Brandi Van – Tapping into Psychic Powers!

In this fascinating podcast episode, psychic mentor Brandi Van shares her journey from mediumship to empowering others in developing psychic abilities. She delves into self-trust, spirit connections, and diverse psychic skills like mediumship, healing, intuition, and telepathy.

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Hi and welcome to the You World Order Showcase podcast. Today we have with us Brittany Van. She is a Brandi van. I'm sorry.


Brandi Van.


I can't believe I said that.


And I can't read today.


Apparently, it's right there on the screen. So brilliant.


And welcome to the show. She is a psychic mentor.


Or who helps people jumpstart their psychic abilities. That is really interesting to me, and I can hardly wait to hear how you got started in this and what it is that you actually help people do. So welcome to the show, Brandi.


Sure. Yes. Thanks so much for having me.


I appreciate it.


Hello to all the listeners out there. Thanks so much for tuning in. So yeah, I was a spiritual medium, so I was, you know, doing a lot of mediumship readings, which is great because I totally changed my view on death, you know, because I can still talk to deceased loved ones, which is amazing.


But I remember back to like my very first start of my journey.


And there weren't really any mentors out there. There's no class. There's nobody to talk to. So I was, like, receiving messages from spirit. But I didn't know who they were for or what they meant. And it took me years to find a mentor, like, there just wasn't one out there. I was reading books. I was watching TV shows, but nothing was really working. And so.


You know, although I do love doing the mediumship readings, I do still do them. I was like, I need to take this a step further and really create more light workers in the world. So let me go ahead and create this mentorship program where I can let people know that we all have these abilities and I can teach them, you know, A-Z, a road map that's proven that I've created.


To get them to develop these abilities.


That is.


It's such a necessary thing. I mean, just like.


We've had these.


Things around us for so.


Long, where women are.


More intuitive, I think, than guys are for the most part, it's not that guys aren't intuitive, it's just that women have this intuitive nature and for so many centuries, women have been just like oppressed because of it. And it, you know, when you tell people you're a psychic.


Medium. I'm sure a lot of them. They're just.


Like, yeah, sure.


But it's a thing and everybody does, I believe, have psychic abilities. We just.


Tend to have it trained out of us because of people going. Yeah, sure, yeah.


And not only that, we're not, like trained that way, but also a lot of people don't even realize what a psychic experience is. So like, if you experience Deja vu, they might not, you know, correlate that to a psychic ability. But that is one of the abilities, or if you like, can see something out of the corner of your eye. That's the psychic ability. So if people don't even know what they are.


Or what to look out for? They don't even realize that they're having these psychic experiences.


Yeah, and they're.


They happen to us every day. I mean, it's just most people don't recognize it.


Yes. Yeah, exactly.


So do you have some tips for how to recognize those sort of things?


Sure. So the first thing you know that's really important is to. So let's say you create something in your mind. So if you're using your imagination and right now I told you to see the orange right like an orange fruit. So you're seeing that in your mind. And the more vivid you can get it, the you were looking for the size you're looking for the color.


And then if you throw it up in the air and.


Mind like let gravity go away. Don't see it. Come back down. Let it go away and that will actually train your brain because not only are you making something vivid, but then when something comes into your mind that you didn't create, now you can recognize. Ohh, that came from Spirit. So it's a it's an easy task to do to just get your imagination.


Knowing you are just using your imagination, but then you're able to recognize when Spirit might give you a vision or a symbol or an image in your mind that you didn't create. So that's a really easy one to try.


That's really interesting. I was doing the exercise as you were talking about and the more you practice visualization.


Techniques like that, the easier it gets to just like you know you could.


Do the little dimples.


On the orange and it gets really detailed, yes. And I think you know that's part of the process of knowing what your images look like versus when images just drop in on you and you're like ohh, that's really interesting. I don't understand.


That one.


Because that's not what I need.


Yeah, exactly. Yeah, exactly. And you really have to see it that way. It's a muscle that you've never worked out before. So it does take a lot of practice and you know, just like as though you were gonna play the piano or learn how.


To play basketball.


I mean, you have to learn the steps you have to actually practice at it and eventually, hopefully.


You'll get really good at it, but it is an ability that we all have. It's just, you know, first you have to obviously have an interest in it. Then you have to learn how to do it and then you have to.


Practice, just like any other skill or talent out there.


So how did?


You get to the.


Point where you could tell who your.


Messages were meant for.


Sure. So I went through the mentorship and.


I was able.


To then call spirit on demand. So when you have someone in front of you that you're doing a reading for, they're called a sitter. So I would practice on practice, sitter. So every week I had a group that I would join and we all practiced on each other. And so it's really like.


I would ask you know, who am I connecting with? How long ago did they pass and how are you related?


To them.


And at the beginning it was very simple like ohh your mom likes the color right out. You know when she was alive. And then it got really started to get really detailed in terms of like, here's a specific memory from when you were younger or she knows you're doing this with your life right now and she's not sure it's the right path for you. So.


It gets really specific.


But the problem is your rational mind.


Comes in and your mind is like you're making this up. This isn't real, you know. And so you really have to trust your intuition and quiet that ego, that rational mind, or else you'll never begin to self trust yourself and get those validations. So.


It really comes down to like steps that you do to actually call a spirit in, whether it's a spirit guide, a deceased loved one, an Angel, whoever it might be, and there are certain steps that you need to take to protect yourself and to get into that, you know, meditation mode, I guess you could call it. And that's what I teach in my program as well because.


It takes a long time to learn those steps, so it's not like I would just sit here and tell everybody them right now because it would be impossible for them to learn it right now. But there are certain steps that you take to get there.


That's really interesting. I done like and I've done an Akashic journey with a friend of mine and but instead of her doing it, she had me do it. And part of the process was hypnotherapy, which is not hypnosis.


It's a.


It's a state of being.


It's that allows you to just relax enough that you.


Your rational mind takes a vacation.


For a few minutes.


It's just. It's letting that part go and just being able to sit in.


And whatever is coming up.


For you and recognizing it and being relaxed enough to just accept.


What's being said? Are you Claire audient?


I am mostly their audience, so I hear the message, but it's my voice, but it's not my thought. So imagine when I'm 10 years old and I'm hearing things in my mind that I know I didn't just think of. So it's the same thing as the images, but it was the thought going on. And so I'm like, I didn't just think that and then on top of that, I'm also clairvoyant.


Where I'm able to see the visions and the images and symbols. So it almost comes to me like a home video or like I'm flipping through a photo album is kind of how I can describe how I see.


It in my mind's eye.


I know I keep saying, oh, that's so interesting, but it really to me, it is very interesting.


So do you work with groups? How do?


How does how does working with you look?


Yes, I work in a group setting because I love the idea of the like minded community because as you were saying at the beginning, some people just think we're making this up or we're crazy. So I love that we can all get together in a group and tell each other our experiences so that you know, it's non judgmental we can share in a very safe.


Based it's a 90 day program and it's full of there's like 70 exercises. I have all of them on video so that people can play replay, pause them. However they need to do it and it's not a matter of you know, do this exercise one time. It's do the exercise until so until you feel something.


Or hear something, see something and you feel something has changed in that.


Exercise and it's not a matter of, you know, magically in 90 days you're going to be psychic. Maybe you will be, but I can't guarantee that. It's just that if you keep doing these steps, you will become a psychic and there's so many different types of psychics out there. So, I mean, you could be an empath or a healer or a medium. You know, there's so many different types out there.


And then you can really have a career out of it or a side hustle, or just keep it to yourself. But I do find that most people want to then share it with other people and help them as well. So yeah, it's definitely in the group.


Adding I do biweekly Q&A calls so they can ask any questions and then I also have the private Facebook group because I never want them to feel alone. That's the whole point is that I don't want anyone to feel alone like I was for many years.


Yeah. And it's really.


Though it's becoming more accepted, at least in the circles that I run in.


For the longest time, people were just like, no, she's.


That way.


And I think the.


Woo is coming in. People are just. I'm starting to realize that it's.


Whether we want to acknowledge it.


Or not. This stuff does exist. These abilities do exist. I.


Mean we've all.


Had that gut feeling about somebody or someplace where we've been, it's just like, no, there's something wrong here. I can't rationally tell you what it is.


I'm out of.


Here and that's your intuition and.


Really, what's being psychic is all about is depending on your intuition and your and tapping into the greater consciousness that exists.


Exactly. And you know those skeptics that are out there. I always this this is how I combat skeptics, right? So they're always are about the science and the science can tell us about our consciousness and our brain and our mind and how all that works, which is awesome, you know, of love, science.


This is but.


They can't tell you how subjective experiences work. There's no science to prove what I'm experiencing and what you're experiencing. You can't tell by looking at us, whether you're a believer or a skeptic. So if I have a toothache and you have a toothache and it's the same one, it could be like totally painful for me and not hurting you at all. But no one would know that.


Because no one knows what you're experiencing just by looking at you. So that's how I'm always like, I know I'm having these experiences and there's nobody external that could tell me that I'm not having them. So that's how I always have, like, you have no idea what I'm experiencing.


And it doesn't make you.


You may have these abilities, but you're just a normal person. I mean, you do normal things like, you know you're a foodie who's allergic to everything, and I want to.


Know about.


That I'm just going to ask you about it because I don't get it.


Ohh, I'm allergic to everything in terms of like nature. So like I basically I'm allergic to everything outside and everything inside because I'm allergic to dust as well and my own dogs. But I have them anyway. But so I've had three anaphylaxis attacks and they were always from something in the air. So like and they could they can't figure out what it is.


So I'm like, great, I'm just like allergic to.


The air.


So I was in the melting pot once and you know how, like, I don't know if you've ever been there, but you're there's like, a lot of fondue and there's lots of oils. And I had an anaphylactic attack from that because of the oils from the food in the air. So it's. Yeah, I just feel like I'm allergic to everything. I always have to have my EpiPen on me. I'm taking a ton of allergy.


Vacations, but luckily I'm only allergic to like anchovies and peat pine nuts, so not too many foods, thank goodness, because I love eating.


Yeah. Yeah, I'm. I'm so glad that it's not food.


Cause I mean.


I love food too. I like really good food, well prepared and just like the whole experience.


Of the meal, it's just like.


It's the thing.


Yes. And as you were saying, like I have to be a normal person because if I was in the spirit world all day long, like, I would totally lose my reality. You know, I wouldn't even be, like, feeling like a human.


Anymore. I'd just be like, talk.


Kind of dead people all day, which I wouldn't want to be doing that all the time, so thank goodness I've learned to, you know, set my boundaries so I can let spirit know when they can contact me versus them. Just come in anytime that they want. So yeah, if not like I wouldn't be able to live a normal life so.


Yeah, an interesting thing that you're bringing up about boundaries.


For the other side.


But how does that work?


Yeah. So just like you would set a boundary with a human I every morning when I wake up, I set my intention and I let them know, you know, basically you pretend like you have a brick and mortar business. So my open sign is today from 9:00 to 5:00, but you can't bother me in the evening. You can't bother me at lunch or dinner. And you really have to let spirit know that because if not, they will just think that you're.


Always open and you always want to receive these messages because when you become psychic, you're like a big ball of light energy, like a big ball of white light. So not only are you seeing spirit, they're seeing you. It's a two way St. and they want to come toward that light because they know you can get their message.


Across so I just have to be sure to be like, yeah, I'm closed right now. So you even if you try to come, I'm not going to give your.


Message anyway I'm.


Closed or if I don't feel good or I'm on vacation or whatever it is, they have to know like I am not going to receive your message right now.


But do mostly do you mostly.


Get messages for other people, or do you get messages for yourself?


I get both.


Yeah. So if I do a meditation, I can definitely tune into my spirit guides and ask them.


Pins and then also if I'm doing a medium ship reading I.


Can do a deceased loved one and sometimes more than one loved one will come through and I can also do spirit guide readings for other people as well. So yeah, it's just a matter of how you are able to like channel yourself in and connect.


And do they have to be psychic or is it just totally like a one way St.


No, it's a one way street. But I'll tell you, if I do another.


Psychic. It is so much more powerful because that person is totally open minded. They know how to do it, you know, so it's like it's both of our energies connecting and I get a really strong message whenever I do a psychic. So it's really interesting how that works.


So do you do?


The practice things with your groups is that.


So right now I just hold the groups and it's for my clients to practice, so I'm just kind of like the facilitator to get the sitters to come in and practice with my new clients so that they can get the practice. But at one time when I was practicing, yeah, it was me with these sitters and.


A lot of trial and error because it really the purpose of the circle is to get your trust going, because if you don't trust yourself, you'll never get the message correct, because sometimes there's not a validation. You know, I might say something and the sitter could say that makes absolutely no sense, but you still have to give it because that's the message that came through. You have to trust it and then maybe a week or two.


Later they'll be like ohh, I talked to my mom and it actually did make sense. It just didn't make sense to me at the time. But if I had didn't say it and trust myself, then they wouldn't have gotten the message. So yeah, you always just have to really self trust is a huge thing.


So the sitters.


That your group practices, it's not practicing with each other. It's practicing with outside people.


Yes, outside people, yeah.


OK, OK. And I know that you.


Have a little e-book. I don't.


Know how little it is? I was. I was trying to start to read it.


And then you showed up.


But I'm going to read it after I get.


Off of here.


OK, great. Which is about discovering your psychic ability.


Please talk a little bit about that.


Yeah, it's a very small book. It's really more of a guide. It's only like 12 pages and it's more of a quiz. So it's called discover your unique psychic ability and it's really to show you in case you don't know what your experiences you're having that are psychic and then it breaks it into what type of psychic. So whether you're an empath or a telepath.


And you're just gonna do the quiz and see which most adds up for you. And then by that you'll be able to tell what type of psychic you are.


Oh, interesting. Do most people fall into one category or another, or do they kind of have a little bit of everything?


Yeah, some people can have one. Other people can have 10, like, everybody's different. And even through my program, like I have clients that they have abilities that I don't even have. Like, I've created this road map thinking it would just get them from.


How does that look?


At oz.


It's like creating these light workers that you know someone can cross spirits over into the light like I've never even tried doing that and she can do that. So now I'm learning from my clients and then I have another client who's an angelic killer. He can say someone's name, pray for them through the archangels and his validation rate is amazing.


It's like 80%. I would say people who have been in comas are coming out of comas. People that have been in Hospice are coming out of Hospice like I didn't even know that was that thing. I can't do it, but it's amazing to see how many types are out there that I didn't even know when I'm creating them. And I didn't even know I.


Could do that, right? So it's awesome.


That is really interesting. So.


What are the basic ones?


So the basics are so a medium is someone who can talk to a deceased loved one. So all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are medium, so not everyone can talk to a deceased loved one. And then there's spiritual healers so they can heal someone even if the person's not in the room.


They can, uh, do some healing on that person's physical body or mental emotional states. There's also intuitives that can help you connect with your spirit guides. They're able to ask the spirit guides if you're on your right, you know right path and help you. Maybe with, like career relationship those type.


Things. And then there's also telepaths. These are probably like the top four or five and they are able to communicate with animals. So whether it's an animal that's living or an animal that passed over, they can use their brain waves to be able to connect with the animals and get messages that way. So yeah, but there's so many different kinds. And it's so awesome.


Really interesting. I've known people that actually.


They talk to animals they're like.


They're able to communicate with animals. I've tried to do it myself with some of my pets, like I'll call them in my.


Head try to get them to come.


And you know, sometimes it actually works. Kind of interesting.


I wouldn't say my, you know.


Success rates very high, but.


Hey, good for you for trying though, yeah.


I tried.


That's good.


So it's really fun to experiment around in some of these realms that you know.


I get it, it's it. It seems so odd, but there's there really is a lot of science behind some of this stuff and how it works and the energy that's involved in it, because it's not really we're not anything more than just energy and.


Exactly, yeah.


I know you.


I think we're, we're solid beings, but really.


We're not.


We're just a bunch of energy.


That transfer around and.


Leander through the.


And we have different vibrations and frequencies and yeah, absolutely. And there's even groups out there that scientists are working with the mediums to see what goes on in their brain. So they're like putting electrodes on them to see, like, what happens whenever they're able to connect. So who knows, maybe the scientists will take my job. I hope not. But, you know, maybe they're gonna figure it out one day, and everyone will be able to do it. But.


I always look back like 100 years ago. If someone would have said, oh, we're gonna have the Internet and be able to look up anything at any time, they would thought that person was crazy. So you just never know how we're gonna evolve. And maybe one day they're gonna figure it all out, you know?


And it used to be that, you know, mediums were kind of more, more present than they are today back in the 20s, the turn of the century and up to like maybe the late 20s, people were going to seances and you know, that was that was not an unusual thing, but.


Yes, absolutely, yeah.


I think at least in this country, are you in the United States, I should ask.


You that I.


I am. Yeah. I'm a Philadelphia, yeah.


Talked to people.


Oh, you're in South Africa. Well, it might be different than.


So yeah, I know that it was it was a bigger thing than it is now. But I think it's.


Making a comeback. Things are changing so much right now for the last couple of years.


And it. Yeah, I even think like, you know, as bad as the pandemic was, like, was that our turning point? Because I feel like a lot of people turn to spirituality then. And so it's kind of like, did that happen for that reason, for people to turn to spirituality? I don't know, you know, but.


Yeah, even back in the 1800s, in the Victorian era, like that was a lot of mediums. And there's a book out there, it's called the spirits book by Alan Kardak. And that book is so awesome of any of your readers wanna read it? I totally recommend it. It's basically him asking questions and the mediums giving answers. And it's like, you know, as though the Bible.


For Christianity, this is like the Bible for spiritualism, and it really gives you a great overview of what spirits are saying. And all these questions that they're answering like.


Blew my mind.


I remember back in the 80s when Seth came out and I actually read it. It was super interesting. He was a.




He was a spirit. It was a book that was spirit written.


Again, a lot of a lot of negativity was around that at the time. But the book itself was interesting and you know, it was.


It's just there's so much.


There's just so much out there and.


If when you.


And there's too many people having these experiences. Like, what are we all making it up like? There's a lot of people out there, you know, so we're not all making it up like, yeah, they have to start.


To see that there's a pattern and some consistencies here for sure.


Yeah. And it's just tuning in to what is around you visualizations when you try to visualize your future. I know.


Joe Dispenza does that a lot. He's about you.


Know make yourself feel like you're going to feel when you want to feel.


When you want to have.


With manifesting, yeah.


With manifesting and I mean that's just that's just an exercise in intuition and moving.


Moving the cosmos to bending the cosmos to your will, I guess is the best way to put it, but he does a lot of data collection around that. You know, it's just not. He's not just saying, oh, just do this because I said he's got, you know.


Probably thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of people who've gotten amazing results from just.


Doing a simple thing, it's just really meditation.


But it's a process.


Yeah, it's putting that intention into it. So you're really living with intention and then there's also if the manifestation doesn't.


Work for anybody out there that maybe it's not working. You know, your spirit guides are going to step in and say, like, this isn't for you. So if you're trying as hard as you can and it's not working, your spirit guides are going to step in and be like, this is not the right path to try a different one. So if you've been trying a long time, it's not working. It could be that your spirit guides are trying to tell you something.


Yeah, because we all come here with a.


Purpose, and I think our spirit guides their job is to like, keep us on task where, you know, we may think that we want to be millionaires and live in a big


Yes. Yep.


Castle and take all these exotic trips, but that's not why we.


Yes. Yeah.


Came here this time.


So stop trying to do that.


Just, you know, get back on your job. Your job is to help the poor people. You're.


Not living in a mansion. I'm sorry. Exactly.


What is the one thing you would like to leave the audience with today, Brandi.


So I guess the one thing of course, if they want to check me out, if you go to my website brandivan dot com, that's Brandi with an I, you can sign up for my e-mail newsletter list. You can get my free e-book. You can even book a discovery call with me because I would love to hear about your experiences and to see if you're a right fit for my program.


But I think I just really want to remind everyone that.


That even if you are having a bad day or a bad experience to try to change your mind into thinking like, why is this happening to me and change that into what is this teaching me? Because I think that can really get you to look at things differently and give you.


A little bit.


Of you know, self compassion and self forgiveness to yourself.


To just look at it in a different way. So I think that's what I would like to leave with the readers whenever they're having a hard time.


I like that. I like that a.


Lot it really the whole gratitude list.


It that's.


It's just about shifting your perception of what


What's happening in your environment?


And gratitude is really a state of being. It's not just like making a list of this. What I'm thankful for, it's just that constant state of being, of being grateful. So yeah.


And just allowing things around you to be and not having to have them.


Go your way. Which


You know, and then you get upset because.


They didn't go your way.


So they weren't supposed to anyway, so.


Exactly, yeah.


And people can find your.


E-book on your website. It's really easy to get and I'm going to go read it after this.




Let me know what you find I.


Was excited to hear.


I will. I will.


Thank you so much for joining us today, Brandi


Yes, thank you so much for having me.

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