Viviane Chauvet – A Hopeful Future: 2024 Insights

In this uplifting episode, Viviane Chauvet, an Arcturian frequency healer, shares her lifelong awareness of her extraterrestrial origin and the purpose of uplifting humanity. Reflecting on 2023 as a year of heavy lifting and seed planting, Viviane anticipates 2024 as a time of accelerated collaboration, partnership, and the unveiling of authentic, integrity-centered connections.

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Hi and welcome to the You World Order Showcase podcast. Today we are blessed to be having Viviane Chauvet who is an Arcturian frequency healer, intergalactic channel, published author and podcast host. Joining us, I am so excited to have you here.


Viviane, thanks for joining me.


Oh, thank you Jill, for having me here and everyone listening. It's such a joy. I was very much looking forward for our time together.




I was too. I actually found you through your husband, who we also interviewed. So if you're.


Feeling the vibe of this interview? You definitely want to go look up the interview that I did with Peter Benson because he has some amazing things that he shares over there too. So tell us how you got started, Viviane. I like, did you wake up one day and


Recognized who you were or have you always known?


And that's well, that's a great question. So the short answer is I've always known is a Arcturian being in this hybrid human form. I've always had a very innate knowing even as a child of, and I was a visitor. And then I came back on the planet.


With a really important task, that's something about very much more planetary, so I've always been very collective oriented.


Coming from a very advanced, more collective group consciousness as the arcturians, so I've always been in a sense that I am part of something immensely bigger and larger than what it's led to believe when we come here and this energy of fragmentation, dualistic separation.


You know, little tribes is, you know, part of.


The clique. You're.


Being pushed aside and all of these very fascinating experiences, I never really fully understood.


Because I come from a place where we've already ascended, we've already reached level of enlightenment. We already reach the level of oneness. This is a natural way of being so, even as a child I had this.


Understanding that I am a being that comes from a very advanced group from another planetary system and I knew it was a visitor. So mother Gaia, the earth herself, the consciousness of this beautiful planet.


Always remind me, says yes, you are at the same time. I want you here. Remember I called for help. I called for you and others. And so she's always been there to remind me that please make yourself at home. Even though you are a visitor. Coming and bringing the frequency that I need.


Very unique signature, a very unique.


Presence to the planet and I would say even I was in elementary school or even later on in high school. You know, I always felt taking time off playing or taking distractions was a waste of time I feel.


Like I'm.


Here to do so much work, there's so much.


And that's typical also of star seeds. You're listening right now when you know in your heart that you hear for a great.


Purpose. So even to this day, Jill, I must.


Say that taking.


A day or two or three off from you feel like.


And like you know, but there's so much to do, but at the same time, we need to.


Balance ourself to bring the rejuvenation and the connection and all of this.


So I've always I know I am today even more, but even growing up this you can tell there has always been.


Part of my essence.


Who I am and.


When I'm here, I'm not here for your distraction. I'm here to help. To elevate an entire world. And it's our planet. So it's always been.


That synergy for me in the background that has been motivating everything I do and even to this day. So in a nutshell, yes, I've always known who I am.


That's a great story. I love that you've always known and I can resonate.


With the idea.


Of not ever taking time off. It's really hard to.


To do nothing, I mean, even if you're meditating, it's not doing nothing. You're doing something. It's it just doesn't look like it to the outside world.


Taking time off, I don't.


I don't know that I'm capable of taking time off.


I just do different things.


That I haven't labeled work.


I'm still with you. And then my intergalactic grew my doctor and Father will come say we'll do it for the sake of your physical form. I'm like, OK, that I can do.


It's almost like if I'm real label really pulling the label that it's a time out to allow the rejuvenation of my physical form, what we call the physical template.


I can do that, I said. OK, I will let you do that. I'll let my body rest and then I'll travel or I'll connect back to the console. I will connect with the Masters, so I'll. I'll do something in that nature off planet.


So you know, I'm redefining certain labels and that's going to be important even on the linguistic level, because 2024 that we're moving into, we're merging right into that energy and even later on when we are well into 2024.


We'll see that even on a quantum linguistic level, we're shifting the meaning of certain labels. The meaning of phrases, expression, how we communicate. So I'm glad that you're mentioning that, Jill.


Taking a day off, it is I'm only able to do that. That's because we're shifting the meaning behind it. I call it a time out of the matrix and allowing my body to rejuvenate my nervous system. My internal gateways of light. It's a reset. And in that sense, it feels still in resonance.


Where the flow of my mission, one of my life purpose, would have come to do, and I still feel connected. But that would be maybe something a little.


You know little wisdom tool to apply for those who relate to this, that shift the label around it shift the meaning of what that means and allow yourself to feel that this is more In Sync with you and maybe it will help that way.


Yeah, I think it does. In in terms of sometimes just relabeling things.


Helps you have more affinity to incorporate it into your life, you know.


People say they quit things rather than embracing something else.


You take it from a positive to or from a negative to a positive. You're attracting something in rather than cutting something out.


It is just a psychological game, I think.


Play with your end.


And that and also it helps all of us to step out of that pre programmed third dimensional.


Way of approaching situation from a non-linear into a more flowing universal aspect. So when you mentioned that's a good example, I'm completing one thing or I'm letting I'm ready to let go of certain aspect. That's because it already implies that you already implementing is the beginning of the new aspect.


So in reality you are in a continuous flow.


And that also helping on a conscious level to step out of that linear 33 linear time construct way of perceiving ourselves and that's part of what we do. This is why our return as an octoroon being in this hybrid human form to really help to shift.


You know, this way of living and perceiving reality, and we're here to serve as catalyst of positive evolution to accelerating that evolution process. So we can return to our reascent and form returning to a more natural form as opposed to be trapping.


Role or be cast into pseudo personality or trade and then we play those roles.


People come to souls come to planet they born, take on identity. They have genetic lineage and social influence, upbringing, cultural background. But those are just roles that we play in order to for the soul to learn, to grow and expand.


But The thing is that we get trapped into these identities.


And then we were discovering more. Wow, we can do that. You. You're nocturne being hugged as possible. Well, that's because you may be an interest or you are a player, you know, you are Syrian and you too play your role so well that you forgot momentarily. So our role is to bring back the ship the reversal of a very old.


Belief System pattern system on the planet can help you bring you back to your point of creation and says well, you are first that soul who came or that soul Fractal who came in the embodiment.


This role that you take on and you played your role so well, you were so engaged in your role that you forgot everything else. Now we're simply returning back to that point of origination. So you can continue to expand and evolve.


And it's part of pretty much our presence and boots on the ground being here and I speak as a we because I represent an entire advanced intergalactic civilization. We are here.


And I'm definitely a clear conduit. A direct vessel.


So like a midpoint, if you want between humanity here and many interplanetary council. So I'm the conduit in between cause I can tell them relaying. Look this is yes, we think this is a certain way. But when you're on the planet and you live those roles and you are.


In the 3D matrix, it's a different reality, and so I'm like the translator, like the ambassador, that.


convey these messages so we can bring a different way of supporting how humanity is reawakening. You think about it Jill, it's a reawakening.


We've already done this before. We're simply returning back again.


Right. Does that make sense?


It makes total sense and the whole creating our realities.


It's. It's what we think.


Our thoughts create.


Our realities and if we can think differently and if we can recognize that we have different thoughts, it can.


Materialize for us in a different way and we don't have to know all of the hows about it, but just.


Recognizing that this is not everything.


This is just a small sliver, as you said, of our total consciousness. It's a role we're playing and.


If we can connect to the larger part of who we are and where we're from, it makes the role that we're playing here so much richer and it has such a bigger impact on the communities around us.


This give me goosebumps.


So let me ask you this, because I've been feeling.


This the last probably last month, but you're talking about the power of next year.


And I I'm.


Behind you, I can feel the energy already happening. I think part of that energy is going to be involving people collaborating with each other.


As for the last couple of years, people have been stepping into their power, but they're doing it.


You know one on.


One or the higher coach, or they'll do whatever.


I it feels to me more like people are going to be coming together to provide more value and more service and more information as a unit.


Of two or three, or four or five people coming together to provide.


I don't want.


To say help more like empowerment for others who


Are looking to.


Broaden their horizons to really step into who they are, more fully accept what their purpose is.


I love what you just said because you just throw a very bigger, more unified.


Energy and synergy of what 2024 is going to generate. So at the beginning of 2023, my arcturian delegation mentioned that 2023 and 2024 were considered as two binary years. Think of it as a binary star system with two star coexist.


That meant that these two timelines, this is how we quantify time, we call them timelines. And I know you understand that because I'm talking to your inner star being in you.


I can feel that so 2023 has been a year where a lot of the heavy lifting has been done, like think of it as we all.


Been expert gardeners and we've been assigned to many parts of this global garden and there was a lot of heavy lifting to the sacred site. I know I traveled a lot this year to many sacred site. Many people have done that even our own self or in our garden so there's a lot of.


Heavy lifting onto start to go deeper into the overlays of either past history, your own personal past history.


Planetary past history on the planet, whether it's memories from other past lives like Atlantis, Lemuria, Babylonia, Ancient Egypt, and even beyond that. So there was a lot of heavy lifting done.


And we planted new seeds and my group says those seeds were being meant to eat a blossom part of it. In 2023, when many of those seeds are designed for 2024, which was at the time considered as a future time, now we're moving into a more present time.


So 2024, it's the year where things going to continue to accelerate. So all the work you've done all of you are listening right now, all the work you've done on yourself, even though there’s so much more to do. Please know that nothing has been in vain. Everything will reflect more and more and those who've been in the.


Been channeling and providing networking and teachers and light workers and practitioners where


We're going to start to see that those who are other resonance with us will fall off and we're going to start to move into a higher resonance of partnership with those who are of integrity, authenticity and the frequency are also really centered upon service as opposed.


To promoting the self or the little me, or promoting yourself to make more money and so forth. So remember, that's the reverse. The more you reinforce your service to the light, the more the universe brain abundance to support you. Uplifting yourself. So we're going to see those who've been.


Even famously installed in the in the world, as you know, books and writers and channels and all of this, some of them going to start.


Step aside more. It's going to start to diminish because others are going to come in, so we're going to see that what we call the cosmic scale of justice, rebalancing itself and there's no labels. There's, as we can hear, no labels, no names reporting, no one to the fingers. We're simply observing.


An energetic movement coming through so 2024. It's the first stage of what we call.


Well, who are intergalactic perspective? A three years corridor or a three gateways. So 2024/25/26 are really intertwined. Think of it as like 3 gateways or lying one after another and that is going to create an acceleration.


So we're going to.


See those who are really part of the same frequency field so they can be friends, they can be colleague, it can be in the community, it can be teachers, it could be those.


You are holding.


High in the light with the truth.


You're going to go.


OK, I'm shifting. I'm going to change channel. I'm going to shift frequency.


And more gonna come to the light. So when you talk about which I agree partnership.


We have done a furnish of this here and we have noticed.


See who was in really in the same frequency field as we are, and those who are not. So we are shifting, we're moving forward full blown community with our online community is growing. We're going to offer more teachings. We want to bring more content and working on developing your workshop. It's about the real teachings.


It's about.


Helping everyone to have the real tools of wisdom for complete empowerment to bring yourself back into complete sentences, discovering truly who you are and not, and letting go of the distractions of oh, what is the galactic history? Well, you'll discover that as you're discovering yourself, let's reinvest.


Or you need the.


Most and this is right here in your light because.


As we come together in our light, we have right here, right now, not three years from now, but here the power to uplift each other and uplift an entire world. That means all the water sources, the seals, the tree is the mineral Kingdom, the animal Kingdom.


Those cosmic teachers has been with us, all of us together. It's time to shift out of paradigm of separation to agricultural background, where you grew up. What is your ancestor did? What is the also memories in your genetic field?


Religion faction. You know what is your church tell you did not tell you. It's OK. You grow, you learn from it. Now it's your time to come back into a more unified field understanding. Ultimately we all these universal cosmic beings. You're playing certain roles.


You're playing opposition role, so we can Co balance with each other, but it's still have won supreme intelligent source. So it's really coming back to what we call the ascension of living, the essential of living will lead to ascension of living see of.


The semantic of essential turning into assention, and this is very much what going to be our focal point moving forward and how we're going to help coaching people, not just the one-on-one. I've done so much, one on ones over the last decade and more over 20. I'm already at 23.


Thousands private sessions done and I want to move more. Yes globally. And you know with.


The new grid system coming in the shifting of the body template coming in, understanding the movement of the changes within yourselves, it calling the language of your soul understanding how your nervous system or really gateways and those fractals of light speaks to you all the time and shifting how we speak and the semantics of.


Words and understanding it. It's part of unwinding yourself from the 3D lower mind programming that it's keeping you as an anchor point into the dualistic energies, so.


And then.


Again, an overview on energetic overview of what we're seeing in terms of potential coming in.


Yeah, it's so fantastic. And you can feel.


It I mean.


I felt it for at least the last year that there's just like so much potential. It's like a glass sitting on the edge of the table with A2.


Year old, you know it's going over.


Precisely. Precisely, I love this very simple allergy, but it really is.


And so we're moving out of that older pilot being the two year old when the glass is broken because you know you're being, you know, on autopilot and distractions.


And, you know, visor on, it's the removal of the veil. It's the unveiling of you basically that is coming in.


So imagine millions of unveiling of you. What will happen to the planet?


And every time one happens, it touches like everybody in their periphery. And once those people change, then the other people change. It's, it's exponentially rippling out and the world can't help but be a much better place because of it. Just because you're everybody is.


Elevating this frequency that we're all vibrating on, and we all vibrate at a certain we all have our own frequency that we vibrate at. And so and we're all interconnected. So as the frequencies get.


More in tune with each other. The Symphony becomes much richer and.


Much more beautiful. I just like. I'm so excited about this coming.


They really.


Revelation, I guess is like.


Yes, yes. I like the Symphony analogy. Really is it's a time for fine tuning, refining your tuning, refining how you.


Come back and says I take my rightful place. I recognize myself explicitly as this divine being in only a fractal of myself, of that supreme aspect of myself is here, and I am focused. Now I am determined to be more and more of service to the light of your service.


To make a difference, and there's many ways to do that. There's no need to have a building, a center in the middle of the desert, or buying land or buying building a galactic Center for, you know, contact. I can hear all of your star brothers and sister going well.


You don't need a building like the church to tell you in the past. Go there. God is there. It's you we want to connect with you, not.


With your center so.


It's the same.


Principle where we're shifting in that direction where we are elevating.


To understand that you are carrying the universe within you and the universe is a reflection.


Right here, right now. So there's no.


Need to invest?


So much on exterior. Yeah, and I.


Respect those who.


Want to build center and I know some people are big right now are building galactic Center for contact. It can happen even when you're.


Brushing your teeth.


It can be anytime anywhere, because it's consciousness connecting with consciousness. We're no longer looking at a craft in the sky.


Saying ohh I saw a luminous ball. Great. Well else there is. Have you connected to the consciousness of that ball? It can be an orb of light. It can.


Be a being in pure conscious form that you thought was a spacecraft. So it's about really returning into that consciousness and connecting that way if.


That makes sense.


It makes little sense to me. I've heard other people talking about religion. Kind of.


More falling away in the next few years than it ever has in the past. Religion has really it it's been a mechanism for really controlling large groups of people and to push them into conformity.


Among the standards that they want you to follow, it doesn't and.


It doesn't allow.


For the expansion of who you are, it's like taking a guitar and saying you're going to sound like a violin.


It's just not going to happen, but.


You're told long enough that you should sound like a violin, and then the guitar sounds feels like well, no matter what I play, it's not going to sound good, so I'll just stop.


Playing but a guitar is magnificent.


And if it's.


Played by a master, it can sound every bit as magnificent as a violin. They're just different and I think now we're just seeing people recognize that. Hey, I'm not. I'm not. These other things. I'm me. I'm unique. And I can really focus on being the best me.


That I can be and I can shine my light, and I can appreciate.


The violin next to me, or I can appreciate.


The gifts that.


You have. I don't have to have those gifts too. I don't have to.


Be like you.


I can just be like me and.


And you can be like you, but together.


It's just.


It's so much better. It's getting away from the competition and only working on competing with yourself to be the best you can be. But appreciating and cooperating with those around you that you become intertwined with and you do things with and you.


It just.


It's just the way I call it coopetition.


I'm pointing that word. I'm owning it.


It's a label.


I love that.


Please, I mean you bring it so beautifully. I love that. And you're making another very important point is what is also 2024 is about in 2024, launching us into the next three years or so. It's about releasing ourselves from that competition with each other.


You know the it's the lower me competing with the other lower me who get the most popular vote who get to be on the most posters and advertisement.


And then in the image I saw when you were explaining that which is beautiful is.


A group of intergalactic masters walking in parallel, looking at others to being too busy promoting their knees and going.


Do they understand we're right here? And the answer is no. They're too busy promoting themselves, so that's very much part of this. So I love this. Thank you for this bill.


It has just been I'm.


I lose words.


Because it's so exciting to me, the things that are on the horizon and even here now, I mean it's it has already started and you can feel it. And I talked to lots and lots of people because of the podcast and it's just like every person I talked to.


Yeah, like.


And I want to help them with this. And there's this aspect and it's just so exciting to me. And I'm 63 years old, I've never experienced a more dynamic time to be alive than right now. It's just.


It is, I imagine, what's coming in. Yes, it's gonna be a lot of changes. Yes. It's going to be a reversal of the familiar paradigm.


The thing is that think of it this way. For too long, humanity overall has gotten used to fear doubt, anxiety. They became more friends. You know what to expect from doubt. You know what to expect from fear. And you know what to expect.


From stress. But when you go beyond those spectrum of limiting.


It's a very limited spectrum of experience, and you know there's a vast infinite spectrum of other experiences you go, oh, but what will happen?


If I dare to go move beyond, what else is possible? What other experiences can I allow myself to experiment? And that's the invitation especially for 2024 on, is allowing yourself to experience what else is possible. What other spectrum of experiences are there for me?


My family, my friends, my community, everybody on the planet beyond what we've all used to. And we brought them in these limiting spectrum of experiences as old friends. You know what to expect. It's.


There's a grumpy old friend you have for ages and you know it's crunchy and all of this. But you know what? You love that person as they are. And you know what to expect.


But at the same time is limiting you in terms of social interaction. There are other ways to connect with people, but it's so familiar, so I always tell this is like your old groupy old friend. If you're known for age.


This at the same time align yourself to move beyond the spectrum and I'm just going to reset my camera quickly. The energy is so strong that my camera is having a hard time following up with me. So you have my beautiful picture still there. I'm fully with you and this is it.


Happens with 3D technology because of the myrkur Rian frequency.


The 3D technology sometime is having a hard time keeping up with.


Us because every time we conveying message of inspiration like beautiful interview, like with future on your podcast and the audience that you have, it's really nice. It's a collective of very advanced being you speak with you.


Through one voice. So after time we can see that the frequency general.


Feeding through our presence of the time, have a little bit of a influence on the 3D technology and always make me smile when I see that.


It's like a glitch in the matrix.


I like that yes, like a glitch in the matrix well said.


So I know that you do actually.


Provide coaching for people and you've written a book and you have a podcast, so maybe we should.


Talk about a.


Little bit of that too.


Yes, thank you for asking. We called it soul coaching, so it really is part of our patron energy.


Metrics we do the coaching also part of it during our monthly event. It's called the octarine holographic repealing. So every month we provide a two hours of very intensive and really uplifting opportunity to work with the OCTARIANS as Masters of light as all of coaching.


The form of wisdom, inspiration. It's resetting things. So we look at the tendency of where we are each month, energetically and vibrationally where we are on the planet.


And then we adjust our holographic group healing to reflect what people overall and on the planets going on. So we'll provide a lot of soul coaching, which is going to be a lot of wisdom, key elements, reminders. And I would say the feedback we have been getting a lot is how much people get a lot from it.


Whether it's a reminder, it's a tool, an affirmation, whether it's a frequency that just uplift them above the situation.


Or helping them break out of the shell. That kind of become compressed and limiting, very limiting. And plus we do also through the holographic Dome and the electrons come and we bring the generations of transmission to our crystal generators. We work with the our current Stargate.


And of course, our beloved realm.


But we also.


Work with a lot of other interplanetary groups alike the andromedans or will bring the larynx. Console will bring an aspect of the player dance, the planning if you want to work on the DNA, or if we work on the luminous template of the nervous systems and we bring in our knowledge and our.


Like we say in French or savoir faire, our mastery in terms.


Coaching, healing, shifting and allowing people to transform such a transformational and experiential process and we Co create within what we call the monthly octarine holographic group healing and that's open to everyone. And we have also the.


Replay available for a short time after the event, about 10 days. We keep the window open.


Even because of quantum imprint that we create is still active even to the replay. And then we re archive the video so we can bring the next level and every month we ship that way. So that has been a more global way of providing coaching.


Healing. Shifting.


Transformation and helping people to reconnect with that part of themselves, whether it's on intergalactic level, whether it's the masters of, comes something we.


Have I enjoy beings who enter our space so it gives so many multifaceted of experiences to the aspect?


On a private level right now I'm maxed out for the one on ones because I've been doing this for a very long time and but I still have my regular clients.


The best way to work with us to receive this kind of coaching, teaching activation and experiences is to join our online community. We have an Octavian online community right now. We're on the Patreon platform.


And we have Members from all over the world, and we have beautiful membership, very tailor to what you feel you need the most and very reasonable pricing as well. And you get so much because you are directly interacting with us. Plus we have retreat. We do for Members only we have.


Also zoom or even online for members only. So we do a lot of interactions with our Members and the amount of knowledge and.


What I see the Members transforming some of them have been with us since the get go and others just recently joined us. We can feel the transformation and that's how we are. We're here to bring helping you, remembering the best essence, the highest potential of.


Who we really.


Are and this has always been our primary concern for us.


It's our passion.


To help you shift your back into this divine being that you are, even if you're an old soul coming from a very ancient and the galactic higher dimensional group, will match your pace. Because we understand we we're with you step by step. So our community is amazing.


And I invite people to join us, walk with us as we grow, we expand and we have.


Other project we're going to be announcing to our members coming up, so it's been an amazing work in that sense. And yes, I have been collaborating on a series of three books that are on Amazon right now.


The first one is called the wisdom of the Silver sister, and that is a funny, beautiful, funny story. How it really began. If I may take a few minutes, that OK.


To hear it, yeah.


Thank you, Jill. So.


The two ladies who came with the concept to reach out to me, says Viviane.


We've known you for a number of years. We've seen you shift in growing and expanding in your light and we going to create this book called the wisdom of the Silver Sisters. But their initial thought was silver in regards to the hair color, I'm like, well, I don't have silver hair.


That means that.


I didn't have the age requirement that they had in mind, and I said, ladies, this is not the physical age. You clearing a book of wisdom around the Sisterhood of Light.


And they went.


The Sisterhood of Light, and so this is how I got in to collaborate with this project. And it turned out to be such a beautiful, divine, feminine, aligned with the Sisterhood of Light Book project that gave birth to the second one, and the second one.


What is the legend, legacy and wisdom coming in? We brought in the divine masculine energy with the sacred divine feminine together.


And so the second one has the golden energy to it with legend, legacy and wisdom that brought back from both beautiful frequency of the feminine and the masculine together. And I remember when I was at the book launch of the second one to see both.


Men and women authors coming together and I told them I said we are coming together to reunify.


Both aspect in each other.


And on the planet to bring the divine feminine and masculine together.


And that was the number two. And then the third one, it just came out in November of 2023. It's called the imaginist. Imagine it's. So it's a series of fable stories, you know, imagination, opening the realms, opening the secret.


Realms of those being coexist with us, so I came back again a third time and I wrote about this avatar character to spend 7 years with the Galactic series, and there's group of beautiful galactic beings of coexists.


With in symbolic synergy with the Earth, and in known as the Fairy that knows the Owls and all.


These beings where?


They're more than legend. They are real, and my avatar character self got to spend 7 years with them and learn from.


Them so it's you can feel the pulse on that book series.


Where there's something for everybody. The first book won a few awards. We were very well received. The second one also won an award for the men's spirituality category, which I was thrilled to see that great. That is really good. And the third one is right at the edge when we're moving.


Out of a certain contractive energies.


And we're about to expend more and that's what the imagine is imagining more is opening a doorway. So the synergy of each book of the series of three has been a really amazing.


Project to collaborate and work with and I'm thrilled. And I was I am part of that.


I love that.


The imaginist it just speaks to everything that's coming because it's everything that exists starts in our imagination. There is nothing that.


Has materialized. That wasn't first a thought somewhere along the line.


That's so amazing. Can I ask you one other question? And this is going to shift a little bit that it it's based on the fact that Pete does these ascension tools?


And he channeled them from angels.


But what are your?


Thoughts on angels and where are they from?


Who are they?


That that's a great, great question. So yes, my husband, Peter Benson, great, they look like jewelry, but they're really powerful energy tool based on the tensor technology plus the configuration of all the stone we create really brings in very unique configuration.


My husband Peter at a soul level, each chose to represent and bring back a sole fractal of himself from his angelic self.


So I've seen this other aspect coming in physically with my eyes open, and when we first met.


In is what we call is org feel or is abstract field? I saw 1000 angelic being placed in a very specific manner and they all spoke to me in one voice. 1 Unity Voice says we are as brothers and sisters. Please understand who he is.


And I saw that I was giving him a hug and then that sealed opened up and I saw thousands of them.


And this is how I know and I told him. I said you are part of the angelic realm. You come directly. You chose in this lifetime to serve Prime Creator as an angelic being in the human form. This is how we speak, of course. So the Angelique Ram looking at them, they're part of.


They are part.


Of creation is another aspect of creation and coexists well outside of this physical plane of reality. Because if you look at creation, there's multiple way to approach it. This is just one way, but if you look at creation, there's different plane of existence in each plane of existence.


Will have countless of dimension, but think of it this way, it's.


The one source or the one supreme aspect of cream?


Divided if you want into different reflection of experiences we call plane of existence and that plane will have a purpose. Maybe it's creation as an architect or a builder of form and then these being will start to create or build form and then they take it in the next.


Plane of existence. That purpose will be for physical manifestation. To understand this other level of what creation is about. So creation is constantly learning from itself into a multi.


Of aspects. So when I look at archangels for example, or the angelic realm, it has different level of beings. What they're different aspect of creation or representing different aspect of creator in different form and each.


And every one of them, from what I experience and understand, of course.


Is they have a purpose, one will be to overseas physical incarnations. So we have these group consciousness, these beings who help to navigate souls through their physical incarnations that we call human beings.


Or the earth.


Or the solar system where you have the solar archangels. They're working on a.


Higher level with the console, the solar consoles or the higher consoles of light. And then you have beings. What I saw you would classify as Angel, but they're 1000 feet tall. Their role is to bring.


Groups of souls.


Ohh already.


To experiment, physicality.


And these souls are brought forth by these beings that we will classify them as angels.


They are.


They look like the universe themselves, in a shape of angels as it perceived it here.


But their role is to protect these pure soul sparks, or these solar energy, and they're redirecting these solar energy in terms of the next level of experience on the on the planet, whether it's on the Earth, whether it's on the star beings, whether it's on.


Another a Galaxy, but they bring them and I saw them personally. I got to experience them. I was completely outside.


Of time and space.


And I can tell you one thing, Joe, that.


None of that realistic and fragmentation and black and white and dark and light and everything that we experiment here exists that it's nonexistent. It's irrelevant.


It's a concept that is not there anymore, and those souls, those pure soul form, will preparing for the next evolution. They're preparing for the next level of experiences are so well.


Guarded and protected and looked after. But nothing. Nothing can get to them. Nothing. They're just in that pure form. I got to witness. I was taking all of this.


We call this this blue plane of existence where it's physical experiment, but once you move out of this plane of existence, you're returning.


Into being that pure form you're returning to be completely part of creation.


And you understand, it's just it's there. There's nothing else to learn or to teach you or to train you to you. It's you're returning into your pure form.


So then I tell the team, it's like there's.


So more limiting.


In this vocabulary, this 3D way of communicating, if I just project it.


To you, you will feel it.


And I was brought back in slowly into this plane of reality. I was brought back to the Solar system. I saw the earth. Then I was brought back in my body so I can understand the journey as just did. So when I speak this way, I speak because, you know, I remember. And I got first hand experience with it.


So this is based on what I have experienced.


These beings that we call human form, man or woman, blonde hair, blonde, dark hair and wings, they said. We're just a projection of that form to make you feel comfortable.


To make you feel comfortable, but they don't have these forms. They're magnificent presence. And I'll tell you, even if you look at ancient history after it through the octane history, there was a time when we were interacting with the planet with people on the planet where Arcturians were mistaken for angels.


Why? Because of that eternal high frequency.


Quality to them.


Where they can project themselves into pure light, or we can look like we're 4 feet tall just to make you feel more comfortable. So our kings will have this quality, this presence.


And when I connect with them, which I work a lot with the Angelic Forum as well, because it's part of another like when I said that.


Hierarchy, where the angelic realm work closely with all the intergalactic consoles and the planetary consoles. When we work with these, all these variety of consoles and store Regency consoles, we see the presence of an angelic being.


It's we're all representation of creation, just in different.


Forms. Yes, forms world function frequencies and so forth, but you start to put your right your mind about around it, we shall say.


This is designed for your soul. This is designed for your heart. This is designed for the being within you.


As opposed to, this has nothing to do with.


Us nourishing your.


Your 3D mind right now, there's nothing to do about satisfying mental curiosity. We're nourishing something much more ancient in you that in turns will trigger ancient memory connectors.


And that's where we feel true knowledge come from.


So the picture that I get is that all of these different beings are like different parts of an orchestra. You have the strings and the brass section and the percussion section and the horns, and they all. They all have their speciality.


They're all part of the one the orchestra, which would be the source.


And they all produce a unique vibration.


And when they all work together, the vibration produces masterpieces that just move you on an emotional and spiritual level.


Yes, and those are designed to be behind.


The players with the instrument those are designed to be with the directors, those who will orchestrate the rhythm.


And are those will be designed to be right behind the scene, never to be seen because their role is at a harder level and other order, and there will be those who will be overseeing everything from the building, so to speak, where the orchestra is on stage playing.


They're still part of the orchestra, but a whole different level.


And so forth and so forth. So I like the orchestral analogy because it doesn't mean that they're on stage with the instrument. They can be behind.


There's the people that are.


Like listening to the audience and the building itself and the all of the staff that goes to making a production.


Happen it. I mean, there's just.


Like, there's so much to it. It's not just one.


Absolutely. And this is part also the wisdom we talked about during our podcast. You know, my co-host Jeff and I, we create this podcast called The Infinite Star Connections and it's been over three years already. And we have guests. We bring guests to talk about their own journey, their connection, their wisdom.


And our summer ambassadors from other constellations other.


Are you know, animal communicators, but it they work directly with certain angelic beings. Others, such as walking, will come through to help uplift humanity and teachings. So to talk about earlier being the host of the podcast.


We are very unique in our ways just like you. When we bring someone, we're very emerged with what that person has to bring, and my articulation is there. We always bring lots of wisdom. We do some, you know, activations clearing to help people. So it's a very beautiful.


Very diversify, half cast that we want to bring to bring and give a voice for those or representative or emissaries for in intergalactic communities, and even beyond that. And of course, we bring both our groups and there's a lot of frequency, lot of exchange.


Full of wisdom. So it's it become also very experiential and I know people love it when they watch the podcast and we're coming back.


We're doing our last LastPass class of 2023 on Saturday, December 30th at 11:00 AM Mountain, which is 1:00 PM Eastern Time and we're going to do the podcast to Rock of 2023. And then we're going to become.


Come back in 2024 for a new season, so that's also very exciting. That's coming up.


Is very exciting.


This has been.


Like a gift. I just. I don't have any.


Other way to.


Explain it. So thank you so much. I can't tell you how much this has lifted me up personally, and I know the audience is going to feel the same way. Can I ask you, what's the one thing that you want to leave them with that you hope that they take away from this?


Discover yourself more. Reinvest.


Time. Energy.


Emotions, thoughts, prayers. Rediscovering.


Your inner universe, you are made of the same substance as the stars, the planet, galaxies and infinite really, really, really you are. It's time to really bring yourself this. Owning of who I am. And as you walk your life that way every day.


Start to shift around you.


No longer are we bound by exterior structures who claimed the power and authority.


It really is claim who you are. Bring your sovereignty, take the time to rediscovering who you are and live your life that way. This is very much part of your sole purpose.


And millions of sole purposes combined formed as one tapestry.


That we are finally waiting and ready to activate, and that's part of 2024 and beyond.


Thank you so much, Viviane. This has been just an incredible experience. Really appreciate you.


Hey, could you? I appreciate you as well and.


Everyone listening. Thank you.

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