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Faith Christiansen joined us to share her expertise on hacking the Facebook algorithm & tips to simplify your life but maximize your impact to grow your business on social media.

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Hi and welcome to the You World Order Showcase Podcast we have with us today, Faith Christiansen. Faith is a sales system strategist and a Facebook expert and also the best selling author of earn more work, less live happy and she lives by that.


And she's here to share with us how we can live that way, too, by making Facebook a whole lot less work. So welcome to the show, faith.


Thank you so much. I'm so excited to be here and hoping everyone in your audience today.


I'm. I'm really excited to chat with you. We met on Facebook because you helped me fix a couple things on my profile that were that were kind of screwed up and you have an interesting way of approaching people you want to share that because I loved it. It was, it was so helpful.


So one of the things that I'm really big on is service, right? So my goal is when I'm talking to new people on Facebook, my job is to make sure that you are as safe as possible on Facebook because there are a few settings that the large majority of people don't know about. But those settings are absolutely freaking massive.


In stopping you getting.


So one of the things that I do is when I'm adding people, my first goal is to help them lock their profile in a way that protects them against the hackers because I have seen way too many people lose not only their personal profile, but also their business pages and even Instagram just because they didn't have their settings nailed down.


So that's my first thing come from service and help people.


Yeah. And it's really it's not that complicated, but nobody really knows about some of these settings. You know you get on there and and things.


Seem like it's OK you set your password, you know 10 years ago when you got your Facebook account and never looked at it again because you just automatically get in there. But you know, passwords change over the years and the security of your passwords has well.


Will also change. Yeah. So you know, changing your password on a regular basis is always a good idea.


And changing it to phrases. So a lot of people are just using the same password for everything. You need to mix it up like what's your favorite city? I LUV. Different way to spell love, right? And then spell your city with capitals and numbers.


With your a year, for example, because when you use the same simple password all the time, you are very easy to hack. And the second thing is a large majority of the people I meet, they don't have two factor authentication turned on. Two factor authentication has saved my asks a couple of times when people have tried to hack me. Facebook's like are you trying to log?


In I'm like no.


And I've been able to go in and log out those people.


So it's it's something that's really simple, but Facebook is a huge thing. You do not want them to be hacked, because if they're hacking Facebook and you've ever used business, the business pages and you have your credit card linked.


To that.


How do you think that goes, you know?


Yeah. And there there are things we just don't think about because, you know, Facebook has been around for really long time. When we got started early and it's like you just.


It it kind of falls in the background even though we use it for business and it's so important and it really should be like the thing that you pay the most attention to, it doesn't end up being that way.


Right. And The thing is that a lot of people they use Facebook and Instagram, they're the two biggest platforms. Me personally. Instagram is a I'm not anyway, but they're they're the same company. So if you get hacked on one and it's linked to your Instagram, not only do you lose your personal profile, which for some of us that's like 20 years.


About the content and memory.


But you also could lose your business page, your advertising abilities, and your Instagram all in one hit.


Yeah. And early on, I didn't have Instagram for the longest time because part of their the thing that you agree to is that they can have access to anybody's devices that are in your periphery that they can.


They can attach to it. Most people don't realize that that you are agreeing when you put Instagram app on your phone to allowing them to access everything on your phone. So if you have your banking information on your phone that you're you're allowing them to access not only your banking.


Information that everybody who's in the periphery of your phone.


And another thing with the Instagram is the Instagram algorithm these days. If you're someone like me who doesn't want to do reels, I don't like them. Can I do them? Sure. I don't want to, though. And you're not someone who's prepared to do at least one is as dead minimum for slow no growth, but.


It's it's very pants off.


At 3:00 to 7:00, Instagram for the majority of people. Yeah, a day Instagram for the majority of people is actually not.


By day.


A platform to be on. Whereas with Facebook for example, I can post one.


1st come back to it answer people, it's back in the algorithm again. Come back to it at another peak time. Answer it. It's back in the algorithm again. I don't need to post three to seven times a day. I can post once every two to three days and still get.


Get the reach on that post and because I'm getting more comments and more engagement on that post, it keeps getting boosted into the algorithm and it provides social proof. Like if you're posting and you get 1 like.


That's not social proof for your message. You're better to do really good post and leave it for a couple of days to really build the engagement.


On it.


Then to post constantly to crickets in Ghost Town.


Yeah, we were talking about groups before we came on the air, and you have some interesting perspectives about groups that I'm I I'd like you to share those again because.


Most people don't realize that. I know I didn't realize that before talking to you.


Yeah. So groups are an interesting thing. Back in two years ago, groups were really good for being able to build communities and to being able to make money. But for the large majority of people these days, especially those who are on our own groups are not as smart time investment.


And here's the reason. First of all, a lot of people are using strategies for groups that are outdated and spare me and as a result, Facebook's put algorithms in place to stop reaching.


Those groups. So if you were someone like one of the things that we were talking about, if you're someone who's getting people to mass add people, for instance, right.


You're really hurting your group's algorithm, especially if those people that you're adding and not actually genuinely interested in the topic.


They're lowering the reach of the whole group, so a lot of people focus on numbers in Facebook groups, and that's actually one of the worst things you can do. Obviously you want.


Numbers, but you want the numbers with the target audience that would buy, or that's interested in that topic.


Because if you don't, you are lowering the organic reach. I don't know how many people that add me on Facebook and then invite me straight away.


To a group.


And literally you haven't said a word to me. Like, first of all. Hello, spammy Tammy. That's not the way to do it. But you're also putting yourself. You're adding people to a group in the hope that they'll they'll engage and all they're doing is actually.


Actually lowering your.


Which whereas what I was saying to you is if you're someone who wants to be smart and leveraged, which is what I'm all about, say your systems that are smart and leverage you are better to put that content on your personal profile because me as a person who loves you, I can then tag people in it. There's no algorithm in the way.


Right. There's no adding them to the group, hoping they accept hoping the group. None of that. I literally can tag Susan and go. Hey, Susan. Oh, my God. You'll love Jill. I know you're a coach who wants to get more reach. This is a great person for you to.


Hope that gives your post the potential to go viral rather than putting them in a group in Ghost Town, right? So if you're someone who wants smart leverage strategies, we gotta use our time in a way that is the best use of that time. And unfortunately for the large majority of people.


Groups are not that way. I will say there is an exception to.


A group that's targeted around a topic, for example, there is a tarot card reader. She has insane engagement in her group because it's focused on helping people, so she's putting up four cards a day, and people are guessing the cards and like she has.


A very targeted group because the only people that are in there are people who are interested in reading, right? So she's showing her expertise in that and she's got an insane amount of reach she's not selling in that group either.


I'm assuming.


Obviously I can't say for sure, but what I'm assuming is that she's using it as a thing to show her expertise and to help people, and then people are like, Oh my God, I love that reading and.


They come to.


Her for a reading, another example of a group that's doing really well is the groups that are based around like van life or camping.


Right. They are very engaged groups because they're following what Facebook wanted was to create communities around a topic. But the problem is most group owners these days are focused on selling and not service. And as a rule, they're breaking it. They're triggering the click bait algorithm like crazy.


Like they're just doing the the things that the groups were never intended for and they're actually hurting their reach.


Interesting. Interesting so.


What would you? What would you suggest to people who are trying to like?


Use Facebook the way that Facebook wants it to be used. How how would you answer that question? How how the the what?


So for the people who are just one person, they're just me, right? Me and my daughter, for instance, right. The majority of our time needs to spend on two things. The first thing that I think a lot of people forget is social.


Social media. It's the first part of it, right? So talking to people, adding targeted people. So many people are just adding anyone and everyone and hoping that something sticks, like throwing spaghetti at a wall and hoping it doesn't slide down and hit the pavement, right. And then the other thing is media and you don't need if you were someone like me.


Who is really focused on the income producing activities, producing content for multiple platforms takes away?


From my social part and the social part is what gets the most reach in the algorithm. So when I post one post on my Facebook and maybe I do one post a day or I do one post every two days because every time we comment on the post it comes back up in the algorithm, right?


I ain't now am building social proof, but I take the time that I would have spent creating content for a group creating content for, you know, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, you like. All of the platforms.


And I spend it being social and that's why my posts get not just likes. My posts get insane amounts of comments, and if you're going to do, they do right. And if you're going to do master classes, for instance, right. If you take people off the platform, the average show up rate, if you're good is 30%.




Right. But when I do my master classes straight onto my Facebook profile, they can go viral. People can tag people in it, right? Like my what I'm saying may not be for them, but they know people that it is for and they tag people in it like with you, Jill. Right. You're like, Oh my God, that would be perfect for this person. And you brought her into my room. But when you put an algorithm in place.


When you put a group in place, you're stopping your own reach.


So for me personally, first job, social, social, have a really good piece of content and then spend it like you may. Just if you're not getting the reach right now, stop posting. Do one really good piece of content and get social. It surprises me how many people, when I comment on their profiles.


They don't answer.


And I'm like, I'm sorry, did you want organic reach? Because if people are taking the time to comment on your stuff and you couldn't even be bothered to answer them?


You're breaking relationships and you're breaking the algorithm.


Whereas you see I have whole conversations with people in my comments section of my post and sometimes and one that builds a relationship. Two, it builds a like factor and three, it gets that opposed an insane amount of reach.


Or you can put it in a group and.


Yeah, it's the more.


Yeah, exactly. So our goal is 2 things on social media. I'm about to make social media really easy now. Are there other things? Of course. But here's the two things social.


Be social.


Right, right. And it doesn't matter whether you're on LinkedIn or you are on TikTok or you are on Instagram. It's the same pillar. It's social media first, which means talk to people, comment on their stuff, answer their stories, you know, ask for permission and say, hey, I have an idea for you or something like that. Like what I did with you, right.


Umm, social. First and foremost it should be your number one activity on social media and then the second thing is content.


Right. Show your personality because at the end of the day.


We may be selling the same thing, but they buy from me because they know me. They like me and they trust me maybe a little bit more than someone else. They like my personality. They like my pink hair. They like that I run a Guinea pig rescue. Whatever it is, right. So a lot of people that come to their profiles and it's just like a billboard for a failing company.


Like it's pose pose, DM me chat here, here's my link blah blah blah and Facebook's like. No you don't.


Nope. And it cuts the organic reach, whereas if you come to my profile, I'm helping you, right? I'm showing you my Guinea pigs. I'm showing you my life. Right. I'm being genuine and vulnerable. And that's the reason that people buy from me, and they may not buy from someone else.


Be smart. If we're going to be single business owners, like the amount of people that are overwhelmed and want to quit just simply because they're using outdated strategies that don't work is insane. Like, if you have a 10,000 people following or you have, you know, VA's that can do stuff.


It's a different algorithm and different.


For you. But if you're a solo preneur, you need to be smart. You need to be leveraged and you need to be on point with the activities that you're doing every day and that's.


What I teach people.


Yeah, and your strategies aren't really difficult.


To follow I it's like.


It's doing natural things.


In a targeted way.


Exactly. Complexity is the enemy of success. If I've learned anything from my own personal experience and from my clients complexity, the more complex it is, the less likely you are to do it, the less likely you are to do it, the less likely you are to succeed like that's the truth, right? When we have A to do list with 50,000 things on it, we do not.


Or we do the things that are comfortable for us, like fart assing around creating a post, I create a post in 10 minutes and then my job is to be social.




Far passing around with web pages that are actually lowering your organic reach, so if you're sending people to a home page right now from social media, you're losing up to.


80% of your traffic.


So just open the window and Chuck your leads out the window, honestly, because that's what a homepage does. We live in a TikTok society. We need to be sending people to something. That's the first paid step with us or the second paid step, right. One of those two things. Like if you go to my profile, you will see one of my paid programs.


And you will see my workshop. They're the only two things. And the reason being a confused mind never buys and we want to get them into our ecosystem. But we want to get loyal raving buyers into our ecosystem. A whole bunch of freebie hunters on your list has a conversion rate statistically of about 1%.


I love you. If you're not a buyer, my social media.


Until you're ready, you know.


So I believe in like the really leveraged simple strategies that you will do every day because they are easy to do. And then if you want to scale, you do more of them. So instead of talking to 20 people, you might be talking to 50 people.


Right. Scaling that rather than trying to post on TikTok, trying to post on Instagram, you know, trying to do 3 different programs, four different lead magnets, the majority of people are just freaking confused and getting nowhere.


They are and. And because it is confusing you do something else that I think is really genius. And that's you make content strategically.


You don't just randomly post **** everywhere you you make. You might make a real or two, but the real or two is designed to show somebody how to do something quickly, and then you've got that piece of content and you run people to it. It's like, OK, I'm going to help you with this thing that you're doing wrong.


I made this real it it takes.


15 seconds to watch the reel so you know our goldfish brains are happy that we're not having to sit through, you know, 30 minutes of a sales pitch, which most workshops are.


You're actually giving them something to do quickly. So for me our relationship developed because you sent me to two reels that you created that showed me how to to make two tweaks on my profile. That dramatically helped.


My reach? I mean it was measurable. I I did three things that you told me to do.


And one of them was to just to go through my friends list and start.


Talking to him, which was really fun and usually when I friend people, I try and go to their profile and comment on their on something on their page so that you know it's not just like add add, add, add add.


Which don't think.


I call them the friend collectors and they see this is the thing. This is an old school strategy we were taught years ago and that that's the more people that you add or the more followers that you get, the more reaches you get and it's just not true. In fact, when you start to go over like 1000 to 2000 friends Facebook.


But I see you, bro. I know what you're doing, and if you want to advertise on my platform, you pay me, right. Whereas when I have consistently between 500 and 1000 targeted friends, I love people. They're welcome to follow me. But if you're not in my target market, for instance, you're not a female coach or.


A female business owner. I love you, but I'm not adding you if you are spamming your profile with a whole bunch of crap. I love you, but I'm not adding you right.


So having a smaller, loyal raving fan base helps me to get more reach. I don't know how many people I see that have a professional profile, whether it be digital creator or personality or whatever. They have professional turned on on their personal profile and their riches tanked. They might have 6 1/2 thousand followers and me with 570 friends.


That's more reach than them, with 6 1/2 thousand follow.


Because just followers is useless, you need to have people who love you, who are looking for you, who are addicted to your content, and they find you, and you need to have the strategies to make sure that your content gets seen in the algorithm. It's not about mass, it's about.


Volume and connection. So if you're going to have 1000 people, your **** better be very active. And I'm talking about probably 2 hours a day on Facebook at least.


If you have like my list is around the 570 mark, I think at the moment, but they're all people who are my people. They are people who love me, who may not buy, for instance, right. But they're awesome cause they engage and they love on me and that helps, right. And then there are other people who are potential clients who I have seen that I can help on their profiles.


Like I did with you and that I helped them, right, because this is like you were saying before, I don't know how many of you have been to a webinar, a master class, a workshop and it's like 20 minutes about them.


Which I stories are great, but they gotta be told in a way that they help the audience, not just. Well, I went to school and I was bullied. And they tell you their whole life story and you're like, well, I came to learn about social media like you just wasted 25 minutes of my time. And then they give you 3 fluff filled tips and then it's a 40 minute.


Sales pitch. We live in a world now where if you're not freaking good at what you're doing.


You're not gonna reach people. And here's the thing. When you lead with value like Jill, you are awesome at podcast stuff, right? When you start to help people to get on to podcasts, or even just to get on, Facebook lives with people, right?


People will ask you.


Hey, how do I get?


Your help people are not stupid. You do not need to put DM me right. You don't need to jump on my link. The words that.


Will treat for the.


Algorithm because people are not stupid, they'll ask you.


Right. And when they ask you, they're a qualified buyer.


Because if they're not asking you and it's more pushy and salesy, they're probably going to be someone that you regret anyway.


Sir, needing value.


And they're not really looking for your help. Just the other thing.


Exactly. Let's talk about unfriending people that.


Very necessary, but ohh so painful.


Process, not to mention time consuming because you know, if you've been on a social media platform and and Facebook's the great example.


For any length of time you've changed and your circle of friends has changed, but your Facebook friends have not, unless you, you know, did something to really.


Make them want to leave you.


Where? Where do you stand on that and and how can it be done with?


So here's.


Grace and patent.


The thing.


Many years ago I decided that my personal profile I would rather use it to help people and to make money than to ***** about my husbands or my kid or whatever, right. In terms of friends, I love people and I delete.


So if you're someone who I have engaged with, say, three to five times and you're not answering me back, I love you. But bye bye.


Right. So when you've got a huge friends list set at a time on your phone, like a little timer on your phone, go to either your A-Z on your phone or go to your computer and work systematically. Now I start with on your computer, the people at the top are the people who are watching you.


Usually they're the people that are engaging you, so scroll right down to the bottom of your friends list and start there.


Right click on people. Is that person target market and This is why one of the things we talk about in my programs is knowing who your person is, right? If they're not, and if they're not someone who you've seen engaging on your content delete.


And you might choose to delete 5A day 10A day. You might choose to spend an hour, because here's the thing, if you find someone that is your target market, that maybe you've never talked to, right, guess what you can engage on their profile as you're doing this and you're building your reach.


So you can do it like for some people I say to them, set an alarm for an hour a day for the next week and you actually can unfriend quite a lot of people. I got to the point because I had 5000 people on my list because that's what I was taught to do and I just got to the point I was so sick.


Of it, I unfriended, unfriended, unfriended, unfriended, unfriended, and just again.


Right. Looking for my target market, but if you wanna do it the slower way and you wanna see people, then go to their profiles. Are they posting? Do they have a great profile picture? Which means they've usually deactivated their account if they have delete them straight away. I don't even look twice to delete it. If you got the Gray head.


I'm look at the person. Are they posting stuff you're interested in because it's very hard to engage on people you're not interested in? Are they a negative, Nancy, that will just bring you down? Because if you hate social media, it's usually because you have the wrong people on it. I love social media. All my people are positive, engaging people. Now. I'm not saying that life.


Doesn't go wrong for them. That's fine. We all have that. But if their post is I hate Monday. Oh, my God. It's Friday. I'm gonna have to get back. Like I'm not interested. I love you. Bye. Bye. Follow me.


Right. But just systematically work through it. Now. Some people, when they come into my program, they're like, OK, faith this week is dedicated to cleaning my list. And they will sit down for the week, and they will just clean and engage, right. So they clean. They engage as they're going for the right people. They start conversations because if you're not starting.


Conversations and continuing conversations you're probably not making sales. Let's just be honest. Comments are great for showing interest. People will identify themselves in comments, but sales genuinely go down in our DMS.


At least if we're smart, right?


So that's what I would suggest. Work through your list systematically.


Delete, engage with those who are your target market because some people are friend collectors.


And they've added a whole bunch of people, but they've never actually commented on anything or talk to any of them.


He is the perfect chance to do that.


Yeah. And that leads us to another thing and that's curating your wall, the the content that you're going to see.


And you can talk about.


There's ads.


And if you're seeing a lot of ads, that should tell you something and.


Like if your wall is.


If you're.


They call it the wall still.


Yes, fee or whatever, yeah.


Whatever your feet is.


Yeah, the that thing that they show you in the beginning where they like to advertise to you, but if you haven't curated your content.


And if you're not engaging with other people, you will see mostly ads because they don't. Facebook doesn't know what to show you, so they'll just go off of, you know, what did you buy last?


Mm-hmm. Ohh, what are you talking about? Like we've all had those ads. Like we've been talking about a banana and suddenly there's a banana in our advert. Absolutely.


And that's the truth. So I am very on point with my news feed. I'm not actually in my newsfeed a lot because if you are in your newsfeed, you're probably scrolling and scrolling is not an income producing activity. But if I am in my news feed, I'm curating it. So if there's a topic I don't like now, I love vegans. But when you show all those brutal.


Animal posts. I love you, but I'm not following you, so I will literally unfollow people if they're talking about topics that make me hate getting on social media.


Right. So if you're talking, if you have conspiracy theories, I love you and that's perfectly fine. That's who you are. But I unfollow you. And when I'm engaging with you, I go to your profile. I engage on something that I can agree with. I leave. But I don't want you in my news feed because that lowers my energetics, right? It makes me hate social media and.


It makes me hate, so I'm very strategic on who I follow and who I don't. So if you see someone in your newsfeed who's crapping all over it because they hate their job, they hate their life and their kids are this and their husband's * ****, and you need to unfold.


And potentially you need to unfriend like I love my sister, but my sister's not someone I want on my social media, so my sister's not on my social media.


My family's not on my social media.


No, and I mean there is ways that you can have that personal profile and you can have the public persona at the same time. I teach you how to do that with one profile. But yeah, you gotta be strategic if you hate social media, it's usually because of the content in it. Ohh, let's be honest.


Like at all it's. I don't want them there.


You post and ghost and you expect social media for free to do your job for you.


People hate me for saying that, but that's the truth. It is not Facebook's job to show your content to your buyers. It is your freaking job.


Have happened.


Marketing is the number one activity that we need to do, but marketing is the first thing that people outsource and then they wonder why it's crickets in Ghost Town. If you've got someone else writing your content, how does it resonate with your type?


Of people.


Is this not?


Right. If you like someone engaging for you, first of all ill.


Right. I'm not building connections with Jill. I'm building it with some random person in the Philippines who usually doesn't speak English that well.


Marketing is the one thing we need to be controlling for as long as possible. Sure, they can post reels and edit them and all that **** that doesn't matter. But the relationship side of it.


If you're not building relationships with people, I don't know what you're doing on social media.


I just don't if you are posting and then I get I post my post and then I get off social media or there's a reason Boo you have crickets.


Because it's social.


I love the ones that.


I'm faced with you if you never engage with me.


Have like the the.


Third party thing, I'd never go there. I was at Pinterest, VA for a while and.


I firmly believe you have to be on the platform, that the whole reason it exists is that you show up, and then there's, you know, third party things that make it easy to hit and ditch, but those.


It doesn't work like scheduling tools will almost kill your reach.


They don't work.


Right, they're almost can be reached unless when that post is going out, you are getting on and engaging at that time.


It's a waste of time. Why not do smart leverage activities?


You cannot be lazy if you want to have a business and people hate me for saying that, but it's the truth. Marketing is the number one reason with under capitalization that most businesses close and the reason they're undercapitalized and have no money is because they're **** at marketing. Like, let's just be truthful, right?


It's not because you have a bad product. It's not because your message sucks. Maybe your message needs to be honed, right? It's not your target market. It's probably that you're not adding them and finding them in the first place.


Let me know.


But generally, it's a case of you being lazy in your marketing.


Isn't it?


Yeah, I I agree with you totally, it's.


And you can outsource your content for your programs, right? Like literally, I can record a piece of content and give it to someone else to put it into my programs for me.


And then my main focus is my social media because people buy from me. For me, it's your stories, your personality, your way of showing up that attracts people over someone else that's doing the same thing as you. Like. If you're a health coach at the moment, dude, you better.


Be good.


Because there are about 50,000 health coaches and I'm not buying you because you give me the best tip on fat loss. Sure, I may opt in. But here's the thing, people.


Opt in and.


They go read.


It or watch it or whatever it anyway, but if your personality is awesome.


I'm signing up.


Because I trust you. I know you. I like you.


Not just getting another freaking PDF that I'll probably never read. Probably never implement.


You're not. You need to make it easy for people. You know. You're talking about the whole weight loss thing in our health coaching thing. A you need to, you need to be unique in some way and and everybody is to me, everybody has some some unique aspect to what they're doing nobody.


I like you.


No two people are doing exactly the same thing, but if you don't.


Figure out what it is that makes you unique and really lean into it. Then you're.


You're going to have crickets because there's always going to be somebody that does. It is better at, you know, speaking to what they're paying point is than you are.


Value bonds.


And here's the thing. I know that a lot of people teach us with our sales copy to really hit the pain points, but I don't know about you. I got really sick of dealing with.


People in pain.


Like I love people, but people in pain are sometimes not the biggest action.


Take it. You want people to desire who want it, who love, who are excited to write your content, whether it be on your Facebook or it be on your website like your content from a place of desire. Imagine if what if?


Yeah, because they're stuck.


Can you picture this right rather than if you're dying? If your social media sucks, you will hear me say that, right? But I genuinely come from a place of of desire. Like if you want to reach more people, to have amazing relationships and connections, and to have people, do you see how that has a different feel to it?


Coming only from pain.


Yeah, and. And and people don't want to focus on their pain.


They don't, but they love being reminded of dreaming again. Imagine if next week your favorite outfit you could actually get it on.


Right. I can imagine if you looked at yourself in the mirror and you're like, look at that sexy beast, right?


Yeah. Sit those pants up.


That has more of an emotionally compelling message to it than ohh. You're fat. Lose 20 lbs. You know if you're sick of being on like.


That hasn't pain that triggers people and those kinds of people are probably not the people who are going to take action. Let's be honest, they're probably the people that they're gonna be in your inbox and extremely pushing boundaries. So coming from a place of like, you'll see me, I'll mention pain. But then I'm flipping it straight back to.


The pleasure part of it, right?


So that would be that would be something that's massive as well, but definitely 100% you need to show your personality.


You and I'm extroverted and my hair is pink. Like just having pink hair. Do you know how many leads I get just because I have pink hair, but.


That differentiates me from someone else who does social media, and if you need a beige person and not your person, honey, if you need an introvert, I'm not my I'm not your person because I will call you out on.


****. Right. Like that's my personality. But that's what some people need. Some people are going to love you. Some people not so much. And that's OK. It's perfectly fine to.


Let people go.


Yeah. And that's really what it comes.


Down to is.


Yes, and being smart, right, smart leveraged high income producing activities.


You know you're not going to go.


Exactly. So how do people work with you?


So I have a couple of ways for those who need systems help. For instance, they need website help. They need offers help to make sure that they're actually converting people. I have a workshop which I'm assuming you will link into that. The other thing that I have.


Is I have a social media program which is designed to walk you through the four algorithms, so there's four pillars of every social media algorithm.


Them when you know them, you know how to hack them. So that's a big one. And then what are the actual income producing daily activities that we can do? I have a checklist based on your time commitment, right?


Otherwise, jump on my social media. I'm about to run another master class. I run them regularly and reach out and tell me your problem and I will find the master class.


That suits that problem.


Yeah. And you have a whole bunch of them out there. I I know because I've.


Wandered around your.


Your profile a lot and all your contents right there. It's easy to find and you you really bring it when you do your.


Master classes but it's like.


It's not the 25 minutes of listening to your your history, and yeah, you might mention you keep Guinea pigs, OK?


At the end of the day, my business like I'm someone who's very big on social missions. I don't work for money. It's not my motivation, but I'll work to help something or someone else.


So that's what I'm working for at the moment. I'm so excited that I've my daughter's about to hit 18, so she will be coming back on and we will be doing my I had a foundation for many years and we will be moving into the the legacy part of it right. Because at the end of the day when we get ourselves right.


And we get our own money right then we're like, well, what now?


And for me, it's legacy. These animals. I've got 14 in care at the moment. Three of them are new and need help. But that's how I choose to spend my time. And that's the happy life part of it. Right. Your thing may be different. I was just on a camping trip. I've just been international. Like, that's why we create.


Our life and we design it to match our interests, right? And that's what I that's what I do. And I have a mission to actually help people. And now to help animals as well who were innocent and just born into ****** situations.


And Guinea pigs are so sweet. We we had Guinea pigs for a while. My.


They are. They are.


My daughter, who also has pink hair and she's got bleach part that's long. She she chopped off the top part. So it's pink on top and bleach white on the bottom. Looks so cute.


Just makes you happy. I'm not going to.


Right. It just makes it happy. It makes everyone else happy. It just makes people happy. Be like, Oh my God, I love your hair. I could never do it. And I'm like, well, actually. Well, you should just bleach.


Hair and your shampoo. And then you got.


Pink hair, yeah.


You can.


And and it does make people happy. And it she's a very bubbly person and.


She has big care and she loves Guinea pigs. Now she has a rabbit.


I love rabbits too, but they're illegal in my country. I mean, in my state, $30,000 fine. If you get caught with rubber in my state.


That's outrageous. My little rabbits so.


Cute and he's fixed in everything and.


Yeah, we had rabbits when I lived in Africa. Really. So they're really cute. They're so funny.


They are hilarious, and her rabbit, he's been around for three or four years now and.


We have lots of pets in our house, but it's really.


Clearly I do too. I do too.


They make your life so much better.


You do.


Have a little male Guinea pig and Oh my God, the personality. So he came from abuse situation earlier in the week.


And his personality, just with a little bit of love. Oh my God. He's turned around. We've started to get him to eat again, which we're really worried about for a second. And are you there? Little spunky, snobby little snots. But you know, he's so cute about it.


Yeah. And they all have such different personalities.


They do. He's so 80 HP. You put him. He cannot sit still. You are constantly like catching him from all the different directions.


Sounds adorable. So, faith, what's the one thing that you hope the audience takes away from our conversation today? There's been so much.


Simplicity. The more complicated it is, the harder it is to maintain. The more likely you are to want to quit on a regular basis. And obviously we need to be working on our energetics, right? We need to be able to hold energetic space when we don't feel like it, but simplicity the more complicated it is for you.


The more complicated it is for your potential leads.


The more money that you're leaving on the table, that's the truth, right? If you want people to be able to find you and buy fast, you need to remove the barriers that do that.


So when they come to your social media and they love you on a master class, where are they going first paid step.


Right. Second, second page step after that third page step after that. And here's the thing. It makes it so much.


When you're a profitable business, because if you go into your local mechanic or your local electrician or plumber or restaurant, do you sit down with them for half?


An hour for free.


Absolutely not. Because they're business owners, our industry is the only industry where we're told to give everything away for free and pray that someone comes. Well, actually, I really respect my time now and I really respect my experience and the money that I've spent to get my.


Skills I'm not working for free, just like the plumber, the mechanic and the electrician and the vet. In my case yesterday I didn't go into my vet and I'm like, hey, can you just give me half an hour of your knowledge for 399 and they're like that'll be 102 dollars. Thank you. Right for 10 minutes.


Respect yourself. Respect your skills, respect your experience. Respect that you deserve to be paid.


Right, so simplicity.


Have a profitable.


Ecosystem don't just send people to a home page because you're gonna lose them 80% of your traffic. And here's the thing, when you lose 80% of your traffic, you need to find another 80% to replace that percent to get your conversions. Whereas if you only have one person on your social media today, that engages, but you have a step that makes sense for them.


Guess what happens? You get a buyer.


You can.


Right. So instead of focusing on volume, focus on smart systems, focus on profitability and then serve people like crazy in a way that you can be shared and go viral. A group is not going to do that for you, and neither is a business page. And if you are not committed to reels, neither is Instagram or TikTok.


Or even Facebook.


Well, Facebook actually for me personally, reals don't do anywhere near as well as my text and caption post text and image post or just a text post. So no, the good thing about Facebook is.


Live video highest in the algorithm, right? But for majority of people, well written text posts or well written text and image posts and they teach you how to do this well, but they actually get more reach still than reels.


Unless it's a good reel or you're strategic with reels like what I'm doing, my reels are recorded to be shared or to tag people in something that's really needed for them.


When it comes to what I do.


Yeah. So they're they're tools, they're.


Not just random content.


Exactly. Whereas I see some people, they get on a real like, hi. Oh, my God. And they just go on. That's.


It's not ever going to do well.


Right reels are for cold audiences.


So you need to have headline 3 tips to helping you simplify your social media little story. When I was doing social media blah blah blah blah blah 2 lines 3 tips follow for more.


Or tag someone who needed to hear.


This today, right?


Random **** doesn't do well.


In rails.


So be on.


For life.


Point. Yeah, that's right. Oh, my God. There's nothing worse. And I love people. But please, for ***** sake, if you're doing a live video, I'm just gonna wait for people to get on.


And you sit there randomly stuffing around, you've lost all your replay viewers.


And replay viewers make up about 80 to 90%.


Of who's going to watch out live and you've lost them because you stuffed around in the beginning.


Get straight to the point, and as you're going, acknowledge those people who will lie with you and love on them and answer their questions for sure.


But here's the thing. Don't wait for people to get on, because if you're going on at a crappy time.


You're wasting your time and you're killing your replay watches.


Good to know all of this has been.


Such valuable information. Thank you so much for joining me, faith.


Welcome, I hope I've helped some people today.


Because that's my mission.

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