, you can go away now knowing.


We have consciousness, we live in consciousness. We're spiritual beings having human experiences. There is a God force source, not of the Zeus kind of anthropomorphic projection of mythology, no.


But there's definitely a divine source here, and I'll get very full satisfying to have those conversations, right, because.


Kind of, because you know, people live with.


We we're driven, but to to thrive and self actualize ideally. But we're also dealing with survival, aren't we, you know, instinct.


If, when it's done well, like people say, lit by your instincts, I'm like.


Bad idea. That's the fight or flight world. You you're in survival. But if you don't dismiss your instincts, those are protecting you. That's good. You know, fight or flight as necessary. Don't stick off that curb in your your whole body sensory system. Saying no, that's not a good idea, right? To do certain things, but it's really.


Which are is not a synonym for instinct. Instincts is kind of a lower shock right. Intuition to me is a heart chakra.


Interestingly enough, I was doing a little study recently and they were saying intuition is the third eye. I'm like, wrong.


I don't know where you got that from, but you were wrong. That is insight.


This is knowing.


And your Taurus tube is hitting your heart chakra, right? So when you're in your heart chakra, your intuitions really strong because it's your radar field.


It's like you're.


You know, so that kind of that's my firm.


And it it happens in your body, not in your head. In your mind, it's.


Exactly. And it it's. I think astrology helps people move from thinking about stuff to feeling stuff it it it helps you align with your whole body.


Your your head and your body.


There's sensory feelings, there's sensory feelings, there's instinctual knowing there's knowledge, there's reason, rationale, all which are wonderful. Everything is just great, right? And yet, intuition is that I know I'm a soul. I know there's a God.


They caught somatic.


I know there's reincarnation. That thing right now, it sounds a little strong to say it like that, but you know, I I do always ask my clients. So you believe that your soul Incarnate and reincarnate?


Yes, every time you know, it's like, yeah, of course. Get on next, you know, kind of thing. But I'm also humbly respectful to the fact that not everybody adheres to that and so they don't aren't in touch as fully what they're in intuition. I call that intricate.


So I'm not here to say they should be, but hopefully with the work I do I've been able to increase it.


Because the heart chakra is not sent to me, it can be like empathy and compassion, I think, are a part of it. And that's really wonderful. But the deeper thing about the heart chakra is it's.


Self honesty. It's the courage to be self honest. It is the capacity to see beyond one's ego projections.


And it puts one in. It's what they mean by the lion heart. You become more.


Well bought.


Being you.


You're you're a little bit more.


Determine not to yield so so it's kind of a mixture of things, right? You're aware you're awake? You're.


You have that people who are living their self actualization. That's what you're doing in your way, right? And you're talking with all kinds of people. And you're, I'm sure you're after.


Meaningful communications, right. And it's a sharing of.


Which I do appreciate.


That, but I'm just generally imagining when I say that, but I don't mean to tell you what you're doing. I'm just saying. Yeah, yeah.


No, it's it's true. I.


Get the opportunity to speak with all kinds of people.




This has been amazing. Being able to have this conversation with you, Michael. How?


What is the? What is your website URL and I'll make sure that I put it in the show notes so that people can reach out to you.


Thank you Jill Sun sunstar astrology.




Yeah, Sun star astrology,


Dot com. Perfect and.


Yeah. And on the website, they can get the under horoscope, there's free horoscopes and.


Or they can go.


With the paid version, I do like uh, reading packages or coaching packages which that people get, they they they kind of get the membership for free. So I make.


Attractive for people. Everybody likes to sail, I think. And on the end on the learn end of the website is where we're building that section. It's already there, but we're now going to create rooms. Each like room will be a different.


Emphasis of master classes. The master classes are designed to.


Provide a very rich fertilizer of consciousness that whether or not a person studies astrology. But if they do, they'll go wow. Now I have the paradigm. That's what I want to give people.


I want when you.


Oh, I love that.


Yeah, you get this because it's learning astrology.


Well, it it's it's kind of not entirely elementary, but it kind of is, believe it or not, but it's the worldview that and the paradigm within which it operates that's a little bit more sophisticated and and when. But it's also where it's really juicy.


Kind of like. OK, here we go.


So, but uh yeah, so.


So there's a starting place and a place to jump off from. I guess is the way to put it with astrology, I mean.


It starts with me is is, you know, getting a horoscope. But of course getting, you know, the horoscope by right every week. But getting a reading, of course, is, you know.


Or immediately.


Precise and zeroing in on you and I do. I'm I.


When I started studying astrology, Amy was 16 years old, right? So I'm a little older than that now and so I've literally been studying it for ever since 44 years and you know, 10 years after I started studying it, I thought I'm going to do this. I mean, I and I can't get.


Away from it, let alone anything else. As soon as I awaken to astrology.


I could see everybody sign, you know Pisces, right? And like. And I have a lot of Virgo and Scorpio and stuff anyway, which makes me insightful into human nature. Interested. Right? Interested. So, you know, I was like, oh, I can, you know. And then I was beginning to not get.


Cliche about it, but noticing the patterns of how people look the eyes and I think ohh. You're a Leo. You're a Pisces or you can see it in their facial, you know. Not always, but often and.


I am also a numerologist like. In other words, I studied astrology, tarot and numerology simultaneously because there were three languages that's helped each other. So yeah, I the astrology to me is the most powerful of all three, but the other two are always there.


And I'm always, you know, it's hard.


They kind of shade it.


It's kind of like speaking a few languages. You know, you speak French, English, German, say, or whatever. The three or four are. But you're you can speak them so fast, it doesn't matter. You seamlessly can jump from one conversation to next. It's it's really wonderful thing to do, right. So I'm always impressed by people who do speak.


3456 languages, right, and especially if they do that well, you know, but even 3 is something right English. Yeah. And right. You know what I mean? So that.


It's anyway don't mean to get off track there before we go, but yes, it has been fun and I know we can talk more. Maybe we'll do that.


I don't like.


One day, huh?


I think that would be awesome. What is the one thing that you hope the audience takes away from this conversation?


We've covered so much ground.


Just remember that we are are conscious beings living in a conscious universe and it's on purpose.


And our life is deeply woven with purpose, and that purpose is measurable to a very fine degree. And not only is it measurable in terms of your nature and personality that you have.


It also is accurate to.


What your destiny is about, and all of the various details about that, because Destiny has a larger umbrella to it than a sort of a narrow thing. There's a whole, you know, all all that different parts of us like you can be a a.


A daughter, a mother, a sister, a friend, a neighbor you know and and then a professional or this and goes on. Right. So we wear different hats. There's all of that are kind of aspects of it.


Then it can also talk about where you're at in time, and it really can get zeroing in on, you know, helping you make better choices is the key thing. That's what it's all about and the self actualization is what makes life fun and fulfilling. Who doesn't want to do their thing and and.


Feel abundant and wealthy, even right about it, that's sure.


Course of always helping people on that very practical side because you gotta pay the bills, right? So now, yeah, it comes down to rubber on the road, kind of consciousness. In the final analysis, if it's not practical. I thought it's not really helpful. It has to be woven into the everyday life. So that's.


It's a bit of a long winded perspective on what I want them to take away, but there it is, yeah.


It was perfect. Thank you so much, Michael.


OK. You're welcome, Jill. My pleasure. Thank you all.

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