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Today we have with us Jane Masteller. Jane is an astrologer who uses astrology to empower individuals through their knowledge of who they are and their relationships with people and places around them. She share her insights on astrocardolody

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Hi and welcome to the You World Order Showcase podcast. Today we have with us Jane Masteller. Jane is an astrologer who uses astrology to empower individuals through their knowledge of who they are and their relationships with people and places around them. Welcome to the show, Jane. We're really happy to have.


You here. Thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited to be here.


So how did?


You get started in Australia.


Well, I I always remember it was right after I had just finished college and I was at a a local bar having a nice time with a gentleman friend and we ran into a woman and she was a beautiful Native American woman. And she started telling myself and my gentleman friend.


Things about myself that she could not have known other than she was utilizing astrology and I don't remember anything, she said. But I remember how I felt and I remember what I thought.


And I thought to myself, how did she do that? I'm so I'm. I'm feeling so amazed and surprised right now. And I want to be able to do what she just did. So that started my journey. I went and got my first astrology book and had been immersed in it ever since. So that was over 20 years ago.


Wow. Astrology is so amazing. It it can impact your life. Well, does that really impact your life? But it really can help.


You construct your life. We were just talking before we came on the show about the technological challenges we're having. And you you were mentioning that, yeah.


Not surprising today, so.


How do you how do you actually help people? Are. I know you're.


You're loosely a coach, and that using astrology really does help people make decisions about how their life is going and how they want to move forward in their life. How do you help them with it that way?


Sure. Well, I see the first step as becoming familiar with your own Natal chart. Your own birth chart and understanding the strengths and challenges that are inherent within yourself.


And when you have an understanding of your Natal chart, it makes you be so much more compassionate for yourself. It can bring up your self esteem that you're realizing. Yes, I have these gifts. I can do this and it can help you become aware of your shadow side and some of the challenges that you're here to.


Become stronger in in this lifetime, so that's the the first step. Learn about your Natal chart. Then we can start to go deeper in talking about well.


So how are how? How are the transiting planets? How are they influencing you currently? Or how has your chart shifted over time and how has that changed you psychologically? Or how have events changed for you? And also having an understanding of how your?


Chart influences other peoples charts with the compatibility and where the strengths and challenges are there, and then one of the things I'm most passionate about is astrocartography and that's understanding where you are astrology.


And that there's different planetary lines and different areas of the United States and.


The whole world.


That influence you in different ways, and so you can have an understanding of where you are currently and if that resonates with you, that's great. And if it's a more challenging place that you didn't realize it, then it's even just bringing the awareness.


The what the energy is that you're working with, so there's just so much empowering information and astrology. It really can demystify why things are happening. You know why you're we are the way we are and why our events are the way they are.


I think it it, it's not so much telling the future as allowing you to plan for the energy that's likely to be happening in your space and it's people will say it's very rude, but it's it's really not.


It's been happening for, you know, as long as we can remember.


Through history, people have used the stars for trying to plan things. There was a time when you know the eclipses were like horrible omens of something really terrible happening to your country, and I don't think they're so bad.


Anymore. And you know, maybe maybe they really are, but it it it makes you aware of, you know, the potential for what's going to could be happening in your space at any given time. And it it's not that it has to happen or that you.


This great thing's going to happen to you, or this terrible thing's gonna happen to you. It's not really like that. Whereas I think some people have that impression. Do you?


Well, the thing about when we're understanding astrology, a certain planets and Zodiac signs, they can symbolize multiple things or events that could.


Happen. So of course the astrologer can list off some possibilities. But what is ideal is if you have your own understanding of astrology. So when things are happening, you can look and say, oh, I see why that's happening, because this is represented. One of the keywords that's represented with this Zodiac sign or this planet.


So there is a lot of things astrologers would have, you know, they might.


Be listing things off for quite a long time. Of all the possibilities, but it's it's really there. There's a lot of different possibilities in each one of those planets. Each one of those Zodiac signs, and for myself, what I like about it is that it just helps things flow easier for me than when when I see like.


Ohh you know this. This certain energy is there. I'm going to work with it instead of feeling, you know, discouraged about it or or what have you. And I'll tell you an interesting thing about the eclipses that I've learned recently. Since you mentioned it. And this is one of the things that I include in my.


My my consultations is that on the days of the eclipses, what it is recommended is that you lay pretty low. Those aren't really great days for going out and drinking excessively or being real rowdy or even getting yourself worked up with challenging energy like.


Road rage out when driving.


Because it's when the planets later after that eclipse happened when they transit over that degree that that eclipse happened, it's called an eclipse trigger point. And that's when when things can get activated in a stressful way. But if you stay within yourself and and you're in a pretty peaceful.


Energy things may go quite well, and I've just recently had an experience where someone that I'm close to they had a bad car accident and they they totaled their car.


And I I said, well, of course I'm going to look and see what was going on astrologically for you. And I looked and I said that was an eclipse trigger date for you and it was very close within his own chart. And then I remembered that on that Eclipse Day on one of the eclipse days, I'm not certain it was that exact one, but I think it's very suspicious because I remember thinking to myself, he's.


Being very irritated and upset while he's driving and it's an eclipse day, I said. Please watch your energy. I know it might not be important to you, but it's important to me. We have to be peaceful on this day. So I I said to him later I said I'm so sorry this happened, but now I'm glad that I can have confirmation that these eclipse trigger days are happening exactly as I was taught that they were.


So the best thing you can do is not fear eclipses, but just put yourself in some great energy the the day of the day before the day after you know, do meditative type of things or just relaxing peaceful things.


Yeah, that's really.


Good advice and.


There are a lot of little things like that, though in astrology and I I know when I got my Natal chart and and had somebody help me understand it, it was. It's really fascinating about.


Because I'm at the point I'm at in life, I can look back over all of these significant times, and you even shared with me a significant time 30 years ago for me, and it was a significant time, I.


Don't really want to talk about it.


On the air.


But there was.


There was an event that happened back then.


But it's.


You you can see how it really does influence your life.


Can give you can give you a little heads up about what's coming in your life, and I think the more you that's confirmed about what happened in the past, the more open you are to accepting that you know these are little.


It's information.


You know is is good or bad. It's just information that you can use to format the rest of the decisions that you're making in your life.


Absolutely. And one of the things that I find it can be valuable is for when we look at the Astro cartography of the geographical areas that in addition to myself giving information on where you currently are, I like to give information also on where were you born. And then if we're doing the full astrophotography.


Waiting. Where were some previous places you resided before because that can give.


The person more ability to really understand how it was playing out and similarly for transits and so forth. I like to say the last time this happened was around this time. Things happen in cycles. Think about what was happening at that time so that that is.


Is one of the good ways to understand how astrology is valid is to be looking back and testing those things yourself, or thinking ohh what was happening during the worst time.


My life. Let's go see.


What? What? What was going on? And then you see well, yeah, I can see why I had some challenges during that time or, you know, I was real positive and happy and popular during this time period. What was going on there? So it's just a beautiful reflective experience to be utilizing this is.


Has astronomy, astronomy and and math put together this is. This is logical stuff. It's not. Astrologers aren't just doing intuitive things. We're working with numbers here with with aspects of how the planets are making, what kind of degree angles they're making with each other.


It's really interesting and it's really.


Kind of freeing when you look back at.


Some things that may have happened and you're like, man, that was that was awful. And you may be blaming yourself for it, but then you realize that, you know, it's just part of.


The journey that you chose to take this time around and.


And that's part of why I always emphasize it gives you so much more compassion and you could laugh at it. You could you, I, I I tend to say it's amazing we're doing as well as we.


Are with with the things.


That we've been given the challenges we've been given and that really I think is important because we are so hard on ourselves and and we.


We don't understand. We're not like everyone else and that's one of the most important things is to not compare ourselves to other people. And one of the best things I've ever heard someone say was that the most important thing you can do in your whole life is become the most authentic version of yourself.


Health and that's what is in your astrology chart. Sometimes we may not have the the confidence to do something that we feel like is a little daring, but if you know what's in your astrology chart, you can say, well, I'm given permission because it's it's right there and I'm doing it from an authentic perspective with with good intentions putting forward.


Yeah, I it just.


It'll it gives you permission. It gives you permission to do stuff that maybe you wouldn't normally think that.


Nah, I'm not going to try that. But then, but then you look at your chart and your charts.


Like give it a go.


They just kind of give you a little boost of confidence and it doesn't really even matter what the result is so much as the sometimes it's just having the confidence to to try something.


Because you never know what the result is going to be.


And the journey, because I always think, you know, maybe take this step forward and maybe it's not going to achieve the result you wanted, but you needed to take that step forward to get that next result that that really is going to be on fire for you. So that's even how I see utilizing astrology sometimes.


And I know that the transits aren't so great to do something I think. Well, I can't just not do anything for an extended period of time. I just have to make those steps forward to to start to rule out the things that that needed to get done before the ultimate goal can get accomplished.


Yeah, yeah. And it gives you a little bit of a.


Road map to like.


Going to, we're going to turn here so we can avoid this. So how do you work with people? I imagine it's one-on-one. Do you do birth charts and do you?


Do that sort of stuff for you.


Yes. So I well typically what we do is a zoom consultation and that is recorded and I do all different types of readings. I do the natural birth chart reading. I do a relationship reading of you looking at us, looking at your Natal chart and talking about what your relationship.


Capacities are.


Are there there is the forecast reading which is predictive looking at the transits of how the current transiting planets are influencing you, as well as the progressions, how your chart has progressed over time with the various techniques and those eclipses that that can indicate change and what what days to be kind of.


Careful on those. I call them Eclipse trigger dates.


Also the astrophotography readings I'm very passionate about those. I must myself have moved to a better astrocartography location. I moved from Chicago over to Boise to seek better fortune, and I have never regretted it and.


So is Idaho a really good?


Place to to be.


Well, for myself it was one of the the ones that was highlighted. So everyone's is different. The one combat is you do need to know your exact birth time for the astrocartography readings, other readings. Birth times aren't always essential, but astrophotography. You need that exact birth time and everyone's.


Astrophotography is different.


So it it really depends on the individual and another chart reading that I think is very important for people to understand can give you very, very valuable information is the sinistra readings, where the astrologer looks at one person's chart and another person's chart and talks about the strengths and challenges between the two.


So this I think can be very powerful in helping you understand what relationships are, what's going on in your relationship now.


If you understand, you have a certain challenge. It's more likely that you're able to accept it instead of having a lot of anger or bitterness or sadness about it, and also it can be helpful for you to to be able to appreciate other people more. Well, yes, I have this challenge with them, but my astrologer says that this.


This aspect is really fantastic. You know, it's so it's it's very powerful of helping people become closer, have more acceptance with.


Each other, and even deciding if this is something that they want to continue with or even initiate a relationship with that. So particularly with people who are doing online dating and so forth, that's a a fun thing that I'm offering is I call them relationship on call readings where we can look at this potential partners.


Birth information and talk about what, what the potential is for their character to be, as well as what the how the mesh energy of the two charts.


So that as well as I'm doing video subscriptions for the monthly forecast. So I do do a full reading where we look at the the whole year, but that's pretty intense. That's a lot of information and I thought to myself how could I make it? So it's like more easy for people to remember you know myself I'm.


Able to remember because I'm immersed in it all the time. But how how much do they really remember after that reading when I'm giving them those dates and so forth? So this was an idea of how to make it more manageable of information to process on a monthly basis.


Yeah, I like that idea. You, you might even go weekly because I don't know about other people, but I can hold information for a very short amount of time and then everything else like pushes it away.


Well, there's so much and going on in the world nowadays. Everyone has so much on their plate. So like I say, it's amazing we we do as well as we do.


It is. It really is so.


I was going to ask you something. I just.


Totally lost it.


So you're you're going to be doing this. Cartography. Can you talk a little bit about the cartography astrology? What is that and how does it work?


So that yes.


So I learned about this years ago and when I got my first professional astrology reading, I think it was around in 2004 and I had never heard of it before, and a lot of people still haven't heard of it and what it is is it's telling you where the planetary lines are, lane and across the whole world and.


So you can be having a venous line which can be good for harmony, relationships, feminine energy that would be on the venous line. Alternately, you can be on the Mars line, which can be good for masculine energy and for things that are exciting and the things that maybe have a.


Entrepreneurial nature. So there's different lines. And then there's different lines that kind of intersect with each other. So there's a lot of things that we look at just for that.


Map. So in addition to trying to find what would be considered a somewhat of a harmonious line based on what you want to be experiencing, maybe for some people the Mars line wouldn't be ideal, but for some other people they may say that's exactly where I want to go. I'm a professional athlete and I want to go train on the Mars line.


Then the professional athlete should go to the Mars line, but they may want to be aware to to try and minimize injuries because the Mars line can promote injuries. But So what we do is we look at that map, we see where the lines.


But we don't just look at the map in isolation. We also want to look at the needle chart because one person's venous line can be experienced quite different than another person's. If another person's Venus in their own Natal chart is is, is got a lot of challenges to it, go into the venous line, it's going to simply exasperate that.


So so it's it's this delicate balancing act of, OK, what planet is in the best shape in your in a person's Natal chart? Does that align with the energies that they want to be working?


With and and educating them. OK, so you've got a lot of positive aspects in your chart. This is the one, a couple little stinkers to be aware of, but sometimes those stinkers when I call them stinkers because they're the more harsh aspects. The more harsh aspects when they're integrated properly, can be even more powerful.


So a lot of times we have those harsh aspects, but they they can really give you some bang for your buck. Those are the action oriented aspects.


So we're looking at all those different concepts when we're looking at the Astro cartography and personally, before I even moved out to to the venous line over here, I just happened to have had the opportunity where I had been traveling across the United States just for visiting friends and people and so forth. So then I was able to reflect.


Upon. OK, well, what kind of experience do I have over in this area that's related to that energetic line? And I saw that it it it all aligned beautifully. So I think it's it's just the most fun and the you know what the greatest part about astrophotography is one of the.


These parts is you don't even have to move to that area to to reap the benefits. You can travel there and enjoy a vacation, or it's called remote activation and you can just understand that you can utilize that energy just by being associated with the products or the people in that area. So for example, I have a real awesome.


Line Venus and Uranus, which would be dealing with relationships and Uranus, also Venus.


And then astrology is Uranus, and that's where I'm a member of the astrology, the Tucson Astrology Guild. I came associated with there and I can listen to their videos online and I can learn all the different things and benefit from that energy without even being there. So this is great for knowing where to be investing in with your money.


Where to be buying your products, where to be going to school, doing online learning and understanding the energy of the people that are going to be around there?


So for example I I know in Russia that I have my sunline and my Jupiter line going through Russia and I had a significant relationship with a Russian man. So it really can help you understand even what the nature of your relationship is just by by things like that. It's just absolutely beautiful.


I'm fascinating.


Sounds like it. So these lines are different for they exist in different realms for different people. And does it? Is it based on your? Is it based on geography or is it based on your birth chart, your Natal chart?


It's based on your birth chart.


What what happens for lay lines for you or those these lines for you?


Would be different than for, say me.


Absolutely. Yours would be completely different. Everyone's is completely different.




That's wow. I have never heard of that. It is so fascinating.


I have to learn more, consult with you.


So you want to talk a little bit more about your monthly forecasting things and your relationship relationships on call?


I think that's really cool too.


Yes, yes. So I'll talk a little bit first about the.


The monthly video forecasting. So I I have two different tiers. The first tier is we would be looking at the seven most influential dates of the month and then we'd be looking at those worst dates of the month. It's kind of like lay low or just kind of prepare mentally trying and then also just bonus must know.


States that I I say I can't limit myself just to the top, top seven for you. I want to also let you know that this is a good date for this and that and so forth and the next tier would be the top 10 most influential dates of the month.


The worst dates of the month as well. Bonus must know dates for such as business traveling or dating, and then this one is has additional insights into the weekends and a survey sent out where you tell me what your question is, what you want to know about the upcoming month or two.


And I do specific information regarding that for you. And this one is also really cool is that you can know where the Zodiac sign is throughout the whole month. So you know when the best time to be utilizing certain energies could be.


So if you know when we know that the moon is in Virgo, what sector of your horoscope is that lighting up? And how can you utilize that to your advantage type of thing? So if it was in Virgo, great time to organize, clean and make things better, that type of thing, and then finding out where is it exactly in your horoscope to tailor it more to you. So that's the.


Forecast forecast, but I'll tell you, I'm really excited about the both of these, but I'm I'm a kind of a historically boy, crazy kind of person into romance, you know, it's not so much anymore. Now I'm more into my but.


This but I I I can live vicariously through everyone else's romance. And so I have created something called relationship on call readings and so that's when perhaps you are considering date if you want to date someone or you just want to know a little bit more about the person that you're already dating. And I take your information and their information.


And tell you what I see. I could tell you. Tell you what? It appears to be. This person's character might be if you're considering going out.


Them and because I will say in the way that online dating works now is it seems like there's there's a couple of things, ladies at least are doing. They are doing a a background check, a criminal background check, and then maybe they'll do a face group group post chat, you know, check what do you guys know about this? But I say the third check needs to be the.


Esoteric check. You know, that's the real background check in my opinion, because we can really see the potential that this person may have.


With their character and also how things could come together with you. Now when I was doing online dating, I had a lot of practice and I I would see some kind of aspect that looked challenging and like a thumbs down. But I would say I'm just going to try it anyways and it would.


It would never.


Didn't work out very well.


But that was what was so cool.


Because I was able to learn. Yeah, I I don't really even want to date anyone who's Saturn which deals with restriction, confinement and seriousness.


And limitation and making a hard aspect to my Venus, which would deal with how I want to be experienced in a relationship. To me that's like a deal breaker so that I I want to share with people with I call it deal Breakers, red flags relationship relationship strengths or marriage potential. So sharing with you.


What that all is and knowing that, yes, we may all have some challenges that you're not going to ever find 2 charts that are that are going to be absolutely perfect.


For each other, and if they were, it would be incredibly boring. You wouldn't even be attracted to them because we need those harsh aspects to be attracted. But there's some things that that just maybe not so great over the long term or is at least great to at least educate yourself on and make sure that you're accepting of that. So that's doing the little sinister readings, and I can do them.


On video we could do a zoom. I can do a rush video for people who are really trying to, you know, curious. I want to know now should I go out with this guy?


I need to know by Friday.


Yes, yeah, that's why I.


Have the rush.


Option. I know how I would be.


So though that's the the relationship on call reading. But then there's also other little things that ioffer that are also real valuable as well. So we can look and see what's just even going on in your own chart with relationships. So that's really important. It's taking ownership of what your destiny is in this lifetime.


So it's kind of once again just acceptance and kind of laughing at at your destiny. OK, this is what I've been granted, and I want. I know that this is the higher and.


The lower energy vibes of this and I want to be more aware that I'm attracting the higher vibes, so learning what's in your own chart about relationships, learning what's going on. Is it even a good time to be trying to seek out a relationship or should you wait lay low for a couple months, a couple years, work on yourself and then wait for that?


More positive transit to put yourself out there. Now this is another one that's really important that no one really talks about very much. Best and worst age range.


So if you have a chart in your own chart, you have a slow moving planet influencing one of your personal planets that deals with relationships like the sun, the Mars, Venus, the moon. Now, if you're dating within your own age range, that means that those other people.


Most likely are going to have a similar aspect and it's a. It's a challenging aspect that I'm referring to. So then you both have the same challenging aspect and so it's either just at least educate yourself that that's going to become even more prevalent.


Possibly in the relationship or tell yourself you know what? I don't. I don't even know. You know, I don't even know if I I I want to consider that because it's so. It's such a challenge. You know, this person has to be fantastic and every other way for me to even consider going out with them and knowing exactly what that is. So you can you can choose to do whatever you want. But I think it's empowering to know.


OK, if I go in this age range, this is this is some of the aspects I'm going to deal with. But what if I go?


Five years higher, five years lower, seven years higher. Seven years lower. Some people are cutting off their age ranges. They could be just missing some, like nice little aspect that they might think, oh, I don't want to date someone seven years older, but maybe that was when some of the nicer relationships industry might start coming in. So those are.


Some of the things that I think it is valuable for people to be understanding and even if you're not dating, this gives you insights to what's going on with you, with the coworkers at work. You know, like why.


All these 60 year olds, why do I have such an amazing relationship with them? Or, you know, alternately, you know, the younger generation, I'm clashing with them. So just a lot of really valuable information that can just help make life easier and more fun. It's just more fun. I like to analyze things and understand things. I'm curious.


Person so it it's just help. It actually calms me to to to know. OK, well, This is why this is happening or This is why I I'm having this challenge. It's comforting.


Both of my husband.


Had the same birthday, could something?


Are you saying were they born in the same year?


No, they weren't born in the same year, but they were born on the same day.


Different places, like one was born in Ohio and one was born in California. But when he told me what his birthday was, my my current husband was like, no, just no.


But but just confirming it was not the same year, correct? It was not.


It was not the same year. OK, one, there's there's a seven-year difference between between them, which I think really made a huge difference in.


In our relationship that's I was married for 13 years to the first one in 28.


To the second ones.


Oh my goodness. Well, what you. Yes. Yes. And you would have had, they would have had the similarities of where their son degree was as well as the numerology of that day. But particularly when you said seven years difference, then we know that the.


It's better the second time around.


That, particularly that Saturn is exactly a 1/4 of its revolution around. So and other planets of course different as well. But yes, I can see how it can be jarring when when you, when, when I people I know very well when they tell me their birthdays, I do a double take.


When when I find out someone's born on the.


Same day, yeah.


Kind of interesting. So how can people get in touch?


With you. OK, so you can reach me at my website. It's my first and last name. Jane I'm going to spell it. It's just old fashioned. Jane. Name Jane. And then Mastella is MASTEL.

00:33:01 and you can reach me through e-mail at on my website there is a contact form and you can reach me through that way as well.


Perfect. Perfect. So what's the one thing you hope the audience takes away from this conversation, Jane?


The most important thing for you to remember is that astrology can help you. It can help you have more confidence in yourself. It can help you have more compassion for yourself and for others. It can help you utilize your time better and it can help you save money because you're utilizing your time better.


It can help you understand the best places to travel relocation.


And as well as utilize the business services. So astrology should not be something that should be feared. Thinking like, oh, I don't want to hear any bad news. Really. For astrology, it's about how do you take that information and empower yourself with it. So that's just really what I encourage people to do and.


A great astrology book to start with, the first one that I got after I learned about astrology was called. It's a silly name.


It's called the the only astrology book you'll ever need by Martine. But I got many other books, of course, but that's a very comprehensive book, and I encourage you to start looking into your own chart. Your full chart, not just your sun. Sign your full chart. Get that one book on Amazon. You'll find out where your moon is, where your Venus is, where your Mars is. And then.


Start looking at the most important people in your life and start to understand what's going on with them. So that's how I became into astrology and that's how I I've become much more.


Content in my life and with my relationships and within myself. It's it's just beautiful. I God made the planets. This is a gift from God for us to be able to utilize to help us be as productive and people on this earth as possible.


Yeah, I couldn't say it better myself. Thank you so much for joining me. This has been interesting.


OK, awesome. Thank you so much for having me.

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