Charlene Cabral – Unlocking Emotional Healing Through Intuitive Massage

In this extra-in-depth episode, Charlene Cabral, an intuitive massage therapist, discusses the holistic approach of intuitive massage, emphasizing the interconnectedness of physical pain, emotions, and energy. Through an on-the-spot session, Charlene guides the host Jill, in exploring the emotional roots of back pain, providing practical techniques for self-healing and highlighting the transformative power of intuitive massage, even in remote sessions.

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So thank you.


Hi and welcome to the You World Order Showcase Podcast we have with us a very special guest today. Her name is Charlene A Cabral. She's an intuitive massage therapist and she helps people release the pains of their past. I am so excited to talk with you, Charlene because.


I got lots of questions for you.


Bring them on.


I love it. Thank you so much for having me here today, Jill.


Normally I would.


Ask you about you know, your story of how you got here, but let's just jump into like the Turkey Gobbler thing that we were talking about beforehand. So we don't forget it, but we may go. We may circle.


That's all right.


Maybe you should tell people what you do first, and then we'll talk about that.


Well, and actually that might be a good thing to stop with because I'm sure many of us feel fragmented or scrambled or lost or like just confused. And I say that because I've been in, in the insurance business still am for over 38 years and.


I started years ago taking all of these classes like holistic classes, Reiki. I say that because everybody knows Reiki, there's so many other things I've done but Reiki, you know, emotional freedom technique, learning about which is the tapping, doing all different kinds of classes.


The Crystal Bowls Energy School and I thought why am I doing this? I'm an insurance professional, right? Like that rigid profile I had of myself.


And I'm like, I just feel fragmented.


I always tell people now. Just go with it because you never know why you're being called to do what you're doing.


And the reason you are is because there's a purpose, and that purpose might not show up until years later. And that's exactly what happened to me once I lost a job I was at, found out. I had stage 4 breast cancer. My husband of 23 years decided to give me the best gift.


Ever the gift of divorce.


And I went to massage school at night. My family helped me take care of the three kids and became a licensed massage therapist. Because I love energy work. I did all of their holistic program as well, learned everything they had to offer. And then I started massaging. And it wasn't until


I was working on this one individual and it all came together.


And I do that because throughout life, where we're fragmented, right, and that's what we're here to do is pull pieces of ourselves back together. And that's what I want to help people with and helping them with. So that is when intuitive massage came to being because all of a sudden it came together. And yes, I'm massaging the person.


But I was like ohh you have a pain.


Here this means this and.


This means this and I'm pulling in chakras and meridians and.


Like all kinds of things, and doing energy work and it just keeps evolving and.


What's interesting is when you're working with people and I.


Thought of this?


Because the last person I worked with over the weekend, she was.


Like I can.


Feel that I can feel that. So it's really cool as you start to realize that you too can feel what's going on and then you can put the connection.


Together and that's what I.


Want to help people with?


Yeah, a lot of times people just think massage is somebody rubbing on you nicely and it almost never is.


Remember, never, never.


Raised time. I had a massage. It actually felt like I had done a whole bunch of illegal drugs. I was just like.


In another place it was a euphoric experience and it lasted for a long time.


And every and I'm glad you said that because people have said to me, how long does it last? Everybody's different. It depends what's right there in your system, ready to let go. So I've had people say I had a session with Sharlene and the pain didn't come back for a year. Well, I explained to them the pain didn't come back. It was the next layer.


That came up but good for you. It took a year for that to come up, whereas other people, they might go.


So you know 3-4 days a week, whatever the case might be because they have so much in their system. That's right there on the surface that wants to let go.


So it's, you know, that's why I'll never say to somebody. Ohh you should come every week or you should come every you need to go by what's going on in your body.


You need to do at least once a month.


For self-care like maintenance, making sure that everything that's stuck in your body, not just you know, the biological and anatomical, you know, repositioning of things and we don't claim to be, you know, chiropractors and readjusting but when you help somebody to release the tension and the pains in their body.


Doesn't it make sense that things just realign?


So yeah, and then you compound it with the work I do, which is making them aware of you're releasing the stress and the tension, stress and tension is a result of emotions.


And also a muscle. And what I'd like to do with people is it's interactive. So I'll ask you questions that might seem a little stupid, but it's really to make you have the, uh, I'm. I'm asking you cause I already know, right? I already have the uh huh. I want you to know. So an example. I'll say things like, OK.


So a muscle. What does a muscle do?


It resists, right? I won't drag it out because I don't want you to have to hang out there and be like, oh, where's she going with this? Because sometimes some questions are more obvious than others, but muscles, they have to have some resistance, otherwise our bones would just be flapping around, right? It has to have some resistance to attach to the.


Other bones so that it allows you to flex and move. But if we're in pain, does the body not like resist, right? So it resists moving forward. Well, take that for an example. If somebody has hip pain.


And they're like ohh geez, I have really bad hip pain. And then we start talking about it. Is it the soaz muscle which is in alignment with your third chakra that attaches to your iliac spine and then comes across and attaches to those, the ASIS, which are those that big knob of a bone in the front?


It's if it's resisting, it's preventing you from moving forward, which means it's preventing you from being yourself. So it's not just the muscle that's resisting. Subconsciously something's going on in you where there could be fear coming up.


Preventing you from moving forward.


And we're attached to those emotions because it could be ours, or it could be something we inherited through our DNA.


And regardless if it's us or you know our ancestors, because it's in the bloodline, it's there because believe it or not.


It wants to protect.


Us think about this. You had a situation and you got hurt either physically or emotionally. You got somehow wounded, right?


Not only your mind, but your cellular memory remembers true. So what happens is your body goes never again, right? You get hurt in the area of love and your heart goes never again, never again, never again. Right. So or not you're hot. But you're subconscious to protect you. So it could be shutting down the heart. You could be holding it in another.


Area. So it's just fascinating when you can tie it all together and looking at where they have the physical pains in the body tells a story.


OK, so are you willing to, like, do a little on the spot work?


Absolutely. Bring it on.


I've been struggling with back pain and it's like right in the middle of my back behind my heart chakra and.


Like and my shoulder blades. And I've been blaming it on my chair.


But it it's like.


Every day I come in here and I sit down.


And my back.


Is killing me.


Well, I shouldn't say that, because then it really will.


Be killing me but.


No, you're just aware you're aware of the pain, and that's what he. Because what I say to people is I want you to have the emotion, right. So many times we hear. Don't talk about it. Don't talk about it because you're putting that out.


Then I'll even say that sometimes, however, a thought is still a vibration. So even though I don't say I'm in pain, do you sit down and go, oh, your mind's going ohh. I'm in pain. You might not have said it, but the thoughts there. So the thought is a vibration. It still puts it out there. So I want people to have the emotion.


Because when you have the emotion.


Something is in alignment, the emotion and the pain is in alignment, and now I can help you to connect with that and you move it out of the body. People have said that intuitive massage with Charlene is like massage with therapy. And I've had psychotherapist say to me, wow, some of the stuff you say or ask.


Is what we tell our clients and I say, well, what do you do? And they say psychotherapy and my usual response is, well, just imagine how much more powerful it would be if you're massaging because when we have a conscious awareness, does it just leave the body?


Sometimes yes, sometimes no. You might need something to help direct it out of the body, and that's how this works. And if somebody is not local because I have. You asked about individual versus group sessions kind of just leads into that as I have done group sessions.


Because not everybody is local. I've met people in Hawaii and they'll reach out and they'll be asking me chilling. This is going on and that's going on.


So you just guide them through the process and then I will give them some techniques that they can do to try to clear their energetic system and then they can always go and get a massage in their area while focusing on just continuing to release what doesn't serve me.


So it's fascinating work, but let's go to you. OK. So and all of a sudden, hold on one second because.


Things come to me that I never know, like the colors you're wearing purple. You're wearing blue tattoos. Talk to me. Nail Polish talks to me like because it all means something, right? The color of the Polish. The tattoo means something, and people will be amazed by it. And I'm like.


And it's also no coincidence you put it on the right side of the body versus the left side of the body and where it is. OK. So let me go to your question.


So when we look at the pain that's on the back, the back is first of all the past, right. We carry everything on the shoulders, on the back. We're like lugging it around. So when you say the mid pot of the back like behind the hot chakra that actually.


I was going to say what I find is a lot of people have stuff going on with the hot Chopra, so no coincidence this is coming up. So the reason for that is because we.


Come from a bloodline.


Have you, your ancestors other people? You know, stories you've heard? Have they not learned to shut their hearts down to themselves?


Right, in order for safety, security, finance, love, acceptance. I had one client during the session, she said. Oh, my goodness. That's my grandmother. And it was rejection came up. So she didn't want to be rejected. So she shut her heart down. So guess what? You don't want to be rejected by somebody.


Which means you're rejecting your.


Right. So we're shut and I'm consciously aware of, I keep saying the word right. I don't know why, but it just happens. So I apologize, but it goes on all the time.


So again, we're shutting our hearts down for whatever reason, and you might even know the reason that either you or in your bloodline, they've done it.


And so that's why it's behind the heart. Are you in the work that you're doing? And maybe when you're sitting down, your subconscious is going ohh. No, Jill's at it again. She's doing these podcasts, and she's gonna learn. And she's gonna heal, evolve and transform stuff from the past. And we want to keep her safe and keep ourselves safe. So we're going to.


Show the pain there so she doesn't keep doing this work, and sometimes people will give up. Does it make sense they'll get.


It makes total sense.


Yeah, they'll give up because the pain. So, so.


I don't know. So intense that they can't move forward, so they have to stop what they're doing. So if we can do and we always hear baby steps, someone I know use the word turtle steps, which I think is brilliant because it's even smaller. Right, like, little like.


And they're so.


Ohh slow. Yeah, they're so slow, so we just need to.


Who give ourselves that grace because we're so human that we want everything done yesterday and then we get in a state of depression or sadness or whatever I call it the quicksand and.


I have moments. I'll be honest, earlier today something hit me and I was like just.


And I don't even know why, but what I did was we don't always know what we're thinking, but we know what we're feeling. So we have to become conscious of how we feel. And I just automatically did this. Oh, no, I'm not going there. You're not sucking me in the quicksand. Right. So you have to talk to yourself.


Redirect it if you stop going with the dialogue of the pain and my heart hurts because this person did this to me and this did right and we start telling the story. The story is a great if we use them as.


Power to move us forward, but if we use them to anchor us in right because again, there's that emotion, that there's the attachment to the emotion that anchors us here. So we can't move forward. So that's why when you feel it. Oh, no, I don't care what's going on here. I'm open in my heart.


I'm expanding to myself.


Because so many times people will say, well, Charlene, I do love others and I and I said that's again, most of us are taught to love everybody, but even to the even to the expense of yourself. How many times were you told? Go give someone so a hug or a kiss when you were little.


Right. And you're all like, I don't want to do that. But you just did it because you were little and.


You conformed.


No. Why should we have to keep shutting our hearts down to ourselves? So now's the time to learn how to open that. So for you, I believe that's what's going on. The work you're doing. It's opening. And try it next time you feel the pain. Even check in now.


Right. If the pains there just talk to it. Oh, I don't think so. I'm continuing on the journey. Not now, not.


Today, go away.




And then the shoulder blades. So even the shoulder blades, right? If you're in pain, that muscle we talked about. So is it pulling it like this? Right. Because you're in pain. So you're going to try to release what the pain is, which means you're actually curling into block the hot instead of expanding it and squeezing.


Hers and breathe into it if you have to get like a stick that has a ball or whatever on it and just like tap on the back, use that to keep pounding on it, because what you're doing too is.


It's so if this was your back because I'm like, I can't really do this on myself and you can't do it. Right. But if this was the backside of your body is the pain the shoulder blades, is it in the middle? Is it out here? Is it closer inward? Where would you say it? Is it the whole shoulder blade?


It's on my left side and it conforms to my shoulder blade.






I have to write notes down because things come through when I don't want to forget anything because it's all important. The left side is the female side of the body, so the female side could be a physical female such as yourself. It could be your inner female.


Is it the?


Pulling together what we already talked about.


That the female.


Has learned to shut her heart down.


To receiving because the female side is about receiving the male sides about.


Giving and I'm laughing cause I remember when I heard this in yoga years ago I went. Are you saying men giving women take and then I go? No, Sharlene, it's energy cause women can hold a lot of male energy even though they're female. Right? So explore that. Is there something that's trying to hold you back? And if the shoulder.


Is think about it. I don't know why I'm doing this, but if it's like all around that shoulder joint, it's like it's pulling it back rather than out and open to receive. But again, what does that mean to you? It's the female, and if it's going all around the shoulder?


Again, technically it could be trying to hold it back from expanding that reach of receiving and a lot of times when I'm massaging people not only in their shoulder joints, but even in their hip joints. It's almost like I feel it going all the way around, like Bob Wire or something that's trying to hold you.


In place and to some people it could be Bob Wire to other. It could be like Thistle. You're out there in the woods and it gets all around you and tries to hold you back. So whatever it.


Is to you.


But the reason I asked is if it's around the whole shoulder blade, then it's taken into consideration all the energetic lines meaning either air, fire, water, earth.


So what does that mean?


Ether is about creating space and people say space from what it all depends where the pain is. So the space is creating space from that incorrect perception of shutting your.


Heart down, right?


Also close to the spine, which is where ether would be is also the bladder Meridian, which is about fear.


So I would guide people through the process of giving yourself and you can even do this take.


A deep breath in.


Hold it. And when you exhale, you exhale out your mouth. So deep breath in. Hold it and give yourself permission to Create space. Releasing the fear and opening the heart to yourself. And then exhale out the mouth.


And even though and I know we're on a show. So you were soft with and I'm like, because I want to get it out of the body. You want to expel it out of the body. And as I told you to do that automatically, I put an energetic shield up because I'm like, we're facing each other and I'm having you release your stuff. I don't want it blowing at me. No offense.


Yeah. Good.


So I was consciously aware of that.


But and I don't know if as you do this, you start to feel more space. So I would guide them through the process of you're giving yourself permission to Create space from the fear of opening your heart to yourself, which is going to open you up to the next line, which is creativity and expansion.


Right and expansion for what the next line fire element, which is about joy, but a lot of times before we can get to joy. Now we need to come out to the Earth line, which is about not only grounding, but it's also about letting go of those beliefs that don't serve us and the next line which is the water element.


Which is emotions that don't serve us. So I might stop from close to the spine, creating space from the fear of opening the heart to yourself.


Releasing those beliefs that no longer serve you as well as giving yourself permission to let go of those emotions that don't serve you, which allow you to open up to joy and receptivity. I'm getting the chills in the top of my spot and the top of my thighs and thighs are about grief.


Also, that's validation, right? But the that's something shift.


But when I'm getting it in the thighs and I mentioned thighs are about grief. It's also part of first chakra. So is that confirmation that maybe what you're feeling there is?


Subconscious DNA. Not necessarily yours. And there's so much grief that they're afraid to let go. Let you let go.


Does that make sense?


What's going on now?


So my father-in-law, he lived with us for like.


I don't know, 18 years.


And near to us for like 22 years.


Passed away in December in this room.




And I think the pain actually started.


Maybe back in?


November, the early part of November.


He was he was OK and he was living on his own at that time. But my husband was going up there often to help him.


And the reason that he didn't live with us for the last four years is because he was driving me crazy. But he.


How was he driving you crazy?


And my husband.


Just got his own stuff and I was.


Than dealing with stuff other people stuff so.


That my husband was gone all the time.


He was a.


Truck driver and.


It was, it was time for him to live somewhere else, not with me.


And I think he felt it too. And we, you know, we made-up.


Along the way.


So when he died, it was, it was.


It was good. He had a good death.


I'm wondering if maybe that's not because it's feeling looser actually, as we're talking about this interesting.


Exactly. And that's why intuitive massage some things will come through that, like how will I know? Right, like the tattoos and stuff or I. I can't even tell you stuff that comes through, but.


I like to explain this because everybody has their own perception. I've had friends say Sharlene. It's intuitive massage. You're supposed to be telling me everything. Go thank you for sharing that, because that's your perception. Where does that means you give your power away to other people? I don't want you to do that.


I want to be able to help guide you through the process you have the intuitive hit, and then you make the release.


Because I can't force stuff out of your body, just like people will say we were talking about this earlier. They get on the table and they go all right.


Make the pain.


Go away. Right. They just think they're going to get there and drop on the table and you're either going to do a light massage and make them feel really good, or you're going to do a deep tissue massage.


And like, rip it out of their body. Right. And the problem is what?


I just said to you.


I cannot force something out of your body, so I will guide people through and if you don't want to do the work with me, you don't have to. But I'm still going to say, alright, let's do some breathing and you don't have to do any of the connection. But if you have a pain right here and I'm like working it and working it and it's not moving, it's because it doesn't want to go. So if you think somebody else is supposed to get rid of it.


You're sadly mistaken, and you're gonna get off the table and you're gonna be really disappointed with that message. But it has nothing to do with them and.


That brings up projection, so you're, you know, disappointed in them, which is really, are you disappointed in you? You didn't do the work. I'm saying, Joe, you do this. I'm putting it on you instead of taking my own responsibility. Nobody lives in here except me.


Right. So we can have people you go to the doctor for them to give you some guidance.


Right. And I know a lot of times people have been programmed to say they're fixing me. No, they're not fixing you. Nobody's fixing you. The only one who can fix you is you. And that's because you're assuming something's wrong with you and nothing's wrong with you. You're just trying to call all the parts of yourself back. So I tell people, pay attention to your.


Turns because when you say, oh, you know, I was disappointed in that message. That's meaning. I'm putting it out here instead of. Well, if I'm disappointed out here, I need to turn it around and say, what am I really disappointed in here was because I didn't listen to how that person was trying to help me.


So they could move it out of the body.


Just like you were talking about your father-in-law and you did feel the space.


The things come up in the session like.


You'd be amazed and it's because that needs to come up to move out of the body. I've had people.


I'm working on me and neck and all of a sudden I hope I don't offend anybody. They're like, do you remember? Have I ever told you about this sexual experience? And I'm like, no.


Like I'm not going to judge because that needs to come up.


Well, the reason it needed to come up is the person has sleep apnoea when they're on the table, they're constantly doing this, like putting their head back because they can't breathe.


Is that connected to the trauma of that event? And the answer is yes, so that needed to come up. So I'm not going to judge somebody for bringing that up. Now with that being said, my messages are 100% professional. If anybody thinks otherwise, they're going to be in for some serious trouble.


I kind of joke about it. I tell people, you know, it's best if you don't. If you're getting a massage, it's best if you don't have underwear on because they can do a better glute massage and doing a better glute massage releases the upper torso and the lower ******. But some people get freaked out and I say, listen, I'm going to tell you this.


Hopefully to make you laugh. But I mean it.


You covered the whole time, except when I need to address parts of the body. I said you don't want to show me anything and I don't want to see anything. So we're on the same page, right? So hopefully I'm sharing this. Who knows? You might want to cut it out, but I want people to know it's professional. I'm here because I want to help.


Like any of that other stuff, and I don't think I'm going to attract that because that's not in my energy field. But still I like to make it known.


Going back to South.


Such a like a stigma about it for so many years. It's just like, no, that's not what this is.


About something totally different.


Exactly. And you know, if that's what you're looking for, I'm sure there are people out there. But you picked the wrong.


Person to call like.


Yeah, that's just not in my energy field. If people come to my house, I'll say to them, if I don't know them beforehand, I said, listen the tables right in front of the.


I have a slider I said and I have a central station along. So if anything inappropriate attempts to go on, I'm going to pop the door and you can get your naked *** out into the woods and the cops will find you because that's just not going on it. It's professional. I want to help people so and I also like.


To make people laugh.


So hopefully they'll get a chuckle, but.


I mean, so now coming back to you, when you were talking about the time that he, it was time for him to live somewhere else, not with me. And I didn't take that but those words.


It had nothing to do with him. Was he symbolic? The projection of that inner male right or there you go. I can see it in your face. You just had an awareness, right? And I'm getting the chills, too. Was there a connection of? It was time for him to go. Go live somewhere else.


Not be with me.


And you also said it was a good death, so whatever, and not just him, but did that.


I want stuff to be ebb and flow, right, a male and female should be ebb and flow, but because of our past, it's not like a lot of times it's out of alignment. It's either the male pushing at the female or vice versa, and I'm talking internally, right? So isn't it interesting that he was there to?


Help you heal.


And you helped him.


But he helped you to heal to the point that now it was time, not only for him to go somewhere else, but you were talking to your inner critic, your inner voice. And it was a nice peaceful death, true.


So it's fascinating when you look at all of this.


And you say, wow, you know, I would never think to go in that direction.


I never go in really expecting to bring things up because I don't know what's going to come up and based on words that you say, how would I know to say that ahead of time? I didn't know. I didn't know what you were.


You didn't even know that I was.


Going to ask.


You about this and I do have to tell you the I was feeling a distinct.


Amount of pain in my back and it has dissipated.


I can feel it moving away.


And you haven't even touched me.


And that's why group sessions work. If people don't want massage, I also offer what's called ask Charlene so we can do half hour an hour sessions where it's just what you and I are doing here. So it helps them to have that awareness so they can.


At least I told you beforehand, or I said here. I don't remember if it was recorded or wasn't, but I have people in Hawaii that will reach out to me. I had people that they were in Martha's Vineyard. Now they've moved to Arizona and you know, we would be talking. And then before we went to maybe a next piece, I was going to do.


She said to me, Charlene, I don't feel that you need to do it. I feel that. And I said I too feel like a big pot left. But I'm feeling like and we did do the next piece and then it just brought it.


To a different level.


So Ian, because you and I are not.


Obviously in the same space where I can massage you and move it out of the body, what I would suggest that you do is make sure you drink water right to be flushing it out. Also, Epsom salt baths cause Epsom salt baths not only help with the physical body.


That helps to clear the energetic so your aura, anything that moved out and might be like in your aura that will help to clear it.


And people said, well, I don't have, I don't have a tub or my tubs broken. Right. So what I do is I have this.


Dead Sea salt scrub.


It's just like body wash and ohh yeah, my body just feels like it's radiating afterwards. Some people have said Ohh well, I soak my feet in Epsom salt.


I go OK, but that's just your feet.


Why don't you?


Like if you want to stand in your tub, your shower in the Epsom salt, but use that right or make a separate thing of the scrub and use that to wash your whole body. Because if you're standing in it, you probably don't want. Well, what's the difference if you're bathing in it, you're.


You know, still laying in it. So you could like just scoop it from that basin or whatever and wash yourself with it. So be creative with you know, the use.


Of it and then.


You know, be aware of wow. How am I feeling? And tell your body how you feel.


So many times after I'm massaging people, I'll check in on a regular basis and I'll say how you feel and.


I get this feel good.


I'm like, really. Did you? Did you see my body?


Like watch me, Jeff, I feel good.


How exciting is that? I go. No, you need to tell your body. I feel fabulous. I feel amazing. Cause if you tell your body, I feel good, that's all it's going to.


Give you is I feel good.


I want.


And she keeps slumping down and closing up.


Listening to this.


Like you want to be expansive, you know, so declare it how awesome you feel. Because I want by you doing that. It's also a way of like gratitude. So it's energy vibration and you can feel it right. Anybody listening to this like?


Do it. Just go feel good and feel how contracted you are. Then go. I feel amazing. I feel awesome and do it a few times like even with the hands and like you can feel your energy just goes boom. It's.


Just like radiating, and you might think you're crazy. And that's OK. I really don't care if people think I am because I know I'm not.


But the more you do this, you can actually feel it.


You know, people say rub your hands together. I'm sure you've seen this right a million times. Rub your hands together and like just.


Separate them. Sometimes people can only go this far. I remember doing this. I was at one of my clients events and she had everybody do it. My arms were like back here. But I also work on her and I'm like, I literally can feel it all the way back in. Right. Because the more you do it.


You can sense it.




All right. Also, I don't know why I want to.


Protection. If I forget this, remind me of it. Actually, I think.


All right, that's going to be #2 number one, I want to go to your colors, if that's OK, because it keeps calling to me, so.


As I said, and let me ask you, do you have any tattoos?


I do.


All right.


Can I ask about your tattoo? Where is it?


It's on my left ankle and it's.


And what is the?


2 Ones A complete line and then the next one's a dotted line.


And it has a little.


Thing that drops down and it's 1/4 moon.


All right, so it's almost like it's almost like a shame.


A charm.


Yes, it's like an anklet. Like 2 anklets on my around my ankle that cross.


That have a charm that's in that's in the.




So isn't it interesting that the thought came to me to?


Ask you about.


That so also, what did you say? What side was that on?


I heard you.


The left side.


Tell me. OK, I heard you say the left. I wrote it down, but I wanted you to be aware, because when you mentioned the pain in your back. Where is that? Or where was it? Outside. OK, so just being aware. And when people have pain on one side of the body.


On my left side.


That also is a sign of the gallbladder Meridian. It's not saying anything's wrong with your gallbladder. I've studied meridians. I'm not an acupuncturist, but I've studied Meridian massage. So


Learned a lot about that and I blend that in. And isn't it interesting? You're kind of like.


I lost my gallbladder. Actually, I had it removed.


OK so.


Right around the time that my father-in-law left.


And I do blame him.


For the fact that my gallbladder attacked me.


A couple of things.


So see. See what I'm talking about? Like, I don't know why I'm going to catch this and how it leads into something else. So we have a number of things to talk about. Color the tattoo, wiping your nose, blaming him and.


Yeah, OK. And then we'll go back to protection.


How to protect?


Self. OK, so let's just do the color. OK, so you're wearing purple and you're wearing blue. OK, well, we know. Well, I shouldn't assume because I don't know how many people are going to be viewing this, but if somebody doesn't know purple is your intuition, right? It's your third eye. So is that a sign?


You know that it's all about connecting with your intuition, and there's something with the fact that it's like a eggplant, it's like, and there's something with that word too. Eggplant deep. So eggplant. Something's rooted because I'm like, OK.


Eggplants come from a vine, right? It grows on a vine and it there's a root to it and I'm getting it's a deep purple. So all of this is tied to.


Together and it, you're wearing it as a shirt. So that means it's covering the shoulders, which are the heart chakra right around the neck. So speaking, the truth is, are you?


Unconsciously aware of your subconsciousness saying yes, you need to keep doing this work to do the deep dive into.


Your emotions, because the blue is over it and blue has to do with the water element, which is about the bladder and the kidneys which are about the emotion of fear. So notice how you got the jacket if you will. And I know it's like overalls, but it's almost like what I'm getting is like a straight jacket, right? It's not a straight jacket.


Their overalls.


But have those emotions been a straightjacket to prevent you to get to what's underneath? Which is your intuition, which is going to go.


You and it you it's assurance. So again it's covering the whole torso which is connecting with all of the chakras because it's up here, the throat, the hot chakra, the third chakra emotions and it even comes down and might be covering part of the first chakra. Right? Because some.


The shirt could be long, so isn't it interesting when we look at the colors that we choose? Right. And you're like Shawn and you get black and white? Yep. Because nothing's black and nothing's white. It's the end and the flow.


And that just came to me as like I have no idea why I chose this today, right? Is it also seeing it into the darkness to bring you?


Into the light.


Right, you have to go deeper into those emotions to set yourself free, and that's what you're doing with your podcasts, and that's why you've been having the pain, as we've been talking about. Right. And when you can keep doing the work and talking to that pain. Oh, no, not today.


I'm going deeper into this. Set yourself packing like your father-in-law set yourself packing.


Right, so you're declaring what you you're claiming your space, you're claiming you, and as a result of you doing that, you're letting go of those emotions that no longer serve. And when this is all gone, that straight jacket and I hope you're not taking offense to that because that's what's coming to me. But I don't mean it that way. It's.


It's like it's because it's the strap, right? The strap and like, harnessing you in holding all of that there. So you don't get to the emotions. But now that you know, just keep doing it. Keep doing your work, whatever you guided to do.


Then you're going to find what you can release in emotions, and then use your intuition so that you can be on your path as to what you need to do. And then when we're in that space, like, everything just flows. We're not stuck in the quicksand. We're not stuck in. Oh my God.


I hear everybody talking about stuff that's going on in the world and I don't want to dismiss.


But I don't want to get stuck in it either, so I don't pay attention to it. And I say to them, as I said earlier.


Have your emotion.


What's going on? Why do you feel the?


Way you do.


Great. Now let's not stay stuck there. What do we need to do to evolve out of that? Because I can't change.


The situation I can't change them, I can't change the corruption. I can't change whatever right. I can change me. And the more I change me and I elevate out of the quicksand. Right those emotions.


Then I come out of the quicksand and other people are going to be coming with you, right? The work you're doing. People are listening to you. You're helping them to elevate out of the quicksand. Hopefully, when they see you know this podcast that's going to help to bring them out.


Of the quicksand.


And just keep doing the work and doing the work and doing the work. So that's about the colors. Then let's see the tattoo.


The tattoo you said again on the left side of the body, which we already know is the female. So is it a female? Is it you? Is it a male who had a lot of female qualities and that's it? You just don't know those. What does a female mean to you? Is it about?


Being loving and compassionate and caring.


But not to all of you, to me, to myself.


Right, because a lot of times you're.


And it's interesting. I'll talk about the ruler too, if you'd like.


I got this one. I was 62.


You were six each.


And 63 now.


Year. Then you got it, OK.


And it is a Crescent moon. And I was born on a Crescent moon.


Waning, waning mood. And it is me.


It's me in rebellion to some extent.


All right.


And an expression of.


This is I'm allowed to be who I.


Want to be?


Amen. Amen. That's what it is. So


The reason I think I got triggered by rebellion. There's like a negative attachment to that word. You're not being a rebel. You're claiming you're declaring.


Who you are.


Be positive about.


It right, that's what you're doing, Jill. You're not being a rebel. Unless you were never a rebel and you feel like you have to be a.


Rebel. I don't know. Maybe a little more.


I tried for a long time to not be a rebel, but it is who I am. I am the kind of person that just stands up and lays it.


All out there and.


I I've reached a point where it's just like, it's OK. I'm not for everybody. I'm not everybody's cup of.


Tea and I'm good with that.


I completely agree, but just explore and I'm not here to tell you what it is. If you are a rebel, is it? Or is it you finally not feeling like that fight or flight? The rebels like having a fight, right? Which is again the action that male. So could it be?


That you're actually declaring and claiming, so you're owning more of the female rather than that fight or flight.


So maybe see.


I think so. Yeah. Peace is my word for this year.


Awesome. Awesome. Also I want to mention because I wrote this down you said you.


Were 62.


So I don't claim to know all about astrology and.


All of that.


However, I do know some about numerology, so six and two is 8/8 is about abundance. So when you were 62.


You were claiming, right?


Who you are, and in reflexology, the wrists and the ankles, have to do with emotions. It's also part of the lymphatic system. And then when you look at again what?


Are the lines.


Same thing as your SCAP. You were talking about earlier, right? The shoulder blade. It's that tattoo goes all around. So it's.


Everything. It's creating space from all of those emotions and the feet carry us.


True and it's an extension of the first chakra. Anything from the tailbone down is first chakra. So you weren't just declaring for yourself. You were also declaring for your bloodline that.


There's abundance in this time moving forward, right? The steps we're going to carry. And it's not just our.


Physical body. It's also the emotional body. So you're doing some change in what you're carrying in the lineage, OK?


Does this.


So fascinating I.


Charlie well.


Thank you. And I love this because and I've had other massage therapists saying, Oh my God, this is so cool. Where did?


You learn and I.


Go. I kind of create it. Well, not kind of. I did create it myself and there I think the reason that I said kind of is I don't want to take possession or ownership of it because it was guided to me.


Right. And he was doing the work and then something higher.


Said here it is.


So yes, it's my work because I'm the one pulling it forward, but it's because I did all that work in the past to.


Now be able to go like it just and again.


It it's incredible when I feel fragmented, I'm writing things down. I'm talking and I might be over here and I might be over there because this thought leads to that leads to this, which somehow wraps around. So I just go, you know, it might sound crazy, but just.


Go with it because in the end you'll get the, you'll get the message so.


We get the 62, the tattoo being around the ankle. Also it's like an ankle that what a ankle let's made of.


This is like see this is where I know the answer, but I want the person to engage with me. So you're right, they made of metal. The metal element has to do with the lungs and the lodge intestine. And the reason I do this is the meridians, the.


The lungs start here and they trace.


And they come out.


Your thumbs, right?


So the lungs and then it wraps and it forms a pattern so the lungs and the large intestines, both sides of the body, make up the mental element, which is about the emotion of grief.


OK. So isn't it interesting that the these are the feet now, right. You got the ankle at.


Carrying the grief of the past.


OK, so you put this.


Tattoo around your left ankle, which when I'm getting is kind of symbolic of the grief they've been carrying and also was it a sign of you breaking that grief? Was it like more ******* to try to keep you down because they knew you were going to be on this path?


Ohh, doing what you're doing with the podcast, right?


So you're setting.


All of that free, who knows? It could mean anything. I share all of that because I want people to know. It's not black and white, right?


So whatever it.


Means to you is what it is.


But you said there's two of them.


So what I just got two of them is.


Is that symbolic of the male and the female?


Right. Ah, partnership.


They're not the same. One is 1 is solid and one is dotted, so it could.


Got it. Thanks.


It could be true also, could it be symbolic of so many times people are looking for relationship, right? But it's out here. You're looking for it out here.


Really, they're not aware of it's here. You want to find that union, that relationship, that partnership with yourself you're trying to call together your own inner male and inner female. Right? So was there some symbolism in that? And even the broke the, the, the one that's kind of.


Dotted is that symbolic of one is for.


Ohh, it's complete. There's a circle the others dotted, so there's breaks in your wholeness that you're trying to call back to you.




So just explore that and is it the female because you put it on the female side?


And it could be and I'm not trying to pick on men because again.


There are men that hold a lot of female energy and vice versa.


So what I say is I call it the June Cleaver SYN.


I used to hate June Cleveland and I don't mean that in a bad way. It was the symbolism and I think it's because when I was a kid and you saw the show, it's like I didn't know that I didn't like it because it was just fluff. It was just smoke. And I hate smoke. I tell people all the time.


Listen, if you need somebody to be like sugar coating things and like stroking you, I'm not the person for you because I don't want people blowing smoke up my skirt. I'm not going to blow it up yours. I want to tell you the truth. I'm not trying to hurt you, but isn't that how we learn?


That's how I learned.


And having an opinion.


Yeah, exactly.


And she didn't have any opinions.


To she just like.


Does she? Everything was relegated to the man.


Yeah, but looking back now and also that was symbolic of my incorrect what I call incorrect thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, perceptions.


From childhood and they were incorrect because nobody ever explained stuff. So we saw whatever was going on and we internalized that and got wounded by it. And that's how our life unfolded. But it was also symbolic of I thought my dad was controlling my mom and then I was mad at my mom for being so stupid to.


Control. So I vowed never to be controlled by a man. And then I married somebody who let me do everything which was indirectly controlling me.


Right. So which leads to the rule.


Yeah, see. So here's the ruler. Let me draw this. I'm going to draw this for you. He has 12 and he has one.


Is it buttons there?




This isn't going to work well because when I do it this way and I show it to you, the one looks like it's over here on the right side, but it's really not. So you guys know what the ruler looks like, right? Here's your ruler. Here's the one. And here's the 12.


So on the left.


And what I've come to realize.


Is where are you on the ruler?


I'm over here on #12 and what because of my incorrect thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, perceptions. I believe I'm here to save.


And rescue everybody.


More so with relationship. So who do I attract as my husband? I met him when I was 16, right? And I told you we were together. We're married for 3023 years together for 30. So who do I attract somebody that's so wounded that he's number one? It's all about me.


Right. So then I had this awareness as I was explaining this to somebody the other day. And I said, Oh my God, look at this. I'm the female. But I'm over here on the 12th. And what am I attracting the physical, biological male that's on the number one all about him?


So the male is looking for the female who holds the male qualities to do and do and do right. And I'm doing the reverse I'm looking for.


Oh my God when you look.


At that it's like.


Oh my God.


The awareness that went off is like I'm holding the male energy of #12 and the male. The biological male, is stuck here on the number one. So he is looking for the female that strong, that can take care of him.


But I'm looking for the wounded female. Is that because I got to fix my wounded female? I need to save and rescue my wounded female? Yes.


Yes, because where do we want to?


Be on the ruler.


You want to be, right? Yeah. Centre. You want to be 6.


Right. And six on the ruler and notice where it brings me right here. My horror line. Front and center. That's the fire element. That's joy. It's about being you talked about blaming your father-in-law.


I'm not out here in the fragmentation when we're blaming, shaming and complaining. We're too busy being out here and there's no judgment in that. We all do.


But we're not here. It's not safe for some reason to be here. So we blame and shame and complain right? When in reality, if we can have that awareness, why? I'm blaming shaming or complaining. What is it that I'm? Tell me. What were you blaming him for?


The way he raised his son.




Can you be more specific? What specifically about that bothered you?


I have a relationship not too unlike.


What you're talking about?


I've recognized it.


Over the years I married two people like that.


Because I have.


I'm very masculine in a lot of the way that.


I control myself.


I am.


Exploring not being that way so much, and I think that.


He lived with us for so long. He lived with us like 18 years I've been.


Married for 28 years.


I'm sorry, 28 years.


Yeah, to.


To my current.


Who I do love.


I feel it's important to put that.


Up there.


And he is.


He is actually doing things.


Because he's been home for two years, so around the same time that I got the tattoo, he came home off the road.


So our whole relationship has been changing over the last couple.


Of years, which has been really.


Really wonderful. But I think we're both, like, moving on the spectrum of the of the.


The ruler.


Years ago, when he did live with us and I did blame him because I felt like his son, my husband wasn't spending any time with him.


It was all on me and.


He was the kind of person that was really.


Hard to get along with.


You know, they're just some people that are like that. They try really.


Hard but they.


They just have a lot of self esteem issues themselves that they project on other people.


And I was struggling with my own self esteem issues and I didn't need his help.


But he was a mirror of what was going on in you see. That's why I tell people have the emotion. So I don't want to say to people you're angry right now. So you're gonna blame that.


Few things I want to mention to you is the fact you said he lived with you for 18 years. Numerology 8 and one is 9/9 is about endings. So he was a gift. And when he finally left, it was ending of what no longer served.


New right and now something new was coming. And then you told me you were married. You're married for 28 years, 891010 and 110 is 1 and 0, which is 1 new beginnings.


So isn't this fascinating that he was there until it was time for him not to be there because energetically, he helped you, even though you might not have known it to release the pains of your past, and now your husband is new?


Beginnings with him because all of a sudden he's home.


And no, home isn't just our house. Home is here. So were you coming here? He's coming here. You're moving to six on the ruler, which allows for. And you also said two years he's been home for two years off the road. Right.


That was 8 new beginnings.


But also two years to me, two was symbolic of partner Union, right, that ebb and flow. So you're connecting and healing the male and the female, which now allows him to heal his.


Her abundance.


Because we don't even know it's all energy. So if you're holding more of the male energy, are you saying right?


That I want you. Or how do you do this? No, it's receiving. So you're blocking. So you're doing this. Come on. Come on. I want relationship. But I don't. Right. So isn't it interesting? Because if you want the relationship but you really want it with yourself, but you're going. No, I don't deserve it. Then how is that a mirror of?


Your relationship with your husband at the time.


But now you're.


Opening up and you're more in alignment with the six. You're more in alignment with that ebb and flow. What allows for him energetically to heal his own stuff. And now he comes back home not only to the physical house, but home to himself, home to you because you have that.


Have and flow that partnership and off the road, so again the road that's like travel, right, the journey.


And also he was a truck driver.


Cars. Trucks. What are they made of?


Metal panel, lungs, lodging, testing grief, right.


So we were locked and caged in our own grief, right, which meant he had to be locked in his own cage and grief driving the truck.


Right. The truck, it was his own cage.


Makes sense?


So you lightened up on your mail, which allowed for that ebb and flow, which then shifted your relationship.


And that's why a lot of times people don't get the and it's not always that way it because sometimes the person came in to cause, people would say, well, Charlene, how what look at what happened with you? No, that was that was a blessing that we got divorced and.


Like I remember years ago, an energy person said to me when I asked some questions and the person said, let's just say he has a long way to go to catch up with you. And it's not because I'm better or no, it has nothing. I was just doing my work and he didn't want me to do with the work because he knew at one point he was begging me not to.


Continue doing the work because he could feel the disconnect, but he wasn't willing to do his work to heal himself, so maybe we'd.


Still be on that?


Level. So it's like, you know, think of the balloon, it lets go and mine floated away and he's still stuck in the quicksand, even though he was able to heal and evolve a piece of himself through relationship with me and my family of value, because he didn't value.


Himself, his family never treated him. You know, again, why did he end up as #1 on the ruler and was searching for the number 12 female to balance what he couldn't ground in himself?


So it all makes sense.


So we did the blame. We did the two years ago, we talked about projection.


Let's see. We talked about the rule. I want to talk about.


Protecting yourself?


And again you already.


Knew this, but I want to make sure.


Your listeners get.


This when you write down like journal.


Why was that?


Father-in-law of mine ******* me off, right. What am I blaming him for?


There's no judgment in it, it's an emotion. And when you can understand what you're blaming him for, it's because you're blaming yourself for it and you can't attract or have something that you don't give to yourself.


Right. So I remember years ago after the divorce, a friend of mine was interested.


And he would say, how come, not me, how? And I didn't know why. I just, you know, we've been friends since I was 15, but I didn't feel that way. And I did what I call equalities activity. So you write down the qualities of each person. So I wrote down the qualities of this individual.


And then the.


Light bulb went off and a friend of mine said Sharlene, you have all those qualities, I go.


I know I do, but I give it to you and to you and to you and to you and to you and to you. I don't give it to me. So if I don't give it to me and that person shows up, might be the best person in the world.


But I'm rejecting those qualities in myself, so I don't think I deserve those qualities.


So that's the.


One and years later I ended up saying, you know.


Remember that time?


And he said, yeah. And I said had nothing to do with you, nothing to do with you. So honest to God when something's going on to all your viewers in your life, it really has nothing to do with you.


Something's going on with them, right? And yes, you're part of it. So maybe you need to explore things, because why are you blocking? Maybe you part of your journey was to show this person what they are worthy and deserving of.


Who knows? So again with what you were saying and make your reiterate. So your view is understand, when I asked you what you were blaming your father-in-law for and you said it was all on me. Was that really him or was that your programming that said?


I'm #12 and I need to take care of and save everything so it's all on me.


Oh, absolutely.


And then I get angry. Then it's all on me. But who put it on me? I did.


Right, so be aware of that. Let's see. Hard to get along with.


Are you hard to get along with you?


Yeah. Yeah. When we think about it, yeah. Really am. Yeah, see.


They try they. Let's see. They try really hard. No, they try. Really. I missed the rest of that. But then you talked about self esteem issues. But then you did catch it. Not a lot of people would know that, right? They try really hard. But they have self esteem issues, OK.


And they might.


But is it because they're showing you that you have self esteem issues and you did say that?


That that was an absolute.


Sure. Yeah.


So and you did say it, but again, I wanted to reiterate that because I want to make sure your viewers understand. That's why like we can and I have a friend that.


She's always like blah.


Blah blah around what's going on and I'll say OK.


Tell me what's going on. How are you feeling? And then I'll say, what's the opportunity?


You know? And if her boyfriend only knew half the time when she is going down this road, he might be thinking off. Charlie's like ripping me apart.


I'm like, is that true? Is he doing that? How is he showing you this? How is that you right like.


So, but both parties have to do the work and you doing the work caused the shift and now all of a sudden he's back home. You called him back home. You called yourself back home.


So congratulations, good for you.


Like that, yeah.


Do you do you want to?


Do you want to talk about the protection part? And then we'll.


Talk about how people can reach out to you and.


Have you helped?


Them the way you've helped me out because this has been pretty amazing.


Good, good. I'm glad. And you know I love when it takes a different spin.


Because yes, you're getting them in front of different people and hopefully you're helping them. But sometimes the question might be.


Asked a different way, but you feel like you're still going in a different direction, so it was really great to do what we did because people can see that, wow, this can happen if you're massaging.


But it doesn't have to be a massage. It could be just like this. And again so many different ways of doing it. I'm putting together a program because I want to offer it not only to individuals, but businesses, because what businesses don't realize.


Help but your employees release the pains of their past, then that improves them to be the people they want to be. So then they're being, and that means they're going to be helping you get to where you want to go. It's a win. So I.


Want to? I want to talk to businesses.


Oh yeah.


Well, you know what are you offering for benefits? So different programs as to how many hours a month maybe I work with their employees and again.


It could be by zoom. It doesn't have to be.


In person.


However, but to answer the question about protection, and thank you, because we would have disconnected and I.


Would have been.


Like ah, like.


I forgot to tell them.


So I'll give you an example. I was doing a couples massage the other day and I'm working with this client and she said, oh, we got to talk about because it ties in with the hump and the goblin. OK, so.


You might be saying what are you talking about? I have clients that they call it the hump, you know, on the back of your neck. You have, like, it just feels like a hump there or you have.


They call it the dowager's hump.


OK, everybody calls it something different, right? Or they call it the gobble. I would call this the Gobbler. Right. But what? Whatever it is. But I found that this could actually be connected to this.


Yes, right. But through massage you can help. So this might have to be something, but we could also connect and explore, because let's just look at this and this for a second. When you look at.


And can I ask you to hold for just one second?


I'm going to go get it. I'm going to go get my tongue, Randall. So I.


Can use that to explain. Hold on.




She's off grabbing her doll when she's talking about the Turkey gobbler. It's under your neck or under your chin, where your chin goes around and connects to your throat. And then how that's connected to the hump that some people develop.


In the back of their between their shoulders, right at the base of their.


The base of their neck where that.


Bonus that sticks out. It's not.


Feeling on the back of my neck for it.




Interesting conversation.


OK, she's.


Back, all right.


Thank you and sorry about that actually I found.


My Tom Randall.


So I don't know if and I was somewhere last night and they were asking do you know about this so.


Tommy tan. He owns us place in Quincy called Tom Rent and it's actually just tapping on meridians, not just so it's another way of incorporating the Meridian.


So that in case you're wondering what this is.


And this isn't the device because the device.


Is a metal.


A metal hammer and you just tap. But I came across this and we were talking about it earlier.


You know how I.


Said get something. Look, it's just.


And you can just.


I like that.


Yeah. So and again, you can say those things we were talking about. So I give myself permission to Create space.


Release the fear.


Release beliefs and emotions that don't serve.


Open up to joy and then.


Expel and. If you don't know, should I be breathing out the nose or out of the mouth? I tell people this.


We don't yell out our nose.


OK, so if you like.


That I try to.


Come up with things that make you laugh and that you're going to remember. So with that being said, it's.


If I'm angry, I yell.


You open in your mouth, so if I want to expel tension that's in my body, you're going to open your mouth. So you take a deep breath in and hold.


And then and expel it from the body. If you have anxiety, and maybe we can talk about this another time, because now I'm like, oh, I'm trying to throw everything. But if you have anxiety, this a technique I've been teaching people. But again, it's.


So book a call and talk to Charlene for sure.


There you go. So deep breath in. Hold it.


And then you exhale out the nose.


But I can teach you more about that and try and, you know, get your energy to drop into your body so that when you have an anxiety.


So the Tom Rendell, the reason I went to get it is I wanted to show the you know the.


Extra skin we have going on here and also that hump that people have this I need to make sure I have this with me on sessions from now on to explain to people so.


The reason I say that is you had made a comment earlier about age brings on these gifts and it's like no, it has nothing to do with age. It's because we're evolving how much is stored in our cellular memory, how much is coming up from the past right here is the.


Grief shoe point right in meridians. So we hold a lot of grief right here at.


The top. So if we're holding tensions, you ever notice if you can't rub between your spine, but you have a someone at home? Like just go like this? Wow. It's tense in there. It's tense in there. So if it's tense in there, do you think energy is not flowing? No, it's not.


So hence it builds and builds and you get the hump. Well, the same thing here. Like get into your neck and be like, holy smokes. Look at the tension in here. So how much is stuck in here, where energy is not flowing?


Right. So if energy isn't flowing there then it adds to this. But now let's turn it around because muscles insert and attach they originate and then they insert. So the muscle here stops and then it attaches so notice store.


Part of the throat. So if energy isn't flowing all in here, is it going to contribute to this? Yes. Now you go. What does the neck have to do with anything? The neck is a joint. Joints are E.


Ether is about creating space from what?


Not speaking your truth.


Throat chakra and grief.


So it has nothing to do with our age. We're just getting to places in our development where our bodies are continuing to heal, evolve and transform. And now we think, wow, look at all of this in the body when really if you could work all of these points.


Right. And you should see like some of the massages and I connect with all the bones I get in here to the teeth and yeah, everything. So it helps to get things flowing.


I also explain this to people is.


This is a basin, right? And this is the drain.


If there's no clog in the drain, there's no water in the basin. If there's a clog in the drain, the water backs into the basin.


This is our dreams.


This is the base.


Right. So if we have clogs, it backs in it backs in, but clogs can be many things. And to me, I love to take it to emotions because that's what's stored on a cellular memory.


Fascinating, Charlene, this has been.


Such a powerful conversation. Not only does my back not hurt.


Anymore, I think that is just like.


Yeah, I just can't tell you how grateful I am to you for that. But all of this other information that you've passed on it has just been like.


I don't even have words for it.


It's just amazing and helpful.


Not just for me, but I think other people that are have listened to this conversation or are like, Oh yeah, I can relate to that and maybe I have that and I strongly encourage anyone who's listening who maybe is thinking.


God, I I'd really just like to.


Have a conversation with her about this.


Go to her website. I'll put the address.


In the show notes.


And you know, book a call with her just.


See. See what she can do to help you. What she thinks is the best way to address the issues that you're having and go from there. This has just been so amazing. So


What? What's the one thing?


Like the audience to take away.


I mean, there's just, like, so much.


Pay attention to how you feel right. Don't dismiss how you feel, but don't get hung up in it. Like what is the emotion about? Why am I feeling the way I'm feeling and believe it or not, when we're angry, for example, right or scared, our energies up here.


So you might not be able to just think like meditation, right? You ask.


Why am I angry?


And normally something will come to you or thought will come to you, but it you have to do the breathing and get back down into your body so that you can ask and then that awareness can help you unfold the next layer and the next layer. So


Do not dismiss your emotions. Have the emotion, but then check in with what's underneath the emotion.


And I'm not only going to share with you later, Jill, if I haven't already. My contact information. But I have a linked tree account and it's, you know, I'm going to share that with you because it's like 1 location where they can see my treatment menu, my website, like everything.


And book a book, a call with me. Like we can chat for a little bit and I can't tell you that we're going to chat for half an hour or an hour, but we can chat and talk about what this will look like going forward and.




I don't. Something told me to share this is I have something else I'm doing which is called host and ask Sharlene potty so it could be in person.


Or it could be through zoom. So what happens? It's kind of like having a pampered shaft or a home interiors or whatever home potty, except you as the host attend for free. Your guests pay a fee and.


Figure we're going to be there at least two to four hours. Look how long we were here, right? And it could be however you want it to be. But I think it's more powerful to do it in that group. So as we're all connected, I'm going to talk to, let's say, Jill. And she talks about what you know is going on with her.


By sharing everybody else, I want them to pay attention because it's all connected. It's a different flavor of what you're going through and you can release your own pains by what's going on with other people.


Bless you.


Thank you.


The audience missed the sneeze.


Sorry, I just keep going and going and going, but it's like I feel guided to do so many different things and offer in so many ways because the other thing is people that want to do and ask Charlene, you know, host and.


No, that's.


Charlene potty. Then they earn based on how many people are there they can earn.


Free massages and discounts off or other sessions, and if they're not local, they go OK well, then we work sessions like this. If you're not local. Where I can't put my hands on you, then we can be creative and doing like a session. I did with Jill. And as I said, I've done work with people remotely.


It's energy. You don't need to necessarily put your hands on somebody.


And I'm here to tell you.


She knows her stuff. My back feels great. It's like amazing. Thank you so much for joining me, Charlene.


Thank you.


Thank you. I had a blast.


Me too.

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