Lori Lisai – Decoding Your Human Design

In this effervescent episode, host Jill welcomes Human Design expert Lori Lisai, who explains that Human Design combines various ancient wisdom systems with genetics and quantum mechanics. She outlines the five main Human Design types, discusses the traits of Generators, Manifestors, Projectors, and Reflectors in this fascinating system.

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Hi and welcome to the You World Order Showcase podcast. Today we are speaking with Lori Lisai. Oh my gosh, you guys are going to be so excited about what we're doing today.


I know I'm excited. So, Lori, let me do my human design chart before we started recording, and she was talking to.


Me too.


Me a little bit.


About it, but gosh, I just have to have you guys listen. It's so fascinating. So welcome to the show, Lori. I'm so glad that you're here. And I'm.


Thank you. Thank you so much. I'm so.


Glad we could.


We're so glad that you thought about doing this.


This way because.


It's so interesting. So I should ask you just really quickly, how did you get started and?


You know why?


Why human design?


Yeah. Yeah. So I was taking a manifestation course few years ago, and it was.


Was part of a manifestation course, and I had heard kind of, you know, inklings about it before and had the chance to really dive into it during that course. And I just sort of, you know, I don't.


Know if you've.


Ever had the experience of coming upon something and it just like lights you up and?


From like inside you know, you're like I for me, I could not get enough. And as A51 which we can talk about, I think this will probably resonate with you that then you want to know all the things you want to go find all the things and learn all the things about it. And so that was my experience and.


You know human design, we you we describe it as astrology on steroids, you know, or some people choose to describe it that way. And I think it's a great way to kind of explain what it is in sort of layman's terms because most people are familiar with astrology and you know the they.


Kind of can identify their sun sign at least, and human design actually has astrology as part of.


Its system and it just expands on that. So it's really a collection of systems, ancient wisdom. So Western astrology, the Chinese aching, the Kabbalah and you know combining that the chakra.


System combining all of that with genetics and quantum mechanics. So there's like it's kind of like an artsy.


And what I've experienced for myself is just this depth of learning about myself and understanding other people that has just helped me navigate life differently. And I think in a more like.


Of filling way.


So yeah.


That's how I came to it.


Fascinating. And she's going to go through. I went to her website, whichislorelai.com, and there is a human design chart that you can fill out the little form and it will send you a copy of what your human design chart looks like. And I did that.


And Lori has looked at it and she's going.


To kind of.


Go through it with me over mine. But she will do this for you also.


I assume you that's your coaching that you do.


So you can find out how to get in touch with her through that, but if this is fascinating to you as it is to me, you're going to want to do this and go look Gloria up and have her tell you what it.


All means so.


Back to you, Lori.


Oh, good. OK.


All right. Well, the first thing I'll say is in order to get your chart just like you would run a Natal chart, you need your birth date, your birth time and your birth.


Place so the one factor that a lot of people get hung up on is the birth time and it is important some major things can shift from you know hour to hour. Some major things can be.


Different. For example, your type, your energy type, which is one of kind of the places that we first.


Look in your chart for information about you that could change, you know, from the beginning of the day to the end of the day, for example. So the more the closer you can get, the more accurate your birth time, the better. And I would suggest, you know, looking at your birth certificate and seeing if there's a time on there.


If you if there's no time on there, which does happen, you can.


Call the hospital where you were.


Warn you can also, you know, talk to friends and family members who may have been there and might have some memory of around the time and then some of the more like esoteric ways of finding your time are to use a pendulum. If you're comfortable with that, or if you know somebody who is and or you can do.


Something called a birth chart rectification, which is working with somebody who is trained to actually narrow down your birth time to the minute.


So those are all some ways and just I'm just really encouraging you to be as specific as possible because it will shift some things. So that said, once you go to my website and you put in your information, it will generate a chart for you and there is a lot on the side.


That just sort of gives you the breakdown of some of the basics.


And actually a little bit more than the basics, but it gives you a lot to kind of consider about yourself. So what I wanted to talk about for you, Jill, were the like the basics that we like to start with, which are type strategy authority and then we can talk about your profile as well. Since I mentioned that.


Earlier, so type in human design is similar to like your sun sign in astrology for.


Example where there are five types in human design and the type that we are describing here is your energy type. It's like how your energy is meant to kind of function in the world. So for you are a generator type.


And that generators make up about 37% of the population. Ish. So there are quite a few of us here. I am also a general.


There are quite a few of us here, and generators are here to.


Do what lights them up essentially, which you know. Doesn't that sound great for everybody? Everybody should be doing what lights them up. And that's absolutely true. Except generators have this sacral energy. And what makes the generators actually having your sacral what's called defined?


So if you look at your chart, it's the square.


The second square from the bottom and it's if it's colored in, then it's defined. If it's not colored in, it's undefined or open, and so sacral beings, which would be generators or manifesting generators, which I'll talk about in a moment.


They have this sacral energy which is life force energy. It's like energy to move things into existence. It's like creative powerhouse, you know, energy.


And so they are able to take an idea, you know, and bring it into to form. And it's really important that they're doing what lights them up, meaning what their sacral responds to because they have so much energy and they can do stuff. And so people tend to be really attracted to that. That's also part of their aura. It's.


Very warm and enveloping and.


Fighting. And so people tend to be really attracted to it and will ask them to, you know, help them do XYZ. And so sometimes generators can really struggle with saying no thank you or I know I have the energy for that, but I don't really want to do it, so I'm not.


Gonna do it.


Uh. And so it's kind of learning that balance and really, truly following what lights them up.


So does that. I'm curious because that is your energy type. If that resonates with you.


Totally resonates, and the part about.




Knowing you can do something but setting clear boundaries for myself to not do everything, it's super hard for me I can.


Stuff comes easy and it's exciting and I want to do everything.


And I'm pretty good at a lot of things.


Yeah. Yeah. Oh, my gosh. So true and.


It's just like.


If the ball ran.


With it.


Yeah. And I think generators are so programmed to kind of to do Doo and we tend to really fill our schedules full of things.


And I the generators I work with, I do spend quite a bit of time encouraging them to schedule free time so they can just literally practice responding, which is part of, you know, that's their strategy. That's like how they are meant to kind of make their way in the world which.


We'll get to.


So just having free space in your schedule and not feeling guilty about it and you know, just sort of using it as an energetic hygiene kind of practice and be super helpful for generators.


There's a subtype or I? I mean I count them in the five types of generators called manifesting generators, and they are a combination type. The only hybrid type and they are part manifester, which was one of the other types and part generator.


So they make up about 33% of the population and I want to kind of put a pin in them.


For a second, because.


If you think about the fact that generators and manifesting generators together make up about 70% of the population, so we're very much living in a generator world, and as generators. If you are that type, I think it's really important to recognize that.


And recognize that even though we've kind of built this world, that's pretty focused on sacral beings.


To have empathy for people who don't fit into that, you know who are in that 30% because it's, it's just really important to know what they are bringing to the collective and how we can use our energy to support one another versus.


Having generators kind of pushing non sacral beings to, you know, to.


Have the kind of energy that we have, which just doesn't work.


That explains so much.


Yeah, yeah.


And I know exactly who you're talking about. I don't know what the names of those energy types are, but I know when I run into them, they're frustrating for me because they're not go getter.


Do it. Let's do it.


Yes, yes, yes, yes. Oh, my gosh. And I love that you use the word. Frustrating. Uh, we'll come back to that. Uh, so I'm. I'm actually going to like I said, put a pin in the manifesting generator because I want to talk about manifest.


Masters and then bring the two together for the manifesting generators. So manifestos make up about 8:00-ish percent of the population. They are one of the non sacral types so they don't have that sacral definition. They don't have that life force energy.


That that not necessarily drive because it can be a little different like drive and.


Life force energy. You know, our are kind of difference. Like you've got the life force energy to do but the drive actually can take you across the finish line right? So manifestors there Aura is actually kind of like a Teflon.


Suit. It's like repelling.


And it's discerning. I like to describe it as because it lets the right people for them into their aura, but it keeps most people out. So that is to say that a lot of people don't get.


Manifestors, they just don't get you and that's OK. You aren't here to be people pleasing. You're not here to be doing what others expect or.


Or, you know, necessarily even want you to do because what you are here to do is initiate and be the fire starters of the world. So it's this beautiful role where you really are here to.


Change things up. And so in partnership with a generator you can like see the idea, and then a generator can help you, you know.


Take it across the finish line or support you in some ways and it's not to say that manifestors don't have energy because they absolutely do. It just works differently than a generator. So this comes back to the idea of, like, how can we?


All support each other.


So if there are people.


Like the idea.


Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And general or sorry, Manifestors have sort of this direct connection to.


Course where they you know, they hear an idea or however it comes in. Their intuition can work in different ways, but they receive ideas and then run it through their authority.


To see like.


Is this something I'm meant to act on so that's manifestors?


We have generators and then that combo type coming back to the manifesting generator.


Brings a little bit of.


Both and manifesting generators really depending on their chart they can. They can be one of three ways.


They can be like a.


Pure manifesting generator if they have what's called the channel 3420 or they can be a little bit of generator and a little bit of manifester, or they can be.


A generator.


With a little manifester, so it's like it really depends on your specific chart, how it kind of breaks down. But being a combination type, you do have a.


Little of that.


Initiating energy, you know that.


Like charge to get things done. Plus you've got that life force energy so.


The main difference between a generator and a manifesting generator, or we call them many gens or man gens. The main difference between those two is a generator is sort of like the turtle on in the race is like not that they move slowly necessarily, but just like kind of steady.


Pace moving along, you know becoming a master.


Yeah. And the man, Jens, on the other hand, are the hair where they're like, they are all about multitasking.


And bouncing around from different things. They've got like 27 balls in the air that they're juggling. You know, they're masters of efficiency. So they're the ones who are gonna throw the manual out and put the thing together. And then they have.


5 screws left.


Left and they're like crap. So then they're like, where do the screws go, you know? And so they, they're really great at refining systems, you know, because they have learned. How do we become more efficient at things? How do we, how do we, like, find the shortcuts? So.


These are these are pieces that are kind of the calling card for manifesting generators, and their aura is like a generator, so it's warm and enveloping as well.


Then we have projectors. Projectors make up about 20% of the population, again a non sacral type and their aura is piercing.


If you've ever met a person where.


You just feel really seen on a very deep level, like intuitively.


That is the gift of their projector. They see people in.


A very deep way.


And they are here to be our guides. So if we're looking at all of the types.


Manifestors are the initiators. Projectors are on this path. So say the manifester chooses the path. We're going this way. Projectors are there to say, OK, I'm.


Going to show.


You how and they are guiding the generators and manifesting generator.


Theaters, so projectors make really wonderful leaders. And the trick here is for them to be invited, because a lot of times they will see things that most other people won't, particularly in systems or how things work.


And they'll want to share that, you know, they know how to make it better, know how to, uh, how to make it run well or.


You know somehow fix wherever things are going wrong and people aren't always necessarily ready to hear that information. So you know, some projectors might be called.


You know, no sticking your nose where it doesn't belong. Or bossy pants or, you know, that sort of thing. But I think to understand a projector is a really beautiful thing. And I have some really amazing projectors in my life that I feel really fortunate.


To be in their energy.


So we've we had manifesters generators manifesting generators, projectors and then.


The last type.


Are reflectors and last but definitely not least, they're only 1% of the population, so to know a reflector is a relatively rare thing they are.


Our cosmic mirrors, essentially they are here to reflect literally for us kind of the health and well-being.


Of and of like a group of people in an environment. You know what is going on and how people are approaching things.


The originator of human design, he, he said, wouldn't it be great if we just hired reflectors to be on every single staff of every business and company to just be who they are so that they can show us, you know, where and how we can?


Improve so reflectors need to.


They had. They need lots of time to experience life, let things unfold and take things in. They're extremely sensitive beings. If you look at a reflectors chart, you'll notice that every single shape, everything, every single center.


Is not colored and it's white.


And that's what makes them very unique. They're taking in all of that energy from other people.


So those are the five types of energies and it's I think it's a great place to start to kind of understand a little bit about how your energy works in conjunction with other people you know.


I'm going to take another sip.


Good, good.


This is fascinating. You're doing a lot of.




Talking, you need to hire.


I know, I know. OK, so.


The other component that I mentioned, type and strategy, was one of the other components that's really important and.


Your strategy is all.


About how you are meant to like make your way in the.


World or take action.


And sometimes it's actually for most of us, there's an element of waiting, which I just want to talk about for a second because we live in such a fast-paced world and there's so much pressure on people to, like, make quick decisions and it's almost seemed.


Or seen as you know, a positive attribute, right? If you can think on your feet and you know, know in the moment what it is that we need to do or want to do or whatever. And I just want to say that most of us are not actually designed that way like designed for that.


So I guess this is just like permission to take your time with things, especially if that's an important part of your design.


So for generators and manifesting generators, their strategy is to wait to respond. Is what it's called and basically what that means is you are looking to become aware of what is in your environment and look for things to respond.


Lucky us. There's never a lack of things to respond to in in our world, right, especially with things moving as quickly as they are. But even if you lived in a cabin out in the middle of the woods off the grid, you would still be in response to the environment around you. It's really about.


What comes into your awareness? So it's like.


The the I can't remember the number, but there is a statistic for the likelihood of anything coming into your awareness at that specific time in that specific way is infinitesimal like so much so that.


It's like if you were to chart it out in statistics class. It would be like it wouldn't happen, so unlikely to happen, right?


So the idea is that if it's coming into your awareness, it's meant to be in your awareness. It's meant to, like, catch your attention somehow. So as a generator type, you're looking for those things like what is coming into my awareness. What am I noticing? And.


Can I listen to my gut essentially as a generator type and see how it's responded?


So, for example, uh, I'll use our connection as an example. We connected through a podcast group on the Facebook, so I you know, I was scrolling through like looking for different places and it caught my eye.


I read through it and I.


Felt the sacral.


Hit, you know, like a little for me. It's kind of like a bubbling.


Sensation of like expansiveness, different generators describe it differently, but tuning into your gut to see like hmm, does this sound good to me? Does this feel like a fit and does it feel like I have energy for this? So I, you know, using your sacral to respond to things.


And if it's.


As a generator, if you're not feeling anything in your gut or you feel kind.


Of a dry.


Or a quiet then.


It's a no, just leave it. So it might be right at another time, but you know not.


Early so. So strategy for generators and manifesting generators is all about waiting to respond for projectors. It's that waiting for an invitation. So just, you know, they've got these ideas.


Or they see those systems that can be fixed and changed, but really what they need to do is wait to be invited into the conversation. And basically what that waiting does and that invitation is smooth the rope so that people can hear what it is that they have to share.


You know, otherwise they tend to be.


I'm a little less open to hearing the ideas.


For reflectors, it's weighting a lunar cycle.


That's a long time, right? But I mentioned with reflectors, it's really about time and letting things unfold. And also I would say for reflectors, learning about their patterns, what kinds of things do you see coming into your awareness that are patterned and using that to sort?


Of help you.


And then Manifestors are waiting for urges, so urges for them can look very different. As I mentioned earlier, they might have that direct connection with source universe. God whatever you call it.


In different ways, and basically it's this urge. They just have this sense that they need to, you know, move on some.


There's snow. It's got to be done.


Exactly. Exactly so. So that's a bit about strategy. Do you have any questions about that before I move on to authority?


No, it's just fascinating. I've always been curious about human design. I thought I knew what it was, but I was mistaken. And this has been.






Such just the fact that we are connecting it has been such a synchronicity as event because we had she, she was going to have Casey interview her, and then it ended up that I interviewed her because Casey had something to do. And this is just like.


It's what I needed to hear today. This is such a gift.


Such a great example of how right things shift because they're meant to shift, right?


Yeah, just being open to it, it's like I could have been like.


Oh no, the.


Sky is falling and I got to change.


All these things I had these plans.


But you know, it's all good. It's.


So good.


So good. Well, thank you so much for taking the time. I really appreciate it and I hope that some of this is landing for your listeners as well.


Well, because I think there's so much. Honestly. There's so much practical. Kind of.


Learning that you can take from human design, that can be really, really helpful in your life. So actually the last piece that I'll talk about is the author.


30 and that's talking about practicality. I think this is such a great example. You know your type and your strategy are a little bit more about like how you function in connection with other people, whereas your authority is your decision making.


And one of the main teachings of human design is that your decisions are not meant to be made in your head. So the idea of like a pros and cons list or, you know, really kind of thinking hard about what it is you should do.


Is not actually how you are designed to make decisions.


How you're designed is one of seven different ways, and some of them are directly connected to type and some of them are not.


So the first.


Way and 50% of the population has this authority, so it's a lot of us. Both of us are included in that.


Is the emotional authority and emotional authorities are.


It sort of sounds counterintuitive, but we're actually not designed to make decisions.


When we're in an emotional state, yes, you could say so. What that means is we are here as emotional beings to experience a lot of emotion.


However, when it comes to making decisions, we're meant to kind of.


Experience a wave and so emotions come in waves. There are off. There's often a high point and then a low point. And we're meant to experience the wave. It's high point. It's low point and then come to more of a neutral. So you know, if you're if you're using an analogy of.


You know, a pond. It's like the rock gets thrown in to the pond and the ripples come out. And then there's this still.


If that comes about, and it's that stillness point really that you're looking for when it comes to decision making, so that does take time, we recommend that you wait at least one sleep. So you like, let your body just sleep.


On a decision.


If it's a bigger decision, sleep many sleeps, but basically what you're looking for is the first feeling of you know. Yes, I would love to do this. It's exciting. It's, you know, it resonates with you and then just let it sit for a little bit and you'll probably come to this.


Place of well, you know, I would like to do this, but I'm so busy or XYZ is getting in the way and I can't because of this and blah blah. Wait past that as well until you come to a more neutral place.


And just see like, OK, do I feel like I have the energy for this? Do I feel like this is a good fit? Does it resonate, does it I say for myself like it just felt right?


So that's how I would often describe it for me, or it felt wrong, and so I didn't. Uh and.


Feeling grounded and really like.


Not having to explain you know yourself about why you decided that way. Like it felt right or it felt wrong is reason enough for an emotional authority.


So that's emotional. Then you've got sacrals, so there's a hierarchy in human design. It's like you kind of work your way through the centers and definition. So if you have a defined.


Emotional authority, meaning it's colored in. Then you are emotional if you have no defined emotional, but you have a defined sacral then that means you're a sacral authority. So this is the listen to your gut authority, which means you've got to listen to that and really create a relationship with what is it.


Feel like in your.


But because it's going to be different for different people, so learning to identify how does it feel, what does a yes feel like some people describe like a full body flush, you know, and when you don't get that knowing that it's a no and not, you know, not saying yes just because you've got that.


Energy and again, these are going to be generators or manifesting generators because they're sacral.


So you know, with your sacral, the other thing to know about that is it's not like they don't need time, they actually know in the moment what the answer is as long as they're really tuning in to their sacral and.


If they are.


Like the.


Tricky thing is that it can change, so if they are wondering about something, you know a week from now or whatever, it could potentially change their sacral could get a different, you know hit later on when that event comes around or whatever.


So if it's a big decision, I just like to encourage sacrals to run it through a few times, you know, and kind of see how they're feeling.


To just mostly feel strong within that decision.


If both of.


Those centers are undefined, and your spleen is defined, which is the triangle.


On the left hand side of your chart, when you're looking at it, then you have a splenic authority, and this one is all about intuition and making decisions based on your intuition. So this is really about learning how your intuition speaks to you, and that's where we get into the different Claires.


Like, are you, Claire? Audience, do you hear it? Does it, you know, literally speak.


You do. You see it? Are you clairvoyant? Do you know it? Are you Claire? Cognizant. So just learning. Like, how does your unique intuition speak to you? And then again, trusting it most of the time with splenic authority, your decisions are going to be focused on, like, your health or well-being.


Kind of all comes down to like what is best for your health and well-being.


If those three centers are undefined, but your will, which is the little triangle in the human design body graph. If that is colored in, then you have a will or G or sorry, not G, not GA will or ego authority. And this is all about.


Desire and about basically.


Being kind of selfish, I mean, what other people might consider selfish, but it's basically like doing what you want and what you truly in your heart's desire and know what's best for you. That is your authority. It's a pretty small percentage of the population, I think maybe.


Not positive about.


This, but somewhere it's under 10%, like maybe eight or something like that. So it's a pretty small population, but really learning to shed the conditioning around being selfish and understanding that if you are an ego or.


You know will center authority knowing that, what if you're doing what's best for you, it actually is what's best for everybody around you.


So if you have all of those centers undefined.


But you have your.


G Center or your identity center? That's the diamond shape in the middle connected to your throat, which is the one.


Right above it, the square.


Then that is called a self projected identity and.


These are projectors, so one of the projector authorities is self projected and basically they have to talk things out in order to know what to do. They've got to use their voice and it's more about it's more about like the resonance of their voice and hearing.


How they're saying things?


Not even necessarily what they're saying, but like, how is it coming out so?


It can be really.


Helpful to have somebody to talk to, to kind of reflect for you or record it into your phone and listen, you know, that can be really helpful too. And then?


The If your throat.


Is defined and your ajna, which is the second triangle down.


That is a mental projector. And again they need to use their voice. So notice both of those authorities are connected to their throat. They need to use their voice to make decisions as well. The difference is that their environment is going to be really important. So similar to like a reflector which I'll talk about in.


The second they've got to be in an environment that feels supportive in one way, shape or form and talk it out. So I use my son as an example, oftentimes for this because he's a mental projector and he talks to himself all the time and you know, we used to wonder like, what is he doing?


And we realized this often happens in children, that they come to their authority very naturally until we condition it out of them. And he just processes things verbally and he'll talk through.


Through, you know, this is the situation. These are my options. This is what's happening. Hmm. How do I feel about this? You know, full conversations. So that is super helpful for projectors. So just encouraging that if you know one or if you're a parent of 1 or a partner of 1 to, you know, really help them.


And if you are helping to reflect to them helping by saying this is what I hear and not bringing your own bias or your own opinion into that, you know, but really just trying to say this is how I heard you say it. This is what I heard you say.


And then the last authority is the lunar authority, which is just reflectors have this. That means they have no definition in any of the centers. And again, it's about that lunar cycle and noticing patterns and being in the right environments to make a decision. So, you know, really kind of just.


Noticing who you are on all the different days because you're going to be very probably different, you know, in, in different scenarios and around different people. And so coming back to nature can be really, really helpful for reflectors to kind of find their center and understand what's going to be best for them.


So that's a little bit about authority.


Incredible. Can I ask you a question about the actual diagram? If they're colored in?


Then that applies to you.


Like if they're blue, that's under the personality category and then if it's yellow, it's under the design category.


Do some people have these forms filled in under design, or is it always just in the little tubes?


So everybody's human design chart will be different a if you are defined in an area then on my website it's going to show up in that blueish color and definition essentially means like where we are here to share that.


Energy. Think of it like a radio transmitter. Like we transmit that energy. So it comes to us. Nah.


Actually, and we tend to be able to identify it a little bit more easily if it's white, then we are receiving the energy. So it's inconsistent because it's like flowing through us from other people who have definition, but we don't.


And so we take it in and amplify it. But then if we're not around that energy, it's gone. And so it's not really there for us.


So there's huge capacity for wisdom in our open centers because we kind of learn about that energy from other people and how it looks in different ways and we're able to really help people navigate it versus where we're defined. It's almost like fixed. You know, it's like this is.


This is the design we came here.


With and what we have to offer.


And then the yellow side those and the blue side of the two lines on the side of your body graph, those are details about your gates. So those are the little numbers within the shapes and your planets and then the blue side is your conscious.


And your the yellow side is you're unconscious. So, uh, conscious and unconscious. It's like which ones?


Are a little bit.


More, maybe we can identify them a little more easily in ourselves or the conscious side, and then the unconscious.


Is like a little less.


You know.


We maybe don't identify it right away or other people can really see it in us or it's something that we come to know over time.


I know it's a lot of information.


I basically.


Gave you like 3 chapters of a book here.


Yeah. I just feel like.


There's so much, but it it's like I just want.


To know more.


How do how do people work with you? How? How does this work?


Yeah. So you can go to my website. I have different sessions there. I usually encourage people to book an intuitive session if they're just looking for kind of a basic understanding of their chart.


And I oftentimes will ask if you have any questions beforehand. You know, usually people come to me.


Oftentimes, if they're in some sort of transition, you know or contemplating a transition of some kind and they're trying to, you know, just figure things out, figure out what's next, and so that can be helpful for me as a generator, especially to have something to respond to and to know where to look.


In the chart so.


So yeah, I would encourage you to check out my website, see the sessions that ioffer and then I also do work with clients one-on-one like longer term.


To sort of.


Unpack. You know your full design as well as just how do you actually integrate it into your life and use it?


You know as a tool because it, you know, it's wisdom and knowing about yourself is one thing and then putting it into action is another. So, like, how do you how?


Do you get practical with?


It, which is kind of A5 line thing.


Well, thank you.


So much for all of this information I it's been like.


I keep saying fascinating because it's been fascinating.


Yeah, you're so.


Welcome. I'm. I'm so glad it was helpful.


One thing that you'd like to leave the audience with today, Lori.


Oh my gosh, I would say, you know, learning your human design is like a cosmic permission slip to be who you came here to be. And I think a lot of times when people.


Have their chart read they there's a lot of recognition like, Oh yeah, I knew that and I've been.


Keeping that in a nice little box up on the shelf and so this is a chance for you to, you know, take that down and unwrap it and actually let your beautiful soul shine. So that's uh, that's my hope for what human design can do for people.


And that's amazing. And I think a lot of people do need that permission. It's like we all come here with something that we're supposed to do, and often we're trained.


To stifle that urge, which is so sad to me because.


How much better will the world be when people start stepping into the purpose that they came here to accomplish?


Yes. Ohh my gosh.


That just like.


Just all about.


Why I do what?


I do, but it's just like.


And I can feel the shift. You know, people are changing how they're behaving and what they're what they're saying yes to. And what they're saying no to. And it's, it's fascinating to me to watch it unfold and to get to be a small part of it is just like.


So good, so good.


It is so good. So.


Spoken like a generator who's following what lights her up


Exactly. Yeah, yeah.


Thanks again.


Well, thank you so much, Jill.


Yeah, I really appreciate your time today. It was great to meet you.


You too.

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