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Luscious Hair: Ayurveda Secrets to Achieving Beautiful Tresses

I did what I thought was impossible and that’s why I believe you can do it too.

Even though I had been practicing and following Ayurveda for many years, I was losing my hair. I took appointments and tests with doctors and found some important information, but it didn’t change that my hair was still thin, frizzy and falling out. Based on the history of hair regrowth, I thought it doubtful that I would ever have a luscious hair again, but I was wrong.

I wore extensions on and off, and then consistently, as my balding became more apparent. When we relocated to Sicily, my daughter refused to put my extensions back in. She found bald patches where the weight of the extensions had also started pulling out my hair. I was embarrassed and sad, I honestly wondered if my marriage could withstand me wearing a wig after just turning 40. I considered shaving my head and moving forward with the wig purchase, but I knew I hadn’t done everything I could, yet. After all the special attention to my diet, adding carefully chosen herbs, vitamins and minerals, seeing western doctors, and travelling to India for therapy, there were still two things I knew I could do better. One was increasing my daily exercise and the other…well, I had been trying to do it for 20 years.

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Shreya Shares Her Journey from Balding to Luscious Hair on the Podcast

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