Susan Uramoto – helps women overcome anxiety, stress, and self-doubt that hold them back from pursuing their aspirations, empowering them to reclaim their confidence and reach their greatest potential while enjoying life to the fullest.

In episode 3 we speak with Susan Uramoto. Susan is a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology, and PSYCH-K. 

 She helps women overcome anxiety, stress, and self-doubt that hold them back from pursuing their aspirations, empowering them to reclaim their confidence and reach their greatest potential while enjoying life to the fullest.  

Having supported over 150 women since launching her practice, Beliefs Transformed, in 2019 after a 28-year corporate career, Susan has devised an effective evidenced-based system to help people with a desire and willingness to transform their emotional health.

Join us as we explore what exactly is PSYCH-K and how it has helped Susan’s daughter manage her social anxiety without pharmaceutical drugs.

You can learn more about what Susan does to support woman suffering with anxiety, stress & self doubt which might be holding them back from pursuing their passions by visiting: or scheduling a complimentary consultation – Cultivate Your Calm

Thank you for tuning in to the You World Order Showcase Program. I hope today’s episode has inspired you to consider how you can leverage your unique skills and talents to be the change you want to see in the world.




Hi, Susie. Welcome to the You World Order Showcase program. We're so excited to have you here. With us. So, I was telling the people in your introduction about the PHYCH-K thing and I don't know what that is. So, could you tell us a little? Bit about that and then we'll get into your background and all the other stuff.

Yeah, totally. I'm happy too. So, PHYCH-K is part of a newer group of psychology known as energy psychology. So it's one modality within energy psychology. So I think that best way to describe it is. PHYCH-K, the intention and what it does is it. It gets directly into your subconscious mind, right? Because a lot of the beliefs that we have and like behavioral patterns that even though we don't consciously want to have these patterns, they just kind of keep persisting. So to use that, as an example, a lot of that is driven by our subconscious belief system. So it's like what it does is it helps people communicate directly with their subconscious mind in order to, you know, transform the beliefs that aren't serving them and replace them with more supportive and self-affirming belief. Right and yeah.

Is it?

Is it done through hypnosis meditation? How does the modality work.

That’s a great question. Incidentally, you know, like hypnosis is part of, it's considered an energy psychology too, but it's different in that the person who's experiencing. PHYCH-K is conscious the entire time like they're not under, right. They're positively participating in the transformation that's going on in the background. So the best way to describe it is it's a combination between, you know, I'll call it traditional neuroscience. Or traditional psychology and neuroscience neurolinguistic programming, if you're familiar with that and applied kinesiology so the PHYCH-K change process is called balance. There's about 23 I think. I haven't really counted, but there's over 20 balances that can be done. And all of these balances involve certain body positions, eye positions, but all of those things are related to neurolinguistic programming and applied kinesiology, which uses muscle testing to communicate with your subconscious.

Very interesting. Can this be done online or does it have? To be done in person.

Oh yeah, I love that question too. It's it totally is just as effective and powerful both ways. I would tell you that about the people that I solely work with, with PHYCH-K, about 70% of them are online. It works with your bodies energy system, right? And energy. Is expansive and it travels. You're able to do it online. You don't have to be like directly in front of the.

Person to do it. So who is your ideal customer?

You know, if somebody.

With site K or with my overall practice?

With you.

Well, let's just focus on the PHYCH-K for just a second, but then we'll talk about your overall practice, what kinds of things would they be or? Who would they?

Be yeah, it's a wide variety, right? And as I answer this question, let me preface it by saying, you know, our belief systems are pretty powerful things they govern. Every part of our behavioral and our biological reality, quite honestly. So with that in mind, I support people with PHYCH-K that have been struggling. Dealing with trauma like childhood trauma or traumatic events that they have experienced and that they're still carrying it with them and suffering from PTSD. And so I work with them. With PHYCH-K, I work with people that are struggling with anxiety, right and self-doubt. That's really debilitating. And holding them back in their life, or maybe even damaging their relationships, right. I work with them like hey. And you know, talking about the biological piece, I mean, I also work with people that are struggling. With like physical. Issues and concerns. So there's been people that have like immune system, sorry, immune disorders and things of that I. Work with them as well.

That's really interesting. How did? How did you get started in all of this?

Wow, that that's interesting. So, I came about through my husband, quite honestly, right. So I'd been doing a lot of self work and I'll call it, you know, meditation and going to meditation retreats. And I was doing all these things. So I thought I had my emotional health kind of like dialed in, right? And then our daughter, when she was about in middle school, you know, she started really struggling with social anxiety disorder and she was formally diagnosed with social anxiety disorder and depression. Right. So not only did I have my own experience. Right with my emotional health. But now, here's my daughter experiencing this. So we went down this.

It's so painful when it's your kid.

It is, it is, and it was debilitating for her. And so, you know, not really knowing what to do because she was. I thought so young at the time we went down the traditional track, right? So she went to psychologists and she had a therapist. We put her on medication, right? She was on pharmaceuticals. And it really didn't sit well with either my husband or myself. But he actually went out and actively did something about it. So he started reading all this material, and he discovered a book. Like Doctor Bruce Lipton, I don't know if you're familiar with. Him a little bit a. Yeah, he is like the foremost research researcher of epigenetics. But it's really about how our minds are so powerful. Right. So he discovered PHYCH-K through Doctor Bruce Lipton's book. Because Doctor Bruce Lipton is really a huge advocate of it because he has benefited from it personally and you know my husband went to a workshop. It's like, hey, I'm going to learn what this is and I'm going to go to a workshop and off he went to discover what that was. And, you know, I was still working in corporate America, and I didn't go. And he went. Came back and said, Oh my goodness, this is amazing. But the thing that really got me interested in going and getting full training now myself is my husband's like emotional state. His behavior patterns, like the things that. That were unwanted, that were unwanted by him. They just, like, dissipated. In a month.

Wow, that's pretty impressive.

And when I saw that, I was like. What is this again? And so that's what inspired me to go check it out, because I really went thinking, you know what? I I'm gonna learn this cause look at the changes in him and I think this can help our daughter, right? And so I'm training. And through the course of training. Part of it is we do it, we we do balances with ourselves and with others in our cohort. Things came up to me and I transformed these things with the PHYCH-K balances that. I I'm struggling with words right now Jill because like my life just opened up. Like after experiencing PHYCH-K. So yeah. So I went on to get fully trained, which my husband did. And he was like, I'm good with it, you know, with what I know. But I went on and got fully trained and thanks to PHYCH-K it helped to get our daughter to a place. Where she just came to that point and now. I don't need the medication any longer. Right.

That is awesome.

I know it's incredible. And don't get me wrong, she still struggles with elements of social anxiety and social situations, far cry and far difference between where she was and like where she.

Wow, wow. What a powerful story.

Yeah, that's amazing.

And it's so interesting how some of these modalities that are just really kind of being. Brought up now. That people haven't known about are so much they're able to replace, like the medical industries answer to things which. Is usually a Band-Aid in the form of some kind of drug.

Yes, it's very true. It's very true. And I was so inspired and thanks to PHYCH-K, you know, it gave me the IT helped me adopt the confidence to be able to kind of leave the corporate world and shift to me what really fills my heart, right, which really kills my soul, which is what I do. Now and so I began facilitating PHYCH-K professionally in 2019.

That's really interesting. You want to share about the rest of your practice? I know that is just part of what you do, but I was like got to find out about it.

That so yeah, thanks for asking.

Tell us. Tell us the rest.

So I'm a board certified holistic health practitioner and a certified holistic Wellness coach. And I do specialize in supporting women who are struggling with, you know, anxiety and stress and debilitating self doubt. That's holding them. Right, so I use PHYCH-K is one of the many tools in my toolbox. But you know the rest of what I'm trained in. I'm trained in, you know, cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology. And also, you know, Ayurvedic principles. So it's really you, you know that we're holistic in there. Because it's really about our bodies, our minds and our spirit or our inner being. Whatever word resonates with you. But it's the whole insight K is powerful as it is cause it truly is. It's really working solely with your subconscious. And so when I work with people, I really support them holistically, right, with all of those. Things I just share with you.

It's so different than the traditional way that we've been brought up to believe where you're gonna go and you're gonna get, you know you. You've got a splinter in your finger. We don't look. At you know how the splinter got in your finger. What you were doing? Beforehand what happens later, we just, you know, maybe we'll go to somebody who specializes in taking splinters out of our finger in the medical community and they'll put a Band-Aid. On it, it's as though all of the. Different parts of our body. Are not connected. And everything starts in our head and I think that's just becoming more obvious. Maybe it's just me that it's becoming more obvious to the general society that we need to fix what's going on in our head and it will help take care of what's going on with the rest of our body. Which I think is why that's like PSYCH-K thing is so. Fascinating too.

Yeah, I know. You're absolutely right. And I love your analogy, cause it's exactly that. I think I'll call it. Traditional approaches have really leaned heavily to your point on let's address the symptom. So the person's more comfortable, but doesn't really get. To the root cause of the issue. So that it.

Right. So they can. Get cured and have a life and share their unique gifts because everybody has them.


And when you're not feeling well or you're struggling with anxiety and depression which are huge in our society, it's like every third person you talk. To is. Struggling with some form of depression or anxiety or. Just it it almost debilitatingly so and. What we've gone through in the. Past couple of years I. Think has just magnified that problem exponentially. But having people out there like you that can walk people from feeling like you know there's. No hope to… You just do this, go through this process and at the other end you're going to feel good and you're going. To be able to. Contribute what you have to contribute. Because everybody like I said, has got something to contribute.

Yeah. Thank you for. Saying that, no, it's so true and there's so much coming up for me right now in this in this. Conversation and that like what I've. What I've learned is, like with PSYCH-K, right, all the other parts of the modality, I feel like sometimes we're sent the message of if you're struggling with trauma or anxiety, it's going to take a long time, right? It's gonna take you years to resolve, and that could very well be true for some, but my experience is the vast majority. It doesn't have to be. Right. It doesn't have to be. In fact, it's like, hey, the typical duration that I work with people is probably 3 sessions. I do an average of three three sessions and then people get to the place where they desire to get right and it's fast and it's super simple.

That's fast.

There's nothing complicated about it.

Yeah, that's what I love about these things, most of them. Are super simple. It doesn't. It doesn't take. A long time to learn how to. Fix yourself. You just need to know.

You know.

The steps to take to actually be able to implement it, yeah, so.

What do you what?

Do you want our listeners to know what's one thing that you really want? Them to take away from this?

The one thing I think, well, I may have just said it, if I'm, if I'm honest, right. So I think sometimes we are meant. The messaging around mental health is that it can be very complicated. Our mental and emotional health. That it can be very complicated to address and resolve. Further that it needs in order to do it, it would be so much smoother and easier, whatever the word is. If you had a pharmaceutical. Right. To help ease the way, as I say this to you, this is exactly the messaging that we received when our daughter was put on, right?

Right, right.

Oh, she needs this, right? It'll help soften it for her. So I think that's our message. And, but here's the reality. It's like what we're just talking about with simple. Natural right approaches and I'm including some Ayurvedic approaches in there when I'm saying this but also PSYCH-K. You can add your commitment, so here's the other element if someone. Just has to. Be at that point where they're just ready. I know for myself it took me a little bit to be at that turning point where I was ready, right, but once you're ready and you're committed to a change, it's simple and natural and it can. It doesn't have to take years. I'm talking. It can take, not yours.

I I absolutely agree with you and a lot of it is just like making the decision, OK, this is, this is the point where here no further. Something has to change and then you make arrangements to find a way to make the change and then implement the change and. It really can happen quickly I've seen it over and over.

Oh, I'm glad that you said that too. I was just gonna say yeah, cause I can tell you, you know, proof that there's so many people that I've worked with that had been struggling. Trauma since childhood, right and within 12 weeks. Right. A lot of it, if not most. Of it is dissolved. And this is after and I'm not putting therapy down because. I do think there's a time and a place right, like these modalities work together. For her, she had been in therapy for 20 years, 20 plus years, right, and 12 weeks facilitating PSYCH-K, specifically with this individual. And just it all, just like dissipated. Right. She's like, oh, my God, she can't believe. It she can't.

You use that word dissipated.

Unless you've actually experienced what it's like to just not have those feelings anymore, just that dissipate is just the perfect word for that, because it just. Evaporates into the ether wherever. Yeah, you just don't have those feelings anymore. Yeah, there days when you're down. And there's days when you know you wish they've gone differently than they did. But it's not like that crippling. I just want to curl up. In a ball and. You contemplate, you know, not being here anymore. Those feelings really can go away. And if nothing else, I hope people. Get that message from you. Is that it? It doesn't have to take forever. It's pretty quick. Fix relatively speaking.

You're absolutely right. So so yes, so to go back to your question, that would be the big message is. It can be simple. And it can be fast and right. Definition of fast is weeks, not years, if that makes sense, yeah.

And how can people get a hold of you?

Yeah. So the best way to get ahold of me is my website, is And when you go to the website, you can connect to me directly and you can even you know, I support people with complementary consultations. Right. Because it's important to see where you are. And is this a fit right?


And so you can you. Can schedule a complimentary consultation off the site as well, so beliefs plural transformed.

Perfect. And we'll put the links in the description below in the. Podcast so they'll be able. To just click over there and schedule a complimentary consultation with you. And you can give them some resources and help them figure out at least a plan. For how to get over their anxiety and depression and get on. With their lives.

It's been really terrific, chatting with you. I appreciate you coming on and sharing your wealth of knowledge about PSYCH-K. I didn't know about that before.

You're so welcome.

It's been real.

Really helpful.

You're so welcome. Thanks for having me.

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