Your Dragon Priestess Abundance Circle Invitation

Embrace Your Cosmic Potential: A Journey of Mind, Body, and Spirit Alignment for 2024


Transformative Vision Manifestation


Unlock the Secrets of the Cosmos through Cellular Reprogramming and Star Charting so that you can manifest your vision for 2024.

Join us for an extraordinary 12-month mastermind experience, designed to align your mind, body, and spirit with the powerful dragon energy of 2024. This is more than just a program; it’s a transformative journey to manifest your true purpose and unleash your inner power, guided by the wisdom of the stars.


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Hi and welcome to EU World Order Showcase podcast. Today, you may notice that we all have matchy matchy backgrounds.


If you're listening to me on YouTube, if you're just listening on the podcast, then you won't see that we all have matchy matchy backgrounds, but we do. We are part of.


New cohort that we formed called the Dragon Priestess Abundant circle and these are my two sisters, Carrie Dell and Carmel Riley. They come to us from down under in New Zealand and they're bringing all their energy to.


Do you?


Get this.


Get this new Year started on a on a great footing. We've decided to create a mastermind for a special group of people women, not even people, but women entrepreneurs who are really hoping to ride the energy of the dragon this year and really make it.


The most impactful year for everyone that they come in contact with, so welcome to the show. Carrie and Carmel, go ahead and share about yourselves.


Karen, welcome, welcome everybody. And I am so excited to be here. I really am so excited to be here. I think this is going to be the most magnificent you that that a lot of us have been looking forward to for a long time and it's here and it's now.


And I think if we can grab.


And this with.


All our energy and with all the collaboration that is happening, I think we're not just going to survive in this next year. We are going to thrive. We are really, really going.


To be there.


And and get you to whatever you want to manifest. You couldn't be in a better place, so yes.


As Jill said, I'm Carrie Dell. I have been in natural health for over over 25 years and the way I started was healing myself. And when I realized that you can bring your body back into balance and the body actually heals itself.


Actually, and and now I've got additional equipment that helps me do that even quicker than what I did it many, many years ago. But I am so excited to be able to to bring you the support of putting the energy back into every cell in your body so that you can truly ignite the gut, the heart.


The brain and really, really come to higher frequency and vibration so that you can just attract those opportunities to you. So I am looking forward to doing deep dives in this mastermind and really getting to.


To yeah. Manifest. What? What are you looking for in 2024? So thank you. Thank you.


So exciting.


All right, Carl.


So that means a very massive greeting to everyone who is here listening, and who might replay this and a big a big hug from my the bottom of my heart to my beautiful sister.


Us Joe and Carrie. And as always, I always give homage to the Arthur, the universe and the great elementals, Papa Tonikaku, our earth tongala the sea ranginui the sky. All of the forces that are are within us. As soon as we choose to look. So I'm Carmel.


Riley and I am from Altera, which is New Zealand and carries from here as well. And it's summer, which is why we're wearing singlets. And mostly we're at the beach. So we're the opposite to gel, which in winter.


And I'm otherwise known as the Super Manifest ** STAR because I believe very, very strongly that my mission on Earth is to bring light from the cosmos down here to lighten the load and to really.


Help others to appreciate the stars within themself.


And so I'm super excited about this dragon pick. The Dragon priestess abundant circle, AKA the Dragon Pack, because the dragon or the tiny bar is really that creative mode that you get when you've done your healing. Kerry and Jill, and we've all done our healing, right? Yep.


And anyone who's listening to this call, as soon as you've done your healing there is the creativity and there is a place in the universe called Tiki, the realm of our galactic core, which is how our union formed.


And that realm is within us all as well as being up there. It's a physical and a consciousness place, so.


I believe in manifesting with that energy and bringing that energy and and so I'm very blessed to be with two to other or any or woman who care about that. And if you decide to join with us, there listener and hopefully we'll persuade you of all the reasons why it's going to be so cool.


Then that'll that'll be the energy that I will help you to manifest down here on puppets on the earth.




Our main focus is.


Go ahead.


So I just wanted to share this list came in yesterday.


Isn't it amazing?


Luck, father.


I think it might be a pheasant I was like, is it a hawk? Because I have this relationship with Hawk. So this will go off my screen savers.


But it's still pretty cool. It's like.


Looks like a hawk feather.


Is that do you reckon?


It looks like 1 to me. I've seen pheasants and I've seen Hawks and that looks more like a hawk feather to me. But.


OK, because I've been finding a lot of hawk feathers, but this was literally coming when I was thinking about neuter and we just listened to your talk, Jill, or move to grey Mercury, Retrograded interrupted live. And I was walking along and it was in. I was like, that's a nondescript feed. And I picked it up. I always pick up.


Nondescript feathers that turn out to be amazing. So yeah.


Is that cool?


That's pretty cool.




Take us away into the discussion.


Of why we came here.


All right. So let's talk about what it is that our plans.


Are for everyone.


It's the mind, body and spirit connection, and between the three of us, we are all manifestors, not the Super super manifester that Carmel is, but.


You guys what?


Sagittarians, actually you are more manifestly than me. I have to work at my stuff. I just, just Sagittarius, in any Sagittarius who's listening to us. And we all have it somewhere. And anyone who's ruled by Jupiter. And we all have Jupiter in our charts. Which is one thing you will learn if you join this mastermind. Cause I'll be doing your charts for you.


You had them.


They so did you and snap their fingers, go to bed and there's a manifestation. So we actually anyone who chooses to be a super manifesto.


Is but Sagittarians it's you're born with it. You come from tikri, you come from the Galaxy. The rest of us are catching up.


Jill's laughing.


Well, I am because I just had such a an amazing experience with manifesting that I was just playing around. And I I really was just like.


OK, so I've heard that if you manifest or you put your intentions out on the new moon, you're more likely for it to happen. And so I picked the new moon and I picked a number, and I just kind of like set about and.


I I had.


An amazing.


Manifestation of and materialization of something that I intentionally.


I was trying to manifest.


Which is, you know, wholly different to me than.


Looking at something in hindsight and saying, oh, I manifested that.


There's a difference between doing it with purpose and doing it.




By accident in hindsight, to me anyway.


Your thoughts on that, Carrie?


I'm I'm 100% with you because you know what? The minute that you are clear when you are clear about something and you you really have to just leave it up to the universe as well. But I think your clarity is what makes such an impact and that's why I I you know, I come from a place of getting the body clear.


You know, making sure that your energy internally is actually really clean and clear because when our feel that your gut is healed, you are so in tune with that intuition.


You are really into and that's really where we all want to be is we want to be able to tune into intuition and.


Feel good or bad?


Feel do I take that action or do I just step back a little bit and because I think anybody that joins our masterminds are action takers. They are people that.


Probably have already manifested in their lives and you wanna just take it to the next level? You wanna like, OK?


OK on purpose with clarity, with a clear energy, how do I tune into more of that? How do I really get into the flow of my life? And and that's what I feel we are going to be able to help with at a whole different level at a really different level of tuning in to that, that.


Intuition that is in all of us and our our I've said it to women over and over again.


Women actually have it more than men.


They have a clearer intuition than men, and it comes from being this another energy from being really connected to your your children, your birthing of a of a business. You know it can be anything that a woman is birthing. She is so, so clear and her intention.


You know, intuition to do these things, but.


We get so wrapped up.


And laughs. We get so wrapped up on that hamster wheel, we get so wrapped up on everything else that we don't realize the power that lies inside us as women, and that's what I'm so excited to be able to bring out. And every woman that joins us is that clear intuition that you that you have. It's innate, it's in you.


And and we've just got to be able to tune into that in a.


In a way that you know is going to be right for you because you'll know when to take action and when not to take action. So I'm truly, truly excited about how much we can as women collaborate as well and. And you know what, whenever these women together.


There's magic that.


Happens whether whether you like it or not, but it's it's what do we bring as we come together? Are we together here, loving and supporting?


Each other because when we come with that energy as well, I feel that's where that's where the love just expands even more so. And the abundance expands even more so when there is so much deep, deep support and love from from fellow feminine beings. I think that is true. And I don't know about you ladies, but I'm sure you've must have read.


That book called the red.


Paint. And if we go back into times when women used to have their menstrual cycles together on full moon because that is your natural the natural rhythm of our of our cycles. Women used to get together and men used to be afraid because of the power that we had. We had this incredible power.


You know, we had a power to birth another human being. We have the power to bleed and not die. You know, we that's an incredible power that we have. And sometimes we forget.


So there's gonna be a lot of reminding. There's gonna be a lot of bringing you back into your power, bringing you back into that intuition, bringing you back to who you truly are. And maybe for the first time, it might be an opportunity to discover who you truly are to really, really get to know who you truly are.


How do you treat?


Want because this is, this is what we're gonna help in 2024 allow you to manifest exactly what you want and tune into exactly who you are and clean out all of those toxins that are holding you back and make sure that you are here for for a beautiful, beautiful, possibly your best.


You're in your last e-mail.


Women do sync up.


That are in groups it it's.


It is so amazing.


Which is also I'm gonna put a bit in for the stars here because this is my role in addition to getting helping with, you know, the manifestation process, because all of us know manifest all the time, whatever is in our life right now, we manifest.


But like you know, we all manifest in each other, and we're manifesting the Dragon pack and this Dragon pack are already there, and they're already creating well, they don't create it. The universe has already created absolutely everything. We just have to step into the allowing. But the really very cool thing about this, the timing of this nice.


Mine is written in the stars and that is the dragon which we've got as a little emblem with kind of a merger of our collective skills and practices and experience, but also the ignition of the age of Aquarius. Because next year people 2024.


Is so freaking big. If you haven't got on the Dragon bus. If you haven't got on the querying bus, then you really do need to. You need your birth chart. You need to like get up with your second house, your 11th house, which is groups and that is the Aquarian energy. Like there, Pluto's going to ship.


Shift. There's going to be a seismic shift. Pluto has been transiting between Capricorn and Aquarius for some time, but it when Pluto really shifts into Aquarius, like if we do not get some big earthquakes around the globe, I'll be really surprised. And I'm like, you know, but we aquarius's groups. It's a conscious mind.


People joining together as friendships. It's fairness. Equality. It is, you know, the water bearer that shares like we're moving out of this domination of the hierarchical structures of Capricorn.


We're coming into. This is why all these women all over.


The world and.


Like getting together and having me dances and and the other thing about Aquarian is it's the rebel with the claws ahead of the way before, you know, like we're really seeing the separation between the weirdos who have come out of the spiritual closet and don't give a.


You know, and the rest of the world and there is the separation and our consciousness. And that is what we're really gonna be able to embrace as part of the clearing.


Is shifting the resistant.


Because all of the light codes that are streaming and actually make it so much easier for us, like we don't have to work as hard, we just gonna lie on the grass, take off all our clothes. I say take off your clothes down and make it under the moon and just, you know, like really vibe and maybe not do that but depends, but the timings.


Do some timings like we have. We're starting with the dragon. New Moon on the 10th of February 2024. We're gonna kick off with our ceremonies, our ritual inductions.


That is just, there is no more powerful. This is the first positive dragon we're kicking off then and we're timing our calls around the new Moon. Full moon so.


We don't even have to do like it literally. We've got this group.


And hopefully you're on it.


And we've got us and then we, I just like stepping into this universal flow of Dragon Moon.


Yeah, it is.


It is going to be easy and that's really the message behind.


All of the.


The easier it is, the more joyful the more playful, the more.


Invigorating the more you feel light with it, the more.


The more the good stuff comes to you, the good stuff that's already there.


I really feel like this is a year where.


It's kind of been sitting on the precipice for a while now. We could feel the shift happen after 2020 where things were starting to change and it's not just like in one country this we're talking everywhere.


Everybody all over the world felt this shift.


2024 is going to be.


Their shift, and you can feel it coming already. I mean, as we sit here getting ready to step into the new Year, it's just the energy is there and it's it's more an energy, it's like a Symphony coming together and everybody you can hear the music in the background.


For all the instruments are tuning up and getting ready to play this magnificent piece and the magnificent pie.


Is is an energy that allows everyone to really stand out with who they are, who they were created to be. You came here with a purpose. We want to help you embrace that. And because when you embrace who you are, you embrace you allow.


Others to be who they were meant to be, and together we can do so much and we can create a world that is just beyond words. It's just an energy that feels yummy to live in and swim in.


So that's what we want for everyone.


We do.


Inside just I think from a practical no because.


At the end.


We have some practical business like we have, you know, like and not just us. Everyone who join a mastermind and it is a patriarchal term. So even though, you know, but the Dragon energy is also quite masculine, generally as a rule, it's quite, you know, it's quite an action orientated creative.


Mobilize it. But as we have these business networks and skills and.


The primary I guess you know physical expression is the connection and the support and the the accountability like we ever mention the accountability we're gonna make you so super accountable. We've got a structure where you've got a partner, a buddy and you're part of these pods and.


You've got the three of us, and we'll be, you know, we're all quite well, carries much more gentle. I'm really bossy. Jill's quite bossy.


I'm quite awesome.


Kerry. Kerry will listen to you and the rest of us will.


And then Jill and.


I will boss you.


I'm not blocky, I'm just overly helpful.


I'm bossy, so this accountability means that whatever you say, it's gonna be written down and you've got not just stars. You've got 12 compatriots dragging it. So we're.


Going to be.


Going, you said.


When we were working with your deep diving with it, you were gonna do this. And so and so you said you were gonna support them. So this is.


It is beautiful and it's feminine, wishy washy and loving and all of those not wishy washy but it is flowing. But it's also we're gonna we're we are merging the divine masculine which is the embrace which is the practical build the house.


Put the foundations up, launch the systems, create the systems, and make it happen.


What do you carry?


Yeah, absolutely. I was. I was just saying This is why it's so beautiful when there is additional women energy around because because it is amazing. We in in us all, we've got masculinity in us all and it's like, so when do we bring that out and when do we bring the more feminine energy out?


And and when do we take action and when do we allow the universe to handle the details, you know? So it really is going to be so beautiful that you are going to be held accountable because I don't know how many people I've coached around the world, thousands and thousands.


And when they are not held accountable, they go.


What happened? What happened?


Like I thought I had it, but that's part of us being a human being. Unfortunately, part of us being a human being is like we go back to old subconscious ways of thinking. We go back to old habits and until you're held accountable for a long period of time.


Can you change those old habits? Can you change that subconscious thinking? Can you really make the changes that are necessary?


And that's what we're gonna guide you through. So that by the time December 2024 comes and you reflect back on the year.


You go wow.


I've made substantial lifetime, sustainable changes that I can now take into my future. So yeah, I'm truly excited about about step by step.


But also about you being able to reflect back and go, oh, I can't believe that so much was possible in one year in just.


One year. Look at my last totally transformed, totally transformed. And when we look at coming together, we're not just looking at physical, but we are looking at emotional and financial and mindset wise. And so all the aspects of your well-being all of them.


Are going to be shifting all of them going to be shift.


Because they all work together. Believe it or not, you know we can't just look at physical without thinking that emotional has got something to do with that, and we can't just look at emotional things that can affect the physical. The same with our spiritual the same with our financial it's everything is connected. So we're going to connect those dots and make sure that there are so much.


In your life that will shift when the action is taken on. When you're held accountable. So really, really exciting times ahead.


And one other thing.


That I'm going to add on to this.


Because we're talking about accountability in bossy people and and.


This will help.


You might be sitting there thinking, Oh my God.


I don't want to get a vote of that. Sounds like a whole lot of work.


Well, when you're in the.


Flow. It's never work. It just becomes.


Part of who you.


Are and part of the magic of women?


Working with you is that we we have the ability to make things easy. Where?


Oftentimes when you're running up against masculine energy, everything seems like so difficult and there's 9000 steps.


To build your funnel or whatever it is you're doing and and it doesn't have to be that complicated and you know in my experience with manifesting the the money that I manifested over that three-week period.


It it wasn't, it wasn't a lot of work. I made it a lot of work. I chose to do a whole bunch of things that I thought were going to make it happen, but really, that's not what what made it work. What made it work was just listening to Carmel. When she said, you know, don't worry about.


How it's going to happen? Visualize this. Do this exercise and I did those exercises and that's what made the difference. It wasn't the, you know, hours I put into creating this program and doing all these lives and I completely I had all of these things set up that I thought were going to be like.


It's going to be the thing.


Stepping into my masculine get her done. Gal energy. But it wasn't the thing. The thing.


Was really easy.


The thing was just to relax into it. The thing was to let it unfold.


Being really clear about what the outcome was and why I wanted that outcome so.


Don't don't let the whole.


Accountability scheme.


Accountability. Bossy women, things scare you off.


Can you see? Except that this is a good point to introduce this, I pull my heart out. As you're saying, there isn't this beautiful piece of coral heart.


I pick up feathers. I hope that I pass this on to his feathers, stoned that they come to me all the time. He's another.


One, but of course.


It's just I find them on the beach. They drop on my head. You.


Name it there so.


Rock 2.


There's and rocks.


And all sorts of presents, but I think it's worth while saying, and this is not so much the accountability, but I think it's really worth worth while saying that we're going to be selective and some of the some of the things.


Because we know that if you do this stuff that.


You will be.


Abundant annual impact will increase, so the accountability is not so much that, you know, we're waving. I'm I definitely will be waving my finger, but it's more that you embrace deep practices that are bring you forward. Like meditation, deep meditation. That's a.


That is a no non negotiable part of the program as is and we could we could add a few more. I'm gonna. I've I've done my one meditation and your birth chart. There'll be two things.


But I'll really be wanting to you to embrace so that you can be your best, your best dragon. And Kerry, you've got some, some kind of.


Yeah, I'm going to bring it some nutritional value because what we do is we actually need to cure up those toxins. So if there are any toxins, but but it's going to be beautiful because I'm going to be testing your DNA.


OK, so I will get to cellular level. What is happening in your body in your digestive and immune system and your heart and brain in your muscular, skeletal in your hormones as well as arteries and veins and everything. Our test everything, nervous system, the whole lot. So you're going to have a real look and the the report.


Do is actually a video report.


So you'll get to see what I get to see in you.


And and so it is really detailed, but it breaks it down so that you know exactly where you need to focus because I get so many people coming to me and going, I'm taking all these supplements and I'm taking all this and I've tried this fasting and I've tried this nutrition and it's not working for me and it's not working for me.


It's because we all different. We've all got different things going on. So if you've got too much stress, it might just be the stress. It might actually not be the toxins, but if you've got a lot of toxins, then we gonna.


Have to clear that out.


So I'm going to be supporting the physical body to make sure that every cell is on point that you know where you need, where you.


Need to focus.


And you're not shooting in the dark at 100 different things, so this is really bringing clarity to what you have to create as far as your energy and at cellular level, we want to ignore those.


Chondria in every cell and make sure you've got vitality as you.


Move through this.


Until you had some around, it's not just and we don't need to speak about the abundance part of it, but you had a couple of you had a really clear because we do need to talk about the abundance with the 88, the eight-year. But you were very clear around what you really the kind of people that you wanted to woman.


That we're.


Going to be joining selected.


I think that.


Women that will benefit most from this are women who really have a mission there. They have a desire to make a difference, but they have an idea of how that's going to look. If you're a coach or you're.


You have some business that you're running that really is designed to impact the world on a greater level rather than just, you know, I I want to make a bunch of money. Well, make a bunch of.


Money doesn't really have.


It doesn't mean anything because money doesn't mean anything. Money is just a a representation of energy that.


It materializes in the weirdest ways, but if you have an idea of what you want that for, you're more likely to actually accomplish it. So I would like for everyone who joins us to also be part of Joanna Hunt.


$1,000,000 experiment and it's a $25 administration fee for the.


Whole year and.


Just share it with a couple.


Of friends, and it's free for you.


And it's like such a win win thing that she she goes really deep into.


What it takes to actually?


Manifest or materialize $1,000,000 in a year and it and it can look like different things for different people and a lot of people that went through the experiment the last time she ran it didn't even really want to materialize money so much as they wanted health or relationships repaired. So there are a lot of principles that.


She goes through in this experiment that I think will really enhance what we're doing with.


You as well.


And but again, that is that abundance of that comes from the collective, because the and it's and it's really comes down to actually my son was telling me that because he's grown several sizes and his biceps and he said mom, it comes down to consistency and that is in the body that is in you know.


And the the control of your 70 thousand thoughts per day and that is in you know your focus, your focus of your everyday allowing more is that consistency?


And The thing is, when you do that yourself, it's hard work like I've been doing burp burpees, 5 extra burpees a day because I've got these muscle bound sons and I'm like, oh, I need to get in shape as well. So I'm going up five burpees a day, but I know I'm going to drop off as soon.


As they leave, no.


But you know in the group you this is what I mean.


That the accountability. We're not gonna let you off the hook, are we? Are we woman?


No, are not.


We and and. Yeah. And Joanna hunters is the same. It's that consistency because you get bombarded by her emails about abundance. It's like it's right and abundant. Ohh abundant.


So I think, yeah, I think the collective end, the consistency, uh, collaboration, collective effort and consistency are going to be massive things for our Dragon Pack members and and that is that's really going to help us. But I do think there's a bit we haven't really spoken about the.


Abundance, but there's definitely.


We definitely have a goal for every single Member who has selected and you know, we are only selecting 12, but we definitely have an abundance because I think we should. I think we should be clear about that with people. So they feel you know, so they clear.


Yeah. So I'm I'm definitely as far as an abundance of health and wealth. For me, those go together because you need your health in order to create your wealth. You need to be able to wake up early in the morning and do your meditations, and you need to be able to have the energy to.


You know, do what you want to do during the day. Have fun with your family still, you know, have beautiful experiences. You need your health for that. So there has to be an abundance of health and wealth.


I mean, who doesn't want?


To explore this beautiful life of ours.


You know who doesn't?


Want the best experiences that you could possibly have throughout your life? Well, this is the year to have those experiences and to be able to afford those experiences and to be able to have the health to be able to do that. You know, a lot of people come to me because they're feeling pain because they know their bodies.


They're inflamed because they know that if they don't take action now, then what are they going to be like in 10 years time? You know, what are you going to be like in five years time?


So if you can make the shifts now in your health and wealth, how awesome is the next five years going to be for you? And so I think it's just so beautiful to bring it back to the abundance of health and wealth is just so key for us to be able to focus on both and how awesome that you've got this.


Beautiful mastermind group that you can focus on both of those and make substantial shifts and changes so that you have an incredible abundance by the end of this year and you know you set.


Up you set it.


How cool is that?


And I'll add that once you have your health and wealth relationships just kind of happen.


And we are all about relationships here and you will meet people that will be your friends for the rest of your life. It just that's how masterminds work. You just make connections with people that are on a sole level and you, you.


Are you all actually are going through a transition together and it makes it makes a community that's really special and unique and we we want that for you.


In this group.


So in order to get.


Get on the calendar to chat with us about becoming part of our Dragon pack.


I would invite you to click the link DRAGO.




Dot com and it will take you to a page that will allow you to book a call with the.


Yes. And once you book your call, be sure and show up when you say you're going to show up because we will be setting time aside, probably at least an hour.


To explore what it is that you want to do and what you want to accomplish next year and will.


We'll let you know how what we're doing looks and see if we're going to be a good.


Fit for you and see if you're going to be a good fit for us and we really look forward to having this conversation next year. At the same time.


And we'll have more people on this screen and in the the interview because we'll be chatting with all of you who decided to join us and share your experiences over the year. And I personally can't wait for that, so.


Uh, I just think just uh, just and adding to that because you are going to get some emails from us if you do have the sling?


And one of the bit like even even just going through this interview process is actually a super manifesting process because we've put in your preparation and you do have to prepare for this and you don't just show up with no idea. We've put a little a series of rituals. So that is joining up for Joanna Hunters.


A million multi million year scheme and that is actually preparing yourself a little visioning of really what clarity around what you would like and what you'd like to bring in for the Dragon.


And then the last one is really just kind of like we're gonna ask you to make a video about you. And so that we can do our preparation because this is not a mastermind where each week you just float and it's not going to be.


Floating we have time frames and we have, you know, we have. We're going to be doing deep dives, we have preparation.


We keep like it. It's it's really like joining a a corporation or.


The board and you know, as I said, I'm bossy. I've been the chair of a board for 20.


Five years? Many. Many.


Many different boards, so they run well when we have administration and and and we have preparation and we all show up. We've done our little bits of work so that we can really maximise our time, maximize our connections.


Maximize our work together and really achieve so that starts with your interview, so don't forget to pay attention to that e-mail and and and follow those preparations.


And and and around here, and that is going to prepare you. I you know whether or not you decide to stay with us.


That is essentially you're getting a free strategic planning session when super manifesting as well as your birth chart. Like those you know, that is a real significant value in our gift to you because we we we really believe in our Dragon pack, don't we?


Absolutely, absolutely. And what I just wanted to add about why we are doing interviews is really because we do want to get to know your energy and get to know your miss.


And really be able to collaborate.


You with the.


Best possible energy and missions as well, so this is not just, you know, anybody can just join up. This is really, really going to be beautifully handpicked to maximize your journey. And the other ladies so that everybody.


Actually can feel energetically. There's going to be shifts in moods so. So it's going to be incredibly special. Really special. Can't wait to meet you guys.


Thank you so much for joining me and I can't wait to meet all of you. Take care.

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