Nicole Holst: Finding Life Fulfillment

In this illuminating episode, Nicole Holst is an intuitive life purposing coach. Nicole emphasizes the importance of being present and simplifying life, drawing inspiration from minimalistic approaches in different cultures. Nicole’s coaching focuses on personal transformation, guiding clients to align their priorities and intuition.

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Hi and welcome to The You World Order Showcase podcast. Today we are speaking with Nicole Holst, and Nicole is an intuitive life purposing coach for soul-led entrepreneurs.


That sounds exciting.


Welcome to the show.


Well yeah, and and non entrepreneurs, I used to do a business marketing program, which I still have, but not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. You know, somebody want to do other things. So I can work with anybody.


OK, that's good. Kind of broadens the horizons.


A little bit for everybody else.


So, Nicole, how did you get started?


What's your story?


With coaching, well, the coaching is kind of a combo of all of my different backgrounds that I've had. I always say I've lived multiple lives. It started out as a performer, dancer, choreographer. That's.


What I went to.


School for and came to New York and pursued.


Then you know I was hitting 30 and burnt out and physically exhausted. And I thought, what's the next step? And I moved back home and ended up.


In the mental.


Health field working with the homeless. And so I learned a lot about you know, mindset and and also our anxiety. Right and how we manage our symptoms when we're not doing well and that kind of thing. And then I end.


Up reconnecting, I would say to my spiritual side because I was always very intuitive, even as a kid, I had, you know, psychic dreams that would come to me, especially when I was opening my creative side when I lived in New York and always interested in that other side of, you know, the connectedness of all things. And I got into tarot kind of randomly, an ex-boyfriend.


Sent me a duck and.


That kind of really opened.


me and and and it brought me into the spiritual community, which has been so amazing for me and all the positivity and people that really wanted to work on themselves. After I worked with, you know, the homeless who didn't always want to do the work I was sending these people that wanted to do the work right. And so I started seeing the connection between the mind, body and soul.


So I've been a I've been a pilates instructor throughout this whole time for 20 years.


And I and I see that when people have pain a lot of times, it's not just a physical thing, it's an emotional thing or it's a I've always been fascinated with that psychosomatic connection. And there's this spiritual component of, you know, maybe they feel left out or like they don't belong or they've had a loss that they haven't really moved past their spirit. Right. It's kind of trapped.


And I've felt like that at different points in my journey, right. So I realized that maybe I had a unique angle, having done a little work in mind, body and soul professionally, that I could combine.


Kind of all of my experience into this one thing for one to do coaching and you know I looked at how does what I know and what I what I know the most help other people and what I realized is it's about alignment. Right? Like everything I did the kind of threat of it all is if your body's not in alignment if your mindset's not in alignment with what you want and.


Positive. And if your spirit isn't in alignment with what you're doing, we have a problem somewhere that we're usually feeling in one of those three areas or all of them, right? And my idea is if you unite all of those, then you have more fulfillment in your life, you have less.


Stress less pain.


And you're more fulfilled because you're probably following what your soul wants you to do your purpose. So my mission is always to help people kind of dream bigger than maybe they are. They think it's possible even or get on stuck or kind of go for that thing that they're. They're really wanting to do. But something's holding them back either fear. Do we all have or.


Conditioning or whatever it is, and I use a lot of my life experience to help them see like that doesn't have to be your life sentence, right? If you're not happy with where you're at and you're UM.


Maybe. Maybe you're in pain, or maybe you're, you know, suffering mentally stressed all the time. Like, that doesn't have to be the way you live the rest of your life, and that we can make intentional choices to be our more authentic self and have more ease and also more magic. I think in your daily life.


That's so true when you're when you live more intentionally you can have more control over your life and it doesn't have to be like super hang on tight. It's got to be this way or no way. But it actually living intentionally allows you to have a.




Lot more freedom.


In your choices, because you know the boundaries.


That you want to select from. You're more selective in in that you can enjoy the things that you're.


Experiencing it kind of reminds me of go ahead.


Yeah, and you can.


No, go ahead.


I was gonna say it reminds me of the Japanese with, you know, they're more minimalistic and.


But they really the things that they have are.


Very beautiful and well.


And they don't collect junk.


Sometimes in the US we collect junk.


Uh, I actually just posted a thing in my group this week about because I just went to Africa, which was very eye opening about, I mean, talk about minimalism and simplicity and living on dirt floors and the community being the most important thing. And there is no stress like we have there, you know, like there's no anxiety and they have real things to stress about, like lions coming in the middle.


Of the night.


And it and it and it and.




It was happening to, you know, like simplicity. I think we surround ourselves and I'm like the number one guilty person of being over busy.


Filling every minute, needing a lot of stuff, and I'm learning the artist and plus like I was looking at your plant back there. You're like, you're gonna like Japanese. Like the bonsai plants. Like what really matters is what we're getting down to. And when we keep ourselves so busy or cluttered, we can't see it. You know, it's like you can't see the forest for the trees. What? What do we really want? And getting away is a great way to do that. Right like that.


Trip and made me kind of come back and have, like, an existential crisis of ohh you know what am I putting my energy where I want to? Is this the way I want to do it just the way I want to run my business. All of that you know and.


So often we can go through life just on default, kind of doing the next best thing or not really thinking and and just taking whatever comes, you know and then we find ourselves in a situation we don't really want to be in one day and going this is not the life I wanted, right. And then we have a choice to change and reevaluate and take a different way, you know.


And like you said, sometimes it's.


That that unknown path, you know that's going to be the most fulfilling, but if we can let go of the need to control and say like, well, I have to know how it's gonna happen. You know, I've had coaches say to me you have to be willing to fail. Like, if you want to get to where you want to go, like how to kind of let go of needing to know how.


It's going to happen and just trust the universe is going to align things and it always has.


For me, so I always remind myself of that when I'm in those transition times.


Yeah, it's just stepping out and not knowing if.


The ground's going to be solid, but.


The universe. Always.


Comes by and just like there's ground magically underneath.


Your next step.


Yeah, it's amazing. Yeah, I don't think we're supposed to because.


How it happens, but it always does.


That's the beauty of the journey.


Is like, you know, we're not supposed to know. If we knew every step that was going to happen for the rest of our lives, it'd be a pretty boring journey, right? We just. We need security so much. And that's a brain. It's wired into our brain chemistry. Right. So, but if we could let go like.


I mean, I was watching animals on the savanna like they don't know where their next meal is coming from. They're not sitting there stressing about it. They're just.


Trusting their instinct to lead them to the next animal and to lead them, you know.


They're just in the moment and we hardly ever are, right. So if we can learn that and to listen to ourselves in each moment, I think we just have an easier journey.


I think it's.


One of the hardest things.


That are that can be asked of a human being is to just exist in the moment.


That was, I literally came back with like 3 points and that was one of them, like my three biggest takeaways. One was simplifying and minimizing. 2 was not being over busy and creating our own stress and three was just being like we, you know, every enlightened ascended master Buddha like, that's the whole point is just to be like.


And just like.


We don't have to do anything to prove our worth. Yeah, we gotta survive. We've got to do things to pay the bills. But how can we be still and, like, enjoy, you know? And that contentment in that moment.


And often it's a lot less than we think.


It's like when we look at it, it's like we want to pile all these things onto it and then then it becomes this big mountain of stuff that needs to be done or accomplished or and half of it doesn't even have a purpose. It just like somebody said that's what you're supposed to do. So you go and do it.


Right, right.


And and you miss out.


On like a lot of the joy that would come if it you could just strip it all back to its bare essentials and.


Enjoy the.


And what really matters. Yeah. Yeah. And that's just self created part. I think it's like I can. I came back with.


Process what really matters.


The mantra of.


Like stop making such a big deal out of everything like and that's what creates the stress and anxiety is that we're now we put pressure behind it and it has to go. We have to do it this way. And I don't do this like you know, and what does it make it mean?


About us, if I don't do it too, but yeah, I think we put too much pressure on ourselves. We put too much load. I'm very guilty of putting too much on my plate kind of thing and I'm all. I'm now looking at things differently. Like, how could I, how I even have it written here. How can you do more with less, right.


And that preserves your energy and your peace, you know? And I don't know if that were taught to do that as part of especially American Society, right in other.


Well, they need us to need and want stuff.


Countries they do.


Because that's how.


The economy has been kept going for so long, but I think in the last few years that there's been a shift. People are realizing that we don't need all this stuff. People are living in tiny homes where they have.


You know like.


60 or 70 things and and if they bring.


One thing in something else has to go, because there just isn't space for it.


Yeah. And it and it clutters your life and your spirit too, right? It's like it keeps you just from focusing on in. And, you know, there's a lot of people becoming digital nomads and, like, getting rid of homes altogether and having the freedom of the road or like, you go to other countries. That's why I love to travel and see, like, you know, not everyone does this this way. Other cultures, they have cafe culture, right. They sit for hours.


Just having a cup of coffee and let the day just be, you know, instead of feeling the need to run around in New York and people are running.


Around like crazy, you know.


When I teach a stretch class and when I get a hold of them, I'm like I literally tell them, like, stop moving, you know? Like, what if you just were still for a minute like and notice how you are uncomfortable with that feeling of just being still. Right. And and I think when we can get used to that or incorporate that even in little ways, we give ourselves some peace back. Right. And we give ourselves some.


Time to reflect and we get those intuitive nudges that I think are so important for our journey, because that's the truth of what you're supposed to do. I think, you know, we get. It's so easy to get overwhelmed and inundated with other people.


And other people's expectations and other people's energy and other people pulling us different directions or even other things, you know, and it's at the end of the day are those are those aligned to your path or not you know?


And now they're really making you happy.


A lot of times stuff makes us less happy because we have to take.


Care of the stuff.


Rather than just.


You can enjoy just nature. You can enjoy just being.


Sitting somewhere with, like, not a lot and.


Just being.


And when you have a lot, yeah.


Part of the universe.


You tend.


To have more things that you have to worry about.


So tell us how you do your coaching is how does it look when people come to you to?


To get help.


Yeah. Well, my one-on-one coaching programs, three months I do three sessions a month plus a kickoff call and I kind of structured it like the phases of uh, a butterfly because I.


I think it's transformation, right, we're looking, I want to help people cause a transformation in themselves. So the first month I do mine body, mind and then soul because I think each one has something to tell us about what's holding you back. So I look at I actually do like body alignment in the first session and we talk about what's out of alignment could be potentially causing pain.


It also helps us rule.


Out if there's pain somewhere that's not explained by your being body being out of a running alignment, it could be a trapped emotion.




And we talk about, you know, what it looks like when you're nervous. System is dysregulated. And when you feel anxious and overwhelmed and how that shows up in your body so we can start to be more conscious.


And that comes from my years as applies instructor something. Also we can feel right physically and usually we do know like our bodies reactions to things. The second session we talk about mindset and you know what are what are the most negative thoughts you're telling yourself and where do they come from. And we dig a little deep into how we can rewire those so that when they come up again especially if they're really deep and old they're going to keep coming up.


How do you deal with when you come and how do you know when it's just your mind lying to you? And how do you know when you should listen to it, and then the soul session is about? I look at the chakras, what's out of balance.


Where are you giving out more energy than you're getting back? Like, where can we protect your boundaries more? And then what we find by the end of that first month is they're all related usually. And usually that a problem in one area relates to all three of those things. And it's kind of.


Fascinating to see the connection, but then it makes it a little bit more like you have control over it, right? Like you now know you're aware of your triggers.


You're aware of how they show up and you know how to deal with them when you do, I give people free resources that they can use forever that are online.


For that work for them, because everyone's different, right? So that's the first month I call that like the Caterpillar stage, right? Kind of learning to walk again and who we are and a lot of times we've become disconnected from ourselves because of all this stuff we're talking about. We don't know, we don't pay or we feel it and we disregard it because we got.


To go run to something, right?


And so I find it really rewarding when we.


Can get some kind of power back over that feeling of being out of control of your own body and mind and soul, right?


In the second month, we look at like, well, where do you want to be now that we know more about you, I have them do a journal exercise of their what their real priorities are right now because they change over time, right. And what do you want your life to look like? Cause why create a feature based on what you're not going to feel good in, right. And then we look at intuition which is hard for some people to even hear or.


How do you hear your intuition and what's the difference between your intuition and your mind so that you can be able to separate those when you need to and say, oh, that's just my fear holding me back. My soul is telling me do this do this? And I always tell people I follow that no matter what I tell my mind to be quiet and I'm going to follow this.


And then we put a plan together of like, what are what are your goals for the next month? What do you want to focus on? Like for some everyone, it's different. So the third month is, to me, the butterfly month where you spread your wings and fly and maybe it's putting yourself out there for your art for the first time or starting that business or really putting your energy behind it finally and getting yourself.


Out there like I've had one of my clients do, like she's now doing psychic fair.


Years and Wellness Expos and before she was kind of overwhelmed because she was a mom of three and she's like, I don't know how to. I have my passion, but it's kind of on the back burner, you know, and we kind of.


Brought it forward.


And talked about all that. You know, those feelings of guilt and selfishness that come from doing what you want when you have, you know, other people that you're responsible for, right?


And then there's people that just want to feel better or reduce their stress so that their body is not hurting so much and not be, you know, dreading going to work every day. And we work through that. And just like, just checking with them, you know, in those sessions and make sure they're moving forward and not slipping back into those old patterns and.


They've had some amazing I've witnessed the transformation now and it's pretty inspiring to me to see. Like I think of it as so brave when you're willing to do that inner work, you know, because I think when you do that inner work is when that magic comes in because the universe rewards that. I think like, you're following what the universe is asking you to do. They're going to bring in those things, and it's always happened.


To me, over and over.


No matter how many times I've transformed my life, it just keeps surprising me with the opportunities and people that presents to me and I know they were meant to be there. You can just tell you know when you have those.


Like I was meant to have that opportunity or that friend, you know, that supports me. And so that's kind of what it looks like. And by the end of the three months it's, you know, you have a whole different life and and you healed a lot of your trauma. You're confident making your own decisions. And I think forever changed.


How you look at?


What you like? You said you choose in your future and and you choose things differently, right? And you choose them more aligned to you. And so I think that that puts you on a path to fulfillment. Is my goal. Right? So. And I have a I have a lot of fun working with my clients because we have, you know, it's deep work, but we can also have laughs and.


Share synchronicities and I love when they send me emails on this side and say ohh you know we talked about look what just showed up today and it was like exactly what.


We were talking.


About right. So I think it's just little confirmations that they're doing the right work.


You know.


I love that I.


Love that so much for people and.


It's so amazing to.


Me. How fast a transformation can happen?


Oh yeah.


It, and it all starts with the decision.


I that's what I say. It's like, really all you need is like the desire to have something different. I think that's where it starts. And then then all you got to do is take the next step and like the next step could just be reaching out to me, you know, and I'll tell you what I do. And if it's aligned to what you need, you know, I'm happy to help and.


Pressure people because I think the right people find me anyway that need me.




Or are aligned to me and want to do it my way, right? But yeah, I think it's amazing that people are willing to take that journey and trust me with it, I think it if it is.


An honor because it's.


You know, a lot of times we have a lot to unpack from our childhood from you know what we've lived so far and I think it's so rewarding when we can let some of that go and just invite an easier, more fun, adventurous energy back in, you know.


Yeah. And and.


It is the process of just letting go. It's.


It's not. We hang on to things and and by hanging on to I.


Mean we like.


Give it space in our head, in our thoughts, we.


Move over things that just you know.


Don't serve us anymore. Yeah, yeah.


Move on. It's not going to serve you. There's not anything you.


Can do about.


It's just it is what it was. You're not changing that. The only thing you can change is what happens next. And instead of, you know, it's.




So easy to.


Get stuck in the what happened before like looking in the rearview mirror and missing what's in front of you?


Oh yeah.


Yeah. Or you can be stuck in the future too. That's my more. I'm a little like future minded. Always a very fast-paced person and I can get stuck in the future too thinking you know and not being in the moment again, you know, and both of those I always say like worry, regret all of that. A lot of that is rooted in the past.


Right. And then anxiety.


Maybe fewer than owns a little bit rooted in the future, right. And we're never here now where there are no worries. Like I love the book. The power of now by Eckhart Tolle. And he talks about if a rhino is not charging at you. You really don't have anything to worry about in.


This moment because.




If you're worrying, you're probably in another moment, right?


Now, right. So.


Yeah. And, you know, I think.


If you're going to have that.


Other moment experience you may as well make it an.


Experience that you really.


Want to have and feel that emotion? So you.


Can get to that moment.


And that's the choice that we have. We have the we have free will. So we have the power to make ourselves miserable. We have the power to dream and I can catch myself still in those negative moments and go, you know.


They don't really serve me, they just attract more of what it is. Right. I do believe in law of attraction, and I've learned in my journey that, you know, some of my lowest points. The only thing I had the control over was my mind.


And I could choose in that moment, or I want to be hopeful, or do I want to be depressed, you know? And when I chose hopeful and just imagined a better future, it actually eventually came. Even as specific as I was. And so I know there's something to the power of your thoughts and attraction because it's happening many times in very specific ways.


You know.


And I think we have to allow ourselves to Daydream. You know, we have to create time for that. We have to that that time of being alone like I when I was on vacation, I got to be on loan on this beach. It was like being in Gilligan's Island. And I happened to pick up a book a client gave me and it was called gift from the scene. And it looked just like what I was looking at. And I'm like, OK. And it was.


Exactly. Talking about what we're talking about, about how we're not OK with just being, you know, and that that's actually the spiritual path, like the enlightened masters, I've gotten to a point where they've shed their ego so completely that they can just be.


You know, and then it's about love and compassion and that's really it. I think that's the point to life and to growing. And you know, we may never get to that level, but we can aspire to be at.


That at A at.


A better level than we're at now. You know where things don't bother us quite as much and we don't take things so personally and.


We don't just dwell.


And we and we instead look at like what?


Was the lesson in that thing that went through, you know, and it becomes a positive thing.


And being able to just have.


When I'm thinking about the love just in love and and acceptance, but it's, it's not the kind of love where you're constantly doing for other people that I think sometimes we're taught love is helping other people or making their lives easier and self sacrifice.


That there's a kind of love where you.


You experience it and you share it just by the fact that you are a peaceful person and you give that energy out to the people that are around you. When you're talking about monks.


And and Buddha.


And and people like that, I think it's that.


Peace, that is, that we call peace. That is the love that they share by allowing those that are.


In their periphery to.


Experience what it feels like to slow down and.


To just exist.


I got chills music because I just watched this on Netflix, called the Art of Joy, and it's about the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Bishop Desmond Tutu and their friendship and how cute and playful it is. And you think of them as such serious spiritual people. But they have a fun and light hearted energy and it's because when they start talking about their life.


He's, you know, thought well, I had to leave his country at age 24 and he became a refugee. And he said, you know, I think that was my path, though, like, as sad as I was to leave, I got to experience the world. I got to put my message out there. I got to meet amazing people. And he makes this unlikely friendship with a South African guy who's gone through apartheid and, you know, seen the worst of humanity. And they were probably the most.


Hopeful people you've ever seen.


But they had such inner peace, right? Because they had gone through so much and realized I rather choose joy, you know? And not because they hadn't seen you think of it as maybe they never actually suffered. No, they suffered a lot. But they realize, like, this is where it feels better, you know? And Archbishop Desmond Tutu.


That he starts every day and prioritizes every day, his alone time to connect to himself and meditate and pray. Because otherwise, how would I lead people? How would I speak about what's important if I don't know who I am and what's important to me and what I'm hearing you know?


And I think that's a lesson for all of us. And you can see like they're being is so at peace. And they talked about dying and what they would think about when they died. And they talked about, they would think about their friendship and their times together and what they did in the world. And that's the love you're talking about. It's like they just exist in peace. And they're an example of it. And most people don't have that.


Inner peace now because we're.


Spun around by society in so many ways that aren't us, you know, and I think our challenge is to get back to that core of who we are in such a distracting, you know, in Africa I could see how.


It's easy to be at peace because it's simple. It's uh, you know, not over complicated. And yet they don't have the infrastructure we have and the ease we have and the leisure and the, you know, we have a lot of creature comfort and trappings, but a lot of times those can be confining, you know, like you said, you're slaving away to your mortgage, you're doing a million things in society.


Doctors of what you know.


So I think our challenge and my focus is sort of like how do we live in an unnatural world and still stay connected to our natural self, right and maybe reconnect. And you may be a process or you're constantly really realizing when you're going away from yourself and when you know yourself, you can pull yourself back in and stay grounded, you know.


Yeah. Because you know, Desmond Tutu and.


Yeah, that's who we're talking about. And the Dalai Lama.


Dalai Lama? Yeah. Him and his Salaam.


They too have to deal in the real world.


Yeah, they have things that happen in their lives, but they they've.


Trained themselves to just.


Move through it differently.


Yeah, exactly. And I didn't realize that, you know, I think of monks as almost like yogic where they.


They exist not thinking right or like getting out of their body and mind and what he said was actually like Sahaja as a form of meditation. That's Indian. But that's a Buddhist philosophy about training your mind. And I didn't think of it as so active like I thought of it as we want to release and they're like, no, we actively train our mind to focus on the positive and we.


Actively realize when we are being negative they do certain tasks throughout the day to keep them that way right? So they part of their day is giving to others.


Part of the day is chores because he said that distracts the mind and busy is good. Idle hands are not right and you know they have things they do that are completely designed to keep their mind in the right vibration, right? So it's very active process and that was eye opening. You know, what I'm doing is similar. It's.


How to be active?


Aware of, am I telling myself a negative thought, and if so, we know what that's going to get us. You know, we don't attract well when we're thinking negative, we get more of it as proof, you know, until we recognize it and change the pattern. And I think a lot of what I do is pattern changing and helping people to be aware and compassionate way. And you know, people will tell me.


And nudge them when they need it. And I'm, you know, also can.


Be empathetic and.


Compassionate to what they've gone through having seen a lot on all I've worked with the homeless and I've worked with people on 5th Ave. and everyone has struggles, you know and everyone.


That struggles has different response to it, and based on their experience and sometimes we need to work on our response to it right and have a have a better feeling response because triggers will always happen right. So.


But I've learned that you can let them affect you less. You cannot take things as personally, and you cannot do it to yourself, because mostly we do it to ourselves, right?


Yeah, sure we do.


It to ourselves and then not.


Just with our thoughts.


Yeah. I mean, most of the time, your friends aren't going around saying you suck. You're not good at this, right? We say that to ourselves, though, all day long sometimes, right?


Yeah. And why did you do that? I don't know why I did that. And I don't want to justify it to myself.


Yeah, yeah, default mode, right?


Yeah. And like you said, the words supposed to and should have should are always red flags to me, because that usually tells me someone taught you to believe that you should do that. Right? Like somewhere along the way you learn.


This is who you're supposed to be, but that might not be the truth of who you are. How do you know the truth of who you are? Going within, asking yourself and then trusting the answer you get, and then the only way I think you trust that is by testing it. Right? You go out, you take a step based on that intuition. You see what comes. But when you start seeing magic.


Coming then you're like, you know what?


Maybe that soul was right, you know, maybe my soul knew the answer more than my mind did. And then I've now seen so much proof of that that I can't doubt it, you know? Do I still have hang up sometimes, though? Yeah.


And I get called out on it too. So you know, I like that though, because that holds me accountable. And if I could do that for other people, then I'm happy.


You gotta be a little bit brave because it can be scary to exercise the thought that.


You could be a totally different person than the person you've been.


All this time up to now, having these thoughts that don't serve you and having your body out of alignment and.


Having your soul kind of.


Crushed and put in a little box in the way because it doesn't conform to the thing or the being that you were supposed to be.


Yeah. And you know.


A lot of times those things seem so separate to us. Like, you know, when we feel like our life is falling apart and we're like my body hurts and I feel depressed, and I also just feel alone or whatever, you know, they could seem like separate issues. And when you look at his sole perspective, they're usually the same issue, right? And it always comes back from being disconnected from the self because when you're connected to yourself.


You never feel alone or confused or.


Like you're making the wrong choice, right? And I can feel that fear and do it anyway. Now, you know, I think if anything, that's what I did all along. Like it wasn't ever that I didn't feel fear when I took that risk, you know, followed that dream. It's just that my fear of regret was bigger than my fear of whatever that thing was.


And I do think that there is and and you know, remember, you know that Marianne Williamson quote, this is like we're not afraid of. We're more afraid of our endless potential than we are of anything else. I never understood that. But I started talking to clients that you know they are.


Afraid to hope?


And to put their dream out there, because then what if it fails? Now they have nothing. But I'm like, but what did you have before? You know, you had this. Yeah, but so we might as well go for it. And, you know, and I've had people tell me you got to risk failure. I don't. I don't like to fail. I don't. I like to be infectious and control things I produce shows, you know, we're control everything about it as much as I could and thought of everything.


Down the road that could go wrong and tried to prevent it, but then at the end of the day it could be something I at least expect a Blizzard, something I.


Can't control, you know.


That totally I you know.


And and the only thing we can do is trust ourselves to be adaptable. And when you learn these skills, though, of how to train your.


Mind how to listen to your intuition how to deal with your triggers. You are adoptable and you can handle those ups and downs on the journey and still get to where you want to go without feeling completely destroyed when one little thing happens. It's not the way you wanted it, you know. And so I think that's a superpower. And I if I can make people more bulletproof that way, you know.


By teaching them what's worked for me, because I don't teach people anything that I didn't try, you know, and that didn't work. And they're all organic and free and holistic. So, you know, if it's things that you can always use, like, my goal is to make them.


So, hyper independent and trusting in themselves that after me and for the rest of their life, they know they can count on themselves, you know, and that's a lost skill I think.


I think so.


Too, and it you're just having the.


Skills to be able.


To recover when those things happen to us and you know, life does happen. There are ups and downs.


It would be.


Pretty boring, honestly, if it didn't, but knowing how to navigate the ups and downs makes life infinitely.


Less stressful.


Yeah, and you're right. People can get energetically. People can get stuck that people can get stuck in an event, right? Like their energy is still back, and someone that passed away. Or a breakup that happened, or opportunity that didn't work out and they might not even know that that part of their soul is still stuck somewhere that have the rest of them has moved on from right.


And sometimes we have to go back and like in other cultures, they call it like solar retrieval, you know, shamans call it like, where you have to go get back that last part of yourself, you know, or even I've heard like.


Parts work, childhood, inner child work.


Like, it's like that part of yourself that didn't get their needs met. Maybe when you're growing up or that thing that didn't get fulfilled, like I don't ever think it's too late. I don't. I think we're given infinite time only in our human mind. Do we think there's limited time or it's too late for me or it didn't happen by now? It's never going to happen. I've, like I said, reinventing myself so many times that I know that.


At any point we can choose, you know. But we have to make that choice right.


It's kind of exciting that we can reinvent ourselves.


So how? How do people get in touch with you if they want to work with you more, Nicole.


So the easiest way is just my website followyoursoulpath dot com. You can book a tarot reading on there if you want to get in touch with your intuition. I do a little bit of intuition coaching with that. You can read more about.


My three month program which is called Align & Attract: 3 months to Live Your Truth & Fulfill Your Potential and you can book a free call about that and just ask me anything to see if it's a good fit for you and we can talk about what you're struggling with and if I think I'd be able to help you. And then I also have a free Facebook group that's like a supportive.


Spiritual community that you can get to also from my website, but that's also called follow your Soul Path private group and I do free weekly readings in there.


It's fun for me because I get to connect to the community and I'll pull a card for you if you show up in the chat and maybe you need a little direction.


That week kind of thing. And we do a lot of really fun. It is really fun and like we have fun in the group and we also do like free monthly self-care workshops that different people in the group lead. So not just me like I like to bring other modalities to people that maybe they haven't tried or heard of that.


To help them with some of those things, I think our next one is going to be about anxiety and trauma healing.


And from a therapist who's very trauma informed and so, and who also just took a big leap of faith to move to London. So there's a lot of good examples of people in the group posting their stories too, of, you know, how they're taking the leap and how they're working on their stuff. And so I think it's helpful to be a part of that community. And I'm looking into doing maybe some group coaching monthly membership.


Big thing, just to keep that community going. People can talk to each other and get feedback, you know.


Communities where the magic happens.


Every time, right?


Just like meet people.


That you might not have ever met.


In in a normal walk of life, but because you join these communities, you make friends that you.


Just keep with you forever.


Yeah, it's so cool. And that, you know, they inspire you and they keep you going and they help you when it's those tough times. I definitely have, like, my spiritual friends. I call on, you know, and we help each other. And we're not meant to do this alone, you know? And.


People don't have someone like that. Like, that's where I think the coaching can be helpful. Or maybe you want something, someone objective that's not part of your normal circle. But if you want to make you know friends in a positive environment, I'm I love connecting people, so I'm happy when people make their own, you know, kind of friendships in that group.


From across the world, you know amazing.


So what's the one?


Thing you'd like to leave the audience with today.


There's so many things, right? But I want to say.


My theme of this week, because it's a new moon today too, is.


How can we invite more space like you said to be still and and and to give ourselves a break? And where are we? Maybe stressing where we don't need to, like how can we really look at what we're doing and make it easier for ourselves?


Just something to think about for the week. There's probably places where we can open space for ourselves, where we can take a minute for ourselves or a lot of people decluttering the house and it.


Just it and.


I say always the universe loves a vacuum, so maybe I'll leave with that. That and not an actual physical vacuum, but like a vacuum of space, you know?


You create, you clean out your closet, and now maybe you're making room for a new partner to come in. You know the universe will fill it with something better. When you open yourself to the possibility of more.


Thank you so much for joining me today.


Thank you so much for having me.

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