Elise Morgan – The Art of Manifesting Desires

In this insightful episode, Elise Morgan, discusses societal conditioning, the power of accountability, and the simplicity of manifesting desires. Her coaching is emphasized as a catalyst for positive change.

Elevate Your Life with coach Elise Morgan




Hi and welcome to the You World Order Showcase podcast. Today we are speaking with Elise Morgan. Elise is the creator of doormat to diva, the secret formula and author of Go from Miserable to Magical which is available on Amazon, apparently to the show at least.


I'm really excited to have you here and find out what you're doing, how you're doing it and who you're doing it for.


Hi, thank you so much for having me. I'm really excited to be here today and I'm excited to tell you all about myself. So just let me know what you want to.


Know let's start with that.


Everything. So I'm a I'm a I'm a, well, not everything, right, not my deep, dark secrets. Right. I am a form. I'm a former personal trainer and I have V Pro figure competitor turned life coach and life coach and I'm an author and mostly a transformational speaker who want to help people transform their life.


I specialize in helping people with their mindset, so I create, I help them create mindset, mindset shifts so that they can live the life they will love, you know, most people seem to be walking around like just living on autopilot and they're not truly loving their lives. And I want to elevate people to truly live their lives purpose.


No matter if you're a young adult or you're older, everyone in between. That's who I love to help.


Yeah, we were talking earlier about the how the world seems to be opening up right now to the possibilities and the opportunity that exists. And there's never been a better time than now to really embrace.


Who you are.


Absolutely. I really feel.


That with all the, for lack of a better word, turmoil in the world with that turmoil creates, you know, great things, you know. And I think that people are starting to really see the power of the universe, the power of themselves, and they're being opened up to more.


Personal development more than ever before.


I think so too.


It we lived for a long time with the paradigm that you know you.


Had to you?


You went to school and then you went to college and then you got a job and you stayed in that job forever. And women kind of got caught in that trap. They used to just be.


Men. And then in the 60s, the women started.


Like going into the workforce, I know during World War Two women were in the workforce, but a lot of them went home.


After that and then it was about the late 60s, early 70s, when women really started realizing they could have a life and a career and they didn't just have.


To be wives.


An attachment to some man out there. They could be humans.


Human beings, they had lots to contribute and I think we've reached the point now where it's just like.


People are waking up to.


I don't want to be caught in that trap that the guys had been caught in where we just are like.


Living day-to-day and not really doing what lights us up because I think we were all sent here to do something.


So excited when you find your mission.


Yes, and in our society at least, still right now, you're not really taught that you're not. We're not conditioned to that. You said the paradigm of thinking the parent pattern of thinking comes from.


Societal norms, or parent norms, or, you know, whatever we were, you know, I call it conditioning, but for lack of a better term, it can be actually brainwashing per say. But conditioning is a nicer word. But yeah, so, you know, even in my case, I was conditioned to be a mom, a wife, a mom, whatever. Not you don't be anything other than that.


So I do think that.


Even if even if a woman chooses not to go into the workplace, what? What are you doing? What are you doing it?


For you.


Where is the pattern of thinking coming from? I think we're at a stage where people are starting to ask questions. They're starting to say like, why am I doing this? What is my? What is my purpose that you know, I can go off on a tangent of how people are bucking.


Society completely, you know, going completely too far the other way. That's, you know, my opinion and opinions are like.


But everyone has one. Yes, thank you. I didn't know if you wanted me to curse on the on air, cause I will curse freely. But yeah, so it's. I feel like in society. Let's say we want change or something was horrible. We want change. So instead of maybe going a little towards the middle, we go to the extremes and that's not good either. You know men becoming like.


Women or women becoming like men, and I'm not speaking about sexual. That's a whole other conversation I'm saying, like, there's a balance. You know, there's, you know, feminine energy, there's masculine energy. And I know going on a little tangent but bottom line, that comes down to.


What will you put on this earth for? Because we're all here because we have unique gifts and talents. And if we can tap into that as early as possible, then half of our world's problems will probably be gone. If we don't know how to tap into it. And many people stray very far away from their life.


Obviously and go off in a very deep, dark direction, but that's really what it comes down.


To it is aligning and listening and learning like we said off, you know, before we started, we're not really taught in society how to listen to that inner voice. That divine part of you that is telling you or suggesting and nudging you to your life's purpose.


And as one person changes that, ripple effect spreads out and so like.


If you change then the people around you, your family changes and the people that they run into change because.


You've now changed them. It just.


It doesn't take a whole lot of people making the change to implement big changes, and I see these big changes happening like all over the world. It's not just in one country, the global pandemic.


It shifted the whole world.


And it started waking people up to.


You know, life short.


We need to get on with the living and I think the part where we were all told to stay home.


Gave way to introspection.


You know, when you're when you're by yourself.


And you can't really. Just busy all the time like we were before the pandemic. It gives you a chance to stop and say what is really important. What? What do I really care about?


Do I want my legacy to be?


Right. And I think that could catapult people to the thinking that you just suggested, but it if you're not open to it, you know, even the pandemic didn't get through to some people. But yes, I do agree with you. One of my mentors says, I hope I get this quote right. One person aligned is more powerful than millions that who are not.


Literally so you know we are. You know, I love teaching about focus and where your focus is and if you know.


Big we speaking about the world here about how their eyes are opening and all that, and there might be somebody to be like. What are you talking about? This is going on because it all these what are what are you focused on you focus focusing on the good in the world or the you know the bad of the world because guess what there's more good in my opinion there's way more good in high frequency and.


Positive energy going around then?


Whoever likes everyone else to know, so it's really you're in charge of what you pay attention to and what you pay attention to is part of you. So I think the pandemic did help a lot of people go get introspective and question a lot. And you know, a lot of people went.


Off the deep end.


Too, but it definitely did help in a lot of ways, yes.


I think yeah. And I just think a big shift happened and some people didn't.


Didn't get with it. Some people were slower than others. Some people are just now kind of catching on, but.


You can just.


I don't know, it just felt to me like we were going in the wrong direction.


For a really.


Long time and it was pretty sudden.


When I realized that, you know, people decided they were just going to step up and do something to be the change they want to see in the world, and a simple statement that it one person can have a big impact.


They just.


Oh, absolutely. You know, especially if you're, you know, when you say be the change you want to see, and then that's all you focus on, you attract other people to you, your energy will attract. And like when you said, like your family will change or friends, they either will or they won't, because since you're changed, you don't really dwell on who's not and your energy and your perspective.


Starts to rub off on the people that are open.


To receiving it.


So you're just like I call myself, like the lighthouse in the storm. Not that everybody's in a storm. But if you start to be become this bright light and people who are ready to see that light will gravitate to you. And then you'll also rub off on the people that are, you know, ready to receive what you're willing to give them. Whatever. So it's.


It's a beautiful thing, so it's just.


It it's a slow go, you know. You wanna you wanna just keep doing what you're doing because eventually it just be more and more and grow and grow and become bigger and bigger and.


The world would be a better place and I feel that big time.


Yeah, I'm. I'm all about that for sure.


So how do you actually?


Teach people or coach people what? What do you coach them to do?


It's really, I mean I have, you know, I do. You did mention the dormant, the Diva secret formula and my goal from mystical miserable to magical was geared towards midlife women who were either going through divorce or sick and tired of putting themselves last or, you know, they were maybe in the domestic violence situation and just their kids moved out. They don't know who they are anymore. They just lost themselves. That's what that was.


They're towards so for them, their ultimate goal was to find themselves again, get over the divorce and just.


Recreate or create themselves so the coaching with them. My coaching is.


Based for anyone is law of attraction based, but also that you are your own power that you are you your thoughts create your own reality and let's start with how do you think about yourself? How do you think about your life you know, so it's very individualized. Obviously each person has a different goal, but the steps to get to that goal are the same.


When you're working with me, so it's all about being, you know, aware.


What? What do you want? Make awareness, acceptance, acceptance. Aligning with your authentic self. How to receive inspired action. How to help them with limiting beliefs. Things are getting in their own way. The book is very geared towards that for the midlife women, but with the law of attraction.


You know, like attracts like and.


I find that cause I was in that situation myself, you know, divorce and other not so great relationships and we tend to look outward like look at that person's doing, look what's going on. Everything's outward. Why are they doing this? Why are they doing that? And all those things may be factual, but let's go within what you know why? Why are you here or why are you allowing it? Why this why that?


So it's accountability is a big thing.


Me very big because we are accountable for ourselves and I know how I was brought up that you don't really think you're accountable for yourself. You know, it's conditioned that you rely on a man for everything your self worth or all those things. So it's all about becoming and owning the power that you are and going with it.


I mean we you're.


Nobody's different truly from anyone else with what they can achieve.


Meaning, like, oh, that person's not richer than you or whatever. Or smarter. It's you. You. You go for what you are meant to be here to achieve. You know, there's not anyone different. You're here for a reason. And let's make your life the best to you. We spoke about this before in an own rambling. But if you feel that your life purpose.


Is to be a mom and a wife and stay at home. Great. Because I know I did it. I loved it at the.


Time. There's nothing wrong with that. You know, I like to say that to people like you don't have to be. You know, the next President of the United States to be successful and be aligned with who you are. So that's just something different. And that's also what I work on a lot with is like, align yourself with you and your into being the divine part of you. Whatever you want to call that.


That is the number one thing that you should be concentrating on before you do anything else.


Yeah. And it's so important. It's so easy.


To get lost.


In in the business of life and forget that you are a divine being and you do have a purpose and you can.


You can create. We create our own realities. I strongly believe that and there's lots of evidence to support it.


And maybe going along feeling not great about your life, but if you get help and you know life coaches are great, great resource.


For that it.


Simple things like you know, just changing your thought patterns.


You might not even.


Be aware of your thought patterns.


Until you come across.


Somebody that is like here. Let me hold the mirror up for you. Let's talk about this a little bit. We're and. And people don't even think about little things. Like what? What do I want my future to?


Like what do I want my life to look like as, as though. And it parenthetically, this is true. You have control over what it's going to look like. And I can tell you the more clear you are on what you want it to look like, and you can get the details.


I know it.


It's more likely to happen.


If I was talking to this.


Oh yeah.


Person the other day and he was telling me.


A story we.


Were we were talking about this very same thing and he was telling me the story about this woman who was aware of the details matter, wanted an apartment.


She wanted a.


New apartment and she didn't want it to be a room in somebody's house and she wanted a cat.


And she wanted.


Something else, but I can't remember what the other thing was and she.


Created her vision statement and she was like.


And she read it and.


You know that.


The things that you do when you create your vision and so a little bit later on, she realized she was in an app.


Equipment in a in a room it wasn't attached to the house, but it was still just a room. Oh, a fireplace. She wanted a fireplace.


It had a.


Fireplace. But the fireplace didn't work and she had a cat on the front porch, but it was metal.


So the moral of the story is.


You really need to fill in the details.


Yeah, and. And it's funny because I say this a lot in my social media, I don't have this technically, it's not in it, it's not in my program, but it's in my program. So I love to say this and I'll say it here for your listeners as well.


The law of attraction in the universe is like Amazon. OK, so when you order from Amazon, you just order it and that's it. You don't think about what truck it's going in, who's the driver or how. How many? You know, people have to bring it here. How much gas is going in the car and what kind of materials does it take to make it? But you just place your order.


Of the exact thing you want because you know you scroll through, you pick out the exact thing you want, and you never give it a second thought. You know, sometimes the very same day now with Amazon that you know that that's it could appear on your doorstep. You don't question it, you let it go, you request it, you order it. It's.


And that is truly how the universe works. So if you just ask for what you want and you know it's, let me take this back a lot of times people say, how does that happen? At least you just ask for it and go.


To sleep and it just appears there's some, you know.


Mind work that has to be done. You don't want to limit it and that you don't want to limit it and say, but I wonder if I wonder when you don't want to think about the when or the.


Out. And the more you are aligned to it, the faster it comes. And I love giving that analogy because a lot of people don't know about your listeners. They don't even know what the law of attraction.


Is they've heard about?


It they hear about, energetic and they.


Think we're all a.


Little Woo, but we are spiritual, energetic beings and it's really just about your thoughts. Create things and it's all about your thoughts and what you believe in.


So if you can think about the very thing that you want.


And believe it and then be open to receive. However, it's going to come. It literally is magical. I call it magical place. And you know, it's like going to a great movie and you love the movie. You want to tell everybody around it once you know this magical place or this magic, you want to tell everybody you know it. And that's basically what it is. That's.


You just basically said in your story that that's what the girl did. She didn't. She ordered it. And maybe she didn't believe 100%. Maybe that's why her cat was metal and not real. I.


Don't know, but maybe she didn't.


Visualize the real cat, but it just shows you.


That you really.


Jew. It's not just a select few of people. It's anybody, anybody's eyes. Anybody has this power within them and it takes coaches that are a little bit further ahead of you that know how to do this to help you. You don't just say, OK, I'm just going to think about something and there's a lot, a little bit more that goes to it, but it is that.


Simple, it really is that simple.


It's like opening the box from Amazon. I always forget what I ordered. It's like Christmas every time it comes.


Oh yeah, me too.


Like, oh, I wonder if I ordered.


Yes, my husband are.


My husband and I was like, I don't remember ordering anything I'm like, is that you or me?


You know, it's funny. It's funny that you.


And that's such a great analogy that you don't even remember ordering it. That's how much you let it go. It you knew it was coming. You know what I mean? It's I ordered something I wanted. I don't. I don't even remember what I.


Ordered because I just.


I knew it was coming, so it's kind of, you know, if people can chill out a little bit and not be as like, hold on to the outcome that much, you know, the house, the House.


I have another story of this gal that I actually was coaching for her and she was talking about starting her this business that she has and she.


Yeah, go ahead.


Her husband worked from home and she was having to.


Go run the eats thing. I forget what?


It's called, but she was doing the build.


Delivery Door Dash. Yeah, she was door dashing.




So she's door.


Dashing and she has little kids and she felt so bad about, you know, having to leave every weekend.


To go door dashing and then she wanted to take her kids to the beach and they live not far from the beach, but they could never get enough time together as a family and go. And she's home schooling the kids.


And so a few months ago, by she, she does a vision statement and she's really detailed about it and about enjoying what she's the process that she's going through with her business and.


And it expanding and having being able to quit door dashing and.


Being able to have a really great.


Day at the.


Beach and we're Facebook friends and a couple months later I'm scrolling through Facebook and.


She's got these pictures of the beach and she's been posting about how great her business has been doing.


And she's not door dashing anymore. I was like hey.


Did you realize that your vision has been realized? Wow.


That's so cool.


Yes, sometimes you forget they. That's the very thing that you asked for and you just kind of, you know, going with the flow of it because the flow feel, you know, when you're in flow ease and flow, you just.


Going you know.


You know, like I say to my clients and people who I speak with, like, not every day is rainbow and but butterflies. But how you handle that is what?


Keeps you in that flow.


And you know, when you're in a bad place, let's say let's say she didn't want to be Door Dash because of money issues. So she's door dashing and she knows in her mind at least this is what I'm taking from it, that it's temporary. It's just temporary. This will change. I know it well, this is just only what I have to do right now. And it's all about perspective.


And perspective is big. So you know that's I love that we're speaking about this because it's just again anyone could do that exact thing here. You may be you may be having to work three jobs right now, but that's not your eternity if you don't want it to be, but it can.


And be your eternity if that's how you think. Like I'll never get any. Get anywhere from here. This is, you know, this is what I have to do because I have no money. Like there's so many negative stories that you could be telling yourself. Or you could tell yourself positive stories and you get to choose which one you want to believe. And that's where people sometimes don't. Like you said before, you don't.


But sometimes you're not aware. I know when I was younger, I wasn't aware of my thought patterns and why I was doing the things I did. And I always say to my clients, I wish I had me like 15 years ago, like I wanted me. But there either wasn't one or I didn't know of 1. So you know it's.


It's like learning a new. I don't know what's the right.


Word a new.


Trick or you know, as a little kid, like learning a new skill, it's just it's like seeing it, you know, it's like I guess in the Wizard of Oz, I mean, we're older. You know, I don't know about the younger kids don't know Wizard of Oz, like when it went color.


Like you remember when they like, that's almost what it's like. Like life isn't that bad. It's black and white. It's great, you know? Not really. Nothing to truly complain about all of a sudden. You see.


It in color. You're like holy.


Yet this exists. This is what we could create like life doesn't have to be that black and white. It's, it's amazing and it's powerful. And you don't have to look outside of yourself for it. That's the trick that I think also society is conditioned like you have to look outside of yourself. You have to, you know do whatever you know.


I'm not knocking religion. Please don't anyone take that.


From this conversation, it's just you. You have it within you. You don't have to look outside of you. You can Co create with that, if that's what you're, you know, looking at, it's you. It's inside of you. That power that you seek above is in you.


And a lot of people don't look at it.


And a lot of people aren't trained or conditioned to look at it like that. I have a whole other podcast episode on why I think that's the conditioning, but we won't talk.


About that here.


So that's all there. That's another. That's like 3 podcasts worth. But yeah, it's magical. And when you, that's what I work on with my clients. You know what you're going through is just the circumstance. It doesn't define you.


But you can make it to find you if that's where your mindset is. So that's what we work on.


I don't even like the word work.


We're just.


I don't even know what it works.


I don't know retrain. I don't know. I say work with my clients and even to them, I say I hate saying that you're working on something.


But it's still, it's still a word I can think of.


And creating something work is just the process of creation.


Flat freezes.


We're always a result of the decisions we've made and you know the whole sowing and reaping thing you never sew in the same season, you reap.


So if you're so in different seeds, you know, keep water in those seeds, they're going to, they're going to bear fruit eventually.


Right now you're stuck in the decisions.


You made before.


It's just, it's just a period.


Of time. We're moving forward. Nothing is ever static and nothing is ever forever.


It's always moving itchy.


Nothing, constantly, constantly moving. Science moves, marches on. Our brains, our advances in our life. I use the seed thing in my coaching because.


When you plant the seeds and you take care of them, do you question that it's going to grow? You know, like you just know like I plant the seed, I put the water, the flower is going to grow.


So you have that knowing it's like a knowing even about yourself have the knowing that if you just keep you know cultivating and nurturing, you'll grow.


But I also use the analogy is that when you plant that seed in the ground, you wake up the next day and get mad that the flowers are not there or the corn. No, because you know it takes time and it takes growing and cultivating and nurturing. And that's what we need. You know, we you don't just learn something and then tomorrow you just, you know, we created it's a it's a process and talking about seasons.


Some people have a really rough season in their life, rough and bad could be horrible.


But it truly is still a season and a lot of times those the most horrible seasons create the most best, the best to you. So it's it. It happens for a reason. What's that expression? If it's for diamonds, the diamonds are. They're made under the biggest. So it's the same thing, you know.


I don't. Obviously there were. I don't know how many people in the world now, I think 8 billion. Obviously everyone's going to go through their own stuff and maybe someone.


This stuff is worse than yours, but everyone has a season where they're not. You know, the best point in their life, or loving every minute, and it's what you make of.


It you know that truly and what we said like attract like a lot of times you're a horrible season comes from you.


Almost like bringing it to you or creating it to be more.


Than it is.


Because you don't. You're giving it.


Some you know the, let's say the you know, whatever is going on, it becomes bigger and bigger and bigger because the momentum you're giving to it, you can give good stuff momentum or horrible things momentum. So you learn to focus on the good in all situations.


And yeah, and it it's really a matter of retraining your brain to.


To focus on the positives, so.


How do people get a hold of you?


The best way to get ahold of me right now is on my web page and it's pretty simple. It's www.elisemorganspeaks.com.




And then everything is on that site. So this way they can pick and choose how you want to contact me and I would love even if you just want to send me an e-mail and ask a.


Question I would.


Love to hear from anyone, just ask questions and connect.


Awesome. We'll make sure we put that link in the show.


Notes. What's the?


One thing you want to take the audience to.


Take away from our conversation today, Elise.


This conversation I would love you all to know that you are worthy.


And deserving of.


Life you love every day should be a life you love. You are here because you are of a unique gifts and talents and you all wanted in this world. You are needed in this world and you are loved. You are worthy and deserving. Be the best you can be.


Absolutely love it. Thanks for joining me.


Thank you for having me. I so appreciate it. Thank you.

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