Mary Beth Thomsen – Tapping Into Intuition: A Coaching Masterclass

In this episode, Mary Beth Thomsen, a certified spiritual and intuitive coach, discusses integrating clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities into her life coaching. Mary Beth explains her unique approach, including ten-week coaching sessions based on color energy. She highlights the importance of identifying and releasing negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, emphasizing their impact on personal growth and transformation.

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Hi and welcome to the You World Order Showcase podcast. Today we are talking with Mary Beth Thomsen. Mary Beth is a certified spiritual and intuitive coach and she is clairvoyant and Claire audient and she weaves this into her life coaching sessions on SoulShines Coaching. So.


Welcome to the show Mary Beth.


And we’re really excited to chat with you today.


Thank you so much for having me. I'm really excited to talk to you today.


So as we were talking before we got started here, I'm really interested in this whole Claire audient clairvoyant thing and how you managed to weave that into your coaching. So tell us about that.


Yeah, sure. So my background is in marketing communications and I had a niche in healthcare.


So for the 1st 20 years of my career, that's what.


I was doing.


And I kind of joked that I was a closeted medium.


And so a medium is someone who of course can connect and talk to energetically with loved ones who've crossed over. And I learned that I had this ability in my early 20s. I don't know if you want me to tell the story, but my, my.


Yeah, do!


OK so.


OK, so my grandfather, my maternal grandfather.


Came to me at the gym. You know, there's an expression that we can hear from our loved ones and also intuitively from our own higher self when we ourselves are in a very meditative, quiet, grounded space. And so think of folding laundry, doing the dishes, going for a walk, taking a shower. Those are very kind of tranquil


Experiences where your mind is a little bit quieter and so as it turns out, I was on a treadmill at the gym and literally out of nowhere. I suddenly recognized that I had an energy next to me that I recognized to be my grandfather and he passed away when I was very young. I think maybe 8 years old. So this is in my early.


20s Now when this is happening.


And you said Clairaudient and clairvoyant, so people know what that means. Clairvoyant is French for clear seeing and clear audience clear hearing.


So there's another expression called Claire Cognizant, which means clear knowing. So it was kind of just. I just knew I can't explain it. I didn't physically see him with my eyes, but I just knew it was his energy and this was the very first time this happened to me and I just started.


To talk to.


Him in my mind, I was like. Hi, grandpa. How can I help you? Like what this.


Was very strange to me, but I just knew.


So he started.


To talk to me, clear audiently. He had a message for my sister that had to do with her health.


And the rest was history. So for the next 20 years, I continued to receive messages for friends, for family members, for friends of friends. And I grew up in a religion that would have kind of shunned this ability.


Activity and so I think I didn't feel comfortable sharing this openly.


Only until just a couple of years ago. So I basically I'm. I'm not a trained medium. I just lived, lived it myself and actually come to find out I didn't know you could even learn it. I thought you were just born with it. But there I I've come to find out that you actually can go to classes and workshops and learn how to become.


A medium so.


But that, but that wasn't my experience and so Fast forward to 2020. I was like everyone else in the world dealing with the pandemic and I feel like that.


From my experience, feels like a lot of us went through this kind of self discovery period where we had to. We were literally stopped, right to say.


What am I?


Doing with my life, am I happy? Is there something else out there for me?


And so I too.


Went through a similar journey where I felt this nudge from the universe is the only way I can explain it why I felt like.


I think I need to look into life coaching. I had been told over the years anecdotally by people. Mary Beth, you would make a great life coach and I always took that as a compliment and I felt.


That was a positive affirmation. You're a good listener. You have good advice, but at the time it didn't feel like it resonated with me. And then something just switched in 2020, where it was like, no, it's time for you to look into this. So I had looked at different types of life. There's different types of life coaching.


And I felt drawn to.


More of a spiritual.


Type of life coaching for obvious reasons. Because of my abilities and right when I was getting ready to launch my business literally one week before. I already had the website designed. The branding was done. I was getting ready to go live and again I felt another nudge that said you need to also include services for mediumship readings and intuitive.


Guidance reading because I'm like, no, no, no, no, that's not. That's not part of.


The stick I'm supposed to be a life coach. I got certifications and things like that and I guess I just trust my intuition so much that I knew I was supposed to just take a leap.


Of faith.


And go. OK, so at the last minute I added those services on as standalone.


Sessions, in addition to my packages of life coaching, and it turns out my intuitive and mediumship sessions probably take up 75% of.


My business so.


So that was meant to be.


Yeah, because it's so unusual.


It's one of those things. How do you marry them into your into your coaching practice? I mean, how does?


That what? What kinds of things?


Do you help people achieve with your life coaching business and then how does the?


The medium ship enter into that.


Yeah. So I don't do medium ship in my life coaching because medium ship would be again a standalone one time session where I'm connecting someone with their loved one. The life coaching with the way I marry my intuition with my clients, with my coaching session.


Is so just to just to give you an example. So I have a ten week package where I take people through individual weekly sessions and I'm a certified master color energy coach and color is like if you think about.


It like a language, it's.


A way it has its own vibration, its own energy and color.


Each color on the spectrum.


Of our aura.


Represents different qualities. So for example, purple is the color of leadership divine purpose.


Orange is the color of balance and perspective. OK, Emerald Green is the color of communication and creativity, so I take people all through the colors of our aura, and every week I take them through understanding the positive qualities of that color or the shadow size of that color. So if someone for example.


It deals with anxiety. Mint Green is the color of life force and enthusiasm, so they would want to work with that color mint green to help offset that anxiety they're dealing with. So I take them through exercises meditation.


And then I send them home to live their life using working with those color techniques that I teach them, and also go through kind of self exploration through I would say like the three major buckets of our life. So relationships which would be the relationship with yourself, the relationship with your loved ones, your peers, your community.


I take them through different modules that have to do with your spiritual, intuitive connection to your high.


Itself, and then the third section that we that we focus on is a business abundance and prosperity. So I helped them set a goal for our time together and then over the course of ten weeks, we try to work through at least getting more clarity about whatever it is they want to focus on. And then when they're done with their coaching.


With me, they now have a toolbox to work with their color energy of what's going on in their life and how they can use that color energy to their benefit. And then from an intuitive standpoint.


Because I kind of channel intuitive information about people when I'm in their space, I can help coach them based on what I'm energetically feeling or hearing about them as we're having our connections if that makes sense.


It makes total sense. That's a really interesting about the colors.


I'm thinking back to.


A time I had a room that was orange and yellow and it had green carpeting in Southern California, and my room faced the direction where the sun came in. It was the most miserable experience I ever had in my entire life, and to this day Orange just.


Drives me crazy.


Totally convinced it's because of that.


And it was when I was a teenager it.


Was, and it wasn't for a really long time.


We only lived there, maybe.


Two years.


That it was just like such.


Such an interesting.


Thing and you're talking about orange being organized and.


It was the time when I wasn't very organized.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.


So the shadow side of orange would be feeling a bit a bit frantic, a bit unsettled, little scattered, because then again the better qualities of orange. If you're, if you're incorporating into that into your energy.


Field is balance and perception and having kind of a good grasp on things, so that makes sense that you felt that way.


Yeah, so interesting. How?


And I've picked the colors that I've picked kind of.


That kind of came to me more than.


Anything else it was.


Just like these colors speak to me, I've always loved purple. It's just like, but the teal was just like OK teal and purple and black.


Those colors just.


Feel and speak to me in a way that's like it's visceral rather than mental.


Yeah, yeah.


So it was interesting to hear you.


Talk about that and.


Yeah, tail, tail or turquoise color has to do with forgiveness and kindness.


And to yourself and to others. And like I said, purple is leadership, destiny and purpose. And, you know, purple is. You would see it around someone like Oprah, who just stands in her power, really confident, kind of evokes that leadership quality about her. So, yeah, I happen to like those two colors a lot, too.


I think they speak to a.


Lot of people so.


As you're doing one-on-one or do you do groups?


Both. So I deal with life coaching. I do one-on-one and again those are for a longer period of time together as we work together. My medium ship sessions. When I connect with someone's loved one and spirit or I also do what's called intuitive guidance sessions. So that's when someone is looking for clarity, guidance, some perspective.


About name anything, their finances, their relationships, their career, their.


Children, their spirituality, their self-care so people can kind of come, come into this session with their intentions of what they'd like. Some guidance on and I connect with their soul level self to.


Kind of.


Get these downloads of information that would be useful for them so they can walk away from the session feeling like they have more clarity to move forward.


And then I also do every couple months I do workshops where I'll teach different on different topics I've taught about what's the difference between your angels and your spirit guides, and how to connect with them. I've done sessions on manifesting. I've done workshops on.


On how to work with your Claires like we talked about earlier. Your clairvoyance and clairaudience, things like that. Your chakras. So. So I try, I try to provide content that is helpful for people who maybe they're interested in or they're they have some familiarity, but they don't really have the tangible.


Steps or knowledge of how to actually apply.


Those topics so yeah, so I do workshops, I do have also a mentoring package where someone, it's called intuitive mentoring. So you feel like again you might have everyone has the ability. Intuition is in my opinion a divine birthright. You know, all of us will say the words like my gut told me or I just had this feeling.


Or you're six cents. So we all have it. It's just a matter if you actually utilize it. And so I have a mentoring program for people who kind of want to get the fundamentals of how to connect with their own intuition and trust themselves more.


And So what? And do you talk about that in your in your private community also?


I do. Yeah. So I'm very active on social media, on Facebook and Instagram, where practically Monday through Friday, I'm sharing content that has to do with life coaching or intuitive tips, and I try to make them short and digestible. But if people go to my social media pages, they'll, you know.


Lots and lots of great tips and advice and content with regards to these.


Kinds of topics.


That's interesting. So what is the difference between angels and your spirit guides?


OK, so I'm going to just share this answer based on my lived experience. You could ask another person and they might have a different answer. I just want to be clear about that. So angels, from my understanding are the name Angel means messenger of God.


So that's, that's what it actually means, and they are very, very high level high end.


G blight beings that are here to be of service to us as we live our lives. It's my understanding, a belief that they've never been human beings, they've never walked earth like we're doing now. And it's also my understanding that we all have a guardian Angel that has been with us since.


Inception all the way through our entire life. They're here for protection, for guidance, for comfort. They will help us when we call on them for help. They'll, you know, be there just.


Spirit guide from my understanding is.


Someone who has walked.


In human form before Earth side and if you know.


If you if you happen to be open to the idea of reincarnation, or that we might live more.


Than one life. The idea is that these spirit guides have.


Been through probably many, many, many lifetimes and have learned all the lessons they've come here.


To learn at.


A soul level and then they kind of almost graduate if you think about it like that to becoming a guide.


So all of us.


Humans have guides in spirit. I think we have at least one or two that are with us our entire.


Lifetime and you might have a sprinkling of other ones that come in and out of your life, depending on what's going on in your life at that time.


So let's say.


You become a new parent, maybe you're going to have a parenting guide and they're going to kind of help support you in that.


In that journey or you're going to become a chef and go to chef, you know, culinary school, maybe you have a culinary guide. So. But over the course of your life, you do have at least kind of like your main squad of guides that that are with you to support you. They can't interfere in your life.


Because we have divine free will, but they can certainly help give us messages and that's kind of goes down a whole mother rabbit hole of when you hear information in your mind or you get a gut sensation or you're driving down the road and you say something tells me I shouldn't go this way today I should maybe go right here and take this other shortcut. Well, who told you that?


Who, who, where did that information come from? Was that your higher self talking to you? Was that your spirit guide? You know what I mean? You know what I mean? So I think maybe the average person isn't conscious or aware of kind of pulling, zooming out and pulling back and go wait a second. Where did I just get that information from? You know? So, so. So I say all that because.


As we're every single day, every one of us is getting information of guidance and support and knowings and intuition. We may not just pay attention to it because we're so used to it.


You know what, I.


Mean. So how do you tell if it's just the voice in your head, your higher self, or if it's your spirit?


Died, or if it's an Angel, your guardian Angel or whatever.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. So that that's.


A good question, to be honest with you, me personally, I don't really. It doesn't make a difference to me.


I don't necessarily have to know who told me that. You know, all I know is that I have this immense trust. I just trust it so much because you know, you've probably also heard this kind of expression of trust. Your gut trust, your intuition. And if you, you'll never go wrong. And it's, I mean, I've never heard anyone say I trust my intuition. And it smacked me in the face.


You people don't say that. They'll say the opposite. I didn't listen to my intuition. I knew I shouldn't have done that, or I knew I should have done this. And I regret it. So. So I don't. I don't necessarily care so much about discerning who I'm hearing.


From to be honest with you now I can tell you some tips if you really did want to know, I would say asking for signs. So if you've, you know, I happen to have an association with feathers and angels. So if I wanted to know if my Angel sent me this message or if this was my Angel, you know.


Show me a feather in the next.


24 hours whether I see an actual feather on the ground, or whether one comes to me in passing through, I'm scrolling social media and there's a big feather that that's up on the screen. I'm like, OK, thank you Angel for that validation. So there's different kind of techniques you can do to try to discern if you really wanted to know.


You talked about validation and.


It's like I've got.


All of these questions I want to.


Ask you on this.


Topic this is so interesting so.


What about the?


The voices in your head that are critical, I mean a lot of people run around with that. That little voice that tears them down. How does that play into all of this?


So that's probably more than the lines of life of a life coaching type of experience. I help people work through limiting beliefs. I help them identify where did that limiting belief come from.


How did how?


Has this showed up in your life over the course of your life? Obviously. Is it?


Serving you probably.


Not. And then trying to decipher and determine how they can rewrite the transcripts in our heads because it's something like don't, don't quote me, but something along the lines of 70 to 80 thousand thoughts.


A day and 90% of them are the same ones you had yesterday.


And only 5% of our thoughts are conscious, 95% are subconscious. So if we're not even aware of those.


Thoughts that are swirling around our head and you don't get a grip on them, especially the negative thoughts and unfortunately most of our thoughts are actually.


Negative too. So. So it just it just takes a lot of. I mean obviously coaching help.


But really, becoming conscious of what those thoughts are and we have these kind of neural circuits, I think of them the image of if you're walking down a path, let's just say hypothetically you have a lake in your backyard and you walk down your back porch and you walk over to the lake and it takes about 30 steps to get there. And you've walked that path so many times that the grass has cleared away.


And all it is mud because you've walked it so many times and I feel like that's a metaphor for our neural pathways that have these really deeply conditioned thought.


That's of I'm not worthy or I'm not good enough, or I'll never. I'll never get this opportunity or I have bad luck or whatever these thoughts are. And so it's unfortunate because they're so deeply ingrained in our in our, in our mind. However, it is possible to rewrite them. And so I work with, I work with clients to partly help them identify.


And rewrite those narratives and so to answer your question about how do you deal with the negative fear, I mean again that could be 3 a three hour conversation of how do you do that. But I would say the biggest one to me is identifying it.


If you can just pay attention to your thoughts and the next time you catch yourself saying a negative thought.


Pause, acknowledge it and say.


Where did that come from?


Cause that certainly did not come from your higher self. That certainly did not come from any angelic being that came from some kind of probably your I mean not to sound cliche or corny, but probably your childhood probably something that came up when you were a child that that has really sat with you over the course of your life.


And so I would say first is identifying.


It and then I'm a big fan of releasing, energetically releasing, so I would almost put that thought in a bubble.


And just watch it. Almost like a bloom. Like, go up in, in, in your mind's eye, in your imagination and watch.


It float away.


You know there there's lots of techniques you can do when it comes to.


Releasing and cutting energetic cords, thoughts, beliefs. But it is a process. You know, if you if we have been.


Living with these beliefs and these thoughts for the better part of our life, it's not going to it's just like losing weight. You know, you didn't put it on overnight. You know, you're not going to get it off overnight. So it's definitely a process, but it is. So it's such a beautiful result if you're able to put in the work and be mindful of.


What those beliefs and thoughts are? Because they're not true.


Well, nothing is true. It's just what we remember them as and everybody remembers it differently. So what is?


The truth and what is reality?


Exactly. Oh, wait, that's a.


Whole nother story. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Exactly so.


Have you found that as people become better at paying attention to what's the conversations that are going on in their head?


And connecting with your body and your mind together because.


A lot of people go through life disconnected from their body, and sometimes you hear things with your gut or you hear things with your heart.


Not just your ears when you're like Claire, audience, you can you can have a feeling that's actually a sound.


As you pay, have you found that as people pay more attention to what's going on, that they're able to hear from these guides and angels and?


Recognize their intuition more than.


They might have done before. Is there a correlation between those two? I guess is what I'm asking.


Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I feel like people who, especially in the life coaching portion of my business, if that was their goal that that they set out to do they, yeah, that they over the course of our time together will lean into listening and tuning in more and trusting it more and something else that I found.


Seems to be a pretty common denominator among people who have that goal in mind is there's a fear I've seen this time and time again that people are afraid of opening up.


What? What's going to be on the other side? If I open up the doors to spirit, if I open up the doors to my intuition or to guides or to loved ones in spirit, they're afraid of any dark energy, you know? And so I teach them. It's very simple, to be honest with you. It's just our intention is everything. Intention is everything.


From the moment you wake up in the morning and you intend.


I'm going to have a great day. Things are going to go well for me. I'm going to be in a good mood. I'm going to have.


Wonderful things coming.


To my cross my path or you wake up and go, oh, it's going to be a long day today. It's so busy. Oh, I've got to see so. And so today. Oh, she's always in a bad mood. You're just setting the intention energetically for what's going to happen over the course of your day.


And the same is true for our connection to spirit. So I intend with my, my heart and my intentions, that I'm only connecting with the highest vibration of love and light. Period, end of story. And I set that intention. And so it is.


And so if you if you feel like you might have something that feels a little.


Dark or dense?


To you, you just say you know you're not welcome here. You know you're, I'm. I'm kind of commanding you to leave and go back to where you came from. And just like that, that energy has it goes away. So.


I find that that seems to be something that people have a little bit of hesitancy about opening up their doors, so to speak energetically is.


You know, am I going to inadvertently be opening up the possibility to have something that I don't want around me and I find that that's just not the case, because if you set the intention to set your boundaries and my intention every time I do a session is I'm working with the highest vibration of love and light.


Period and that's it.


Do you find that?


Couch this carefully come out of religious indoctrination.


Tend to have that fear more than people who.


Really, we're never.


Privy to that.


Yeah, absolutely.


Are you are you asking me if I if I?


If I agree or.


Yeah, I'm just wondering what your what your thoughts were about that I.


Yeah, I believe that's probably true that people, they either have had a negative experience and so now they're just scared of it, which is completely understandable.


But I think also people I mentioned to you earlier that I was brought up in a religion that that shunned this kind of thing, which I always found ironic because I was taught in this faith to pray to angels, to pray to things I can't even see with my own eyes and to have this, you know, blind faith and asking the Saints for protection. And so I find it so ironic.


So I'm like I'm doing the exact same thing. I just happen to hear back from them. It's like a two way walkie.


Hockey. That's the only difference. You know, I don't. I don't see why. Why? It's any different than that. But again, I think about the religious fear. Absolutely. It's so interesting. You bring this up. I heard this somewhere recently. Where the philosophy that there could be hypothetically.


Religions that tried to emanate this sense of fear so that you have to stay within the confines of the church to be saved or to be liberated, or to be protected.


And so if you have the fear, then you're more likely to stay close to home base. But if you but then all of a sudden, if you wash away the fear and you're protected by the light and love of God, the universe, whatever you want to call it, source and you have so much power of intention that you're protected just by saying the words.


Then then it's like. Well, then why would you need?


That anymore?


Right, but they need your money.


Yeah. So usually don't talk about this kind of again, because I don't want to offend anyone or be I want to be really sensitive. But I do agree with you that there is a there is a common denominator.


With those two topics and the fear and the religious, absolutely I've seen go hand in.


So I'm wondering if the fear part isn't.


It's not that I don't believe that there's.


Good and evil.


Because I do think that there are things that.


Are evil.


In terms of their.


Their purpose is to destroy.


I I'm not so sure that.


In that.


The good versus evil.


It it's not.


It's not really good versus evil. It's apathy.


Versus love.


Because the opposite of love.


Is not hate, it's apathy. It just simply don't care.


From my own journey.


Into and out of religion I have.


I've experienced a sense of.


Of release and freedom. That and purpose.


That I didn't experience while I was in.


The indoctrinated state, for lack of better work.


When you talk about the.


The love.


And the light when you're like.


When you're in.


In that situation, it's like you have to stay there in.


Order to be saved.


Or to experience a good afterlife.


Right, right.


That's the big promise that it doesn't matter what happens now, it just happens.


You're going.


To go would be in this wonderful place and the wonderful place is different for everybody. If you talk to.


Them even, you know, near death experiences they're like.




All over the board.


Yeah, yeah.


But I wandered off. So sorry. No, no.


I'm. I'm.


Everything you're saying is fascinating to me. I could. I could. You know, we.


Could talk for hours about this for.


Yeah, it's just like it's.


So interesting the difference between being here and what we consider reality and the fact that it isn't real, it's all, it's all integrated. It's not like over there and here like spirit guides and.


And are some like, there's a door that opens or something.


Yeah, yeah.


Have you ever seen the movie Interstellar with Matt Damon?


OK, I would recommend it because I feel like it does a really I want to say it came out 10 plus years ago, but I feel like it does a really good job depicting the idea of that we live in this matrix basically and that time isn't linear. It's really fascinating movie.


Also, as far as there versus here, I'm a big metaphor person, but if you've heard the veil, the veil is kind of the dimension between us and spirit is as thin as a piece of paper. I mean, that's really how I have come to understand it. It's not like they're so far away in some other Galaxy. They're literally.


Right, right here with us and time is a man made concept that doesn't exist in spirit. And yeah, it's interesting doing medium shift sessions. You know I over the years I have come to understand certain themes and things to be true.


From again from my experience.


And ego is something that we have in human form. That's something that we have on, you know, on this Earth plane. And what I have, what I have experienced talking to so many spirits who've crossed over is they don't have an ego anymore. So some of the things that they might have felt or had a grudge about or been a certain way.


They come through to me for my clients with so much more clarity, with acceptance, with forgiveness, maybe some remorse about decisions they made, and I just find that they're so.


Pure, you know, and so you might, you might remember them, for example, if you had a tough experience with one of your parents and you kind of held the grudge and maybe they were not just not a kind person, maybe they just were really rough around the edges. Maybe they were even abusive and they come through in a session.


They don't come through mostly, primarily they don't come through with that with that energy anymore. It's like because if you just think about, you just take the ego out of the equation. What?


Is it's a completely different.


Energy. So I've just, I just have found that to be very comforting to know that they are really all of us once we're in spirit, have a much different vantage point in a in a.


Clarity and the perception to see things differently in retrospect. And I just think that's so interesting.


It gets really interesting too, and when you add into that mix soul contracts. So we all choose what we're coming here to do and.


Some of them go before us.


It's like.


You know you can. You can spend your.


Life really angry about the things that you went through as a kid and you know, we were all traumatized, alright. I mean, there's just like, there's no getting around it. People have children when they're still growing up. You know, most of our parents are like 20 years older than we are.




And if you look around to 20 year.


Olds you're.


Like God, you're so young. There's so much life left to go.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.


And they're bringing people in through the.


World. And so as you.


As the older people leave and then you reconnect with them, I have reconnected with some of the people that have gone before me that I had problems with and.


You know the.


They came to me in a dream.


And it was like it's all good. This is what happened and.


And again, there's the memory thing about what is reality, what you experience, what you remember experiencing. It doesn't actually exist. And you can change.


You can remember it differently, and there's some science around remembering things differently, changes how other people remember it also.


And it can make the experience, you know it can take it from being really bad to positive. And I've seen people who've been, like, abused, sexually abused. There was one girl that I talked to, she was sexually abused. And that's just like.


That's just a period on the end of.


A much larger sentence.


And oh, by the way.


But it kind of.


Pulled her into such a different space.


That she's just, like, grateful for it.


It was horrible that she went.


Through it but it.


It has.


It was the.


Catalyst that created our life and I think that happens with a lot of people. They go through life and there's things that.


Happen to them.


And it's for a reason.


It is it.


Is. Yeah. One of the things I do in my intuitive guidance sessions and I'm connecting with someone solo myself is I'll ask them to tell me.


What is one of the major life lessons or themes in their in this lifetime that of course, they have chosen at soul level, but they've forgotten since they were, you know, came Earth side. And it's my understanding that we any one of us would have anywhere from three to five core themes or lessons in this lifetime. So I'm just asking for one.


And it's always fascinating to share what I get with the person because it, well, every single time it resonates or lands for them. And I find I just find it to be comforting to know that it's not in vain.


You know that it's like, oh, I've had this. I'll give you an example. I've had this.


Repeated lesson or theme in my life where there's this thing of forgiveness that life has given me so many opportunities to forgive people, which means you've been wrong. You know you've been betrayed. You've been lied to. You've been this, that and the other.


And what they wanted to learn in this lifetime was how to forgive.


And so that can be very humbling and but, but just by bringing that information through, should in theory give you some comfort to know that this isn't in.


Vain that I.


Actually, this was not just a coincidence that my whole life I've been giving all these, you know, difficult circumstances to then be choosing. Do I want to forgive or not? And then OK, yeah. I'm going to forgive them if not.


And not for them. It's for me, you know, to let go of that toxic vibration. So yeah, it's.


Fascinating. I don't. I don't know that everyone realizes this. You know that that we have chosen some of the.


Is roads that we go down in this lifetime for various reasons and the goal is that we get the lesson and we get it sooner than later so that we don't have to repeat it our entire lifetime, yeah.




And once you do get it.


You can move on to the next thing.


Yeah, yeah. You use the word freedom. I think freedom is a beautiful, descriptive word to say, oh, I can let that go.


One more thing. Yeah. Yeah.


About free.


When you talk about forgiveness, forgiveness is for you. It doesn't. You can excuse another's behavior, and then you make boundaries and you decide what you want to do with that.


Forgiveness is allowing yourself to move on and not.


Let that thing take up space in your head.


Because that's what we do when we forgive we just, like, can move it away from us rather than.


Telling people I forgive you are wanting them to ask for forgiveness. That's the silliest thing I've ever heard.


What you're asking for is to please excuse.


Excuse me, please excuse this behavior that I did towards you and I'm either going to continue doing it or I.




I'm going to try not to do it anymore because obviously that had an effect on.


You, but we don't.


We don't understand that distinction when we're raising children or when we were being raised ourselves, we're told, you know, you need to forgive them for hitting you, or you need to say you're sorry.


Those kinds of things.


Teach us the.


That other people have power over us rather than we have all of the power.


In our relationships with others.


When you make somebody tell somebody else they're sorry, even when they're not, it teaches you that it doesn't. You know, that person has control over your feelings about something. If they've told you you're sorry, then suck it up.


And move on.


Well, you know. Yeah, he hit you. You haven't.


You have a right to feel angry and to be hurt and to cry if you want to, I mean.


Something happened to you. Let's look at that.


You may choose to excuse the.


Behavior if you want, but it's not.


It's not necessary.


Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, forgiveness. I think there's an expression that says something like holding on to anger is like drinking poison, but expecting the other person to die. Such a good descriptive of what it is. And.


You know, I also am very sensitive to letting people feel their feelings and not trying to spiritually bypass anyone and say ohh forgiveness is everything and you need to forgive no matter what the case because that's everyone's own journey and at the same time I also know to be true.


That there's so much healing and forgiveness, and like you were saying earlier, it doesn't even have to be for them. It could just be for your own, your own healing journey to say, you know, I'm going to release this. I'm not going to hold.


On to the anger. So yeah.


So people can get a hold of you in your.


On your social media platforms and in your in your on your website so.


Yeah, my website and then Facebook and Instagram is soul at Soul shines coaching. So yeah, happy to connect with anyone who feels called to do so.


That's awesome. And what's the one thing you?


Want to leave the audience with today? Mary Beth.


The one thing.


I want to leave the audience with, you know, we talked a bit about intuition today and I think this is a helpful tip for people to understand well, what the heck is intuition and how do I differentiate when it's that or something like fear. For example, fear would come through something like racing thoughts, racing.


Heartbeat, sweaty palms there repeating, you know, loophole over and over and over again. That's going to be more of a fear base coming from your own ego or your.


Mind your intuition typically comes through out of nowhere. You're not ruminating about something. It comes out of nowhere. This this kind of information or download or feeling or sensation. You're usually going to have it come through fast and just one time.


And you're there's going to be an indifference of feeling. It's going.


To feel very.


So those are just some I like to kind of teach that as a basis for people to understand when they come across these different experiences to go, oh, that, that what she described and that that that actually did feel like my intuition. Now that gives you a little bit of peace to know that that is true that's coming from your higher self or some.


Divine being.


The other sensations which feels scattered and intense and heavy and not well, that is your own mind, kind of, you know, throwing you for a loop where you say, OK, thank you. This is not serving.


Me this fear, this fear based thought I'm going to I'm going to send you off. So that's what I'd like.


To leave people with.


Thank you. It was really great and very succinctly put and that really did answer my question earlier about how can you know the difference.


Yes. Yeah. So.


So I couldn't answer your question to know definitively if you're getting something from your Angel, your spirit guide, or your in your higher self.


However, to distinct if it's from your fear Monkey Mace, monkey based mind or your clear higher self intuition, that's how you can tell the difference.


Love it. Love it so much. This has been a great conversation. I could talk to you all afternoon.


No, I really enjoyed it. I could definitely get like a cup of coffee.


And just keep chipping away.


Thanks for joining me.


Appreciate it.

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