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In this exciting episode, Preeti Kumari, a transformational coach from India, emphasizes that coaching is about unlocking an individual’s potential for success through transformative decisions. Preeti offers three-month coaching packages, focusing on empowering young professionals, addressing diverse team challenges, and supporting women returning to their careers.

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Hi and welcome to the You World Order Showcase podcast. Today we have with us Preeti.




Kumari yes OK, and Preeti’s in India, right?


Joining us from India, so welcome to the show. It's so nice to have our podcast going international.


here, thank you so much.


People from a lot of different places, but nobody from India yet, so welcome Preeti is a transformational coach and she helps people.


Take their passion and turn it into a productive endeavor.


So tell us a little bit about how you.


Got started Preeti and what you're doing and how you're doing it and.


All this stuff.


Sure, so let me start with.


What I do, and then I'll relate it to my story how I do is that OK?


Perfect. Thank you much.


So yeah. So Jill, what I do is I partner with the individuals who like to move from their passion. So I totally believe that everyone has that potential. Everyone has that potential that they can reach to the height of their success.


Will either in their professional or personal life. So I partner with that individual to help them to move from their passion, from their goal to the potential where they want.


To REACH and I just stay there with them. It is not about me. It is about the clients. It is about them. So that is what I do. I'll talk more about it. But before that, I just want to talk about myself and how I came into coaching. So when I started coaching.


My coaching journey that was about 1 1/2 years back, so I was looking for something which actually give me that purpose. So I have been doing different things in my life so I have.


Been training a spouse for like 14 years and we have been as a family moving to different countries, so every country we had been is like for four years, three years, something like that. So we have been in five different countries in last 14 years.


So every time we moved, I had to.


Leave whatever I do like, did there. So I've worked as a finance professor. I've worked as a, you know, entrepreneur where I've started my own entrepreneurship and I've started my own company in the field of mentoring. But I'll.


I resigned because of some personal reason from that company and then I work also worked as an artist, so every country had given me that, you know, different opportunities where I have worked on but.


It was like I still was feeling a gap. I still was feeling that this is not something what I’m meant for what I have been like. I have came to this, you know life so.


What is my purpose? So I was not finding it. I was not finding it like, OK, this is what I want to do so.


I was looking for something more and that's when coaching came into my life.


When I started coaching so I have been a very helpful person from the very beginning, so I have been helping my family, my friends, my knowns, everyone. But it was not as a structured you know way of helping, but when coaching came into my life.


I found OK, I can help people where I am not the like. I'm not the one who is helping people. It is like I'm there. I'm just there so that people are realizing their own potential and it is giving me a lot of, you know.


Some kind of?


What to say? Some kind of like a feeling where I feel OK. I am doing something.


So that is how I started coaching journey and I'm still working towards it. So since this coaching came into my life, I have not stopped there I have.


I'm working. I am trying to find out the many tools you know techniques so that I can build up on this coaching journey where I can. You know I'm a very I'm a person, a very visual.


Holistic person and I like to talk into metaphors. So many of in my coaching conversation also, metaphor comes always and I'm a very visualist person. I'm an artist also. So.


I feel like I am some from last 1 1/2 years I have been, you know, gathering the tool kits the I had the kid. I have the kid and I'm gathering the tools and techniques to help more and more to build more and more myself.


So I have done a.


You know, learning in emotional intelligence, I have done learning in positive intelligence. I've done mindfulness. I have also I like. Nowadays I am incorporating art as a tool to help in the coaching conversation where.


Because what I feel art gives them visual effects where individual can see very deeply where they are going and when it is visual the.


Individual can find depth inside it, so it's a very systematic, systemic and holistic approach.


So that is where I started and that is where I am right now.


Very cool, very cool. I love the art.


Piece that you're incorporating.


Into it. Can you talk a little bit more about that how that works?


Ohh, this art thing is like I am incorporating art as a tool so when we talk about when you have that pen and paper or the colors.


You see everything in a very depth. So like I'll. I'll give you an example over here. So I was doing one of the coaching conversation with one of my clients to make it more simple. You know, to answer your question, so.


She wanted to find out where she is right now and where she wants to go, but she has no clarity at that moment. So when we did a coaching conversation using the art tool, so see find out she drew some butterfly, a butterfly, so that represented her.


Now, once we started digging over there, she found out she's the butterfly, you know.


Flying on the sky like it, it is, the sky is the arena. Sky is the world we are. See can fly. It can be anywhere. And she found out the flowers, the grass and all those things. So it gives her a very systemic and the holistic approach so she can see, she understand.


It's basically through art. You can create that visual representation of the various system in your life.


This system, it can encompass your family dynamics, your work environment, your personal inspirations or society influence. So by translating these systems into what individuals they gain a clear understanding how these are interconnected and collectively.


Influence their well-being and.


So do you just ask them?


To draw a picture for you or.


Do you lead them kind of on a guided?


Tour of what to create or how? How does that work?


So no, it's not a drawing a picture. It's like a finding out what they are seeing, where they are seeing so expression. It's not about creating a masterpiece. It's not about creating a drawing, it's about where they are seeing themselves.


It can be a colorful, you know, throwing of all the colors together it is.


It is not a. It's not a creating a masterpiece. It is about how you see yourself at that particular moment and from there what you gain.


What understanding you are gaining?


So if somebody were to.


Be working with you and then you were going.


To use the art tool.


That you would just.


Tell them what?


Trying to understand that.


A little too.


So it depends on the clients. It depends on the clients where they are. Sometimes it end up with only you know the pouring of the colors, all the colors together and sometimes it's all just a visual representation of different shapes and sizes sometimes.


It's a representation of a good artwork, so it depends where the client is and where the client wants to.


So the coaching is not about me, it's a very client centric thing and when it is a client centric thing, it is not about me telling them what to draw and guiding them, how to draw it is not an, you know, art teaching or something. It is something what they want to do. So sometimes.


This is just a visual expression of expression in terms of circles in size.


Different shapes, bigger circle, smaller circle. So it depends on the clients.


That's really interesting. It's very unique.


Approach to helping people kind of get clarity on where they are and I love that you're pulling in from different.


Aspects of your own life experience and helping them to be able to expand theirs through that.


That's really, really very fascinating. So you work mostly one-on-one with your clients. Is that what I'm hearing or?


Do you have group coaching that you do?


So I have group coaching also, so I do work one-on-one. Also I do group coaching also so.


As I said in the beginning, I have been a trailing spouse.


Training his spouse means I had to leave my, you know, job so many times or the work so many times. So I have been adjusting myself according to the resources. But this story is not about, you know, leaving that job or something. This is about my resilience and great. So I never give up or I never said.


Ideal and I know how it feels like so.


I nowadays I am associated with one of the NGO also who work to help women to come back to career like a second inning for them. So I'm helping many women on that aspect also. So I am doing group coaching for them, group coaching, combining mentoring.


For them so that they can come back. So I do that and for this art, this art is like using art is one of my tools and techniques. So for that also I do group coaching group workshops and all. I also am certified in emotional intelligence, as I said in the beginning.


So I do workshop or talks in that also in the part of. So I do master classes on emotional intelligence and all.


Interesting. Interesting. So you work a lot with women that are like in the same situation that you're in. They're trailing spouses. I mean that that's got to be hard.


Yeah. So I am not as a trailing a spouse only, but I want to give back to the society in the sense now I am there where I can help other women to come up also. So I am doing it as like helping women. So this is one of the thing I do that I help women to come back.


To their career.


So if in so for any reason, like in developing countries it if but because of any reason women sometimes leave their job and they are well educated and they want to come back to the career but they lose somewhere, you know, their confidence and how to do because the market is.


So competitive and it's hard. So they need sometimes hand holding they need sometimes a push. So I'm helping them in that particular area where I coach them I mentor them and help them to gain that confidence.


That sounds like a very powerful.


Assist for a lot of these women. My mom was a was a trailing spouse. She was the wife.


Of a naval.


Officer and we traveled all over the world and she was always having to, you know, find something else to do. And it's never.


You're never able to just pursue the career or passion that you want when you're having to follow your spouse around all over the world. So I my hats off to you that you were able to do that and then you come to a point where you feel like.


Can step into what I'm supposed to do now?


So I have worked earlier as a finance professor also and I love talking to youth a lot, so that is something which, you know, give me energy talking to youth.


So that is what I do mostly. So these things what I was telling you, the helping women and all I do. But my main area of coaching.


It's about helping youth. It's about, you know, improve the communication and the leadership in youth professionals, guiding them in setting their meaningful career goals, developing their essential skills.


And I also like I like to challenge the toxic work place cultures because I have been moving around with my husband and I have been seeing.


Team, you know, working in different organization and I have worked myself also. So I have that understanding of you know toxic culture. So I talk a lot about this toxic culture, safety, psychological safety and now I'm doing. Currently I'm doing a course in systemic team coaching.


So I am so my niche or my work area is mostly with the young professionals and the young leaders.


There because nowadays it's like young professors, they are struggling with lot of things. They have to work virtually. They have to work in different time zones. They have to work in, you know, different kind of team. Sometimes they don't know even their team members.


Someone is in India, someone is in US.


And they never met. Also, they have to work together. And then the hustle culture nowadays, the young professionals, they want to do each and everything.


So there are so many things. So what I am doing, what I'm trying to say is what I'm doing is that I want I'm collaborating like everything for the young and young professionals. So and the leaders.


Where I'm working for their emotional intelligence, their positive intelligence, and I'm using different tools and techniques like one of the tools I talked about is art. I use that technique for, you know, coaching them. So it's not only one-on-one coaching or a group coaching.


It's like you know, I'm.


I do not have one one-on-one coaching. I have coached leaders, I have coached executives, I have coached different, you know women's and the youngsters. So I do lot of grow one one-on-one coaching and then I also do the group coaching in this this areas.


If you work with companies sometimes where you can go in and you can help them get their young professionals all.


No, not yet. Not yet. So I have not done any, you know, company assignments yet, but as part of my certification, the one which I'm doing right now.


Team coaching certification, advanced certification and team coaching. For that I have to do some assignments in, you know, going to companies and helping them do that team building and conflict management and all those things.


That sounds like a really interesting kind of tangent to go off of for what type of coaching that you're actually doing.


I know that you offer a chemistry session.


Is that how does that look?


For people.


So the so the chemistry session it's all about like knowing each other. So if I am fit for the because as coaching as I said to you, if coaching is all about client centric activity, so it is not about a coach. So the chemistry session give.


Is that clarity to the clients? If I am that coach for them or not? So ioffer that chemistry session?


To the individuals, come talk to talk to me. Just find it out that how we are good match or not and if we are good match then I am providing like 3 months packages also one-on-one.


Chain and even one or two sessions also, but the three month packages which I am doing which I'm offering is basically it. It's not only you know it's like moving a individual from point A to point B where I am their partner.


I am there with them in each and every step and I help them to be like build their action, plan their accountability. So that three month package gives.


That you know, everything the altogether, but yes, chemistry session is something where we know about each other and where the client wants.


To go move forward.


And three months is a really good time frame because it's not so long that you're like, you're tired of it and you're not really seeing the results, but it's quick enough that, you know, in three months, if you get a really good result.


You feel motivated and maybe you continue on so.


Is there anything else you'd like to add so?


What I want?


To you know the I want to say to the listener is.


It's not about, you know.


It's about you.


Is about what you want in life. So what I believe is everyone has that potential to reach that success.


And everyone has. So I totally believe that one decision that can change your life, like for me that was my decision that time it was it was during COVID time and I was like this is something which will give me that.


You know this is false. This is something which I am born for.


So that one decision opened my mind path. So I just want to, you know, tell the audience that one decision is needed for them to change their life.


And you all have that potential.


And yeah, everybody has something special to contribute to the world and it's like, we're all put here for.


To find that purpose and to act on it because there are other people that are waiting for us and if we don't ever find that magic that we're supposed to share, then the people that need that to go and do what they're going to supposed to do, they never find it. It's kind of like a chain reaction. So you're really helping to.


Facilitate change all over the world by just helping at one individual at a time or a small group at a time. That's really pretty amazing. So what's the one thing you want to leave the audience with today Preeti.


So the one key take away I can say is I want my audience to understand is the transformative, you know, power of holistic, personal and professional development, which includes emotional intelligence, work, life balance, understanding of the open space.


Judgment, free dialogue. These elements, when integrated into coaching and personal growth journey, it can leave them with a, you know, profound changes.


In both professional and personal life.


It's so nice to find ways to incorporate both your personal and your professional life so that they're aligned and it helps you to feel more centered in.


Your whole life rather.


Than you know you're this person at work and you're this person. The rest of the time and.


Trying to keep the two.


Separate and it makes us feel divided.


When we're trying to live that way.


So I really.


Appreciate what you're doing. How can people get?


In touch with you.


So I have my LinkedIn profile there and I'll share with you so people can DM me there and I also have my website which I'll be sharing and from there people can connect to me and definitely the WhatsApp. Is there any time?


The e-mail is there, so yes, there are so many ways people can connect to me and I'll be sharing that to you and.


It just it just you know.


In just to take, you know, a step to overcome come that you know challenges and lead to a more fulfilling and successful life.


And coaching can really help that I.


Have seen so many


You know, transformational stories in my own journey, when I have been coaching, I have seen that.


It just makes you feel so good inside, doesn't it?


I'm super excited.


Yeah, it is. And I'm super excited and I feel energetic all the time when I talk about coaching, when I, you know, do the coaching, I really feel I because I have felt the power of it.


Yeah. It's just one of those things, it's.


Like magic, when you see the light bulb come on in your clients eyes. It's like oh.


That aha moment.


Yeah. Yeah, we'll be sure and put all the links in the show notes so people can reach out to you and thank you so much for joining me today Preeti, I really appreciate it.


Thank you so much. Thank you for so much for having me. Yeah.

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