Lucy Byrd Hope – The Secret to Daily Alignment: Connect to Your Senses for Grounded Living

In this special launch day episode of the You World Order Showcase Podcast, host Jill is joined by the insightful Lucy Byrd Hope, who is excited to share one of her three powerful secrets about “Daily Alignment.”

Lucy’s recently released book, “Daily Alignment,” offers a collection of valuable tools to help individuals balance their body, mind, and spirit. In this episode, she focuses on one gem from the book, specifically from the body section, which involves connecting to your senses for grounding and heightened awareness.

Lucy emphasizes the significance of being present and in tune with one’s senses, as it fosters growth, evolution, and the journey to becoming one’s best self. She shares a simple yet effective somatic exercise for grounding: the sensory labeling game.

The exercise involves labeling everything in your experience that you can hear, see, smell, taste, and touch. Lucy explains that hearing is the quickest sense evolutionarily, enabling our ancestors to detect approaching danger. In today’s fast-paced world, this exercise serves as a powerful tool to release racing thoughts and recenter the mind by focusing on the sense of hearing.

Listeners are encouraged to engage in this practice whenever they need to reconnect with the present moment and get out of their heads, allowing them to live more fully and authentically.

Lucy teases that she will share two more transformative tips in her upcoming longer podcast episode in early September. So, stay tuned for more valuable insights on achieving daily alignment and living your best life.

As the episode concludes, Lucy expresses her gratitude for the opportunity to share her wisdom and looks forward to continuing the conversation in the next podcast installment.

Be sure to join Lucy Byrd Hope on her next episode to delve deeper into the secrets of “Daily Alignment” and embark on a journey of growth and self-discovery.

You can learn more about Lucy here: where you can also find her book. Be looking for Lucy’s longer episode toward the end of September 2023




Speaker 1

The You World Order Showcase Podcast Today's launch day and we're talking with Lucy Bird Hope. Lucy is going to share one only one.


Speaker 1

Of her three secrets about


Speaker 1

Daily alignment.


Speaker 1

That sounds exciting.


Speaker 1

Tell us all about it, Lucy.


Speaker 2

Hi, I'm so happy to be here.


Speaker 2

So I have a new book that came out called daily alignment and it's a compilation of tools to help balance your body and mind and spirit.


Speaker 2

So I will give you one gem from it.


Speaker 2

It's from the body section.


Speaker 2

I talk about how you can connect to your senses.


Speaker 2

These are somatic exercises as a way of grounding.


Speaker 2

So when you connect to your senses, get into your body, your present, and that enables you to live more in awareness.


Speaker 2

Which is really where.


Speaker 2

Growth and evolution and being your best self can come from so really easy.


Speaker 2

Hack is just to play a game where you just label everything in your experience that you can hear.


Speaker 2

That you can see that you can smell that you can taste and that you can touch and hearing is actually your quickest sense evolutionarily.


Speaker 2

This helped our ancestors be readily alerted of approaching danger, and today we can use that to know that when our mind is uncentered and focused on thought the fastest.


Speaker 2

Sensory method to release those thoughts and get into your body.


Speaker 2

In the present moment is to tune into your sense of hearing.


Speaker 2

So anytime you want to do this, just label anything in your environment that you can hear so that can be everything from my voice to maybe the hum of an air conditioner, maybe a car going by outside, maybe birds chirping, anything in your body, anything in your home.


Speaker 2

Anything outside in nature that you can hear just label it and simply by doing that you are out of your mind and into your body and closer to being your best self.


Speaker 1

That is so exciting.


Speaker 1

I can hardly wait to hear the other two tips which Lucy will share with us on her upcoming longer podcast episode.


Speaker 1

But you'll be able to hear the beginning of September.


Speaker 1

Thank you.


Speaker 1

So much Lucy for sharing that with us and.


Speaker 1

We look forward to talking with you further on the.


Speaker 1

Next podcast episode.


Speaker 2

Thank you so much.


Speaker 2

I can't wait.

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