Liz O’Hara – energy healing practitioner – helped hundreds of people with their physical and emotional pain.

In this episode we chat with Liz O’Hara.As a certified energy healing practitioner, Liz O’Hara of has helped hundreds of people with their physical and emotional pain. Now, as an artist turned energy healer, turned energy healing artist, Liz helps people who are in the process of awakening get where they want to go even faster. And it’s because she’s discovered the power of her Frequency Healing Portals, art pieces that help her clients start attuning to their higher self and receive Divine support 24/7. 

We discuss life on the road with her 4 kids, husband and new addition, how she does what she does and how she feels about the shifting world.

You can join her for the workshop she speaks about at the end after she holds it it will remain as a workshop on her Facebook page: Hello Higher Self and her FB Group: The Nestled Soul

You can visit her website you can also book a consult with her here: Discover Your Divine Frequency

Thank you for tuning in to the You World Order Showcase Program. I hope today’s episode has inspired you to consider how you can leverage your unique skills and talents to be the change you want to see in the world.




Welcome, and this week on You World Order Showcase program, we are going to chat with Liz O'Hara of the nestled Liz has helped hundreds of people with their physical and emotional pain and now as an artist energy. Healer turned energy healing artist Liz helps people. Who are in the process? Of awakening. Get where they want to go. Even faster, and it's because she's discovered the power of frequency healing portals, art pieces that help her clients get astounding results and tuning into their higher self and receive divine support 24/7. So with that let's get. To know lose a little better and see how she's contributing to the You World order. Liz is coming to us from her bus slash camper, cause she's traveling with her family of 6. She's got 4 kids and a husband, and they're traveling around the country trying to see the world and. She's …Go ahead and tell us what you are doing.

Oh, I'm a certified energy healing practitioner turned artist turned energy healing practitioner artist and what I do now is I create frequency portals for people who are awakening and looking to shift even more quickly.

That is so exciting. I've seen some of your work. It's pretty amazing. So how? Did you kind of get? Into all of this. Tell us about your trip first. Cause that I think that's super cool. So many people are like just hitting the road and trying to live and work because we can work from home. So your home can be on the wheels. Tell us a little bit about that.

Yeah, exactly. So we decided my oldest son is turning 16 and my youngest. Now, when we left, she was six months old and she's 10 months old now. And we decided that. If we didn't do this now, we wouldn't have everybody with us. So that's why we took the plunge and we and we headed out. Our first stop was a retreat in Sedona that I was signed up to attend and in January. And now we're working our way up to Mount Shasta for May. So we sort of have these little, you know, date markers along the way. And other than that, there are. There's so much to see and. It is so. Different to experience the country. You know this way there are just subtleties that I I don't think we would have. We would have even been aware of if we had taken this journey and another in another form.

And it is so. Exciting to get to see the country and live. As you're going. Through it, it's different. If you're going to visit somebody and you just get to see all the touristy stuff. Rather than living. Your life as you're traveling it's. It's so exciting.

Oh, thank you. Yeah, it's been an adventure in many senses of the word, but.

With emotion like.

I know today has been a challenge for you.

Yeah, and we actually we actually adopted a puppy along the way as well. So that's another little bit of our adventure.

Very cool. And every time you see him, once you get. Home do you? Have like a set time that you're going to be traveling or do you have do you have a home still?

So we are, we had originally said we were going to do six months, but we don't have a particular deadline. So we're it's kind of nice because it lets us stay in places a little bit longer. You know, and then also know that there may be some places where you have to the weather has been a little different this. Here than what we had anticipated. So there's a lot of sort of going with the flow along the way, but we've found some really nice spots and met some really nice people. And you know we. So we're gonna, we're going to sort of, you know, say, OK, well, if it's not six months, it might be 7 or 8 months. We'll just have to, you know, go with it. So we have. Different for various education models, ranging from virtual school to home school. And so on. So.

That's really interesting. You can never replace this kind of learning with book learning or being in a classroom. I've personally lived around the world. And had the ability to go and travel to different places that most people never see, like, you know, the monkeys the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil monkeys. They're actually a carving on a temple in Japan. And I've seen them in real life. Most people never see stuff like that. They seem in books, but even in our country, most people don't see the little things that. You, you miss if you don't a live there or B visit long enough to actually see the. The things that are only for like the people that live there.

Exactly, exactly like we went to, you know, a festival that was a local, you know, tradition. Right. And it was really cool to like, you know, to do that. It's like as if it was our hometown, but it was somebody else's hometown. And and I don't know if I mentioned this, but we've met some really cool people too, you know, doing it this way. So there's a different energy to meeting people when you're when you're sort of, you know, hearing each other's stories and where they've been and where they come from and where they're headed and so on. So.

It's connections and how? Do you feel this works in? With what you're doing, and like, how did you get started doing? What you're doing cause it's really fascinating.

Oh my gosh, that's.

That's such a good question because. Because, for instance, we were along the Colorado River until a few days ago, and there were certain people I reached out to and said the energy here is something really special. You know, we had mountain energy, water, energy it was, it was really I, you know, there were people who responded to that. Because, well, first of all, I responded to that energy so well and I wanted to share that with, you know, with people. But it does make a difference. I almost like. I can even look at them sometimes and be like oh, OK. I was here when I made this one and this these I made when I was in this place. And I'm excited actually to be heading, you know, north back into the trees and see what that does, you know.

You'll see some snow energy because we can't let go of it.

Yes, Sir.

It's been nice for the last couple of days, we've. Actually, had sun it's been. Like that's spring, yeah.

Can we pause for a second?

So Liz was dealing with a fly and she was afraid that if she expressed her irritation with this, that's going to change the energy. But I'm telling you, it's just the energy that it is. And let us let us know how you're feeling about it cause it.

So here's the thing. So we have this private conversation where I was like, OK, I just need to know what your intention is. If it's a podcast, I'll just let the fly go, but I don't want to be worried about the fly being on the camera, so and then I said there's something about this that I just need to shift to the. Energy around because I feel like there's some resistance going on into telling my story right now and so. Jill watched me sort of do that right. And so we'll see how effective it was and I guess we can report back at the end. If it worked, I don't know.

My suggestion was just to tell it to leave.

I use a lot of words to say things sometimes.

Perfectly fine perfectly. So how do you get the? The inspiration for these art pieces that you do that are about portals are they about portals? I guess I should ask you that first.

OK, so I actually mentioned that I went to this retreat in January. I mentioned that. And so, so this is fairly new for me. But the thing about being fairly new is like things shift so quickly sometimes. That some things that could have taken 10 years, you know, may. You know. How do I want to say this like? There are other shifts that are, like almost instantaneous, and there's really almost no difference. I guess you could say, right? Like, once you're there, you're there. And so it. After I went to this retreat, it was almost like overnight that this piece of me. Because what I used to say is I used to be an artist because I was right. I was an art teacher for a long time. I have two masters degrees in art from my what I call my previous life. And then you know, I started doing other things. I have 4 kids and I, you know, at some point transitioned to helping other people enter into their artists selves. And then I stopped making. Things and at this retreat, I just felt this part of me break back open. And it's like I I want to make things. And not only that, but when I do energy healings I use my hands like I can almost like sculpt the energy and so. I used this word portal, OK, because this was part of my discovery about opening space, right? And well, the way I like to think about it is so like we're all pretty familiar with Reiki, right? And so when a Reiki practitioner, you know, or anybody who does energy - energy healing is moving energy with their hands, they're moving it typically within the person's field right? Like they can feel shifting their channeling, something the receiver can feel it shifting and So what I do now with these portals is I shift the energy outside of the persons field. And it creates this opening and then and then this flow occurs. And then by recording it I set the intention that it remains open until it, until whatever that intention is, has resolved for that person. And I've, you know, I've gotten some pretty good feedback about, about how that occurs for people. In fact, I had one client who messaged me and said. I can still feel something, but I don't feel I don't feel it the same way anymore and I said that's because it resolved so he was ready for another one. So he ordered another one, because that's the goal, right, is to keep shifting. So like I call them frequency healing portals. Like his frequency had shifted. Enough that now it's like, OK, so what's next? And that's what's really exciting to me. It's that what's next part that's like really exciting for me too, you know.

I have to tell you that two things. One is that you're the third person. That I've talked to, who's talked about things happening quickly. Of the four interviews that I've done so far, you are the third person who's talked about an immediate shift. And I think that. The way. The world is right now. It's it has shifted already. People are just starting to realize that what used to take long periods of time like. Well, to school for instance. We stick our kids in school when they're five or six, and then we expect them to stay in school until they're, you know, 18. That model doesn't work anymore. Information is changing so quickly energy is moving so much faster than it did. I don't know why, but it just is and things that used to like get spread out over great periods of time have been just like compressed to happening quickly. Like I'm sure if you talk to your 16 year old, the information that, that. Person has. I don't know if it's a. Son or a daughter? A son your son has he?

Yeah, it's boy, Girl, boy, girl.

He knows things that when you were his age, you had no clue about and his capacity for changing quickly is much greater than somebody. Who's older? Like your parents or your grandparents? They don't want to shift that quickly. They would think that if you're going to change, it's gonna take you years. And years and years. To change that. It doesn't. It's not happening that way anymore. The other thing that I wanted to mention was that the image that you put up on Facebook the other day. If you called it a portal or something and you were asking people to name it for you, that image I . I called it. Rebirth in my head. That's what came to me. But that image has stayed with me and it it does have an effect on me.

Yeah, that's amazing.

Even though it was just something that I. Caught in passing on your. On your Facebook page so.

Just a little bit of.

Thank you for sharing that, yeah.

Feedback for you.

Thank you. So who do you help mostly?

Who are your people?

So I help. People who are awakened or awakening and they're looking to get where they're trying to go fast. Easter and it's that thing that you were just talking about, right? How you know, there are many paths to get to where we're going and, you know, it's not that there aren't learning lessons along the way. And this trip is a perfect example of that, that I'm taking right now. Right. That are valuable. But it doesn't have to be hard. It doesn't have to be things to overcome to get to the other side that there are other ways to get there that are more gentle, that you know what I'm channeling in these portals is a divine energy, a supportive energy. You know, I would even say. Angels connecting with our. Our intuition and what our sort of soul path has planned for us. People who. Calling for that, or feeling that people like you, I would say even, you know, not even. But you know what I mean, people, people like you who? Who looking for that longing for that feeling, feeling that for themselves like that. I feel like I had that experience, you know, in my own way. And I have this ability to help other people, you know, get like I said, get there quickly, you know, so.

Right. It's like there was this, there is this book. It's called the wrinkle in time. I don't know if you've ever read it.

I remember it from when I was a kid.

Great book. I read it recently because I have. I had younger kids when I was older so I I needed to read it again. So I read it to them and they talk about wrinkling time. You know, time is a linear, but you can shorten it by just like dragging the pieces together. So there's the loop down there that you don't. Have to go through the long way. So it kind of like reminds me of what? It is that you are doing.

I actually did make a portal for myself.

You're kind of wrinkling time.

Like that. That was the image I got for it before. It's not the image that came out, but it was part of the. Part of what came to me to create it. It's called timeline actually.

Isn't that interesting?

And I wanted to say one other thing, if you don't mind about the, the quickly thing because I really do appreciate you bringing that up and. And I do really want to say, like we didn't discuss this prior, but this is a really big deal for me. So I was really not well, but can I just tell share a story because I feel like now would be a good time to share. This story so. I a while back I took a job, OK and I said to myself. I will stay in this job for three years, but I know that there's something else I'm supposed to be doing, so I'm going to take this job and I'm going to start working towards something else. And then I went back a fourth year and when I went back that 4th year, I got so sick like my knees were so inflamed that I couldn't walk. I was, I was just sick. All the time I missed, probably almost a third of the days I was supposed to work. I was just. Like it was pretty bad, you know and. And then I finally like decide like and the thing was I would get better. Like I would try a treatment or go to a a, a doctor or a holistic. Path or whatever. I would get better and then I would get sick again, and that was probably the most ejecting part for me because you feel like, OK. And then you find yourself sick again. And this was over. You know, a period of probably eight or nine months. And then I decided listen, I need to start doing something differently and I had already, you know, taken like the like. I got into my first attunement to Reiki and I had some dabbling here and there. I decided you know, for some reason, I said I'm going to become a Reiki master. I'm gonna start figuring out how to heal myself, and I'm gonna start, you know, when I'm better, I'm gonna start working. Part time doing that, you know. I'm gonna assume that I'm better, but whatever however that unfolds and I ended up signing up for this package of all of these energy healing modalities, you know, and I just started collecting them. I did become a Reiki master, but I just started collecting all of these different techniques. Like in a in very quickly like you know, just one right after the other and from when I started within six months, not only was I better, but I was pregnant at 45. Like my body last.

I had my last child when I was 44, you're going to be 63 sitting there with. Kids in the house.

But I I think my body could handle anything and all of a sudden here I am, you know, like that's how fast it was. So, you know, it's really there's really something to it because. OK, I don't want to get too deep into like my head here with my philosophies or whatever, but if you.

Go for it.

Can think of. Like wind times, right, you got this set of wind times, OK? And when you strike one wind time like, it's pretty much impossible for the others to stay, stay. Right. So like we know that when we're physically feeling unwell like it affects our emotions and when we have, you know, emotional turmoil, it affects us physically. So when we work through the energetic body, like our physical body and our emotional body, like they can't stay stagnant. I mean, that's what. What makes me so excited about all of these sort of ways of approaching energy healing because like. It's really, I mean, it's amazing what what we can do with energy. It really is, you know, and that divine support, I mean that it flows you know it's just we just need to sort of open our hearts and our eyes and and allow it in.

Fits everywhere.

Yeah, the.

Divine is everywhere in, in everything and. People have different names for it, but ultimately it is. That is the. Flow of the universe. It is all divine. It's just like whether. You're gonna lean in or lean out. Work against it or work with. It in of things.

And I've done it. Both ways so much.

Easier when you just like. Let it flow. You don't try to like force it, yeah. To that, it's not and just appreciate. Appreciate it for what it is. It might not be the thing that you were expecting it to be. It might not go the way you were expecting it to go, but the process you could be grateful for the process and the experience that you. Have along the way.

And we don't have to do it perfectly all the time. You know, because we're not here for that. I mean, that's the when I work with clients like that, I almost feel like this message is for me just as much as it is for them. Right. Like we are here meant to be human, right. We're meant to have. You know things. Yeah, like we're meant to have more than just one emotion of everything being great, right? My cat passed a couple weeks ago, you know, and I and I, I had real sadness. I even had some, you know, regret for time that I spent doing other things, you know, in moments that I kind of recalled and so on. She was traveling with us as a matter of fact. And I thought to myself, like I meant to feel sad. I meant to feel this loss. It would be really strange. If I had a different sort of like you know. Expectation of that moment, then, those deep feelings, you know.

I've lost a lot of animals in my life and the things that I feel when they pass, I do feel sadness, but I also feel like they're just on the other side. I feel this with people too when they pass, it's not like.

Yeah, yeah.

They've gone somewhere else. They're still very close for a long time. They may go somewhere else, but. You can. You can still feel them.

No, that's definitely true.

And I think in some.

She was a real gift to our family. And I do feel like she is still nearby for sure.

We lost a cat recently too, a kitten. I'm not sure why he died, but I think he might have gotten into some rat poison. But we have another we have two other cats and one of the cats. Really disliked the kitten a lot. She would. She would go out of her way to like, I don't want to be around you. Don't play with me. Don't anything. So he used to come and sleep in our bedroom and the the other cat that didn't like him. Her name's Alex. So once he. Alex wouldn't come in the bedroom. She used to sleep with me, but after he died she was sure he was still in there and he was gonna get her because she would come in and she would look around and she was like. She was just acting really bizarre. Jump on the bed.

Jump off the bed and run out of the room.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I think even they sense that the other.

Oh yeah.

Spirit is still there for a while.

Ohh yeah. Ohh yeah yeah for sure.

What do you?

Want to leave these listeners with what's the main message that you'd like for them to know about you and what you do and? How you're contributing to the EU world economy?

That's a really good question. I guess I sort of touched on this already. Like I love helping people along the way on their journey, meeting them wherever they are, you know, and. I you know, I actually actually I think I want to talk about higher self.


This is back to my portals for a second. If you don't mind, but I. Have I have had this experience and and and a number of people have gone back to me and said who's that figure in the background? So when I make the portals, what I actually do is. I'm just going to. I don't know if people will see me or we're doing a podcast, but just for you, Jill, I'm gonna just show you how. Like I use my hands to like move energy. OK, so I'm just moving some energy now with my hands. I don't know if you can feel that.

And I like keidong.

Yeah. And then let's see. Let's open a portal to exposure. So that more people hear, hear your message and our collective message, can we do that now?

Let's do that now.

OK, so I'm just gonna, like, pull the energy. And then I'm going to connect it up. I'm just going to close my eyes for a minute and just do what I'm guided to do here. Opening that space.

She's working her hands. It's like a little dance with their fingers.

And So what I do is I actually put lights on my hands. And so I usually do this, you know, around twilight, either morning or evening, sometimes a little later in the evening. Sort of. When I'm guided to do that and so. And So what I'm doing is I open the shutter and I record what's happening with the with the motion of my hands. And so that's the image that you saw that I posted on Facebook was was a record of the the opening of space that I was actually channeled to channeling and and and making in space, right.

Are they photographs?

So they're photographs, yeah. Oh yeah, just photographs. I don't. I might like adjust the, you know, the what do you want to say? Like I don't add lines or anything like that. I might, you know, just adjust the contrast here or there, but I don't add any lines or any other. Images or draw on them or erase anything. It's what is happening in my movements that's recorded there. And there are some signs surprising. You know, sort of areas that show up. I was like, how did? How did I don't feel like I moved that way, but it's how it presents, right.


Thank you. So and you know it's exciting to me every time too like every once in a while I see one and I'm like, wow. But I make them for people, right? Like I do custom ones. So like, if you had certain intentions or certain areas that you wanted to see it expansion or even things that were where you felt stuck and you needed healing. I said intentions around that. And so I've had a few people actually quite a few people say to me, like, who's that figure in the background? Some of them say it feels like me or an aspect of me. And So what I think is happening is I'm actually stepping like I'm connecting with them energetically. And I have seen some of them and like I did two in one day and one was for this woman I know well and one was for. Man and if you looked at those two images side-by-side like my figure looks really different in each of them. And she said that looks like me, you know? And so I think there's an aspect of higher self that comes through and that in that image. And they can sometimes almost even feel the higher self coming. I say down, it's not really down, but that's sort of the construct that we have. You know what I mean. And so. So what I want actually the reason I'm saying this all is because I'm actually doing a little workshop on Sunday called hello. Hi yourself so that we can sort of come up with ways strategies and I can share some of the. Experiences that I've had that might help people connect more deeply with their higher self or call her or him closer. So that you know that story I told earlier and I have some others that I I I don't need to share them all. But then of like not listening to my higher self, not listening to my soul path is how I got sick, right? And so we have smaller versions of that. You know, on a I don't want to say day-to-day basis, but in our everyday life, right and then we have these big moments of that and I really feel that the more we listen to ourselves, whatever that means. You know the. The the more quickly we shift and the more easily we move through life. I don't know how else to say that and so that's why that's why I want to do this workshop. And I just thought I would. I would. I would share those. Aspects of higher self, because that's only one term for it. I'm sure you have other guests who use other terms for that, but but you know when we're talking about that, that soul piece, that that energetic. Body of ours, you know, feel like a lot of us just crave more of that, right?

It's just been so fascinating. I I have to tell. You it just looked. Kind of opens my mind to. All of the potential this workshop you're doing, it's going to be on Facebook zoom.

Ohh it's going to be on, it's so it's posted it's on zoom and it is on my Facebook page so I think that you're gonna.

Be recorded so that people later. Can come back and watch it.

Will there be a late? So it will be recorded, but for people who it's a two, it's a 2:00 o'clock. Pacific Time on Sunday. And so if people are available to, to come in person, I'm offering a pretty good discount like a 60% discount. On the pre made portal, so like the one you referenced is one that was made with sort of a universal intention that can help you know many. Well, at once. So those who come in person if if they would like to purchase one, they would get it that that great discount and and then also one attendee will receive a custom. Portal image. So that's a session and then I'll send a digital image of the frequency link portal that I make specifically for that one person. So there's some, there's some benefit to coming if you can on Sunday.

Start with.

But yes, it will be available afterwards as well.

People will listen to this later on. Once that date has passed, is there a way for them to get in contact with you about having these portals? What would you call them?

A frequency healing or frequency healing, yes, yes.

Treated for them personally. Do you have a a consultation that you give people?

I do. I do. And so there's a. There's a website I think you posted as well. It's the back slash vibrations and light. And on that page there's a link that says free discovery call and that will take you to my booking page where we can set up a a consultation and. For those people listening. Here with you, that consultation will be a free consultation, so that's a great savings as well. And then if they choose to to purchase a portal, we can take it from there. But either way I'm would be diving in with them to see some strategies that they might. Use for themselves to see where their blocks might be and what might help them. You know, move to the next step. So thank you for asking that.

That's perfect. And we'll put the links below. So they'll be in the. Description Area thank you. So much for coming on and chatting with us. Liz, this has been so fascinating, and I really hope your adventure continues to go great.

Thank you having me. The fly, the fly. The fly is gone.

That's great. Great news.

And I really appreciate your time, Jill. I really enjoyed speaking with you and you've had some really powerful, powerful stories and powerful insights to share as well. So thank you for having me.

Well, thank you.

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