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Be sure to log onto Zoom from your laptop or Desktop computer and have a notepad and pen handy for taking notes.

Plan on spending at least an hour as we discuss where you are now with respect to making a living pursuing your passion and some options to get you where you hope to go.

A passion to profit breakthrough session can help you:

  1. Clarify your passion and turn it into a profitable business idea.
  2. Identify and overcome limiting beliefs and obstacles preventing you from starting a business.
  3. Develop a clear and actionable plan to turn you passion into a profitable business.
  4. Gain confidence and motivation to turn you passion into a reality.

Do You Already Have a Business?

  • Let’s look at how you can scale.
  • Strategies for finding clients.
  • Coaching on how to convert more contacts into customers.

Letting these Limiting Beliefs Keep You from Having the Breakthrough You Deserve?

Fear of failure or success

Self-doubt and insecurity

Lack of confidence in their ability to succeed

Financial concerns or limiting money beliefs

Unclear about their passion or purpose

Feeling overwhelmed by the process

Negative past experiences with seeking help

Belief that they can handle it all on their own

Fear of the unknown

Trust issues or fear of being taken advantage of.

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This is a no pressure zone. We will focus completely on you, and what you want to accomplish. Give yourself the gift of spending some time focused on you. Get clarity on what you want to accomplish in this life. I sincerely look forward to our conversation!