Ashley Anderson – Navigating the Spiritual Entrepreneurial Path

In this spiritual episode, we meet Ashley Anderson, an angel intuitive, spiritual mentor and ER nurse. Ashley emphasizes neuroplasticity for transforming negativity and offers personalized coaching, including potential integration of spiritual practices, to help individuals manifest positive changes in their lives.

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Hi and welcome to.


The You world.


Order Showcase podcast. Today we have with us Ashley Anderson. Ashley is a spiritual mentor, coach and Angel intuitive. She supports light workers to awaken their soul gifts and follow their design divine purpose in life. I'm so excited to have you here.


Actually, in case you couldn't tell.


Thank you so much for having.


Me, I appreciate it.


So like where to start? You're also a nurse. And before we got started, we were having.


A little bit of a an.


Off camera conversation about.


Energy and life and death. And I was letting Ashley know that my father-in-law had passed in my office last week and he's part of the manifestation story of how I manifested $54,000 in.


Totally not the way I had actually intended to do it, but.


Tell us. Tell us about.


You and how you guys started and then we'll dive into all the rest.


Of the stuff.


Absolutely, absolutely. So I'm a ER nurse and I was working through the pandemic and when it started in March 2020, I had full complete awareness that I was depressed, anxious. But even as a nurse, I had absolutely no idea where to turn to.


When I went to therapy sessions, they told me to go on sick leave, but that wasn't what I wanted. I wanted to be stronger, I wanted to be more resilient and wiser. I wanted a solution.


There was a part of.


Me that deep down inside knew that.


I just lost myself, but I didn't know how and I tried all these, you know, kind of popular. Try like avenues people would say. I tried to exercise for a really long time, which worked. However, then I got pregnant and it all fell apart. My entire life fell apart and for about 2 1/2 years.


I just went down into a very dark, dark hole. Simply.


Not knowing how or why, I would look back on my life maybe 10-15 years earlier and realize that this isn't who I was. How was I that person, and how am I not that person now and it just step by step piercing everything together made me realize that.


There is so much to life and there's so much to how we interpret it, and there's so much to how we piece it together in our life that if we don't actually become aware of how we're living or we don't actually process the traumas that we're going through.


We hold on to them. We hold on to them and then we attract this negativity. We attract this tunnel vision. We attract this darkness and it just keeps pulling us down, pulling us down, pulling us down until we intentionally change. And because of the nursing and the science background for me.


It's about changing your brain.


It's about making your brain look at different things and focus on different things and heal and keep going. And then when you can change and you transform that negativity into positivity through the process, you can manifest anything like she's talking about. She manifested her $54,000.


And it's always in an unexpected way, regardless of how things happen or unfold. You will always be shocked, but it's just about learning that everybody has this ability. Everybody has this chance to live a better.


Life. But we are so we are so stuck in the tunnel vision and we are so stuck in the comfortable that we don't see that we don't. We don't see how we can actually transform our own lives and make it so much better and as an ER nurse, the pandemic it transformed.


Everybody's mind negatively. It created so much fear, so much worry, so much anxieties that it's becoming our lives, the stress. We don't even see that we're exploding at strangers at a stopping light. We don't see that. We can't. We can't handle a different opinion.


In of somebody else, like at all, we all are so on edge thinking that we need to run from these lions when they're not really lions, but our brains change to believe that they are. So for me it's all about just trying to give people hope.


Realizing that my treatment options at the time in 2020 were either therapy or medications and therapy, it is amazing outlet to start absolutely.


But it's also just giving you hope that it's just your brain. But you can change your brain and you can change your brain with neuroplasticity. So for me, it's about just trying to give people hope and trying to know that it's never too late. This is just a situation that resulted from an environmental and pandemic in the world.


But you can change it back and you can be better than you ever imagined.


I think it's happening as I was telling you before I think the pandemic caused a global.


Energy shift it magnified all of the differences that people were there was this low level antagonism that was happening in society all over the world.


Before the pandemic and people were feeling the stress of these big, big organizations that were pushing us to be in these boxes and to conform to what they wanted us to conform to and to believe the things that they wanted us to believe.


Like while it frightened people in the beginning, it also made people aware that it was just the man behind the curtain. There was somebody back there saying.


Look at this. Look at this. That's really.


Terrible. But there was something happening behind the scenes that.


We weren't really Privy to.


We could feel it was.


Happening like it was it made us aware that there was something else going on and more and more people are becoming aware of that. It's kind of like, you know, fool me once, shame on me. Fool me.


Twice. Shame on you.


Or fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. It goes something like that.


But it's the energy of the people.


Realizing that they have power in themselves.


And it has to do with changing your mind, deciding something different, stating what you want, as though it has already happened. It's owning what you want your life to look like and it all it, everything.


Starts in your head. I like to tell the story about.


The spider goats we have here in our little town in Logan, UT at the university, these goats spin. You can spin the spider silk out of their milk. They're cloned.


And they have the silk spider gene.


Cloned into them.


And so they use it for medicinal purposes to make a type of Kevlar that you know you can't really.


Milk a bunch of spiders, but you can milk these goats and get the silk.


Somebody thought of that?


That's very interesting.


Just to go to show the power of.


How our minds can?


Our minds create everything, everything exists and doesn't exist in our world and it's just.


A matter of.


How are we going to?


Make it materialize for us.


And it all starts with what we're thinking about.


Absolutely. You're not wrong like that. A lot of times I even referred to Doctor Joe dispenser, how he says that your thoughts and feelings they have to align and you can manifest what you want. So sometimes I have like an affirmation to myself when I when I get stuck or when I'm in an idea or and I'm like I'm missing something.


But I don't.


Know what it is and you just have that.


Feeling I always like there's already an electron that exists in the future. I just have to find.


It so I just it's kind of like an affirmation to keep going to, you know that this is.


The path, but you have.


Absolutely no idea how you're going to get there.


You just can't.


That's the best way.


To be because then you're just curious. It's like, I know this is coming. I'm really curious how it's going to happen and I don't have to make it happen because it's just going to happen.


Yeah, that's true. Yeah, it's just, yeah. You know, gives you a reason to just keep going and see, you know, there's a.


Lot like so once I went through this process I really connected to the subconscious mind is like the biggest thing and even I wish I could say I've been on this journey for about 13 months, give or take and.


I wish I could say like.


It gets easier. It's glorious. It's.


That I'm personally not at that point yet, but I am at the point.


That I it's because my conscious mind has this kind of doubt and stuff, or these thoughts or this is hard today and my subconscious mind though is actually what is keeping me going. I have done the internal work. I have done it. I can feel it. I have the energy. I know I can find.


The electron. I've been like Ahad in a moment. So my I'll give an example. My uh my mantra. Since learning about manifestation has been I want to I want to manifest abundance obviously abundance of good things right, abundance of love, abundance of wealth, abundant.


Sense of everything. Love for my husband, my child, everything health you know and. And I just remember part of Joe just spends the saying like you're gonna be in the shock. You gotta be in the ah. You gotta see it there. And we actually ended up at one point having a abundance of a flood in our house. Like a little bit ago.


And we lost a lot of things, a lot of my son's books were down there and stuff. So I just reached out to some, you know, like local mom groups saying, hey, does anybody have any books or getting rid of for?


Right. And this mom ends up writing back, and she posted a couple. She's like, yeah, yeah, yeah. You can just have mine. When I pulled up to the driveway, there were two full boxes of books sitting there. And I was like, well, that's an abundance of books.


And I was just like, Holy wow.


Like abundance like it really is. You start to see it and you're just.


Like, well, that was.


That's my word. That's what I want. And here it is in one form. This isn't showing it.


You know, and as you start to see it and you start to like visualize it, you're just like, wow, this this doesn't work. You just gotta keep going, you know?


There is. There is something in there.


That you talked about?


And that is that.


I was.


Oh wow, I see the abundance. It's recognizing the abundance when it does show up too.


And looking for evidence that it's happening. When I when I manifested the $54,000.


I put my intention out there, I did it on the new Moon and I joined in some organizations that are like all about doing manifesting things and they give you some like real good.


Come tips, but that isn't there's some practical things that you can do to help.


The materialization of the things that you're manifesting because everything does already exist. You already have abundance. You are abundant by nature of the fact that you are a material being in this.


Whatever this is, that we exist in.


It's like a universe. I don't know.


But it is.


It's here, but it's not, so everything is here. But it's not. You just have to be able to see it.


And the more that you can see it and the more that you look for evidence that you're right.


The more that shows up and you're.


Just like, oh, and look at.


That it's like.


Bias confirmation. That's what they call it. But you're looking to confirm your biases in life. And if your bias is that I live in abundant life.


And I'm a millionaire and.


I have access to anything I want to.


Have access to.


Then really all of that shows up in your life.


It has shown up in mine it.


Like this is this is just what I expect. This is how I expect life.


To go for me and.


It's how I expect life to go for other.


People. So it's like.


Yes, and I definitely like part of my own healing journey from being traumatized and.


Really trying to teach people the natural way of healing from. Honestly, it was from anxiety, depression, not getting out of bed and.


Changed for a.


Week it was panic attacks going on a hike because my mind would play tricks on me that I got lost even though I knew my car.


Was over the.


Hill like it's for me.


You hit it on the head when you said about letting other people know that they can live like this, right?


There's in the world of information overload. They don't know what truly to believe, and for me, it's like I want my face to be like the face of hope and the fact that, like, I want people to understand like I am a really good ER nurse. I can save lives. But when my life crumbled.


In my hands and I saw it, I still didn't know how to fix myself, so think about that. Somebody who studied it became an expert at it, learned everything, try to, you know, do anything to save people's lives physically and.


Mentally. And then it happened to me and I had no idea, and even I still remember the day on my couch recognizing my depression and just being like, I want someone to tell me how to fix myself because I would do anything right this moment.


And it never existed. It didn't exist. That process, that step by step, true process that I was looking for, that somebody could just lay in my lap and tell me this is the answer. Trust the process.


It never exists.


Existed and so for 2 1/2 years it was ugly and that is what I'm trying to do. That is what I hope I'm given like the opportunity to tell the world that I had the knowledge I worked with the docs. I know psych docs, I know, ER, docs. I know everything and yet.


I didn't know this and this is what matters. This is how people live healthy. This is how you this is how you have an emotional, intelligent family and children. And this is just everything about how to get what you want.


I didn't even know. I didn't even know at the time. It was 10 years of studying and science and everything, and I had no idea and it was a lot of it was really painful, right?


So I'm really.


Trying to show people that it doesn't.


Have to get.


That dark and it doesn't have to be that bad, because like you said, like other people can live like this, there's nothing special about me other than the fact that I hope to God I can stop you from living in some of the most darkest.


Moments because they're horrible and nobody should get there.


And we.


Create them ourselves and I'm not pointing fingers at you. I have been in.


That dark spot myself.


I the reason that I do what I do now is because I was there once too and the fact that there are people out there like you who are reaching out to others saying.


Hey, if you're in that dark place, let me help you.


Because we need you.


And you're right, there weren't people.


5-6 years ago. I know I was looking for somebody to help me. I was like my family was telling me I was crazy and I needed to get help and just like well.


I am trying but there's nobody.


Here to help me.


That's it, right? And that's exactly it. And that's the saddest part and.


It that's why I really hold on to the role as still being a nurse because a lot of this is about educating. I can't do the work for anybody. I can't manifest somebody's else life. I can hope to God if I'm working with you and you know, you know, like send the energy and the healing energy and hope that. But in reality, there is still a process.


What a person has to want to do in order to be this in order to be better in order to change your thinking in order to rewire your brain however you want.


To call it.


And I can't do that for you, but I hope that I can give you the information so that when you're on death, doors mentally you have a choice like you have options. They do exist. And for me, it's about getting that out there, making that more normal education rather than just.


You know the 1% perhaps that you might run into at this point?


Yeah. So do you do your coaching one-on-one or is it group coaching? How does?


That look for people.


Right now it would be one-on-one. So yeah, definitely more based around just the individual unique aspect. I do want to start some group stuff. I'm just in the process of trying to figure out kind of even the recruiting of that.


Specifically or whatnot. I know postpartum moms tend to have a hard time that definitely contributed to my issue at the time, unfortunately, but I'm not saying that these people these people need to be within the first year, but they're lingering effects. And if you still don't know how to fix yourself when your child.


Has turned one years old. You've probably been thinking that way for quite some time, so trying to find some grouping to help people like moms develop some of these skills and be able to think healthy because.


I find that if I can help the moms, then you're really helping the next generation. My for me personally, my why was my son and.


That, that's just how it was like. Part of me is like man, you know, like, why? Why did it take a child for me to get to a point that I actually needed to change?


In the sense that I feel like if I was this person pre him, I could be doing so much more because now it's a balancing act of everything, right? But it kids are strong motivator and for me I needed to fix myself. I needed to have emotional intelligence. I needed to learn.


Strategies about how to deal with conflict that comes up in a toddler that screams about everything all day so that I can teach him the skills to navigate life and not be on, you know, staring at the tunnel vision and wondering which side you're going to be on kind of thing, right? So.


That is definitely like in the.


Future in the hopes to look at more group stuff and make it more.


Accessible but for right now there's it's just easier if it's just one-on-one.


So how do how do?


You work the spiritual side of.


This into how you're working with.


Your clients.


So it honestly it depends on where they are to be. To be honest, I think I think one of the biggest problems in today's society is, like you said, even especially after the pandemic that there was this immense divide and this like black and white and all these things and everybody needs to fit.


Into these perfect.


Boxes, whereas for me I actually have multiple different avenues people could.


They could obtain they could use in order to go in order to go on their journey and that would depend on a few things. It would depend on kind of their intensity. So I do have a program that you can literally see change in two.


Weeks. But it's.


A very high intensity program, so if you're not ready for that emotional intensity.


And you don't have that time commitment that.


The first few days, like the first week, is probably about 45 minutes a day.


Then it a lot of people will drop out, right? The retainment rate isn't there unless you have accountability, coach or something like that. And if somebody wanted, like, a lower intensity, more like, let me just get my feet wet. There's options for that and lots of variable times. And then of course.


Traditionally, like, there is always meditation. But.


That the thing I found about meditation for me is what I did try, but because I didn't have the mental capacity at the time to like what I call master your mind because of all my trauma, my focus was lost so quickly. Well, I remember trying. And I remember the first time.


Time that I did it 7 minutes and that was like that was like hard. It was so, so hard.


Gonna say 3 minutes was like forever. The first time I sat down to meditate.


Everybody tells you start with meditation. Do meditation. Jay Shetty is huge. Love him to death like don't get.


You won't do this for 20 minutes.


Me wrong, right? But the idea is.


Specially after the pandemic, meditation doesn't work for everybody.


And then so I go through a lot of other avenues to then go back to meditation at a point when your mind is actually strong.


And I was able to meditate like that 21 minutes, twice a day. And that is Jay Shetty's recommendation, actually. So then you can have that. And then I could even. There are days that I could like just close my eyes and be in that that now I know that like aura and I can do it for an hour and an hour is gone and I'm like.


No wonder how all these monks could do that right? But yeah, it's unfortunately really pushed, even in tradition.


Like if you wanna go to natural medicine, the place to start. But that's not even the place like these days. Like it just it's not for everybody. It could be for some. But you also need to watch what you're looking for, because to be honest, I had a friend who would tell me that she was very gung ho. This meditation is going to work this meditation.


Heard someone's depression and suicidal thoughts and stuff. And hey, I've been there. I know what that situations like, but she would tell me her experience with meditation is she passed out.


Is she passed out for an hour and a half and I'm thinking as a nurse, I'm like passing out as a sign of dysregulation. Passing out is a sign of too much intensity. You are passing out because you are not processing what you need to process. This is not an actual healthy situation to be.


She had no idea. She just believed that and she just went with it. And I'm just like.


Oh gosh, I.


Just want tell the world like we all need to just be more educated. It's about being more educated and learning that really unique, unique way for you kind of thing and that's what I want to really emphasize for sure.


And everybody starts at the beginning and nobody is born with the ability to just, like, meditate for an hour and just get into the zone. And there is a zone. There is a spot when you're meditating that it's just like.


You're here, but you're not here. It's just and you're not asleep, but you're not.


Everything else just kind of like melts away. So that is a thing. I can tell you I can confirm for you that that is a thing, but it's not like you just do it a couple times and you figure that out.


You have to really.


Start slowly and really get control of the way you think.


And you have.


To be able to control your thoughts and most people walking around today do not control their thoughts, their thoughts control them. You can see it when they burst out at lights and flip people off. It's like.


Obviously I'm not controlling your thoughts.


Because you're letting your body express this emotional reaction you're having to the things you're thinking about.


Exactly. Ohh yes, absolutely. Absolutely. I always thought it was ironic too when I saw that car it like get so angry at that stop life cause stop light because they had on the back of their car. Stop hate and I.


Was just like.


Ohh the irony right now. Like just.


The irony, you know.


And then I've also then I take like check in on myself at the time. And I'm like, wow, that probably really would have like put you right into your fight and flight response before you know. And now you can just look on and think, wow, I hurt hope that person.


Lines like the healing they need, you know, that's.


Yeah, it's exactly where it all comes from, right? So.


So how do people get in touch with you?


I have a few things like I have a Facebook page if anybody wants to join the Facebook page, how do you cope? Ashley Anderson and then my website is the easiest way through e-mail. Contact me at and I do have an Instagram page as well, just where I'm.


Post some information and tips and strategies and things like that.


Awesome. So what's the one thing you?


Want to leave the audience with today?


What do you hope they take away from the conversation?


It's no, it's never too late. It is never too late.


I have read.


Facebook comments and people suffering and suffering alone and they think that like they're just doomed. They don't know what to do or they try these really bizarre tactics that get publicized on Facebook because they're so desperate, though, right?


I just.


Want what I am here to do is to shed to share educational information that there is an actual process that can that you can go through to heal. And it's never too late. You can do it at any age, any time and there is just always hope.


Just always have hope, because even in those dark moments when you're like, tunnel vision, there really is someone that would miss you if you were gone. So you just got to keep going and you really can get help.


Thanks so much for joining.


Me, Ashley, this has been a great conversation.


Thank you so much, Jill.

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