Lou Hateley – The Cosmic Surgeon: Attracting the Good Things

In this energetic episode, Lou Hateley, a cosmic surgeon, advocates for the seamless integration of metaphysical and 3D realms in spiritual businesses. With an emphasis on an effortless approach, Lou guides clients through efficient healing processes, empowering them to avoid co-dependency and embrace self-responsibility and gratitude for transformative life experiences.

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Hi and welcome to the You World Order Showcase podcast. Today we have with us Lou Hateley. Lou is a cosmic educator also known as a cosmic surgeon.


I think that's.


So cool and host of the.


Becoming cosmically, you welcome to the show, Lou. I can hardly wait to see how this conversation develops.


Yeah. Thank you so much for having me. Jill, I must say that usually I'm just so used to having my own podcast, so I thought I'd try out something a bit different and come to your party today. So I appreciate you having me. It's really cool to be here. So thank you.


Yeah, it's so fun to get to dive into people that are working with the spirit realm as well as the 3D realm. And I know that you kind of working on that. You want to tell the audience a little bit about what you're doing there.


Yeah. So I've been working with energy and cosmic beings and my spirit team for over a decade now. Like consciously, anyway.


I mean, I was one of those weird children that always knew she was from a different planet. You know, I didn't think I was from planet Earth. I just knew from a young age. But at the moment what we're doing is we're bringing together the metaphysical world, the beautiful process of, like manifesting energy work and connecting with your guides, your spirit.


Team with your heart and also combining the 3D because I feel like.


2024 we've got this amazing opportunity to combine these two beautiful worlds together because I feel like at the root, but they're a little bit disjointed. There's a lot of really, for example, exam three healers and educators out there, but then they don't have the systems in place to enable them to.


Create the abundance. You know I kind of blame The Secret for that drill. And I'm not like, point your fingers at things, but I.


I think there's a lot of information out there that just tells people that, hey, all you gotta do is believe and you gotta hope and you pray and then it will happen. But, you know, I've been in this game for too long to know that, yeah, that stuff is really important. But it's also important to take the action steps as well. So what we're doing is we're.


Bringing together the metaphysical world and the 3D World with some structure for spiritual business owners that really need that kind of like structure in place to be able to meet their goals. That's what we're doing at the moment.


I love that. And you're so right.


Excuse me for just a second.


Excuse me, I don't know what happened. I just had this coughing attack.


As far as.


When you were talking, what hit me is you have to buy the ticket.


If you want.


To win the lottery, you're not going to just win the lottery by.


Envisioning that you're.


Going to win the.


Lottery. You have to buy that ticket.


If you want to meet the man of your dreams, you can't just think about what he looks like and how he's going to act with you. You have to go out and put yourself in a place where you know you can actually run into real.


Life, you know, beings.


It's not.


I'm not going to say it's impossible for things to just materialize.


Sometimes the universe wants you to participate.


It's not like.


It's not like Santa Claus, where you're just going to wish.


On something, yeah.


Oh, totally, you know, and one of the things that I always say is that the universe is like playing a game of chess, right. You take one move and then it will match you on your energy. So you have to move your feet in order for it to deliver to you.


And you know, we're not about hustle. We're not about stepping into that masculine energy of, you know, you need to cold message 100 people a day, and you need to get on those sales calls. And you need to like, you know, poke those paying points and tell people to whip out their credit card. We're not about that. We're about.


Out there's an effortless way to doing business that's heart related that really is just going out there and being of service to people. But you need to take action. And oftentimes I find you that people struggle with. Well, what is the action that I need to take? So one of the things that we do is we teach.


Our business owners mainly in the service industry, so we work with like transformational coaches, Reiki practitioners and people who provide a service.


And we teach them how to tune into their own body for their own action steps. And we teach them how to make decisions using somatic processes, using their heart. So basically just asking yourself, is this for me or not? And getting a response from your body rather than your mind because your mind, unfortunately.


Is programmed to keep you in the same place, right? It's to keep you safe.


If I'm sure you've heard this before, but that safe place may be a place that's in pain, so I feel like a lot of people at the moment are navigated this 3D reality using their brain and their mind, and their traumas are running the show for them because the thing with traumas as well, we're team, we just want to share this is that.


Your traumas that you've been through as a child will keep showing up in your 3D reality because your mind wants to keep showing you evidence so that you can keep seeing it and feeling it so you can heal through it. But actually that's not very helpful unless you've got the tools to go through it.


You know, or you've got the tools to navigate through fear. There's a lot of.


Amazing people in the world that aren't delivering aren't showing up on social media aren't being visible just because they're scared. And another thing you know, it's OK to be a little bit scared. It just means that it matters a little bit to you and it's about moving through that fear. So you know, we're all about teaching people how to connect to other people in a really heartfelt.


Way how to use their body to connect. How to get their actions.


That and really how to build a business that's an extension of them rather than an extension of maybe a coach that they've worked with because there's a lot of really sh*t advice out there. And I could say they're hand on heart because I've spent a lot of f*cking money on finding really, really crap advice.


OK, so I can say that hand on heart and that's one of the reasons why we decided to do what we did because.


I got frustrated that I couldn't find a business coach that understood me and my industry, so I was like, well, if I'm the person that's struggling after 10 years of not finding that person.


Then there's going to be lots of other people. So


You know that that is really what we're pioneering with at the moment.


I like the.


The element of bringing a spirit team in because so many of us when we.


We have these skills that we've developed over the years and then we want to bring them to the marketplace. We know that we have skills that can help people and genuinely coaches.


They just want to help people feel better and do better and achieve their goals in life. But.


Most of the advice that we've had available to us has been in a male dominated bro marketing sort of way, and even the women that are stepping up.


They kind of gloss it over a little bit, but there's the pro marketing.


Is the bottom piece that's there.


And well.


There, there's always like a thread of truth to what these people are saying.


Sometimes they get.


Their message gets kind of muddied in the fact that there's all this.


Male energy competition and I've got to be the best and I've got to manipulate people to.


Win, win, win at.


All costs it doesn't.


Matter what the other person is doing and.


It's nice to see the spiritual peace and component and looking to source and seeing what you're supposed.


To be doing, you're.


We're all here with a message and we're all here to do something, everybody, even the broad market or something. They have their place.


They can mark each.


To each other.


Yeah. Stroke each of the Z guys in the in the pub or whatever. Yeah, yeah.


And they're helping in some way that way too. So how does how does it look to work with somebody that's working more along the spiritual side rather than just the?


The 3D practical.


Do this do this do this side.


Yes. So it really is, like you said, understanding that we come here with a divine purpose. So we refer to it in our work as having a divine timeline. So we see you all as individual.


Means there are infinite timelines. You know you might be on time at the moment that's really struggling and is all about hustle. And like you said, in your masculine energy, but your divine timeline is 1 where when I view it on like the timelines in in actual with my eyes I see it as like a golden thread. It's one where everything happens with mainly ease and grace.


You know, I'm not saying ever that we can remove lessons and challenges because that's the human nature, right? But it's been on that timeline and then just taking your next action step and when you have got that communication, that connection with your spy.


Team, they will guide you because they will always know the quickest, fastest, most efficient route to get to what it is you want or desire based on what you're here for. So when you're always guided with them.


You always know that you've got, like, a move that. Please. Thank you. There. You've got this massive team behind you and they're all supporting you, you know? So it's rather than the bro marketing where you're getting a sales call and it's very much. So I'm going to poke all your pain points. It's very much so.


Right, listen, where is it? You wanna get to?


Let's give you a little bit of advice. Let's bring in the teams. Let's tell you what you're meant to be doing, and let's clear those energetic blocks, because we all have them. Let's talk about money. Let's break it down. Let's give you some actual action steps. And this is like a really bespoke piece of work. You know, it's not cook.


Cookie cutter, like most people do, it's literally like this is your individual plan and that's how we work with every single client. There are certain aspects that are obviously.


The same for people.


Because, you know the strategy, some of the strategies are similar, but we're always checking in to say right, does this align with you? Does this feel good because we're all about just having fun. Jill and I always say to my audience, it is not f*cking fun. I am not doing it at all. And that comes with my personal life.


And my business life, I just see my business as an extension of me. I don't show up any different in my business, you know.


Just I just show up as I am and that that's how we roll really. You know, we get to have a lot of fun. We get to play, we get to make moving through really big traumas. Actually a lot of fun. You know, I've had quite a lot of dark conversations with people about past life traumas, you know, being hung as a witch, for example, being tortured.


Having your head cut off, you know all.


These dark and deep things, they're in traditional healing terms would probably be quite triggering for a lot of people, but we do it in just a really effortless way, like, you know, oh, you know, you had this life as a witch and this happen, but we're going to clear it. We don't need to feel it. We don't need to do any of that old fashioned stuff that you see out in the marketplace.


We get to clear with like language and almost instantly as well, so we're clearing with condensing somebody'd healing time, if you like, through the deep traumas.


Two really, really short lengths. So a client we had recently had 54 access points, which are basically like holes in your aura where you leak energy and they relate to traumatic deaths or traumatic events that have occurred and usually in traditional healing terms that would take like 54.


Separate sessions so you know over a year's worth of work, and we cleared there in just like it was about 10 seconds of like language. So, you know, we were able to condense healing and condense the time that people spend.


Integrating and also the downtime as well because people forget that when you do healing work, there is a little bit of integration. There is a little bit of downtime your body needs to recover and so we are finding that we are literally turning like one year's worth of work into seconds we are just getting incredible.


Results and not just that we're not just doing the work for people, we are giving them access to their own.


Tools to create this beautiful ripple effect in the world where we are just not creating codependent beans that like worship work because I hate that stuff, Joe. Like I will say to my clients do not put me on a pedestal. I do not like that stuff. It doesn't happen on my watch. We pass the tools to them.


And we empower them and we say, you know what, you're more than you're more than capable. I'm just your mirror. I'm your side mirror and.


Really is we're creating that ripple effect in the world.


It is amazing how big an effect.


Even just impacting one person every time you impact one person and give them light tools, they impact, you know 10 or 100 or thousands. It just really does ripple out when people understand how to deal with trauma in their life and how to.


To not say stuck in it, it's like trauma is like this big mud puddle that.


It just like.


Quicksand it. It's so hard to trudge through on your own, but if you have somebody that can help you magically turn it into just a puddle.


That you can walk through, you're going to get dirty. But you know you can get to the other side and then you're done with it and you.


Don't have to walk.


Through it again and again and again, which you know.


Humans like to do that.


I mean, yeah, there's a lot of people out there that love to wear the badge of pain or the badge of working hard, but I think, you know, we're always going to have those type of people who don't want the easy option because they're like being praised because their trauma is they got praised for working hard as a child. Right. And so, you know.


There's only so much work you can do. People have to be open to this work. You know, my team is saying you can take a horse to water, but you can't make it drink that. You've got to be open to this.


You know and we generally don't work with people who are close because that wouldn't be any fun at all. So if they're not willing to put in the work and they don't feel like they've got a problem, then it's automatically, you know, and I'll be honest and say we probably turn more people away than we actually work with because we're very.


Cautious of our energy and also working with the right people. You know, if you if you are around the wrong people and you activate them, that will probably do more damage than.


Because it will happen way too fast. OK, so everything that we do with healing and also with the business side of things, we're constantly checking in with our team, you know, is this the right time to be presenting this to this person because some people just aren't ready to see that next thing either, right?


Or work with that right thing. And so we just at the side of someone saying I would say to my clients, you know, I am not steering your ship for you. I'm on a little dinghy next to you and I'm making sure you don't crash on the rocks or I'm making sure you don't get eaten by sharks.


And that's what I'm doing. Like you are steering your own ship. Cause that's how amazing and expensive you are. So I'm always ensuring that the person that we're working with is truly in their own power rather than seeing me as their power. Because, you know, I got 2.


It's and they are dependent on me. I don't want any other children. You know I do. I came here. One of my biggest missions. My team want me to just share is to dissolve the co-dependency would.


On a global scale. And so I really have to be mindful that everything I do in my work and in my personal relationships, I'm not creating these, these relationships or co-dependency. And I feel like a lot of the coaching industry is built around.


Get in repeat clients where actually I prefer to work with you for three.


Months give you everything I know that I've accumulated over 10 years. Give you the skills, give you your wings and then say you know.


What? You're free. You're.


Free. And then I'm off to work with somebody else. You know, I don't generally.


Keep people in. I don't keep people locked in because I don't believe in that. I believe in just giving people what they need and then they can do the stuff themselves. You know, we are all powerful beings and there's a reason why we're here with this timeline. You know, there's a we've been through some of the most challenging things experiences.


Most of us have been through awful traumas. We've learned these.


And we've learned them to create stories so we can lead other people through their own stories.


And so for me, I'm just like you said, uh, you know, I'm just here to hand over the baton and just empower other people. That's what I'm here for.


I love that it's you're so right about people.


I think it's more like.


Praying on coaches to get them into their programs.


And they systematically.


Stuck large sums of money out of them.


And but don't ever really help them.


Spiritually, and I think that's really the 1st place that everybody needs to start, you need to figure out who you are, what your mission is, what the purpose of your being here is.


Get on with healing yourself from all of those traumas that we all you don't get through childhood without trauma. I'm sorry. Didn't happen.


It may be all your parents fault, but.


It was their parents fault, too, and there's before.


It's just like.


Where does the buck stop?


If you're going to blame somebody for the situation you're in, rather than just taking responsibility for, it's my life and I can do whatever I want with it and I create my own reality by what I think about.


That reality isn't serving me today, so we'll just.


Think up a new one.


Yeah, and that's how powerful we are. And you know, I love the point you mentioned about self responsibility because I think everyone goes through a period of blaming someone else, you know, for what they've been through. They say like, you know, be careful who you point fingers out because you've got 3 pointing back at you.


And I always I've always held that philosophy since my 30s. Really, when I really started to stop blaming my parents and stop blaming these toxic relationships I've been in, you know, I've been through some awful traumas.


But I got to a stage.


Where I had this awareness, cosmically, that I've chosen to have these experiences before I came into this body and these people had chosen to become actors, to trigger me to do the work that I needed to do in this lifetime. So actually I turned the blame.


Into massive respect and gratitude for these people, you.


Know you put their.


Hands to do a really f*cking sh*tty job for me, you.


Know, yeah.


It changes your whole relationship with them. I I've done that work myself and it's like it's very empowering.


Well I found.


It to be very empowering to me to be able to just say thank you.


I know that was crap, but.


Thank you for piling it on because it's made me who I am today and it's given me clarity on what my mission is and.


I wouldn't have.


That if you were really nice to me and if you treated me a different.


Way and made my life really easy.


It would be someone else.


Not me. I don't think I'm here for that.


Didn't buy that.


Ticket for this ride.


Exactly. And the.


Other thing it gives you. My team want me to just add is like a deep level of empathy. So a lot of us who have these deep traumas or have them or however you're moving through this process right now is that we cannot.


Empathize or connect with other humans. If we've not been through this deep, deep trauma because you're not gonna listen to a 20 year old girl who had it easy and is from a rich background and her talking about trauma because.


How would she know? And what I'm seeing in in my own reality at the moment is women who are a little bit older, that are starting to come into their life, their first in their like 50s and 60s. And I think that's absolutely beautiful because these amazing women have got experience and this is what we need.


Right, we need actual life experience where people are creating their own modalities if you like, based on their own stories and not just on some bullsh*t that they've learned from a book or they've learned from a coach.


Which all they've learned from a so-called Guru on.


Time this is.


Real life tested and proven systems that has worked for other people, and I think that is amazing. You know, my team asked me to start my own podcasting. I think it was September last year, so we're pretty new to podcasting and they just said.


Right. You're gonna start a podcast. You're gonna Share your story. You're gonna get people.


On I didn't really understand the impact, but now I understand that.


The stories are going to be the thing that actually heal other people's traumas, because when you relate to someone that lifts you and when you're able to share your own story, that alleviates so much energy trapped energy that you've kept inside for so long, and someone's holding space for you.


So, you know, I think like sharing stories is really magical.


Well, and I hope that more people do it and I hope people more people have the courage to open their mouths and get over their traumas, that sometimes even stop people from expressing themselves. You know, that's another thing we do. We work with people who just sometimes can't even communicate.


their desires for what they've been through, and it's a process, you know, it's an absolute process. So we worked with a client recently.


Who? She was abandoned as a young child. She was. She's from Indian heritage and she was taken to India by her parents and given to her grandparents from a very, very young age. And so from a very, very young.


Age. She.


Learned basically that she wasn't loved. She didn't know how to connect.


Her feelings were completely disconnected from her. She had a massive co-dependency wound.


When we first met, I said my spirit team has said that you're going to start dating soon and she was like, no way am I going to be doing that. I mean, she's like, 56. She looks amazing. She's such a beautiful beard. She was really put off there, you know. And I said no, they are. They tell you you're going to be doing this work, you're going to be connecting with other.


Humans. And you're gonna go On this date and experience. And she was like no way. And then just at Christmas time after maybe not even two months of working together, she said, you know what? Lou were right. I'm out. I'm dating. I'm. You know, I'm finding my way through life and I'm having the confidence and.


It's that you know, we don't just work with people to create money and abundance. We create better relationships with self, better relationships with others, give people opportunities to find love. So we're really we're really breaking the rules around, you know, oh, you need to work in one particular niche, we kind of.


We do, we do the whole holistic approach and.


I really love that because the human experience is very holistic, right? You can't just focus on one area and expect to get results. And I think people do think that. And I'm like, no, no, no, that's not how it works, I'm afraid. You can't have sh*t relationships and then expect to earn a sh*t ton of money. It just.


Doesn't. Or you may do and then you'll sabotage. I see that a lot as well, you know, really successful people. Millionaires who earn a lot of money and then they can't take time off from their from their work because they feel like they lose it or they can't spend it. And I'm like, what's the point in earning money?


If you can't, enjoy it?


You know, you've got to, you've got to look at so many areas spiritually when you're when you're building a business. And I love that because over 10 years I've had to. And the other thing is I'm never a finished product. I'm always working on myself and finding new ways to grow and working through my own fears and.


I learned so much from my clients as well. You know, they're.


Such expansive beings as well and it's I feel so blessed to do this work. I sometimes think ohh my goodness. I'm actually getting paid to do this work and I love.


It so, so blessed, right?


Yeah. And you're absolutely right. When it comes to, you can't just.


Think you're going to fix one piece?


Of a whole individual because it doesn't work like that, like it doesn't work like that. We're all connected and we're connected to each other too, so it's like.


You have to. You have to go.


Back and fix the basic things.


Align yourself. Got who you are and what you want to do and what you stand for. And that feeds out into the whole rest of your encounter in reality and reality is made-up of your thoughts.


But it's also your interactions with people.


And abundance comes from that, from people, from things, from nature. It's just like how you are interacting with the reality that you've created.


Impacts how that reality is going to continue going for you.


Yeah. And the other thing I would share with my group today, like if you if you want to know whether the work you're doing is actually working like the inner work, you know, the healing work is asking yourself, am I happy with what I'm seeing with my?


And what I'm feeling, you know, if you're feeling good, enjoy us and light and grounded and just like, Oh my God, you know, nine times out of 10, it's a good day. Then that is showing that you're in alignment. But if you're not, it's all about being self aware to call yourself out on your own bullsh*t and saying, you know what?


Something's gotta change. I've got to heal something and I've got to start taking different actions and a lot of people, unfortunately kind of hide behind not doing the work. And you know, or showing a side of life that's all rosy and beautiful. And I really like to be open about.


Everything you know, I'll show when I make a complete f*ck up in my life or something goes wrong because I think people need to see that even when you're, you know, a spiritual healer and you've got a business and you're leading people globally.


See, we're still going through stuff and it's OK.


We still human.


We're having a life.


Yeah, we're experiencing and you know this is this is the place where we experience our souls and grow. So it's absolutely OK. It's just about moving through it and not being attached to it because a lot of people form attachment to their trauma. And that's where you get.


A pattern going.


Yeah. And then it shows up in all kinds.


Of areas of your life.


Do you work with people? Mainly one-on-one, or do you do groups? Do you have like a combination of things? How does?


That doesn't look when somebody works with you.


We used to do a lot of one on ones and then we pivoted to basically bring all our offers into one single place because we found that all of the pieces that we've.


Doing would be best fit into one, so usually what we do is we have a group program and then we offer some one to one within that. So the first session is usually where we highlight what your energetic blocks are and then we dissolve those that are showing up right now all in one go using like language.


And then we give you some really clear action steps on what action to take.


And then the second piece of that, the working one to one within that group program is that we call in our spirit guides and our team and we really give you access to what your divine timeline is and we help you map out things. So your offers, the tech, the marketing, but based around what you're really here.


To do not what you think, you're here to do, and usually you know what we're finding that a lot of our clients are working.


Here we just asked them to tell us their story and what's your story? Tell me a story of maybe the last 20 years, and then we'll write it down and we'll go. Right. You've got experience with this problem. You've had a solution to this. You've got these, these and these skills you can use this. You can wrap this up into a program.


And you can do this. This is how you serve the world, you know, so most of the.


Time we're just giving people advice on what their timeline is and what their story is, and then combining the two and making it really like putting bite sized chunks. So we go like most of our clients are really non techie at all. They're kind of like.


The ones where.


They need like click here. Click here. Sorry clients. Yeah.


Which I used to be. I'm not so bad anymore, but I used to be.


And so we do like right, this is your next step. This is a video that explains the next step. So it's really like hands holding people through the whole process. So we do a mixture of 1 to one and group in within the session and within the group program. And then within the group program, we really do the energetic activations.


As well, we found a lot of clients in this spiritual world struggle with things like being visible and they have certain issues around self-expression, around visibility, around imposter syndrome.


Room. So we have like a set program where our I'll do the live activation in a group setting. I will bring through my team and it's so almost like a guided meditation and I will use like language intention, visualization to help them recreate and visualize a better way through.


Or to release some of that trauma. So it's like I said, combining the metaphysical and the 3D and really bringing the two together, which is something that I couldn't find myself, which is why I was like, right, I'll just do it then.


I'll just go first then.


Yeah, sometimes that's the best way to do it though. So how do people get in touch with you and what would? What would you tell them to do to? How would they know if they would need to hire you?


Should they be thinking about?


I think I.


Think a lot in the coaching industry at the moment. People are talking about working harder or longer or hustling or we're using like brain marketing, you know, poking people's pain points and that type of thing. And I think if you're feeling resistance around that and you're feeling resistant around, around scaling and feeling like there should be a more.


Effortless fun enjoyers way to do that, then. That is the point that we can really help.


Or if you're really rubbish with tack and you've been doing everything by hand by yourself, you know we can come in and we can introduce things like systems and automation, but not like really techie funnels. We don't do stuff like that. We keep things really, really simple. So, you know, if there's a resistance around scaling.


You think it's going to be more work?


Then that's a really good time to have a conversation, because usually it's not. You just need to tweak a few things and you have more impact as well. It's not always about the money. A lot of our clients don't really focus on the money. But you know, I have to remind them, listen, this is a 3D World. It's OK to charge money.


What you do?


Well, yeah, we have to. It's just an exchange.


Of value really. And money is just.


The placeholder it's.


It was. It was designed to make it convenient and easy to carry, and now we don't even have.


To carry it, it just exists in the ether.


Yeah, we just did it. We just have digits and we just exchange it. We just see it as an exchange of value. And actually, there's really important points around creating negative karma in someone's life. If you don't charge an exchange and it doesn't always have to be money, you know, it can be something like.


Sometimes when you're first starting out, you may just want to do some free work. Some pro bono work, and get our review and.


Change like that. As long as you get the review. It's a beautiful way of getting something for your work, but there has to be an exchange. Otherwise, when we come into these bodies, we come through with negative karma from our ancestors and unfortunately, OK and from their ancestors and their ancestors. And one of those things.


It's a negative karma, uh, money balance.


And so in order to reduce that money balance, there are certain things you have to do in order to move through that. And if you are keep providing value to someone who's not given an exchange in return, you are increasing their negative bank balance. So a lot of people don't know about that, you know, and I'm always like, no, you shouldn't do it.


Because you're enabling someone else to not have the opportunity to invest in themselves, which is actually a really beautiful growth process in itself, right?


It really is I I've often thought that.


By not charging and not charging enough, you're doing a disservice to that person because you're allowing them to fail on themselves. If you don't have much invested in something, you're more likely to say, but I'll get to that later rather than I've put a lot into this. I expect to get a lot out of this. I'm.


Going to do the work.


To do what they told me to do because.


I paid them a.


Lot of money so.


Yeah. Yeah, exactly you have.


Hopefully they know what they're talking about.


You have more skin in the game, don't you? And we've noticed that, like the more that we've raised our prices over the years or the more that we've given opportunity to pay in full, for example, the pay in full clients are usually getting better results because they're like, Oh my God, I've paid this money. I really need to get a result for it. So they put more effort in.


And it it's. It's fascinating, really watching and studying how people behave. So yeah, we we're an advocate.


People receive in a fair exchange for what they provide.


Yeah. And like you said, it doesn't always have.


To be money.


There's other things.


So how do people get in touch with you if they want to work with you?


Yeah, sure. So we've got our own website, it’s called thecosmicsurgery.com or we've got my Facebook page, it's Louise.


Hateley HATELEY cause everyone spells it wrong.


And we've also got our own group as well. So it's a, it's a place where we really help people connect with their star seed origins and we give them a reason and then we give them more value within that. So it's usually where we direct people to if they want to find out more about.


Get a taster for what we do. We're all about giving something up front. Usually before we even have a conversation about, you know, anything that we offer because we want to be certain that we want to work with you as well as the.


Other way around?


I love my life as it is and so.


I I'm always like, OK, I'm evaluating you as much as you are evaluating me here.


Yeah, that's a better way to.


To actually live your life and have a.


Have a business.


More, not so much having a business, but being able to help people in the world do the things that they want to do or find the solutions to the problems that they're looking for.


So, Lou, what's the one thing you hope the audience takes away from this conversation today?


The one thing my biggest message really is just it empowering you to believe that you can do all of this work yourself. Yeah. My biggest vision is to kind of completely disrupt the coaching India.


True and give people the tools so they can coach themselves. So I want you to start thinking about, you know, accessing your own power and your own beauty and your own knowledge through your own guides. And you can start doing that right now. We've got a free course that we give out if anyone's interested in that, they can get in touch, but you can do this work.


Yourself. We are just here to kick start this process and create the ripple effect and it gets to be effortless, really, really effortless when you just allow it.


Love that so much. Thank you for joining me. This has been amazing.


You're so welcome.

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