Sheila Seppi – Anchoring the Energies of a Conscious Business

In this insightful episode, Sheila Seppi, a transformative walk-in soul, shares her profound journey to becoming a conduit for universal truths. The discussion explores diverse walk-in experiences, emphasizing Sheila’s mission, challenges, and the creation of the Conscious Awakening Network, highlighting the interconnectedness of spiritual journeys.

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Hi and welcome to the You World Order Showcase podcast. Today we have with us Sheila and Willow Seppi – Willow’s


The puppy, just in case you're wondering.


Sheila is the founder of the Conscious Awakening Network. She is a walk-in soul who works directly with a person's higher.


Guidance to unfold one's highest life plan, purpose and work, and also the author of Walk-ins cosmology.


Of the soul.


Welcome to the show, Sheila and Willow.


Thank you, Jill. And I'm saying thank you on Willow's behalf.


Nice to have you.


Oh, I appreciate.


That. So Sheila, how did you get started in all of this? Have you always known you were all walk-in soul? And what the heck is a walk-in soul?


That is a loaded question and here we go. Yes to you know, prior to the walk in, I was a very, very sick person. I had been diagnosed with bone cancer, brain tumors, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue.




In my late 30s, I used to walk with a cane. I had erythema nodosum sarcoidosis. I had a list of autoimmune diseases a mile long, and I was a very, very sick person. I had three children, a dysfunctional marriage, a very high demanding job, and all of those things together.


That just about put me over the edge. And So what happened with me is I went to bed at a very sick person. I had taken my Celebrex and hopes in the morning that my RA would allow me to even be able to open and close my hands properly.


And I spent most of the time on the couch after work. I'd come in, lay down, I'd play with my kids from the couch, so I had a very painful, if you will, existence at that time. So I went to bed in that state, and what seemed to be 7:00 the next morning.


It felt as if someone reached down, grabbed me by the hair of the head, pulled me bolt right up in bed, and it was like lightning ran through my body. And then I was in white space and I don't know how long I was in white space, but I know that when I came back to my.


Myself, first, my peripheral vision came in and then my frontal vision, and as I sat there in the bed, looking around the room, everything was the same.


But everything was different and I didn't know how.


When I got up and I walked by a mirror, I just stopped and stared because it was as if I was looking at myself out of someone else's eyes and I couldn't understand.


What was going?


On when I had probably been back in my body.


5 to 10 min.


All of a sudden I started having past life memories now for some people that may not be a big deal, but I didn't believe in past lives. I started remembering universal truths and information, quantum science that I had never studied, nor would I have even been able to have understood it at that time. I also then.


Had all this clairvoyance clairaudience clairsentience kick in, and I did not know what that was, and I started remembering healing modalities that I'd never studied, so all of a sudden this person who has spent their life studying psychology and sociology and.


Self diagnosing themselves started to think I was having a psychotic break. I could not remember.


A lot of information and I thought, OK, so I'm having a dissociative disorder. And then I started seeing people walking around in my house. I started hearing voices. It's like, OK, I'm definitely psychotic. And so as soon as my husband came home, I started trying to share all this with him.


And he just sort of like, OK, here we go. Now the important thing about that is within three months, I left that marriage and within another three months, I found my first spiritual teacher. And one of the biggest things that bothered me is the memory, because I had three children. Now. I came in with an immediate love for these kids.


And for my part.


Once everyone else, even within that first three months.


And then the.


Next three months just started falling away because I couldn't relate to anyone. If I would go to a party and people came up and was talking to me, #1, I'm thinking, who the heck is this person? #2, what the heck?


Are they talking about? I don't.


Know. And so I got really, really good because.


By that time, I had accepted a new.


And there were cocktail parties to be attending, and as people would ask me about my history, I was just shooting from the hip so I would deflect and say now the tell me about you. You know who you know. Tell me how you got started in this. And I really got adept at the deflection.


Until I found my first spiritual teacher, who happened by accident, I was actually looking for a psychiatrist.


To be honest.


And I found a spiritual counselor. Now, of course, at that time we're talking 25 years.


To go. You know, we didn't have Google, so I was looking in the back of the telephone book and it was all it was one of these, like a movie scene.


It was like.


All of a sudden this light was shining on this business card in the back of the phone directory, and so I immediately called. No one should be closed, but I just called and said.


I gotta have an appointment. I think I'm.


Having a psychotic break.


You know, and so I just started rattling off everything that I believed to be true. So by the time that I got there.


I expected her to have her little prescription pad out, write me a prescription. I could take a pill, my life would go back to normal, but that is not what happened. She began to explain to me, this is second session. She began to explain to me that I was not having a psychotic break. She could find no evidence of any psychological issue.


Going on other than I was panicking to which it was like, just breathe. Just breathe so.


She was teaching me different.


Breathing techniques. But then, she said.


I believe that you're a walk in.


Well, remember I wanted a prescription not to be told I was something that I didn't believe in. And so I was really furious. But by the time I had just stomped down the steps and got back to my car, I called and said, OK, when's our next appointment? You know? So there was something that resonated true for me, even though I didn't understand it.


Now at that time I was very religious.


Then the church doesn't talk about that. You know, the church talks about the possessions, possessions. And so I started thinking, Oh my gosh, am I possessed and I steal a body. What in the world is going on and in working with this lady, the most profound thing that I discovered.


Well, they do.


Talk about it, but they yeah.


Is that she also had Hopi lineage and she invited me to come to and participate in women's groups and these women were studying Native American spirituality and shamanism, and it was there that I learned about spirit guides.


So that was the people walking around my house, clairvoyance and clairaudience. That was what I was hearing the Claire Sentient being able to touch someone and immediately diagnose an illness or look at them and say, oh, my gosh, you're not from here. Then I had to come to terms with.


Ohh yeah, there's life outside of planet Earth. I didn't believe in any of that stuff, and if you had told me then that I would experience what I have experience.


I would have thought that you were crazy. I really would have because that was not within my understanding.


And so it was easier for me to begin to deny everything than to accept it. And I think that for me, having that denial in place and questioning everything has what has really helped me as I help other people who have gone through.


These types of situations, because it's an event, it's not a little something that happens if you.


Are a walk in.


It is a life changing experience and sometimes, like with me, I had everybody falling away from my life.


I didn't really care because I couldn't relate to them anyway. And so in working with this lady, I began to develop a very strong relationship with my guides, who then became my mentors and I learned that I was a soul exchange walk in, meaning one soul out.


And another soul end. And that's a huge long story, but.


When I had the new soul to come in, I came in with a very, very firm mission, and that was to be a way shower to help people to spiritually awaken, to embrace that which they already are, and to help people get ready for this time that we're in a lot of people call it.


The Ascension time, the event time, and that's what I am here for. And so initially I thought that meant I had to do everything, so I started studying all these healing modalities and all these great things. And I opened this healing business and I was doing spiritual teachings and then it my.


Guides which are actually a collective of beans that I'm attached to, but anyway that they said go.


Bigger, go bigger.


And so I thought, ohh no, I'm not doing enough work, so I need to bring more practitioners in and I did. And then they told me to go bigger again. And then it's like, OK, now I need to start having events and they told me to go bigger.


Again, my nips are.


Big enough. I need to bring in more.


People and have larger events and then.


I had this unexplainable out of the blue.


Liver function issue that took me out and I was down not long for someone who had liver failure, kidney failure and spleen failure all of a sudden, bam, and that the doctors didn't have any explanation. They actually wanted to the air flight me to a hospital.


And I had only gone to a hospital because my.


Daughter was like mom.


And I called the homeopath and she said I really have to have blood work and this is Good Friday. You gotta go to the hospital to get that for me. And so they didn't let me leave and they had no explanation. I did not let them do anything other than take blood. They didn't give me anything.


They told me I had to have a liver transplant and I said no, I really don't. And they're like, oh, you're in the Nile, you know, you're going to have these chemicals, that sludge your mind. And the next thing you know, you can't make decisions. And I'm like, uh, I'm not having liver transplant.


And I said the thing that's bothering me is all this electricity behind my head. I gotta get out of here. I'm.


Going home. No, you can't.


Well, guess what? I walked out of the hospital and here I am five years later.


But that was, and there's a whole huge story behind that that we won't go into. But during that recruit Pica period, that's when my guide said, hey, you know, let's get this book written and I had called a friend of mine, Barbara Lamb, who is a hypnotherapist. And I worked.


Your original fit liver.


And she was saying, honey, have you thought about maybe this is the time to write your book that maybe this is, you know, they're trying to get your attention to say, hey, stop, you got to listen. Do what we want you to do because they always told me there's an easy way and there's a hard way. But you are going to do it and you can choose which way you're going to do.


It, But you're going to do it.


And so of course, me being me, I take the hard way. So anyway, during that time frame, the way I was to put the book together, how the formatting would occur came to me and I began to write it now also during this recuperative period I had a big event coming up in June.


Now this was April, so May was my recoup time by June, I was ready to go back and the doctors continued to call my house. You've got to come in. You've got to let us keep an eye. I'm like, I'm good. Thank you for your concern. I'm good. Not happening. Not happening.


And so.


During that time, Andrea Perron, who is the author of, you know the House of Darkness, House of Light trilogy, the and all those books, the movie The Conjuring, was based on that she was one of the speakers staying here at the house and she read my story. She's like, Oh my gosh, you've got to turn.


This into a book.


And that's kind of how the book Walkins cosmology of the soul came into being. And I told my story in that book. But I also interviewed 15 other walk-ins, and it was, I expected firm.


Only to have people having experience exactly like mine.


And to date I have never found anyone who had the exact same experience as someone else. And so in that book I was able to begin and I interviewed hundreds of people and only selected 15. And I began to understand that there are sole exchanges, which is what people think of. That is your traditional walk in.


One sold out another sold in.


But then there's what's called soul infusions, and there's two different types of those. One infusion is only a portion of the sole leaves and more of your higher vibrating essence comes in or.


Because of the spiritual work that you're doing and raising your own vibration, you have more and more of your higher self come in. Then there's what's called a braided sole where there's the two soles. Then there are jumpers which are very temporary, but jumpers are very, very profound experiences. When you have that because they come in and they imprint on the cellular structure.


Tons of information.


And then they're gone before you even have a chance to begin to unpack that. And then there is also a type of a multi dimensional, multi layered sole and that's when you have many aspects come in like I did with a collective of beans. And so my collective consists of.


The angelic, the Palladian, all of various experiences that I have had, all of those multi dimensional aspects of me had come back into wholeness as the one conscious.


So there are many, many different types of walk-ins, but all through these experiences my guides have and I call them guides my collective, my team. It's interchangeable, kept saying go bigger, go bigger, go bigger. And so after I wrote the book, then we had the first walk in conference.


And they were still saying go.


Bigger and then I developed.


What was called then? It was called the Wish Alliance. Walk-ins, indigos star seeds and hybrids. And I started two of the podcasts that I do. I have 4:00 podcasts, but two of those ones on Monday, one on Thursday night.


Where we discuss all types of topics, thus cosmic conversations, everything in the cosmos we talked about and I thought, OK, this is it. And then they kept telling me to go bigger and then there was other little things that happened, but the conscious Awakening network came in and the conscious awakening network.


Was a way that they were showing me that we could get into people's living rooms. We could get on the airwaves, we could get on the.


Internet and what?


Came from that is the website, the telephone apps.


All of the podcasting outlets that we're on, we have our own radio station, we're on Roku, Amazon, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and you have to, of course, download the apps and then download our app. But we now are getting out on the Airways, and that was the go bigger that they were telling me about.


All those years ago that I.


Thought ohh I have to do more I.


Have to be. I have to. So now we have.


Have over 1000 hours of different videos, whether it's on YouTube Conscious Awakening Network or on our website at, where people are sharing. Whether it's spiritual information, whether they're talking about, you know, cosmic experiences.


And everything in between. They're sharing the contents of their heart and how they view source. Because for me, every.


Is source because we are an individuated aspect. We are a soul having a human experience and that's very different from being a human with a soul. And so now that's kind of where I am. I work with people individually. Sometimes they want a crystalline.


Blueprint reading where I go in and kind of look to see, you know, what's going on. I help people find their goals in life. What's their mission? Why are they here? How can they implement it? What's?


Next I help them discover who they are on a much larger basis. Where did their first individuated sole aspect begin? For me, I began with the Elohim, and so that was in the angelic realm. And so a lot of people have started in the angelic realm.


A lot people have started on a different planet or even in a different universe, so you can see how initially, when all this information and then them showing me what I was going to be doing.


And I came from this tight little bitty box.


It kind of rocked.


My world. And so now I am so happy to be able to help other people, to discover who they are. At the core of their being and be able to, you know, kind of take that breath, because now we're 25 years later, we've got the Internet.


We have people talking about all kinds of different soul experiences and so in a way, you know, I just kind of help people to discover who they already are.


That's fascinating. Do you find that there are a lot of people that have soul walk-in souls?


Or is it a limited number of people? I mean, how common is this?


You know, there are a lot of walk-ins, but it's more common for people to have other types of soul experiences, such as having more of their higher self come in and to merge with their original soul or their Natal soul.


People are having contact and waking up to the fact that they are a star seed. Now my definition of a star seed might be a little different than others, but for me my knowing is it would be if someone has a Palladian soul that comes to have the human experience. Some people.


Are waking up to the fact that they contain a Collective Soul, which means they can remember some of their Arcturian lives.


They remember being in the angelic realm. They remember some of their past lives, meaning they've been an earthling. They remember being in other different star systems or being a dimensional being and so.


There are lots and lots of people because I really tell people it's more rare to find someone who is an earth seed versus anything else because souls come from outside the solar system in.


Interesting. I'm thinking about my own, my own soul experience.


I do remember.


A couple past lives that I've had.


I have gone through.


I went through a kind of a religious awakening. I didn't get into religion.


And in the organized sense, until I was.


In my late 30s.


And then I.


I don't ever do anything.


Like half asked, I like.


It in both feet and we were gonna learn Hebrew. We're gonna do the whole experience. I was store observant for like 7 years and then I had a shift and the shift happened really fast.


Something occurred to me.


The things that I was reading.


That made me realize that.


This isn't. This isn't where I'm supposed to be, and this isn't.


Actually, what's going on? Reality was much different than I had created it to be because I believe we create our own realities by what we project and I was projecting a reality that was so awful that.


I felt suddenly very responsible for what was happening in the world and.


It was literally with like within a day I made a decision. I I'm going to just like.


Close all these books.


I don't. I don't believe that there are accurate. I don't believe that the way I'm interpreting them because they're all open for interpretation. No one person believes the same thing, even after reading the same words.




That I was just going to go back to accepting the way I believe the universe was created from when I was a teenager, when I was a teenager, I totally believed in the crystal goblet theory, which is that source is in everything I believe it's.


It's what holds things together. It's light. Light is like.


It's the thing that keeps us moving going.


And it's not.


Just like people, it's everything. It's the microphone, the pictures, the, the.


The even the air.


Around us, the words that we speak, it's all connected and it has an effect on each other.


It's like nothing is of its own.


So when you're talking about all.


Of the walk in experiences and.


Our Walking Souls experiences at.


It's interesting, I.


Let's pull it back to.


You. I'm sorry. You, you went on and it's just.


Like. Oh yeah, and this.


Fits in here and that fits in there. It's.


And it's such an honor to get to talk.


To different people who?


Have different experiences and as you share the information that you've experienced and it just like opens the door for other people who are listening to say hey, that that bit of information fits in here.


Yeah, I see. One of the things that's happening like I had mentioned earlier, a lot of people are experiencing that soul infuse.


But a lot of people are also having spiritual awakenings and when they have the spiritual awakening, it's like, yes, I am much more than I have been told. But these kinds of spiritual awakenings that are happening recently are like and everything I've been told is a lie. And I am the master of my universe.


I am the Creator and there is a matrix out there, but it's not the one that you watched on the movies, but it's very kind of similar in a way a.


Little bit but.


And there's some.


So much.


Happening right now on the planet, people are having kundalini awakenings and when with that there's tons of knowledge that comes. And so between the kundalini, the spiritual awakenings, people having these epiphanies that they are star seeds and waking up to that understanding.


And the soul infusions, I think that a majority on the people that are on the planet are having a sole experience, not necessarily a walk in experience, but a soul experience. Now, I don't know.


If you know this body was so hard.


Hit that it.


Took that, it took a soul.


Exchange in order to be where we are today. But the reality of it is I don't. There are they are happening and I know people left and right that are having walk-in experiences.


That everybody's having an experience, you know?


Yeah. And it's changing the way the world interacts and it's amazing.


Yes it is.


Yes, and that's why I tell people, you know, it's not that all of a sudden the world is so bad. The world has always been this way.


What's happened is people are waking up and their inner light is shining and they're seeing the darkness. And not only are they seeing it, they're like, uh, not on my watch. Uh, this is not the world I want. I don't want my children to grow up this way. I'm not eating that junk they're putting in my body. I am in control of my body.


I should be able to say yes and no on things without being told, and so people are waking up on multiple, multiple levels.


Because a spiritual awakening is not just, I am a soul.


A spiritual awakening is also I am the master of my reality. The universe is within.


Yes, and I can have an impact and I am significant and I matter and I'm here for a reason. I didn't. I'm just not a cosmic accident. There are no cosmic accidents.


No, I am an individuated unit of source consciousness.


I have to.


Yeah, exactly. I have to wonder if maybe some of these soul walk-ins are happening because now is the time.


In the cosmological time line circle.


Whatever the dynamic is that.


Certain souls really need to have already been here, and their physical bodies needed to be at a certain stage, and perhaps your old soul, the soul that you was replaced, would have normally died from all of the things that were wrong with you had.


Your body not been needed.


That's exactly correct. Yeah, that's exactly correct, because I needed an adult form. I didn't need to go through the birth and childhood and adolescence, trauma dramas. I didn't need that. I needed an adult in order to move forward with my mission. Because, you know, when I first came in.


Right there.


You know, I do a lot of channeled writings and stuff and one of the first writings that ever happened was hurry up. We have a lot of work to do and that has been.


The theme of.


My life. Hurry up. We got stuff to do. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. The bigger go.


Bigger, go bigger.


You know, I remember I'm in the human body.


Now I do have limitations. I need to sleep. I need to eat. I need to let my.


Brain rest for a few.


Minutes, but my collective is very, very adamant about being on task constantly and moving forward because things are shifting, things are happening so quickly and you alluded to the fact also that we are the ultimate alchemist because we create.


Our reality, and as people wake up as people say no more as people begin to dream and hope and pray for this new reality, it begins to shift and happen.


And sometimes I have to remind people that, you know, sometimes getting from point A to point B, there's a lot of thorns in the way, you know, so if a banking system collapses.


Drop into gratitude because it's like, thank you. Now we're moving. Now we're shifting and dropping in and holding gratitude and exuding that gratitude then gives you more opportunities to be grateful. So even people who trigger.


You drop into gratitude because they're giving you an opportunity to heal people that you can't understand that every time they cross your path, it's like that is nothing but trouble. Ask yourself at a deeper level, what opportunity are you having to learn from this? Maybe that person is teaching you a new skill.


And so if we tend to look at our reality as the glass is half full, it will always be half full. But if we look at it, that is already overflowing and now we need more cups in order to be able to catch all that yummy goodness that's coming from source, then our lives.


Dramatically change, including our health, because I was instantaneously healed when that new soul came in, because that soul had a different reality. That soul knew how to change the biology of this body.


It knew how to come in so it didn't fry the sick neurology of the body, and so our souls, you know, are so magnificent we cannot even begin to talk in the entire time that we have left on this earth about the.


Power and what our souls can actually do. So learning to be grateful for every situation, no matter how horrendous.


As it is finding the lesson in what you are learning from that situation, dropping into gratitude for the person who's delivering that situation to you instead of saying, hey, this person is driving me crazy, saying wow, look at what they're showing me that needs to be healed in me if we can switch that.


We begin to heal our lives and when we can heal our lives, then we begin to change our reality.


I think reframing comes into this too. Having gratitude often is just a matter of reframing whatever the situation was, because there's always multiple ways to.


Experience any experience that you're going through and we get, we get trained.


When we're young.


Because we all experience the trauma and it teaches us things along the way. Unless you're just like a soul that's been dropped in and then, you know, you only have the other person's experiences.


But those if you can, if you can.


You know, we talk about learning from our traumas.


That if you can.


Just reframe the trauma. Oftentimes you can you can get so much out of the experience that you went through, at the very least, it's created the changes in you that make you who you are today is.


There's really not any bad or good, there's just experiences.


And how we interpret them?


That's exactly what.


And we are.


Free to interpret them any way we.


We don't have to take the label that we put on it when we were, you know, four or five, six years old and didn't have any hooks to like expand on it. So you know that that alone has really had a huge impact on my personal life.


Yeah, excellent point.


So you wrote.


The book walk-ins, cosmology of the soul and you do have a website. You help people one-on-one in Group settings. I think that you help people in.


Like so many different ways, but you want to just run through the litany so that if people want to get in touch with you.


They feel like, you know, there's something that you have that would help them.


Get into their who they are.


So one of the first businesses that I started was Spirit Way ministries. And you can find that website That's where I do my one-on-one typically in person. But I also do some long distance sessions there as well.


And that has more to do with the physical healing, the colds, the flus, maybe a bone needs to be put back into place. Maybe a muscle needs to be realized. Whatever it is that's more of the physical stuff. Then you can go to the Sheila and Sheila Sepi is where Ioffer.


More of you know multi dimensional life coaching I work with.


People one on.


One to like I said, read their crystalline blueprint. Give them a galactic reading, work with the Angels. Maybe they need business coaching.


So I do those types of things there, especially with the conscious businesses, then there's the conscious awakening and the conscious Awakening network is a culmination of a lot of different people's works. We have videos we have.


Marketplace, we have. Cool.


We have anything that is kind of like a one stop shop of anything you need. We even offer business courses and services to other people who are not a conscious awakening network host. So when you come to the website, it's not just about the host. We have many people who are offering.


Products that are not host and so you know check that out because there is a plethora of outlets. We're on YouTube at we're on.


Spotify But if you go to that website, you can hit on our streaming services and then there's a list that will drop down. And yes, I have my stuff on there, but I have a plethora of information from other people.


Sharing their stories, they have their own channels there and so really people can find everything from near death experiences to cosmic information, ufology, etcetera.


Wow. Like I said, I knew you had it all.


We had a lot.


At least for the people that that are looking for.


Wandering out-of-the-box that we've found ourselves in.


Yes, yes, we can help you bust your box wide open and put it in recycling.


Very close.


I love that.


So what's the one thing you?


Want to leave the audience with today?


You know, based on the.


Experiences that I've had, the memories that I have come in with, the knowledge, the universal teachings that have come in with me. I can honestly let people know.


That we are more powerful than we have ever been told most of the things that we have been taught to believe are not true and we are soul.


Having a human experience and when you think about that, this is our vehicle for this lifetime. That's it.


You know, don't get too attached. You're not your job. You're not your family. You know you're none of those things. You're a soul. And this is the channel that you've turned to for this lifetime.


And next time.


You're going to turn to a different channel. Don't get too attached to things. Let the outcome go because when we can let that.


Not. Come. Go, then we really give full reign to the universe to show up for us.


Man, the universe, it shows up in ways you never expect.


You got it you.


Got it. Thank you so much for joining me. Sheila, this has been an awesome interview.


Thank you so much. It was fun. Thanks everybody.

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