Joanna Hunter – So You Want a Million Dollars?

Joanna Hunter, Psychic Business Coach, joined us to share how she came to develop the largest metaphysical money experiment ever created. The results are nothing short of staggering, not just around money, but some of the health stories she shares will blow you away.

Joanna share about how she came to experience her first million-dollar year and how 15 others (that she knows of) who participated in the experiment became millionaires that year also!

You can learn more about Joanna and her mission at and you can still join the million dollar experiment for 2024 through Jan 31st



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Hi and welcome to You World Order Showcase podcast. Today we have with us Joanna Hunter. Joanna is a psychic business coach, creator of the largest metaphysical money experiment ever. It's called the $1,000,000 experiment. Her mission is to raise the consciousness and vibration.


The planet, by activating one human at a time.


It is such.


An honor to have you join us today, Joanna.


Thank you so much.


Thank you for having me. I'm so excited. Feel like we're just on the precipice of a very, very juicy conversation.


I know I've been.


Looking forward to this, it's like.


Before Christmas it was.


Kind of like.


It's going to be Christmas in January.


I love.


So I know quite a bit about you over the last couple of months I've just been diving deep into all of the different.


The things that you have to share, I hate to call them things. They're just like energies that are. They're so yummy and they just like, they shift our reality. So you want to briefly tell people how you got started and you know a little bit of your back story.


Jump into everything else.


I'm one of these.


People that didn't come into my psychic guest later on in life.


I was literally.


Born with them switched on, and I thought I was totally normal like I thought in childhood it was normal. Like everybody saw the wispy people and I thought everybody experienced like the trees and the rivers speaking to them and.


Everybody experienced feeling, energy and feeling things and knowing things that you know they didn't really have any context to know other than they just felt it deeply in their body and they knew it. And it wasn't until about the age of three or four that I was like.


Ohh I'm the weird one.


That's what those looks are about. That's what you know why some people seem so scared. Like it's me and I thought ohh, why, you know, cause I thought I was the normal one up until that point and I thought everybody else is a little bit weird. But then, like, the penny I remember. Really, it must have been about just probably like the cusp of three and four.


The penny dropping and realizing like, Ohh, right. OK. Other people don't see energy and they don't process the world in the way that I process.


And of course, as a child, the only thing that you really kind of want is to fit in. You know, a lot of children. That's like a big driver for children is to to fit in and and to be accepted and to be loved. And. And all of those things and. And of course, I went down that path as well. So I tried everything and to really, really stuff down.


My spiritual abilities and not be.


Able to like tried. I tried not to use them. I tried to like be as normal like pretend you're normal, you know, and and then I got to about the age of 15 and it was like a champagne bottle that had been shook and shook and shook. And then the cork popped. So as I went through puberty, not only did I go through that.


Stage of my life, but also as well, my psychic gifts went haywire and I would have like day long, deja vu's. I would have, you know, just absolute clarity, knowing visions, visions of things that happen in the future, that kind of thing and.


And you know and and that was.


Amongst the normal stuff of like hormones, boys.


****** girls, all the things I like that you're not getting at that age anyway. And and by the time I was 23, I was newly married.


Two small children and I started my first business and I realized that I had literally been fighting this part of myself for so long.


I had this love of business and then I had this love of, like, spiritual stuff and esoteric things.


And they never thought that they would ever like, fit together. But I thought I can't keep ignoring the spiritual side and just randomly friends of mine at the time invited me to come to a spiritualist church. And I was ********. No, no, thank you. Church is not for me.


UM, I'd been booted out of Sunday school at six years of age, giving messages to the minister from his dead mother. He was now, in hindsight, looking back, probably telling him off so that didn't go down well and I was literally told my mom was told that I had the devil in me and that not.


To bring me back.


And so you know, that was kind of hard.


At 6:00.


And and and and so at 23.


Had a lot of pressures, you know, young Mom, nearly married.


First business and and this person then invites me along and I I was like, no, no, no. And there's like, it's not like regular church, I thought, OK, well, I'll go once to humor this person and see it. And I I walked in and instead of having a minister, they had a a medium. And I just sat an absolute fascination.


As spirit people walked up, put their hand on the medium shoulder.


And I started seeing the transfer of energy and the medium was giving these messages, and I could hear the messages before the medium was even speaking. And I was just, like, holy moly. I'm just in a room full of people like me.


Like this is insane. Like, who knew this even existed? I think after that point I was so activated I was just like I.


I can pretend that I don't have this, and then it just comes out an opportune moment.


Or I can learn what this is and I can learn to control it. So AT23I began very shortly after going to a couple of the meetings at the church I joined what they called a development circle, where they teach you to develop.


I think I've only been going to that development circle for about 6 weeks. When somebody discovered that I've read tarot since.


I was 15.


And was like. Can you teach us?


And I was like, well, like I'm self-taught. And they were like, yeah, but you're really accurate. So could you teach us? And I was like, sure, I can't. And so that's how I became a spiritual teacher, really, at the age of 23, I started teaching other people things that I knew.


And and you know and then I was. And it wasn't like I was ******** teaching all the time like I.


Had my businesses.


Between the ages of 23 and 26.


I built 4.


6 figure and multiple 6 figure businesses and then I worked in the mall and that ended in disaster because what happened was that I I worked so hard that I ended up having a total burnout. Where I ended up with multiple organ failure. So every soft tissue organ in my body began failing.


I was told to prepare my family for my passing, that I would not survive this.


And in that hospital bed I made.


A really, really.


True decision. This is not how my story ends.


And I turned to the one place that I always turn to in moments of what I call the I hope I can say this word on your podcast by the oh **** moments, right? And when those happen, I always used to turn to the spare world. It was always. It was always the source of comfort, the source of grace I would.


Always speak to my guides. I would always speak to my spirit, helpers and and of course this time there was no different and and. And I realized that.


That the way that I had been living my life was so out of alignment for me and that I needed to find a journey back to myself.


I called that journey that get selfish journey and when I got to kind of near the end of that journey, although it's a never ending journey, it's a a journey that you will be on.


For life I'm I wrote my book. My first book called Get Selfish, the ways through.


And it is a journey of back to the South of learning, to learning to get yourselves basically.


And and it learning to heal yourself on every single level. And so and after my multiple organ failure, life is never the same. I couldn't work in the way that I'd worked. I sold my shops. I had already sold, sold my partnership for my, for my shop, that I'd had my shoe.


Job that I'd had, I'd had a business partnership with that, so I'd already sold that to the business partner and then I.


Had already got and closed my cafe that I had. But you know I had had three stores like fashion stores and I sold those and I only kept my spiritual events pop up company because I felt like.


Even though I was like really really ill afterwards.


I reckoned I.


Could fake Wellness for like 2 to 3 hours for a live event and then and I could do all the promotion from the couch using social media which like yay.


And so I reckoned, like, once a month, if I did one event a month like it would cover our bills and it.


Would be OK.


And so, yeah. And so that's that's what I did. And so from that point onwards, life was really different and we ended up living on welfare just to get by. So benefits system, the UK benefits system or welfare to my American friends. And it was a very humbling experience to.


See life from that perspective and see life from that angle. I I I am ashamed to say that I used to be very kind of like quite judgy about people who didn't apply themselves, having been in that situation where literally I was so unwell that there was no way that I could hold a regular job.


Like what employer was going to say yes to you if you?


Rock up and go.


Well, I can work this week because I'm having a good week, but next week all bets are off because my chronic illness might flare up. You know, no one's going to be like, oh, this is a good.


Idea for an employee so.


You know, so it was hard and and it was such a humbling experience. And I am so utterly grateful for going on that experience because I think that experience taught me more about money than anything else. When you have none and you are worried about how you're going to pay the rent and keep the roof over your kids.


Heads or how you're gonna afford to, you know, put food on the table and things like that. It is a very humbling experience, and I learned so much and.


During that time, I was also really focused on healing myself and healing my body because the aftermath of multiple organ failure, she was not pretty. It was. It was a lot and had a lot of surgeries and things like that afterwards as well.


And so.


Then I got to 2015 and that's when I published my first book, and I made a really, really powerful decision that.


I was not going to be broke for the rest of my life and that I was going to step up and be my own rescue.


And and and then stepping up and being my own rescue. And it was a horrifying thought to me because I had considered myself quite a strong, independent person despite the circumstances that I was in. But.


Realizing that I was looking for rescue in all of these sneaky little places, like hoping to win the lottery or land that one big client, or do this one thing that was going to fix all the stuff right and and that was quite eye opening when I caught myself fully red handed doing these things.


And yet I was telling myself, like you're a strong woman, like you're a strong independent woman and and actually trying to. No, I wasn't really. I was just hoping for the knight in shining armor to make it all OK, you know? And so I made that decision. I was going to be my own rescue. And I put everything through the.


Within two years so 2017, I retired my husband from his day job. I brought my daughter, my eldest daughter, home from her day job, and she began working for us as well.


And and in 2021, which was the first year of the $1,000,000 experiment, I crossed $1 million in sales for one calendar year. And so I went from living on welfare to creating $1,000,000 year in six years.


That's a phenomenal story.


I have. I have a whole bunch of questions.


For you now.


Fire away.


No, this is just.


Personal curiosity, but how psychic are your kids? Are they like you? Is this like a genetic?


Thing or is this a learned thing?


So my eldest daughter Ellen, we call, I call her my baby witch.


And although she's like 26, so she has really, really embraced and began to explore her psychic size. She is a phenomenal tarot reader. Like, really beautiful insights. Like, really good. And she's actually she's about she's less than half a year away from.


Graduating as a psychologist, so she she is a psychic with a going to be a psychic with a degree in psychology, so it's amazing.


My son, when he was younger, when he was just a a little boy and he was extremely intuitive when he was younger, you know, he used to. I remember when sitting and he said to he he was sitting. He was only about 3.


And my son loved technology from a very early age, so he was sitting kind of playing PlayStation.


And and he.


Put down his controller and he just sat sort of bought upright and he looked and he said John's coming.


And we were.


Like what are you saying?


John's coming.


And and I said, and I turned to my husband and I said, what's he talking about, John, who? And Paul, my husband said, well, only John, we know it's John from Norway. And it was a friend of ours that lives.


In Norway and so.


So Paul Ryan said to Don you.


Know John from Norway.


And John, you're like this and he's playing the controller, so about 40 minutes later, there's a knock on our front door.


And we had a quite like a really sort of like, really skinny, kind of like hallway. So like one person kind of fitted in it. So, like, so my husband got up and I got up behind him.


And he opened.


He opened the front door and he just went. Nah.


And he shut the front.


Door again. And then he looked at me and he went.


And then he opened the door again. Well, he's still looking at me, ignoring the person that's standing.


At the door and goes.


Please tell me. Please tell me that's not John from Norway.


Hello oh.


My God, John and.


And my husband was just like.


Oh my God.


And I was like, well, the boy is my son. So. Yeah. And then my my youngest daughter actually has autism. So she is very sensitive to energies. She's very.


Very. I I feel that she's very empathic and very sensitive to energies and things like that. So although she doesn't kind of come out with like direct quote UN quote psychic thing, she is she will pick up the the vibe and the frequency of her room very quickly.


And then obviously because the autism has difficulty sometimes processing. So one of the the biggest challenges that we've had with my youngest daughter is really being in school. You know, it's very overwhelming for her. And I think it's just so many energies plus.


The auditory processing that's happening as well. She hates loud noise.


Yeah, that's got to be really difficult to.


I'm glad that we live in the time that we live in where there's.


Some other options with education. It's not like it was 20 years ago where, you know, school at school was like the only way to go.


Yeah, we we home school.


But we do know home schooling.


We have really, really.


As parents, we have gotten off really easy. So because.


Of where we live.


In the north of Scotland are local like the local authority running online school, which that's her school and and so it's amazing. So she has all the teachers that she would have in a regular school, except they do every lesson online and she doesn't have to leave her home to do it. So.


It is. It is a godsend. It has been amazing and and it is absolutely transformed our family life because.


It's so hard when you know anybody who's maybe listening to this, who's got children with autism and and you know, and you know how hard school can be on them. And then you have to make that child go to school every day. If you feel like the worst person ever.


And you know that.


It's like torture.


Absolutely. Absolutely. And you know that.


You know, they're not loving it and and you know. And The thing is with with with my daughter, she loved.


You know, like she loves the learning, but she just the noise was the thing. It was the noise of the classes, the noise of children moving between class and class, you know. And there was lots of. I mean, the schools that we've had have.


Been always been.


Excellent. And really really.


Good and and very caring and stuff like that like.


They would let her out a few minutes before class so that she could walk to her next class without the hustle and bustle. But the moment that Bell went there was the full on noise, you know? And so it it was hard. It was really hard for her.


I'm so glad that you you have this ability to be able to.


Allow her to still.


Learn in a way that she can actually assimilate the information into into her.


To meet the needs that she has in her life, the way that she's going to live it.


Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.


That's really fascinating. You did mention that you're live in Scotland. I was going to. I was going to bring that up for our listeners, which is why the whole.


John from Norway thing.


All the way from Norway.


Not like down the street showing up.


Well, The funny thing is, John is actually from England, but then he moved from Norway, so he became John from Norway.


So was he still in England?


No, he was. He was living in Norway at the time when he came, so it was really unusual that he would be standing on our doorstep. You know, it really was like, love the hell moment, you know? Yeah.


So what inspired you to start the $1,000,000 experiment?


UM well.


A couple of things really. So I had set that in 2019. I set the intention of doing $1,000,000 in one calendar year, so it was near the end of 2019. So I set the intention with the universe and when I normally sit down with the universe.


Normally, like, sit down and have a conversation, either through meditation or literally just me directly speaking to the universe and saying, hey, this is what I intend. This is my intention. This is what I would like. Any help that you can offer greatly appreciate that kind of conversation that I.


Have so set this intention so it was very clean and clear intention that I wanted to do $1,000,000 in one calendar year and impact as many people as possible with the teachings that I have.


And so very shortly after that in 2019, I had a call with a client and that client was having a just a Super bad day, you know, like where you're in a grump and everything. Nothing is good. Everything's terrible. And you're like, whoa.


And so this client was in that situation and she was in in that level of consciousness. And because she was having such a bad day and, you know, and I when I'm in session with people, I often channel. And so I'm often either bringing through my Spirit team, Skyler, or really just channeling directly source.


So this time was no different. And so Skylar, who is my spirit team, then said.


To me, well.


You know.


Tell her or go and get tell her to.


Go and get a dollar.


So this client was in in the US, so I said well, go get a dollar and and and and she came back and.


She's like, really?


Grumpy, you know? So like, she's dragging her feet. She's and she's my daughter. You.


Know like where you're gonna and it was just.


One of those days, you know, I wasn't taking it personally. It was just one of those days where she just really life was just really on top of her.


And I said to her, you.


Know I want you to hold that dollar. I want you to look at that dollar and I want you to tell me if you took that dollar, bought something for $1.00, sold it for two, then bought something for $2.00 and then sold it for four and then bought something for $4.00 and sold it for 8. How many times would you need to do that in order to become a millionaire?


And so.


She says. I don't know, like 5000 or it was something like that, you know, it was like, ridiculously high number. I was like, come on now, girlfriend, come and play the game, you know? So it's like, really give me a proper guess. And she was like, I don't know, like 400 times. And I said wouldn't surprise you if it was only 20 times.


And so I don't know if you just saw that big orb. And so it's so it was about 20 times, you know. So I said OK and I said you imagine it's 20 times and she was like, no, wait, get out of here. And I said I promise you the maths will work out. It's 22.


I did.


She's like, how do?


You know that and I.


Was like well.


Actually, I began writing a book about eight years ago and and it it was called 19 steps. And you know, I figured everybody had the dollars. So it's really 19 steps. And so I said, you know, and I began writing this fix I.


Telling her about what was in this book that I had.


Begun writing well.


She came off the call and when she came off the call, her energy had completely changed. She was buzzing. She was excited for life again. She was feeling activated. She was like, Oh my God, like.


This is ridiculous. Me feeling so bad about my circumstances and my lack of money and everything like no like I am.


She was energized and and really activated her, and so I came off the call and I was like.


Well, we were by like 3 computers.


Along from when I first began writing my book. So I'm like, thinking is that book still alive on my hard drive somewhere? Because I remember I'd written quite a bit for it, but I didn't. I didn't know, you know, like I hadn't written loads. So I was like.


OK, so I opened my hard drive and lo and behold I found it. So I had been transferred from like God knows how many different computers since that because it was quite old and I I actually printed out the whole manuscript and I sat and.


I read it.


And it actually written 22,000 words.


And I thought this.


Pretty good.


Is really good stuff like really, really good stuff.


And that night, when I went to bed, I held the manuscript in my hands, and I sent a prayer to the spirit world and I said.


Show me.


What I am to do with this?


Because this information needs added to more people and I thought about my client that day and how activated she had been at this idea that she could be a millionaire and she was only 20 steps away from it. And so I was really like.


You know, show me how I can do that to more humans, you know, show me how I can fill more humans with this hope and this dream. And you know and show me so the next morning I woke up.


And before I put my second foot on the floor, I had a complete download from the $1,000,000 experiment I was showing that this was going to be an online course.


And in an experiment online, I was shown how the branding would look. I was told it would have an affiliate 50% affiliate program with it.


I was shown AIM that it would have 52 lab notes that it would have 52 podcasts. The original podcast had UM interviews with millionaires and I would interviewed 52 millionaires. I had no podcast at this point in time, so I was like, oh right. So I'm going to have to make a podcast like Cool. OK. And so everything and then.


The thing that like, really, like, felt like a little bit of a solar plexus punch was like it's going to be $25 for the whole year.


And I was like what?


Like. Sorry Sir. Are you high, you know?


So I sell courses at like $5 like what? And so I thought, Oh my God. And and I thought.


I thought to.


Myself could could I hold the energy?


Could I hold the energy of this? Could I hold the energy of this? Could I sell it and in 12 months time still be in integrity with what I've sold? Or would I be in 12 months time totally like when does this end, you know, because that like, ain't nobody wants to show up and teach.


From that energy and B.


Nobody would appreciate somebody feeling that way about it because the energetic exchange has not been good. So in when I first thought about it, I was like, I don't know if I can be. The person can really, really hold the energy. So I started playing with numbers and.


I was like well.


What if 50 people joined like? Would that feel good to you and?


And it felt good in the beginning, but by the time I got to like me, I was like, why is this not finished yet? You know, I was practicing, and the energy. And so I thought, well, OK, well, what if 100 people?


Join same thing again. I think I got to by August with that. And then I said well, what if and then the number I got to was 200.


And I thought I I went through every single month. How would I?


Feel how would?


I feel in December I still felt really high vibe, but still felt really good and.


I was.


Like, yeah. And then I looked at my teeny tiny community at the time, which was I had two and a half thousand people on my e-mail list, and I looked to my teeny tiny community, and I thought, do I have?


Do I have?


200 people that want to get crazy with me, that want to try this experiment with me, just to see if mindset and intuition along with $1,000,000 plan can make you a millionaire in just one year. Like is there 200 people that want to come and play with me?


And the.


Energy to really, really see. And I thought, yeah, yeah, I reckon I could like.


Say to 200 people like come along and do this and I reckon I have an audience that would fit that criteria. So I confidently, then and then I gave spirit one extra stipulation. This was all at the beginning.


Of at the end of 2019, beginning of 2020, and I start this stipulation, I was like I used to have an employee that worked for us and she was amazing, but I was not set up my business at that time was not set up for having other people, and I had far too much stuff in my own head. So I made it really hard for somebody else to.


For me and in the end, because this person is such an honest person, she was like, listen, I'm getting paid for nothing. I I like to work for my money, so I'm really sorry, but I can't continue working for. So I said to myself, I said to spirit, if I can get that that Lady back and she would come and work for us again.


And she can help me with this project. And then I'm all in. Like, I'm your girl. I'm going to do this for you. I'm going to hold the space for you, spirit. I am going to, you know, lead this.


To the absolute best of my ability. And so I phoned that Lady up just to wish her because she's a friend of mine as well. So I phoned her up to wish her happy New Year and I said how's it going? And she's like, well actually I'm driving to go back to work because she was on her Christmas holidays and I said why. And she's like my boss.


Is like the worst micromanager ever.


And the reason I.


I loved.


This woman and loved having her in my business was because she can.


Think for herself.


She just requires 0 micromanagement, right? And that's my dream. That's my dream employee. Somebody who does not require micromanagement and so.


So I was like, oh.


That's probably not working out great. So actually by the end of that conversation, we had decided to meet up in Edinburgh and we met up in Edinburgh and we were discussing her coming back to work for us and I gave her the manuscript.


And she read the manuscript and and we had a brilliant weekend and and in Edinburgh together, because we are friends and we've been friends for a long time and we were brilliant weekend and she said I meant I meant and that's when I knew right. We were going to do it and there was.


So much to.


Learn because all of 2019 I'd spent all of 2019.


Upgrading my systems.


Changing how I did things creating more robust like back end systems in my business so.


And you know, like upgrading the type of website that I had upgrading, I employed a CART software system.


Luckily for me that that CART software system had an affiliate capability already baked in and.


So I realized.


I've been kind of getting ready for this project, but I knew nothing about running an affiliate program so that was a huge learning curve, so I had to lean in there.


And lean into the inconvenience and the discomfort of the learning curve. But we we figured it out and I had no idea what it was like to start a podcast. I didn't even know what you needed to do, so I had to hit lots of books. I took a little mini class on podcasts and things, and again we figured it out.


And we got it all sorted. So we launched it into the light web pode.


Asked. And you know, we figured everything. I and then on August 20th, I did what's known in the industry as a soft launch. So a soft launch is when you launched a closed group of people. So I only launched people on my e-mail list to start with. And then our official launch was the 1st.


Of September for the 1st of January start 2021.


So I had quite a few people on the call from my list cause I had been begging this up and saying like I am dropping something like you do not want to miss this and and the beautiful thing is I have a lot of trust in my community. So if I say that don't waste peoples time I don't like.


You know, say, hey, coming by this like whatever thing like, I don't waste peoples time. So I built up a good relationship with my audience. So they turned out in force.


Describe the whole $1,000,000 experiment purposely withheld the price right until the end and I said you're probably all wondering how much this is gonna be and everyone was so excited in the inbox as it was already. So the zoom kind of chat and everybody's so excited.


And they were like tell.


Us tell us. And they said $25.


And the room just went silent.


And then they were like like per month or like no $25. That's it one off fee and you can earn it back.


And somebody wrote the funniest thing it was like ***** take my money and after that I was just like that, just made my day. And I was just so funny. And I thought, yes, and it was really. And we were just off to the races at that point.


Nothing could have prepared me for how viral we went. We went crazy, bananas, viral.


So I made.


A very rather embarrassing video when we hit 600 remembering I was like if 200 join I can hold the energy no. So when 600 people.


Joined I did a complete Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscars. Full tears. Everything like, can't believe.


And I was really overwhelmed and just like absolutely so honored that 600 people were wanting to come on this journey with me and get a little bit crazy, you know, put their mindset to the test and see what they could learn or expand into. So it was so joyful and joyous and exciting. And everybody that was kind of meeting us was really, really excited about it.


And then we.


And then we we kept going with that. And then what happened was that by the time we got to December, we had 2000 nearly 2000 participants.


And then the car was closing on the 31st and midnight New Year 31st of December. And and it was just going bananas and then.


We we closed the car.


And me and my husband were not, like huge fans of the New Year. Like, we'll take the New Year year in.


But both of us.


On drinks. So we like we we don't party or anything like that. We just kind of have like a little kind of quiet family type get together. So we went to bed that night and in the morning we woke up and we had across all our social media platforms and our e-mail and every.


Line we had over 50 requests. Please, please, please listen. Please, please, please let us in. And I'm very one of these people that you know my. I see my word is my bond. So if I say I'm gonna do something I like to follow through. I do not engage in that type of marketing like that we go like haha. No actually we're still open. You know? Like I just lied.


That the car.


Another post scarcity thing.


Closing like in my Rd. if I see the car is closing she's closing and and so and my husband was like my husband was so cute. My husband came down and he said Joanna.


You're going to.


Have to have a word with Skyler, and I was like, why? And he says we call these people who literally want to be part of the experiment. Why are we saying no?


And and I said because I said I would close the car and you know. But I mean, it's like some of them are, like, practically begging here. And they're like, saying they only heard about it and now they can't get in you.


So I sat down and I meditated, and I spoke to my spirit team, Skyler and Skyler said, well, you know, technically week 52 does not start until the 4th because that was literally the first week because of the way that the New year landed. And we were still technically in week 52 of.


Of like the last year?


For the first three days of that year. So.


I was like, OK, we'll open the car for another three days and 2300 people joined us.


In three days and it was crazy and my team.


So this wonderful woman that I had taken on and then obviously my daughter, who does our social media, and then my stepdaughter as well stepped in and helped, who had a background. She's actually our OEM now, but she umm, she was working for another company, but she was free during that time for the, you know, the Christmas holidays and things.


About that. And so my team turned around and they just said you want to just focus on what it is that you do get out there, speak to people, talk to people, do what you do, do your live streams, interact with the people we got you. We got your back. And don't worry about anybody who's joining the program. Will onboard them and look after them.


So between my team, they just worked in shifts literally to midnight every single night, and then in the morning they would wake up and hundreds of people were requesting the group and and, you know, and for three days, they just worked relentlessly to get everybody into the group.


Uh, on the 1st of January in 2021, we did the first call and I think a lot of people were holding their breath for the first call because you've got to remember because of the affiliate program, we had a lot of human beings who had no idea who this chick, Joanna Hunter was. So they were like, is this legit? Did I just sign up for a pyramids?


Name is. That's a scam. But I didn't. A spiritual teacher for a long, long time. I know the subjects that I teach inside. And I I teach from lived experience.


Not every teacher teach from teachers from lived experience I teach exclusively from lived experience and what I received from my Spirit team. So it's quite a different way of teaching and so and the first call I had 1500 people on the first call and.


After that, the Internet went bananas. We literally broke the.


Internet and I think people then realize, like holy moly, this is legit. We people in our inbox saying like that call alone was worth the $25. In fact we had that this time as well. People who've already joined. They were like that first call that was worth the 25 bucks alone.


Your book is.


Worth the $25 alone just that.


Yes, so there is.


So much value. I mean, it's jam packed in there.


And you know so.


That went on to become my million dollar year. We did $840,000 cash banked and $1 million in sales because we offer payment plans.


So we did one.


$1,000,000 in sales and 15 other people, so 16 with me became a millionaire that year.


And we had loads of people who hit half a million. We had one person who hit 750,000. We and these were only the people who stepped forward and actually shared this with me.


So you know.


The question was, can mindset and intuition training along with the $1,000,000 plan make your millionaire in just one year? And the answer was a resounding yes. Our first millionaire did it in eight months.


In a completely brand new business to her.


You know her? Her her year could have gone if she had not signed the $1,000,000 experiment, her year could have gone drastically differently. She had an equal cleaning business which meant that she went to people's homes and cleaned their homes and and her and her colleagues because she had a company cleaned people's homes with eco products. Great.


Until the pandemic hit and you're isolating and you can't go to anybody, so her job was done, like overnight.


She couldn't do her contracts unless there was nobody in the building.


So she couldn't do her regular contracts and and so she joined the $1,000,000 experiment and she talks about reading the book cover to cover four times in her interview. And she just tried to absorb as much knowledge. She wasn't a particularly woo person at all. So this was all kind of brand new to her. She was just like, OK.


I'm just going to like, I'm going to take a gamble here. I'm just going to do this like I'm going to start trying to listen to whatever that intuition thing is, you know, and she.


Really went for it.


And it was amazing. And because 11 morning, she is sitting listening to the radio, she's driving her car. She's listening to the radio, and this guy pops on the radio and talks about being a self-made millionaire. So she turns the volume up because she's like, Oh yes, I'm in the market for that, you know, so her ears picked up and she's like.


Ohh OK.


She listens.


And the the guys talking about flipping properties, talking about buying properties at auction and then flipping them for a profit.


And he says his one line that just seals the deal for her and the one.


Line was really.


And in essence, what flipping property really is is just giving.


It a really good clean.


And she thought cleaning. I know that within.


Weeks of that.


Radio runs and radio episode or not so random, right? Because she was really working the plan.


So she had been in the right place at the right time and really listened and not missed that opportunity. She then went to kind of like, look into what this guy was all about. And he had lots of free resources and stuff, and she downloaded his free resources and stuff, and she went to her bank and secured her mortgage. And she took a huge risk.


And you know, this is not something that we, you know, say and experiment. You must take a huge risk. But she was willing to do that. And and she took her family savings during a pandemic.


Back with no income, because until that pandemic was done, she wasn't able to go out and do the the work that she was doing. Umm, so, you know, she really, but she just was. She said to me when she when we spoke about it, she said to me it was like a knowing insider. She just knew that this was it.


Like this was it and like and so taking all of this action, although it was on one level, very scary on another level, it was like I just knew I had to do this. And so I did.


And. And so she bought her first auction property at auction for £41,000. She'd set herself a budget of 60, so the maximum she could have gone to for that property was 60.


She bought it for 41. She put extra money into the property. Her and her hubby because they couldn't go out to work. They basically really, really cleaned up that property, made it all spruced up. I think they put a new kitchen or something in there and six weeks.


Sold the same property for 120,000.


And within eight months, they had flipped property to the tune of 1,000,000, and at the end of the $1,000,000 experience they had actually flipped property to the tune of 1.4 million.


Is she still doing it?


Yes. And she actually teaches other people how to do it now, which is amazing.


Like and she's even being like on a British television show called Homes under the hammer. So it's a specific show all about homes that sell at auction.


I love stories like that. It's just like.


And so she and her husband have both been on this television show as well. From that, she's, uh mentoring other people in how to flip properties and grow your money and create financial freedom. Now. So complete brand new career was like birthday of the experiment. It was amazing like.


And it was.


Exactly who I wanted.


For $25.


Exactly like it was exactly who I wanted.


To be one of our millionaires like I had had a vision in my head of like, who would I like to be the people? Like, obviously I wanted as many people as possible to hit the goal, but I thought, wouldn't it be cool if there was the story of somebody that literally was kind of like brand new to the whole thing?


Didn't really and and just really just follow the plan like followed the the the intuition right which is a big part of the $1,000,000 experiment learning to tap in and follow your intuition and you know for me I think it really really for me it was that solid proof.


That mindset and intuition can absolutely make you a millionaire in one year, and you know, and she said, you know, the $1,000,000 plan was really revolutionary to her. And although she didn't really like, follow the plan per se and start a $1.00, she looked at how could I start at a higher level and go faster.


Which is kind of cool, but the other thing is, well, I think as well with like for her. She said that the plan was game changing and the fact that.


She she actually started that year and and really, you know, really said like, I didn't believe that I could ever be a millionaire. And I ended the year as a millionaire. And so I think that's one of the the, you know, that was one of the things that I had really had been on my wish list that somebody who could go from that that we could.


Shift mindset to that degree where you know somebody could actually see the power of their own mind and see how powerful you really are as a person.


And and it was amazing. But then we had a bunch of results that had nothing to do with $1,000,000 or money and we called these the outlier results because they lay out with.


The remit of the experiment and those were insane. The outlier results like blew me away, so we had several students that the first student that wrote to us told us that they had been on pain relief, very heavy GE pain relief for by 24 years for a very serious injury to their back.


And that.


They started having a funny reaction to their pain relief that they started to feel dizzy and woozy, so they went to the doctor and the doctor says, well, if you feel dizzy and woozy, it means that it's too strong.


So let's start like toning down how much you're taking.


And within a month, she was completely off her pain medication. And this happened in the February of the experiment. And so she wrote to me and she said the only thing I'm doing different is like, I'm in your experiment and I thought.


Thank you so much for the credit, you know, but like and like I didn't say to her, but like, as I wasn't gonna pop that bubble. I was like, if you believe that this my experiment and you were feeling better and you're not having to take pain meds like I am not going to burst that bubble.


You know, but.


I was like, I don't know if I can see. Hi, this can do this, you know? But she was.


Adamant it was our experiment, she was like, it's your experiment. Like there's some magic happening here. And I was like, OK, well, I'm gonna receive that in. And if you feel like that's what it is, I'm not gonna argue.


With you and but in the back of my mind I was a little bit like that sounds really fantastic. Well, I'm not really sure if if that's, you know, something I can really take credit for and then then three more people came forward. And again one of them was actually a nurse. She had been a nurse for many, many years and.


She had injured her back at.


Work like 12 years ago.


Well and and lifting a patient and it really hurt her back and to the point where after a while, she actually had to give up nursing because her back just just made it impossible for her to to do the work that she had been trained for. And so. But she was like, adamant it was experiment.


She was like.


Absolutely adamant, like she's like.


I feel so different. I feel so different in my mind. I feel so different in my intuition, like I am starting to transform and my body is healing as a result of the transformation that is happening to my mind and I was like, OK, and I thought, well, I'm not going to argue with a nurse because like, I don't think she's going to be like.


Like this and then and then I.


Had that proof of that other lady.


So I was like, OK, and.


Then another lady came through.


In July, we had quite a handful of people who had literally said that their bodies were healing through the work that they were doing in the experiment.


And then in July, I think the most amazing, incredible thing happened and it was a woman who I knew from my local area who used to come to like in my local area, used to do like live events and stuff. And she used to come to those live events and she'd been to a few of my live workshops.


In the past.


So she had.


Joined the experiment and and and to be.


Honest I didn't.


Really know that she was kind of in there because like there was 4300 people and I didn't know absolutely everybody by name and I only sort of knew the ones that were commenting regularly in the group. So it was a bit surprised when I got.


Her message? So she starts off her message. With that, she's sitting in the car park of our local hospital.


And of course, I knew this woman, so my heart kind of leaps to my throat and things thought. I hope she's OK. Like, I hope everything's OK with her. You.


Know and she said. I'm in utter shock. I'm in your $1,000,000 experiment. I decided not to apply the experiment to money. I decided to lie. What you were teaching us to my health.


And I've been so inspired by you and how you've healed your body from multiple organ failure and chronic illness. So I just decided that I was just going to experiment with putting the experiment on my health instead. And so she says, I've literally done everything that you said except with the focus of money. I made the focus hell. And she said, I've just been removed off the organ transplant.


List I no longer require a liver transplant. I've completely and artly healed my body to the point where the consultant says I do not require any medication. I do not require a liver transplant, and my consultant cannot believe it himself.


And she just said I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Like you've let your work has literally saved my life and.


I just I was so.


Gobsmacked and I was so blown away.


And I thought.


Wow. Like holy moly.


And that I think that was a moment that I was able to really receive in what everybody else had been saying to me. You know, like this is healing us. This is helping me. This is changing me. This is changing me at a cellular level. This is changing me at a fundamental level because I'm she kind of reminded me well.


You did that, Joanna.


You healed your body from multiple organ failure. You healed your body from not one, but two chronic illnesses and an autoimmune condition.


You know, so like, why is it so fantastic all that these people are doing it, you know, like that, you know, that source heals and you're helping people to reconnect with source. And so, like and and then that was kind of like having that kind of third person conversation that you have with yourself sometimes. I don't know if anybody else does that.


Logic and I was just like having those like and I was like.


Yeah, like the stuff like, really, really works.


And then shortly after that, our first millionaire emerged from the container.


That's so inspiring.


I'd known about a couple of these stories, but the.


Health stories are.


You can't help but heal your body. Can't help but heal when you start getting connected to source.


100%, you know it's a side effect. It's a side effect because source energy is always giving right. But the problem is as human beings, as we aren't always receiving.


Had a comment.


You had a comment in your. I forget where I saw it, but it it really had a huge impact on me when I read it and it was that you're either tuned into source or you're.


Not it it.


I think of like the light switch plug.


You're either plugged.


In or you're not the lights not coming on if you're not plug.


Then and we have the the ability to plug the switch in if we want or pull it out. But just being aware of that.


On off system and I think so many people teach spirituality or teach these concepts in lots of great areas and in my experience.


Humble as it is, there is no Gray areas. It's either on or is off. You can't be kind of in alignment.


And in the confusion is that you can be working on getting into alignment, but you're either in alignment or out of alignment. It's one or the other, right? You can't be kind of in alignment because while you're kind of in alignment, sorry to break it to people. You're out of alignment. Right? Because alignment happens. It's a it's a deal.


That happens where the switch literally flips.


And now you're in alignment, and now you're not. And even and what people do is they take those Gray areas of, like, I'm trying to manifest this right. Like, so I'm manifesting this where you've either manifested it or you're in the process of manifesting it, which means you don't have it. So you have not manifested it. You can't halfway manifest a thing.


You know, it's this idea. It's an illusionary state of being and because a lot of people focus on that illusionary state of being like I've had so many clients over the years say to me. But Joanna, you know like.


I'm in alignment. I'm like girl. If you were in alignment, the thing would be here, you know. Sorry to break it to you. Sorry, not sorry, but it is that cut and dry. It is that black and white and and you know. But what happens is because, imagine, if you tell yourself that you're in alignment. And the thing that you are trying to align to.


Is not showing up for you. Like how frustrating is that because you're telling the story? I'm in alignment.


Well, if you're in alignment, you can't move into alignment because you're already there according to you. But the thing that would show up when you are in alignment.


Is not showing up.


So no wonder people sometimes, when they're manifesting, are so frustrated and they're like, feel like they're banging their head against the wall. And I'm like, because it's an on off system. What if we just take a chill pill, take a deep breath and calm down and realize right now because this thing is not in my life. No shame.


No finger pointing. It just means you're not fully in alignment. You can be working on getting into that alignment, but.


Right now, as it stands, you're not filling in alignment because the moment that you're in alignment delivery happens.


So profound so.


Do you do you believe in a reality? Where?


Everything exists all the time. All of the possibilities continually exist, but getting an alignment is a case of moving into that.


Materialization of the reality where that exists.


So Skyler and my spare team teach us that we live inside a multiverse and that every all parallel realities exist. All different realities exist. The best way that Skyler describes it is that there is a reality where you are so Stony broke that you were living in a cardboard box under a bridge. And then there's a reality.


Where you are so wealthy that like you're a billionaire and then every single reality between those two extremes exist.


In different dimensions in different in the multiverse, right? So every single permutation exists, a permutation is a train track. So while I'm currently in this reality, I will go from where I am right now and my train will keep going straight.


And it will end up at a destination point, right? So that's how destination.


Can exist, right? But then when you have destination, it creates a really really big freaking problem in the human psyche. Well, how does free will work if if everything is destined?


Well, every reality has its destination, but the free will comes that you are not stuck on the train. You can swap train tracks, AKA realigning your energy to a new destination point.


And so when we're manifesting what we're actually doing is we're jumping train tracks into an alignment with a destination point with a favorable result that we desire.


And so the train that we're on is going to stop at that station, but the train tracks only go straight they don't like.


They they don't go through other realities, they go in one reality in one reality only. And you've got to decide and it's your decision in which reality that you choose to inhabit. So if you know if and and your reality is usually based off the stories that you're telling. So if you tell a lot of.


What we call.


Poor little me. So poor little me is a story. It's an internal story that every single human being has, and it starts.


This Pearl little knee. And then you fill in.


Your wah wah.


Wah story, right? Like how hard done by you are. How awful life is to you in that moment, right. And you tell a lot of parallel these stories. It creates the Pearl me train track and you get on the Pearl me and you know, train and then.


People who are on that train are like, I can't believe this train stopped at Misery Falls and I can't believe this train stopped at. Why does this happen to me station?


Well, you're on the parallel me train like it's the only place is the parallel me train go. You know we need to. We need to change use our free will to change the train that you're on switch timeline Switch train tracks and turn new timeline and turn new dimensions so that you can begin.


To experience better realities and so all realities exist all the time. And I mean, that's what I did. The most classic example that I have from my own experience was when I first got into the law.


Attraction. I literally thought it was like the freaking second coming like this. Was it for me? It was like something was reawakened and awoken in me and an ancient knowledge that I now I realize I have taught this knowledge in lifetimes, but back then I was like this was.


Just a revelation to me.


And right until I started telling my family about it and they were.


Like you really lost the.


Plot now you know. And so in the beginning I began to kind of like quote UN quote, fight my family on it, trying to, you know, prove my point to them verbally, proved my point to them, which just made them.


Make fun of me even more, you know, and it's not that my family are horrible people. They're very nice people. But you know, they they were like, This is why, like you are literally you are like you are either and I like you. Are you wearing a spacesuit cause you are like a space cadet. Right? Right. So.


Trades too.


I thought, and eventually I thought, well, why don't I just?


Use a law of attraction.


To literally change my reality.


And so every time that I would say anything about the law of attraction and it would be met with, you know, somebody like them making fun of it or whatever, I would just tell myself in my head. I'm like, I'm so lucky. They're so supported.


Right. And they were like, they were, like, full on going. Why don't you manifest it, you know? And and and I would be like, I'm so lucky. They're so supportive. And I just like that and I don't know when it happened, but at some point I changed trains and now my family are so on board with the law of Attraction my.


Eldest daughter is a master manifester. Uh. The things that she's manifested as unreal. Even my son is open to it. My youngest daughter is open to it.


Uh, my youngest daughter is unbelievable manifester, and even my husband. You know, he cannot deny the the evidence and and he's really like this stuff really, really works. And of course, everybody is living in my largest manifest station, which is a giant *** mansion that I manifested.


You know, so it's very hard to deny now, but I really, really switched train tracks from having a reality where I didn't feel like I was receiving the support to and I brought to to myself a reality where I am really supported in the work.


That I do.


Would you say it starts with the stories you tell yourself?


And the visions that you have about?


The reality that.


You may or may not be living in.


Absolutely. It is the stories that you tell yourself, like 100%. It's just your stories. Create your reality like you are a sacred creator.


You know, in, in, in, in.


In the Bible there is a translation cause obviously, like we're if we're in an English speaking country.


We read, you know, in in kind of like if you've ever read the Bible and things like that, and it's something that you're into in that, you know what we're actually seeing is a book that's a little bit like Chinese whispers. Right. Because it's being our King James Bible, for instance, had three translations before it was translated into English. So.


English was the 4th translation, right? So like talk about getting lost in translation, right. And so when we go back to the original languages and the the Bible wasn't all written in one language as well, that's another misconception. A lot of people think that the Bible was all written in one language, but it was actually written in lots of different languages.


UM, two of which?


Were Latin and Greek and so.


There. And so there was lots of different languages. So one of the things that the Bible says is that, you know, that we are made in the likeness. UM, of of God, right.


The way that it actually, if there was a more literal translation, it is that we are like him. Not that we look.


God, but that we are actually like him. Which so if you see God universe source whatever you want to call it as the crater, it literally means that we too are craters and that we are like and we can do that. The problem is that nobody has taught us how to create like you know and obviously there's lots of really wonderful.


People who create amazing things all the time, like artworks and music, and all of those things. And that's just one aspect of the crater gene, if you like. But everybody has the crater gene.


And so we're creating our realities all the time. The problem is that nobody it never came with a manual. Nobody showed us that we can do that. So through societal conditioning, a lot of our and because of the way that our brains are orchestrated, we have a negative bias. The negative bias is not necessarily a negative.


Saying the negative bias is why the human race is still around in 2024, right? Because it's what's kept us alive. Look at that danger there. Oh, that's stressful. Oh, keep away from that. Oh, that's dangerous. That's the negative bias doing its job keeping us alive.


But actually the negative bias has an impact on when we're creating our reality, because we go, Oh my God, what's the worst that can happen instead of ohh my goodness, what's the best that can happen?


You know, and so we often look to the negative and then we wonder. We're like, gobsmacked. Surprised like, oh, my God, I have no idea why this showed up in my reality. Could it be it was the only thing that you actually gave any attention to?


You know, just just a just a thought there, you know and and you know and I I can justify this stuff as well. But I mean I I realized that I've always been amazing and manifesting unfortunately for the first half of my life, I manifested a lot of stress and.


A lot of.


We're all really good at that.


And it was all through my stories. And when I began to change my stories, my reality began to change. Your stories occur a reality.


You can actually change history.


By changing your story and people, no two people experience an experience the same way. Like we'll both come away from this conversation. Totally different experiences.


We're here together. We're having this conversation, but it's not the same. And if you change the way that you remember something.


It causes the other person that was involved, or people that were involved in the event.


To slightly shift the way they remember it too, so you can make something that was really not that pleasant.


You can totally tell yourself a better loss because they're all lies. Not nothing is true and everything is true.


I I feel like I always say that there's three perspectives when there's like two people involved. There's three perspectives. There's your perspective, there's my perspective, and somewhere in the middle, there's the truth, the real real.


But you know everything that I experienced in my life is through the lens of me and everything that someone else experienced is in their life is through the lens of them. The lens can really taint things. It's like, you know, everybody's heard the saying about rose tinted spectacles, you know, that everything looks rosy and wonderful.


Well, I think a lot of people, unfortunately on this planet have crapped tinted spectacles and everything looks just that little bit hard. That little bit difficult and that little bit crappy. And you know, and that is tainting their experience every single day. And yet it's just as simple as taking the glasses off to change the story.


It really is that simple. Joanna, you have just been a wealth of information. I I so appreciate all the things that you've shared with us today. Is there one thing that you want to leave the audience with that you hope they take away from this conversation?


Well, I think this.


Particular conversation. What I would love for anybody who's listening to this, to take away is that you can change your reality. It does not matter how persistent your current reality is. You know, if you're really slogging and out, it is really hard. It is really difficult.


If you take one thing away from the conversation that we have had today, take away that it is within your realm of capability and it is within your realm of possibility that you can change your reality at any given moment.


We'll leave it with that.

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