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In this pleasurable episode, Girisha Andrea Steigler, a Hungarian sex, love, and relationship coach, highlights the significance of healing for an orgasmic life. The discussion covers dispelling female orgasm myths, the mind-body connection, addressing issues like endometriosis, and Girisha’s unique approach to unleashing feminine power.

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Hi and welcome to the You World Order Showcase podcast. Today we have with us.


Girisha Andrea Steigher. She's from Hungary and she is a sex, love and relationship coach. It is so great to have you with us.


Thanks for joining me.


Thank you very much for this opportunity and I'm so excited. What will you know what will come up with our conversation?


I am too Girisha helped high achieving women feel safe being emotionally intimate with men and enjoying sexual pleasure by healing their sexual trauma and ending the power games.


Of love. I love that.


Yeah, I have goosebumps.


Already how you how you are reading.


So. So tell us.


Well, how did you?


Get started in this.


It's not like you wake up when you're 12 and think, oh, I think I'll be a sex, love and relationship.


Coach don't think so.


Exactly, exactly. And very interesting. I spent my last three days with my mom because we were in a big event and it was very interesting. On Sunday morning, she was sitting at my bed and then she said.


How did you come that you started to be an orgasm coach and the sexuality, and it was very interesting. You know that because she is, she is with me and in all of my online courses she did with me because in Hungary in Hungarian.


I did 12 different master uh mastery programs and uh, I'm so proud of her that she did with all of me. And she was she was also doing this this work with.


Me and yeah, of course it didn't come like this because I had a very traumatic childhood. And of course it was natural for me that I got a lot of abuse. And, you know, I wanted to be a good girl of my father. And my mother was absolutely a martyr type you.


Know in the.


In the 70s in Hungary, you know, and there were a lot of limitations and of course I had to be a good girl who is, you know, is a good student.


And even though I was not enough good for my father because he was always criticizing me and then I became I wasn't, you know, I went to the school and on the economy and I soon I became very, very in a high.


Management position in my 20s.


And UM.


And somehow and also I was in a long term relationship and then after 10 years I realized something is not OK. I became work alcoholic and I felt that I was successful somehow. This is the life because I didn't know you know how to manage the relationship because I.


I learned something from my parents.


But uh, I was not in so. And there was nobody who told me that. How what is the secret or the spice of, you know, a lengthy relationship. And I ended up that it's not what I what I meant to be the it's not when I when I felt happy.


And when I was 30, something happened with me. And like, you know, all of my, the area of my life was like.


Like at the same time when you when you fully burnt out in my work, I realized that my relationship is not like that. I want it to be a mother. But he didn't. And he said that. OK, let's wait for a few more years. And I said OK after 10 years.


What to wait for?


And also my house started to uh, give me signs that something is not OK. So then I realized that I need to do something else and this is that was the moment when I started to do my inner work and find different kind of modalities of alternatives to support and healing.


Techniques and I don't remember exactly, but I found myself in a tantric course.


And then I realized that something is not OK with my sexuality, even though I thought I had a good orgasm. But. But, you know, at the end of the relationship, I became frigid. But after the break up, a lot of sexual energy. Just.


Came up and you know that I, I fully uh liberate.


That and then the deeper and the more I went to, uh, further in my sexuality and also in my family tea. Then I realized that there is much more in that.


My story in short.


OK. So that's pretty exciting. What did you talk about an Orgasmic life? What? What does that look like? What does what does that mean to you and how would you explain it to somebody who has no clue what you're talking about


Yeah, the sexual energy, the pleasure, the orgasms. It's a very intense life force energy and the creation, you know, creation, manifestation, energy. And as I also mentioned that I was abused, I was also sexually abused.


And uh, even with the verbal abuse that you know that you, uh, you are not good enough or in any ways we what we are receiving and we are experiencing I think every single day.


That I started to feel that I'm not good enough. I started to close myself. I started to numb myself and you know that the orgasms we are not we want to you know we want to feel we want to have it we want.


To reach it.


You know, as a, as a peak orgasm, let's say, and a clitoris orgasm


Orgasm. Uh, but we have much more in our body, so our body is so beautiful. Have a beautiful wisdom. It's really a like it can be like a volcano or it can be very gentle and subtle and energetic. And it can be so big.


Variety of all.


of this, so going back that we, we and I want to kind of like this power myth, that not all women can have an orgasm.


Because our body is capable for that. But the traumas and the abuses started to the kind of like this, this connection, getting this connection from my body.


And even though our body is working properly, but we are not feeling that we are not experiencing that and then in our is through our mind, we are we, we are realizing that OK, I don't have an orgasm and then we are faking the orgasm most.


Of the time.


And so.


Awakening and finding the way back to connect with our and reconnect with our body, healing our traumas, healing our the abuses.


We can discover very.


Very different kind of pleasure and orgasm and this is what, you know, I'm so passionate about it that.


Every single piece of or very small things we can find pleasure even. Uh, I have just an essentially even just.


And smell smelling and breathing deeply inside of me. I started to feel it. And you know, I'm. I'm shaking now a little bit because I'm. I'm I allowing to fully embrace it. And this is what all we are capable that.


All we can do is give. We can feel it and the more we are embodying this.


Small pleasure, small beauty of our everyday life. Then the more we can enjoy, we can we can fulfill our moments in our body with our body and then being in the moment means that we can.


Really be there.


As and feeling this fulfillment, this wholeness, most of the time and as we are connecting with our body, we are not in our mind.


Because if we are stuck in our mind, you know with our To Do List and then worried about the future and complaining about our past then we are always stuck in our head.


And but the rest of our body is like magic. And we can we can. Uh, we can this magic inside of us.


Do you work?


Hard on like the mind body connection in terms of just.


Turning off.


The chatter that happens in our heads and help women to connect.


And it and.


Not just connect, but to embrace the.


The sensory input that they get from the world around them.


Yes, and working holistically because this is what I've found that it's not enough because we are so much in our mind and our head and therefore our mind and our head needs to feel also safe. Then she's heard.


With that.


And then we need to and after our mind is heard. Then then we can go deeper in our body, mind in our body memory. And because all our past and generational patterns are blueprinted in our body and.


This is what we can with my with my holistic approach, we can awaken through the body memory and the sensations of the body. We can go there.


And even uh, we don't need to remember. Uh, what happened? Because most of the time it's a kind of like it's a.


Loop what is always repeated in our everyday life and therefore we are stuck somewhere and therefore we cannot have the access to this power and we have a big.


You know, power. Military. What we what we are.


What we lost the connection and through this body memory we can have the access and awaken this life force, energy and most of the women are struggling with tiredness.


And also they cannot sleep. They have different kind of female organ problems or infertility or I recently I was working with a lot of endometriosis.


And I realize that now and this these years, why we are facing with this these female organ problems and disease, because this is the time to break these old patterns and fully.


Step into our power.


Were and not that kind of fiery and maleish power? What we got used to when we started to learn and use what I also used in my 20s when I was in a top manager position. But this feminine leadership and also.


Tools. How we can you know with the flow we can absolutely and also with the speaking with laugh from our heart.


And we can reach much more. We can. We can have more, more success. We can have deeper and long term connections on a different way than before.


Yeah, you've said so much in.


There. Look, I I'm not sure where to.


Start with that I.


I was following along with you in terms of.


We had old patterns that it was really easy to fall into and then you were talking about endometriosis. And I too had endometriosis for a lot of years. In fact, I was infertile for a period of time in my life because of endometriosis. But.


They really didn't know.


What it was.


For a long time like I can remember in my teens and 20s, I would go to the doctor and just in crippling pain. And they tell me, you know, you have a venereal disease or something, which is always really pleasant to hear in front of your mother.


Once they, once they realized what it was and helped me to overcome it, it made a huge difference in my life. But it's interesting that you're pointing out that it's kind of a new phenomenon.


Over the last, I would say 40 or 50 years, women are really struggling with that more than they have.


That more than we've heard about, let's put it that way.


In other generations.


Just like.


Thoughts on that on why that is?


Yes, absolutely. And that's what I realized that.


Because uh and I started to uh to uh study more about this because the diagnosis is for taking years because the doctors are kind of like, OK, this is not this one not this one and also most of the time there is the.


The reason and the core of the problem is between 2, 2 specialists of I mean the doctor or medical specialist and also this is the same with the with an alternative solutions and that's why I found that most of the time you know in the online business.


I had to I was told that I have to make a niche and narrow my niche. And I said I cannot because somehow I have one something special that I'm looking at. The woman as a whole.


And uh, this is how I could have much more for women with these complex problems because, you know, for the cyst or the myoma, we can I can see that most of the time there are just few reasons and we can go there.


But what I realized both in infertility and endometriosis, this is much more complex and we are bringing and kind of like I can explain like this.


I'm a woman. Who. Uh, who was born with a mission in my life. I was choosing my parents in order to fulfill my mission and my destiny on the best way.


And therefore, I also take the baggages of my generations of all of my ancestors, that now I wanna solve it because and I wanna. I wanna manage it and I wanna heal it.


And the endometriosis is what I can see that it's holding so much. What couldn't be solved. And here in the past generations and it's both. It's both sides of for both from my mother and my father's side. And the different kind of connections.


And that's why now we are in the here when we have the opportunity to switch fully our feminine power as I just mentioned and you know from this smallish.


To, uh, more feminine, but adjust it to this modern world because we cannot go back to, you know, to the uh, to the our ancestors, traditional roles, but we need to kind of like adjust our roles and also our position in this modern world.


And what I can see the endometriosis, for example, are the kind of disease or problems.


That, but especially the endometriosis, is combine all of this and then what my method has also from different angles, you know, we started tingling a tickle. You know these wounds and this hurts and these abuses and the traumas and.


It's not an easy, uh way and not an easy journey, but it, it releases so much.


Uh. Suppress and uh energies and pain and patterns. And it's kind of like I feel so blessed to witness this kind of trans, even not just transform transformation, but transmutations within. Even in my coaching session within one session.


How we can go deep and to find the core of this this problem and it's amazing. And so there is there is a solution there is there is a the way how we can really.


Find out the way from this really deep pain.


So do you. To help women heal from endometriosis even without medical intervention.


Yes, yes, I'm. I'm most of the time I'm working parallely and I'm supporting the uh the medical.


Process as well, and it's much easier even there is no surgery then it's much easier to go and then I have a goosebump because I have more clients in this process and it was it was much easier for them to recover also to prepare for the surgery they have totally different.


Approach and connection with and. Also after that we can also heal what was happening during the.


Because during the surgery and the operation, we are in a very different state and there are a lot of things are happening also in this in this state and then we can also heal if there is something you know, we heard on a different you know dimension and.


And after then I can also. Help in the recovery.


Do you work one-on-one with clients or do you work in groups? I know you have a Facebook group when we want to talk about that for sure.


But how? How does that look?


Yes, in these special cases, umm, if someone has a very special and the more complex situation. Basically I'm working one-on-one online and I'm based in Hungary so I also have a very special trauma healing massage which I'm doing.


In one-on-one and it's a longer process and I also.


You know, clients are coming from abroad and it was also that for VIP days I was traveling also other countries. So it's like I'm really flexible because if someone is committed, then we can find a way. And I also have group online group programs as well.


And I have a Facebook group and I have a.


Facebook group it's.


Called ‘Live your best orgasmic life!’ When I'm also giving content and also both in written and with Facebook.


Lives and different master classes to share this this approach because it's really unique. What I realizing. I can say that all around the world because I traveled for 16 years around the world before the pandemia and I had an opportunity to study.


With the best teachers from Sacred sexuality, Tantra, trauma, healing, grief, recovery, abuse, abusement, healing, and.


And I combined all of this and I that's how I feel that I can have a high ratio of success with my clients.


Yeah. And so. How do how do people join your Facebook group?


You can find me on uh Girisha Andrea and also uh. The Facebook group is Live Your best orgasmic life.


OK. And we'll be sure to put the link to that in.


The show notes.


And then you do.


You do workshops, but the workshops are in your group or the workshops.


Start in your group. How does that work?


Yeah, they are both in within the Facebook group. And then there is also another one on the on different kind of webinar on our site. So it's, I can I can offer different ones who and then if it's the best for someone if someone is not on Facebook.


And then there is also an opportunity to.


To join on my.


My master classes and mini courses out of the Facebook group.


That that sounds really great. And people can find out about that either through contacting you on your website.


And your website is called EmpressCo.


Dot online.


dot online, OK and so I know empressco stands for something. Do you want to share what


That stands for.


Yes, uh, this is Empress Co. It's my holistic method and the Empress Co is for the business women. And then there is also a special program for them, how they can create more with their sexual energies in their business.


So, but the Empress is the abbreviation of my holistic method.


OK. OK. Don't you just love how the world is changing? Where women. For the longest time.


From the like.


The earliest or early 70s until about.


I'd say into the 2000s, the turn of the century, women were just trying to be men in business.


We were trying to do all the men thing we, you know, dressed.


In our Power Suits and we tried to prove we were better than men.


And now it's like we've come full circle and we're like we are better than men. We've already, we've always been better than men in that we're women and we have all of this innate


Power inside of us that we've had to repress for so long. And now, thanks to people like you and other coaches out there, it's just like we're exploring the horizons of what's powerful to.


Us and I think.


It's really elevating the whole world to.


To being better and kinder to each other.


And yet.


Getting more done in interesting ways and more connectedness.


Yes, absolutely, I agree. And then we need to find the way back to ourselves because all of our unique. So there is no other from me from you, from nobody that we are all unique and this uniqueness this is what we need to find. I'm usually saying that that we also.


Well, we all have some, uh, some diamonds inside of us and then. But the diamonds are really, really deep inside, and therefore we need our inner discovery and also the inner journey.


Deep inside and also it's a part of that we need to heal our past and also our ancestral packages and.


But on the other.


Hand we.


We need man. We need the cooperation and connection. A pure connection with man and also we need to find.


And our braveness to be in intimacy first with ourselves. Kind of like brave enough to look at the mirror and be naked on all level, not just in with our body, but all level. And this is the hardest.


More, more challenging things and when we are able to do that then from there.


We can connect with man, but we have so much scarcity around that because we were hurt and also from the men's side, they were also hurt and they have a lot of wounds on their body, in their soul and their emotions. And but this is I think this is the only way how we can.


Go on our own healing journey.


And find these connections from the hard space.


I think so too. It's bringing harmony back into the world where, you know, men and women.


Can be the soul they were created to be, and it doesn't even have to be gender specific.


To me, you just, you are a soul and you express in a certain way in your body and.


And having the freedom to just.


Embrace that, to recognize it and then.


And then to embrace it.


And then when you come together with another human being, it's.


It's the joining of two souls.


That are unique and.


Perfect. The way they are.


But together they're they create something even more spectacular. Rather than two broken things coming together to make a.


Whole that's you know.


Broken still.


Exactly. Exactly.


Yeah. And we can we need to start to heal the healing with ourselves.


And not to point out to the others and taking responsibility.


That I'm responsible for my own life.


And when I start to when I started to realize this, that I'm not responsible and I cannot rescue others.


And uh, because as women we are always you know that we are, uh.


Uh, usually we are.


On the last of our list to list and we need to find and then. This is not, not.


Kind of like what is that? That I'm. I'm. I'm not kind of like ambiguous that that I'm the first one or.


Putting yourself first.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. So first we need to put ourselves first.


Uh and uh, but if I'm on the last one or even out of my list, then then I cannot do this to code first. I kind of like I need to go step by step and on my own with them. So this is also very important that they don't force our self because we force so much before. So learn how we can be gentle.


With ourselves and going on our own rhythm.


And step by step.


Putting ourselves first.


And from there we can give much more.


It kind of comes back to boundaries and recognizing that you are yourself.


And there has to be boundaries. You have to know yourself first before you can establish boundaries, to establish what you want in your life and what you don't want. And it's OK to not want certain things in your.


Life. And that's kind of a new concept for a lot of women that, you know, you don't have to just accept everything that comes your way. You have the right to say no, that isn't going to fit into this paradigm that I choose to live in this time around.


Yes, yes. And then, uh, with the boundaries it came into my mind, my mother, because she lived with my father in an abusive relationship for 48 years. And my father died three years ago.


And uh, within few months, almost my mother, uh, you know, followed him.


But then then she made a decision, and the conscious decision because.


Because unconsciously, uh, her soul wanted to follow my father because there was no one who abused her anymore.


And she choose to live and fully live. And I'm so proud of her even.


She started to.


To uh, say yes to life. Big Life, big Letter of life.


When she was over 17.


And now, today, every single day is an adventure for her.


And she is so open to the world. But before this, she was absolutely a martyr and the servant to everyone. And she put herself on the last one, and even out of the list.


And now she started to put herself on the 1st.


Page and then move on.


First position and it's and there is not too late. Wherever you are, you know our listeners wherever you are. What kind of relationships you are? What kind of situations you are.


You are you. You are not old to make the changes for yourself.


Because in the last moment you need to just face with yourself and what you've done for yourself and you cannot find excuses. But what you've done for others.


And oftentimes we do for others, but others don't really even want us doing for them. You know, we're trying to live everybody else's life instead of our own. When if we would just live our very best life, it makes everyone else around us. It elevates their lives too, because they see us having fun and enjoying ourselves.


And doing the things that we want to do and if we want to do it, we're going to do it with much more.


Enthusiasm and.


We just bring so much more to the to the table when we're happy and we're doing what we want to do versus just doing what we have to do to make somebody else happy. And we're not even making them happy because we're not happy, so.


You're not going.


To elevate the vibrations in the room. If you're not happy and somebody else is.


Is in the room they're going to, they're going to sink down to your level. And so everybody's going to be miserable.


Exactly, exactly. And for a for a moment. We can take it. But for long time it's not working.


Yeah, it doesn't work long term and really the.


The best way to.


To take care of that is.


If you can't do it on your own, find help and you know you're out there, Girisha and.


People can reach out to you and even just through your Facebook group you can help them with the first steps and often it's just, you know, knowing what are the first steps to take to transform my life, to be what I want it to be instead of what I've just settled for.


Yes, and most of the time, the first step is the hardest, and after that you know it will be easier because there is there is a big courage needed to make a decision that, yeah, I have the choice.


To live my life differently and uh, there are so many, uh, amazing experts and specialists out of there and then you know that who whom you can trust you can. You can go with and because most of the time we cannot do this alone as you said.


So we need someone who encourages us, who is who is holding our hand and helping our when. When we are done and helping to find a way how we can in in you know everyday life we can we can have the tools and practices what we can use to motivate.


Yourself to keep the persistent and also doing for ourselves, because most of the time this is easier to do something for others than ourselves.


Yeah, sometimes it's really hard to look inside.


That's for sure.


So what's the one thing you want to?


Leave the audience with today, Girisha.


I think this this would be my message that uh, find your own diamond.


I love that. I love that. Thank you so much for joining me and we'll make sure that we put all the links in the show notes so people can reach out to you and have you help them find those diamonds.


If they're struggling.


Thank you very much for this opportunity.

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