A Deeper Connection Through Mentoring, Reiki & Mediumship

Lori O (Ough) joins us on the You World Order Showcase Podcast to share her thoughts on Mentoring, reiki & mediumship. We explore the shifting consciousness and how her spiritual abilities developed.

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Hi and welcome to the You World Order Showcase podcast. Today we have with us, Lori. O Lori is a Reiki master and a psychic medium. I'm really excited to hear how these two connect. She specializes in Reiki readings, energy clearing, animal communication and straight, medium ship.


And she's also getting into coaching and we'll talk about how she integrates all of that in as well. So welcome to the show, Laurie. It's really exciting to have you here.


Thank you so much for having me. I appreciate this. Yeah. And then for a moment, I'm like, who's she talking about? And I'm like, oh, yes, I do all those things.


You. It's you. So.


Have you known all your life? You were a medium? Or is this something that you've?


Yeah. No, that's a really good question. Yeah, I I've definitely always felt connected. I don't think that I knew exactly what it would feel like to be a medium and to be able to do that.


You later.


More in a defined way, like for other people, but personally I know that I have always felt connected in, you know, connected to spirit guides, just feeling very empathic and connected energetically to people I had. I experienced.


Bigger loss. When I was a young person, I lost a brother and a grandfather quite close together and I feel like that was one of those, like big events in my life and I always felt them around me and I always just had this sense that they weren't too far away.


But I don't think at a young age I would have defined it the way that we try to define things now and. And so yeah, just as I developed and did various other things to get to medium ship.


When I formally committed to the practice, I yeah, I wasn't sure. I wasn't sure if I was going to be in a room full of quote UN quote. Not true born mediums or, you know, if it was something that you could learn and developed and and develop.


So I think there was a lot of contributing factors to get me to that place where I could actually call myself a medium. But I do feel that there are so many people that do have.


Pieces of it, you know whether or not they go all the way or they commit to it, or really dive deep into it. I do believe that we are all connected and we have that possibility there for us.


Send some light love to the chicken.


So we just narrowly avoided disaster here as we were talking before getting on the show. Sometimes things happen and in this.


One of my chickens had escaped. The coop, blew the coop and my dog was trying to lick it to death. He likes to lick the feathers out.


Fortunately, I got her back in there and all this well in.


The world.


Wow. Wow. You did that very quickly. You handled that like a breeze.


I'm a pro at it these days. She like she just sits down and lets me pick her up. I mean, it's not like I have to chase her all over the place, which I used to do. So back to the topic at hand.




Being a medium and and being born with it versus.


Learning a learned skill. Do you think we're all? We all have the ability to, to feel the other side or communicate with the other.


Side I, yeah, absolutely. I I don't know why you wouldn't. You know what I mean? Because like, I'm not, you know, any different than anybody else. I.


I don't think my understand.


But I have chosen to be committed to a spiritual path. It wasn't always mediumship, but I've always been, you know, working on clearing my energy and healing and being receptive and being a listener and tuning in to people's energy is my own.


Energy. The energy around me.


So I think.


You know, it's is it nature versus nurture, is that the expression like I I don't have all the answers but I believe that we're all connected and so I choose to believe that we're it's all possible for all of us. Yeah. Yeah. Whether you want to or not that's the.


Choice, right? So yeah.


Yeah, I can imagine that sometimes people would try to block it, but.


Maybe some are born with more.


More of a propensity towards hearing from the other side and than others, but I I I do think that it's something that you can.


You can I I don't want to say learn but.


Tune into. I guess that's how I describe it. Yeah, it's like tuning into it, right? It's a frequency. And yeah, I mean, absolutely. People can be very natural at it and it's happening for them all the time. And they can turn it off for various reasons. They're told to turn it off.


They're fearful. I think there's lots of variables in that as well. Myself I I.


I don't know if this is actually a choice or not, because obviously I don't have the definitive answers on everything. Otherwise I would be evolved and moved on I'm sure, but my understanding you know is like I don't. I don't really want to like actually see.


You know, a ghost per se, which I don't even really see it that way anyways, but that was kind of what I thought when people would say, oh, I see this or I see that that they were like seeing something on the outside of themselves.


My understanding is and how it works for me is if I say like oh, I'm seeing this, it's more you know, I'm seeing it like in my imagination it's it's very much a similar feeling as if you were imagining something. It it's kind of in this this space of your third eye and your crown, is that clairvoyance?


A clear seeing.


And I'm quite fine with that. But as a young person, I remember like walking into a room and feeling an energy. And I was like, I don't want.


To see anything.


You know, but I definitely was. I could feel certain things that were were validated. And I was like, but I don't.


Want to say anything?


So yeah, definitely fear, yeah.


I wonder if that.


I wonder if that didn't stop you from seeing things, cause I have seen things. Yeah, a couple of times I I interacted with those things.


They they weren't real good experiences. Let me tell you that. But I I have to wonder if things don't don't materialize because we're like I know you're here.


Stay invisible, yeah.


Stay where? I can't see you. Yeah. I mean, I'm curious about that too. Like, did I? Actually? Did I have that ability? And then I turned it off, or did I just block it right from the get go?


I mean, I'm not sure, right. I grew up in the time of like, the movies of Ghostbusters and stuff like that, where it was like it was something to be afraid of, you know, and poltergeist and these different things. And yeah, so I'm I'm more curious about it now. I don't have any fear anymore. So if that's something that, you know, wants to come through, I'm. I'm.


Definitely more open to that now because I know that I don't need to be.


Afraid. And also I think it's OK if we're not that we have that choice right? Like maybe my my nervous system and my capacity.


Couldn't handle that or it wasn't the right time for me to to go into that, you know, and I I trust that as well. So yeah, I I trust in the timing of things too.


Yeah, and different. You're different places at different times of your life. So I I think.


I think we go through seasons where you know we're more open and less open, and then we're more open again. So how how does the Reiki and the the psychic medium should go together?


How does it go together?


Well, I learned Reiki over 20 years ago. I was, I guess that was a bigger spiritual awakening that was happening in my life, that that's a term that I've learned more recently. I didn't know at the time, but I was. I did a very deep dive into meditation retreats and was spent some time in a monastery.


And was.


You know, just just going in inward and then I was doing yoga teacher training and this sort of thing. And I was still feeling like kind of like an unease that I just, even though physically I was doing well with the yoga and meditation, was I was learning so much and doing, doing so much clearing.


It's like it had an itch, and maybe it was a nudge. And I I found myself gravitating towards Reiki energy and.


Yeah, that's that's a fun story. But I could go. I could go a couple of different ways there, but I'm going to try to keep it connected to medium ship. So when I when I went into the Reiki learning, I just it just opened up so much for me. I had past life experiences. I met my mother-in-law, then my husband.


You know, it was a. So there was, like, a deep, familiar familiar.


How do you say that? Like familial like family connection. It's like I literally met my new family through Reiki, so my mother-in-law became one of my mentors and she is not about the labels. She is, she's an artist and she's like the only rule is there is no rules. And so we.


Then you're ready.


This I just learned everything from her, which she wouldn't call it. Medium ship. She wouldn't call it psychic, but she did all of it. And so I think that it just opened me up to that. And, you know, my Claires opened up more.


So how do they relate to each other? I think Reiki is really helpful in supporting the practitioner and going through your because when you start to become a medium and you really start to develop and focus on that there, there has to be this sort of clearing that happens because.


When I show up to give somebody a rake, excuse me, a medium ship reading. I I need to be fully present. You know I can't bring all my baggage with me. I mean, it might still be there, but I'm kind of leaving it at the door. Let's.


And I need to be fully present so that I can be receptive to all the information that's coming in and communicating it and responding to my sitter and all the multitasking that's involved and. And so for me, I don't know any different. So it might be a little hard for me to pull this apart, but I feel like Reiki has.


Opened me up as a clear and present channel and it and it continues to do that. I still need to receive Reiki and.


I still love.


Facilitating Reiki for people, but I still need it for myself as well and I just find that it brings through insight it brings through connections, it helps with ancestral healing, it helps with past life healing which I don't need to do so much anymore, but once in a while things come up.


Yeah, there's just it's.


So all-encompassing that I that I just feel like it helps with everything that I do.


Not just medium ship, yeah.


We were talking before everything is energy and it just has different labels and and being grounded in your own energy before like inviting in other energy. It's got to be very, very important in terms of.


Probably self protection more than anything else just.


To know where you are, where your boundaries are, and where the other energies are coming in and and how to define them.


Absolutely, absolutely.


I know that you you do energy, energy clearings, you do Reiki.


Meetings and you do communication with animals. That's so fascinating.


So how do?


Let's talk about the communication with animals for a minute, because.


Yeah, sure, sure. Well, again, I really, I mean, I feel like a lot of people do animal communication to varying degrees, whether you've been trained in Reiki or not. You know, I think we all, and I know for myself, I had this connection with animals before I.


To experience my experience.


Learned the the thing.


Or learned what to call the things. Maybe you could say it that way too, but you know it's that feeling of the animal being close to you and you know, so in healing you just you just kind of have a knowing that they they need healing right now. And The funny thing I find about animals is that they tend to not need.


A lot, you know, because they don't have that ego mind to sort of like get through. You know, they just like, they just absorb the energy. And I feel like they don't typically need like, a very long treatment. You know, they just kind of take it in.


And so if you have animals, I think you kind of get that connection for for the most part, for most people, they just feel that connection, they kind of know.


When their animals.


Off or they maybe see, you know, maybe their animal is grieving or, you know, they're just not feeling well or or they're just kind of sensing what their animal is experiencing.


And so when you're doing animal communication, you can do with animals that are still with us and you can do with animals that have passed and it's.


It's really similar like it it really is a similar energy, especially I find with animals it can almost be a little bit tricky to tell if they have passed or not. So you know if somebody says ohh I'd like to have a reading for my.


For my cat.


And they don't tell me, sometimes it can be a little bit tricky because I can be picking up on their energy.


But I might not.


Know right away if they've passed or not, because it comes through so clearly either way.


Yeah. So that's very interesting. So I'm I'm able to do distance Reiki for animals and offer offer them healing or animal communicate. I don't do a lot of mediumship animal communication. It just hasn't worked out that way. But I have.


I have friends that it just comes through for them just like so easily and maybe I'm just not like 100% there yet. I don't know but the but the animal healing absolutely I that's like.


It's it's just how you would imagine it to be. It's just very peaceful and very easy. I want to say, you know, I really think that's something that almost that everybody can do for sure. Yeah, yeah.


And and the way. Yeah. Sorry. I'm sorry.


I hadn't. How do people work with you? Do you? I know you. You also do coaching. And and how does that kind of look? What, how do you?


What do you coach around? I guess is the best way to.


Yeah. Yeah. Well, it's kind of taken two or three or a couple of different directions. Like, right now, I'll just kind of use what I'm doing right now. So I have a few mediums that are practicing mediums. They're developing mediums, and I work with them. You know, our sessions can be conversation.


And philosophy and what happens if this comes up? What happens if that comes up? I have one gal in there.


And she's she has, like, been raised with the horses, you know, like, she is just such a a farm girl and very, very connected to the animals. And like, that is her dream to do, like, equine therapy and really work with people and the animals together. And animal communication just comes through. We we're we are teasing her.


The other day because.


She's like, I could just hear the horse speaking to me as if the horse was speaking to me just like I just. I couldn't even believe it. It was like they just said, like a sentence to her. And she was just, like, really blown away by her own ability, as it was really sweet. So working with her. I'm. I'm.


Can you?


I'm helping her to helping is kind of a funny word sometimes, but I'm guiding her in her own abilities to see that she can trust herself.


And that she can trust the information that's coming through. You know, I'm sitting there, going well, of course, you're connected to the animals because it's what you've been doing all of your life. But for her, it's like this perspective shift. Right? It's like, ohh. I'm actually doing something. There's actually something happening here.


She's not just like going for a horseback ride. She's going for a horseback ride, but her horse is also kind of talking to her, and she's picking up on other peoples animals. And so I'm there to, like, hold that space for her and facilitate that learning for her and practice. And, you know, finding people for her to practice on and that sort of thing.


So she's one of the gals in that group, the other, the other two are more sort of traditional, like psychic mediums, where they're connecting into past loved ones.


And I'm also doing like 1 to one mentorship where it's you know we we just check in with each other, talk about all the things that are the person might be going through in their learning experiences, whether it's their learning Reiki or their learning mediumship or you know just kind of personal growth and development because.


That's the thing, right?


When you start to.


Declare OK, I'm going to be Ricky here. I'm going to be an animal communicator. I'm going to be a medium. And again, I know those are all labels, but they all kind of go together. What can happen is then you go through this, your own kind of personal healing experience. So there's kind of help and support in that way as well. And just building community.


Creating a space where people can talk about these things, you know, like I think that's a really big piece where the people can feel seen and heard and.


Understood. You know, so that they they can, they can really let that part of themselves come up to the surface.


That's really interesting and I would imagine that many times people.


Who have gifts and you know, some people are are more tuned in than others.


And they might not realize how unique they are in.


Like the gal that speaks to animals or to horses. I mean, she probably thinks everybody does this and doesn't recognize how unique the process is to her.


Exactly because it feels so natural to her. It's something that she's always done, yeah.


No, and I love that you said the word unique.


As well and.


I think what I see in my communities and in the women that I'm working with is that it's about each woman finding their unique.


Abilities and their unique gifts or however you want to say that they're their unique services that they have in the world because.


Like what I have to offer is from my experience and what I've learned and my abilities. And you know what the other person has is unique to them and I feel like this is really coming through and I think that that can be a little bit of the tricky part is that you're kind of coming out and going is there.


Anybody else like me?


You know, do other people do this and like what you just said for for this one girl that I'm working with, I mean, like, she's just always done it, you know? And so you're like, you're trying to.


Tease it out and see it for what it is. No, not everybody can do this. Not everybody sees animals that way. Not everybody hears animals that way. Not everybody understands them that way, right? So yeah, it really is.


It's special and, but it's not special.


In that like.


She's better than anybody else. It's just special. And it's that her. It's her unique offering and her way to be in the world. And I think I could say.


That about any woman you know.


I really I would have to agree with you. Every single person, even though I know there are other people that communicate with animals, it's there are others out there that I know of. But everybody does it in a in a unique way. Know two people do things.


Exactly the same. They may use the same sort of modalities to affect change in others, but the way it's.


The way it happens is always unique and I think it's even unique to each situation because when you, every client you have it, if they're one-on-one, the dynamic is different than if you're in a group, because then that then there's the group dynamic that comes into play and the energy of everybody.


Working together.


It's just, it's so interesting to.


Me. Yeah. Yeah, it is. And I now like when I'm teaching Reiki, that's exactly what I say.


To people I'm like.


How Reiki is going to look for you is going to be different than how it's going to look for anybody else, because what it's going to do.


As you show up and you're like, OK, I'm ready to to learn this thing. I'm ready to be tuned in. It's going to tune up or amplify whatever it is that you already have kind of go.


Doing you know what I mean? So it's like, yeah, if you're really drawn to animals, if you're an artist, if you're a nurse, if you're a mom, if you're a grandma, if you're a Baker, like, I feel like what it does is it just connects you a little.


Bit deeper and like hones in and gets things like refocused, you know so it's like.


It's like it it turns up the dial on whatever it is that you already have within you, right? So it can look different for if you have 10 people in a class, it could very well manifest in 10 different ways for each.


Person and that's what I love about it. And and the other thing that you said there like when you were talking about animal communication and I think this goes for all healing and this is what I love about Reiki and which can also be a difficult part to define. Reiki, is this going to do whatever it is that you need in this moment.


You know, so if I have 10 Reiki sessions booked for the year, it's each one is going to be different depending on what I'm going through. If I have physical ailments, if I'm going through an emotional shift, if I'm mentally stressed or fatigued, or I'm just.


In balance, but I just need a little boost or whatever it is in the moment that you need. That's what the energy is going to do.


It kind of reminds me of, you know, the radio where you're you, you tune in the station and then you can turn up the volume or down the volume. And Ricky is like you, you found the station, but you maybe need to tweak it a little bit and then deal with the volume.


See what?


Absolutely. And I think all of us are going through that right now, whether they're into being a light worker or not, I think that we're all getting this sort of tuning in our heart spaces because our hearts are like transmitters. And I feel like that.


That tuning in IS is getting stronger for a lot of people and just letting go of old thought patterns and old conditioning and really seeing like what no longer serves and what they do want to focus on and what their hearts desires are.


Letting themselves be more led by their hearts like I think.


That's for everybody.


I hope I I feel that.


More now in the last couple of years than I've ever felt it before. It just seems like we've reached a kind of a tipping point in in society at large, and this is a worldwide phenomenon. It's not like in just one.


Country or another. It's everywhere where people are really feeling like they.


They want to be seen. They're recognizing that they have something to contribute and they're they maybe aren't sure how that looks, but they're they're starting to wake up to the idea that, you know, life was meant to be more than, you know, you go up, you go to school.


You get a job, you retire, you watch television for 10 years, and then you die. I mean.


I don't think we were created for that. We were created to.


To to have an experience, you know we talked about.




Souls having a human experience or spiritual beings having a human experience, it's.


Being able to tap into the other energies that are around you and and.


And the hearts transmitting. It's like the morphological shift where?


There's just like a knowing everybody is coming to this, knowing that it's important that we raise the consciousness globally because what the old things that were happening aren't sustainable and just by us all all coming together and.


And wanting.


Wanting what's best for ourselves and in wanting what's best for ourselves, it really does help the whole.


The whole consciousness together, if that makes.


Sense or not?


Yeah, 100%. Yeah. No, it all makes sense. Yes, I 100% agree a I had a I LED a a, a new moon circle this morning.


And that you you can feel that when you when you gather together with that intention of, you know, meditating and healing and taking in the the energies that are just happening at this moment. And we were talking about that exact thing of like.


If I come in with my light and who I am and where I am, and all of me just the way it is, and each of the other individuals do that, then we're creating a new light or we're creating one light or however you want to see that. But it's like we all get.


Writer and it's unmistakable now, I think.


Once you feel that you can't, like you can try really hard to turn it off, but it's almost like it's more effort at this point and I I feel like that's what you're saying about this tipping point is like, people are like.


That way kind of made sense, but never really made sense and now I'm like I'm being like, it's like you're kind of just being swayed way over the other way. And then there's so many people that are kind of going well now what, like?


I don't I I am curious if you see this as well as like.


There I see so many mostly women. I'm sure these things are happening with men as well, but I just work mostly with women and they're going like I can't do the other thing anymore.


It's their job or it's how they were running their time managing their time or whatever, and they're just like, I can't. I can't do it anymore. And so they're trying to like.


What's the new way? And there's this kind of in between space that's really exciting because that's where all the potential is. It's like, OK, now we can actually create things in a different.


Way and they are being created and it.


It's it's almost like.


You reach a point where it's just like, no, I'm not doing that. I choose to do something different and I choose to to take whatever the consequences are, and you can always make different decisions.


Every decision has a consequence and you know you might like some of them. You might not like.


Of them, but it it it comes as a full package. It's not like you can just only pick the the decisions that are going to have great consequences, because even great consequences have negative consequences as part of the package. So you're going to get both and.


It's just the exploration of the juxtaposition of of the consequences, even of, of the new decisions people are making and and the decision that you know.


No, we don't like the way this is working in the world and it they don't even have to, like, do anything. It's just the thoughts that, that that was not a good way to.


To have life go.


You know, wars are a good example of that. You know when you get dragged into as a country into wars, you know.


They're just people.


People are being affected by this and they didn't really have a lot of say in it. It's like not everybody in a country thinks one way. They're all just individual people like, you know, they have ideas, they have families, they have jobs, they have, they have desires and aspirations. And I think that as more people are like.


Open to the idea that.


You know.


I don't. I don't feel like I have to take sides. I can just love individuals. I can accept them as they are. And the more people that do that, the less.


Energy there is available for all of this negative stuff that happens because a certain group of people are like they're they want these.


Consequences, because it enriches them.


In power and in.


Yeah. And I I feel like the irony of that is that they're they're usually the smaller group.


Like it's usually the majority that doesn't want that way, but yet somehow the smaller group has obtained whatever level of power that they needed to have to be able to do that, and everybody else is going we'll wait. We're the majority and we don't want that. So I'm I'm hope.


They're thinking we don't want that instead of I want this instead, and that's where the shift has happened. Is people are waking up and saying, hey, I want this.


This this is much better as you focus on the this is much better. You start bringing it into your life.


It's really the secret of manifesting anything.


Yeah, absolutely. Well, and and I don't know if this quite goes with the the, the bigger example of like the war piece. But I think within ourselves too, we have, you know, just I like the way you were talking about consequences.


And like not always doing the thing just for the positive consequence. But sometimes you have to say no to the thing, even though it might be kind of.


Messy, let's say, but there's so much power and just saying, you know what? I'm done doing it that way. It's it's just doesn't serve me anymore. It doesn't serve anybody. I don't like it. I don't want to do it that way anymore. And then maybe, yeah, maybe you do have to sit there for a minute in, in not knowing what's the better way.


But at least we can say no, we're not doing that anymore. So, but I think people are, are I I I agree with you. I think it's happening more and people are realizing that they they it is.


Individually makes for collective right, so if individually we're all going OK we're done with that. We're not doing it that way anymore. It's going to manifest collectively, right. Yeah. Yeah.


And yeah.


It's it's so amazing to me and I think that people like you actually facilitate this because you offer the glimpse into the energy.


It is.


That's at work around us and and knowing you know past lives and sole contract and and getting messages from the other side and hearing you know understanding that you do have spiritual guides and you do have other powers that you can call on to.


I don't. Everybody has different names for them, but.


Yeah, they exist. They they are real entities and they they are here to help you. And they're standing by.


Operators are standing by as they used to.


Exactly. That's I get that visual all the time of Wilma Flintstone. You know, in the Flintstones. And they had the big shell phones and it's like this big massive shell. And they're like, you know, and that visual always comes to me because it is that easy and and I yeah, I don't know. I guess this is a human.


I guess it's the ego brain where we think we're alone and it's like, no, actually like you have a whole team around you. You are not alone.


And you can feel them just kind of naturally or, you know, that just knowing that they're there and or you can call them in, you know, and I still need this reminder sometimes, you know, like, if I'm especially when I'm going through a hard time.


Ironically, for some reason that sometimes when you forget that you can ask for help.


And thankfully I have good people in my life that say, you know, ask for support, ask for support for the person that you're worried about, ask for support for that person that needs healing, you know, and and we can do that for anybody. Like, if we, you know, hear something, has something hard has happened to somebody that we know through somebody else or whatever. It's kind of there's.


Since we can still say, Oh my gosh, I'm just sending them so much love and support and you can just like I I hope that they feel supported and they're so much strength in that intention and it connects us as well to that compassion.


Yeah, and it absolutely works. Intentions that that is a scientific fact, there have been lots of experiments done that show that. And I have just recently like today been reminded of it again. Really, dear friend underwent surgery and.


And she she put it out there. What? She was going to go through. And she's lived in pain for many, many years of her life because of an accident that she sustained a neck injury and just the level of pain that she was at was so high. And the surgery was supposed to fix it.


And she's got all of these people holding space for her and holding space for the surgeon to really do an excellent job and to know what to do. And he came to her just before the surgery and said I'm going to do it this way. I woke up this morning and I just knew this is what I was supposed to do.




I believe that that was from all these people holding the space for him to to know the exact thing he needed to do. So he did the surgery and instead of, you know, two incisions. She only has one. And he came in the next day. And he's like, how do you feel? She's like, it's just a little bit worse than I was living with for the last 10 years.


I mean, and he had hyped this surgery up to like, it's gonna be really painful. And you're gonna. It's gonna take a long time for you to heal. And she just blew away. She's like, tylenol's enough.


It'll get me over this.


I I really believe it's the power of all of these people holding intentions that she's going to heal quickly and that it's it's going to.


Be a miracle that you know she's not going to be in this pain that she's been in for so long and that you would have all of the information you needed.


Well, yeah. And I think we can connect to that, right, because we can, we can, we can go there and be like ohh, Can you imagine if it was me that was in not much pain, what would I what would I desire? I would desire relief and we can connect into that. And I love that you brought in sending that.


Energy to the surgeon as well, and I'm sure it filled the space that she was in the room that she was in. The nurses, the the tools that they use.


Like like do it.


Just send it all you know, send it all and The thing is too is.


Like the the trust comes in there again too is because.


Like we don't have.


To know exactly what it is, you know, that's why we have surgeons because they they do know about exactness of things. So we can just send it all knowing, OK, whatever it is, serves her highest and greatest good, which is obviously.


To be paying free right?


And that's enough. Yeah, we don't have to know all the answers. Yeah, we can. We can send so much. We can do so much just with that intention. I love that reminder. Yeah.


Pretty amazing.


So how do?


People work with you. How do they get in touch with?


You what?


Yeah. Well, it's funny. As soon as you start speaking about your friend, I energetically, I'm like, let me get in there. I just like it's so funny. I just. I can't help myself. I think I've always been that way.


Yeah. So I I have a website, medium Lori O, pretty straightforward medium lorio is is a name that I chose after becoming a medium and it just kind of has a ring to it. So I do do other things, but that's the title.


I'm pretty active on Instagram. I always posting about.


New offerings that I have and little specials and things that I'm doing in there.


Yeah. So that that's, I guess the way that people can get in touch with me, I do ioffer workshops. I do like I'm just doing a collaboration with a friend right now. She's she's down in California and we're both very passionate about the pathway of learning how to work with being.


An empath.


So we've called it empowered. Empath and you know, we were talking about this sort of awakening and people are kind of like, OK, I know I don't want to do it this way anymore, but I don't even know what I want to.


Do and. They're kind of in this in between and so many of them are on paths and they're just, they're picking up on all the information.


And it can be overwhelming.


And so we're we're kind of getting in there and pulling things apart for people and and teaching about energetic hygiene and clearing out old patterns and all of these kinds of things.


Yeah, I do. Development circles and mentorship as we were saying for Reiki and mediumship and sort of personal development and.


I'm feeling sort of the nudge or the push a little.


Bit more towards.


Guiding a little bit more about spiritual entrepreneurship as well, because it's not an easy path and you know it comes with challenges of of switching from like.


You know, doing the spiritual practice and having the abilities and doing the work to creating a business out of that, that's been a big learning curve for me. So I'm I'm getting more people that are kind of asking for, for guidance around that as well.


Yeah, that you're providing that too. It does really go together and it's I said it's it does all go together and it's really good that you're providing that for people because it for a long time people with spiritual gifts almost had to hide them. It's like.


It's really interesting. It all kind of goes together.


It now it's like coming out of the closet.


I hope so. I think. I think there are still some that are, you know, hiding and or needing to like feeling the need to that. That's the thing I think has been.


OK, that's the thing.


You know, sometimes when people ask me what I do, it is that kind of like it's so natural to me that sometimes it's hard to define or describe. And that's one of them is that I've always been able to do all the things I started listening to chakra meditation tapes when I was 12 years old.


You know aromatherapy, all that stuff, Louise. Hey, I was like, 17. I started like mind body connection, you know, and then just kind of dove right in from there. But I I forget sometimes that some people can't even say to their partners that they do these things, whereas it's all been very, very open for me.


Which I'm very, very grateful for.


Sorry. Yeah, yeah. And yeah. So I I feel like.


Yeah, I don't know that. That's like, that's kind of almost another conversation because I wish that people didn't have to hide.


Like, come on. It's safe. It's OK, it's OK. But.


It's complicated sometimes for people.


So if you're out there and you're feeling lonely, talk to Lori.


Yes, yes and yeah. And I you know it's I do.


Yeah, it's important. Community is important for sure, for sure. What do you find that in your own community online?


Just just finding people that you can just really just let it.


Out and just feel all the feelings and talk about all the things and you know whether you're taking action and actually doing a thing or building a business or what whatever level you're at. I think it's important at every stage. Yeah. Yeah.


Think we need that.


I think so, too. So, Laura, what's the one thing that you hope the audience takes away from our conversation today?


I I feel.


Like I want. I want people to feel empowered. I want people to feel.


Empowered that they can turn inward and they can.


Go in with love and confidence and.


Just really like getting to know yourself more. I feel like there's so much power just in that. If that is the only kind of spiritual practice that you have is spending time with yourself, listening to yourself, listening for guidance.


Playing sitting with a cup of tea and just being like super mindful or going in the garden and just really feeling we didn't even talk about nature. That's another big passion for me. But like, you know, getting your hands in the dirt or touching that tree, any, any little things that you can and you know.


Practice for yourself to get to know yourself better. I just. I hope that everybody takes any amount of time, big or small, to do that for themselves, because it's just.


You really can release a lot of anxiety and fear and worry just in feeling more connected to yourself, and then that can lead you to feeling more connected to everything.


Yeah, I think it works back and forth.


Thank you so much exactly.


Thank you so much for joining me today, Lori. This has been amazing.


Oh, thank you so much. I loved it. Loved it.

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