From Pain to Pages a Journey of Transformation – Amy Thurman

Amy Thurman joins us to share about her new book coming out: Finding My Hero Within; a Journey from Incapacitation to Empowerment.

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Hi and welcome to the You World Order Showcase podcast. Today we have with us Amy Thurman. Amy has been on the show before and it's really my honor to have her back because she is publishing her, her memoirs and they're.


We're, she's here to talk all about it. She's from.


She's the host of her own podcast, which is polish the mirror, and I love that, and we're going to talk about how she came up with that title, cause I had wondered about that before and she spills the beans on it in her book, which we will talk a lot about, but Amy has.


Well, just welcome to the show, Amy.


Let's just get into it.


Thank you so much, Jill. I'm so honored to be back again. I always love getting to chat with you and it's such an honor. Thank you.


It is so fun to talk with you and to just watch how your life has been progressing. I was telling you before we got started that having read your book, I was really.


The caught by the idea of a couple of things. One is that you have a hidden disability. When I've talked to you a number of times I've seen you on videos. You are out there in the public and you look like you're just a normal, perfectly fine human being dealing with, you know, the normal everyday things.


But that is not the case with you. You have gone through so much in your life and it it really has shaped your mission, which we will also talk about here in a little bit, but.


It was just kind of eye opening to me to see how much you endure and and just how you carry yourself through life without making it look like, you know. Oh, whoa, it's me. I'm suffering because you never come across that way.


That's that's good. I do that on purpose.


Said to you, you know before we started that I'm, I'm not a complainer like it. It's not going to do any good for me to complain and I don't want to draw attention to that. The what? I want to put out into the world is positive energy. I don't want to draw attention to anything that would be considered complaining. And so I really don't talk a lot about.


The things that I deal with as far as that goes, so I it I find it interesting that you were surprised by that because it's not something I share openly even though I share all lots of things openly.




That's. I love that you shared that with me because I didn't even think about that about people not really knowing the extent of what I deal with, you know, on a daily basis even now.


Yeah. And I know you just had that surgery to on your neck again was to fix the, the parts that weren't.


Fixable. What? What was that surgery all about?


I guess I should ask it.


Yeah. So the first. Now the first surgery I had.


Was a fusion. They did. It went through the front a C4 through C7 because the vertebral discs were just busted up like my neck was just in such bad shape. And so they that was in 2015 and it sees 6 and C7 just never fused. Like there was literally a.


Placed in there and so I was like a bobble head. My head was would just bobble around because it wasn't stable. Bone spurs began to grow in that empty space dunk my surgeon called. It. Dunk is starting to, you know, take up residence in there. And it was just very painful.


It was just.


Very painful. I could only hold my head up for a few hours at a time. Had to rest a lot. It's just really exhausting. And so.


It was obvious that it was not going to fuse. We did all the things that you do to encourage.


It to fuse and after.


You know, 5-9 years it's not fusing. Then something needs to be done and so this time he went in through the back. So he added four screws and and a plate in the front.


This time he went in through the back.


And added NO88 screws in the front. He had eight more in the back and another plate, so I now have two plates and 16 screws in my neck holding it together to encourage it to fuse to stabilize that so that I don't am not a bobble head so that I can hopefully hold my head up for longer and that it won't.


ZAP my energy. Just trying to hold my head up and that's.


Like that.


Then that at the time of this recording, it's been 7 weeks, and so it can take up to three months to really see the difference. But at my six week appointment, there is evidence of fusion. So what has not happened in nine years is happening. And so it's starting to fuse. So I'm.


Absolutely thrilled about that. I I can't imagine what that will do for my life here on out.


That's awesome. That's such a great house, so.


Yeah, it really is.


So is your pain a little bit less or is it at least not more?




It's interesting that you say that because my surgeon used the word remarkable, he said. It is remarkable the way that you are handling this because in the hospital I didn't need the heavy, heavy pain meds that they give you. I said I don't want that. I don't need it. Just give me some Tylenol and my surgeon was.


Like what?


And I said the amount of pain I was living with before this, the recovery from the surgery is not that much worse. I just need some Tylenol. And he was just mind blown like just.


And so I started. I recovered quickly. I recovered well and he said I have never ever had a patient recover this quickly, this well and not need pain. That heavy pain medication, like his mind was just blown. And so it's, you know, the pain wasn't that much different to begin with. But I have. I'm right now.


This muscle that is very unhappy, that is just really triggered and that's really the only pain I have in my neck right now is just that unhappy muscle and and those can be painful. But yeah, I mean it's it's great. I'm I'm doing really, really well. I'm just so pleased.


That's awesome. And and paint muscle pain.


You know eventually that it's gonna get used to the idea that that's where it needs to be now and it'll.


That'll kind of back off. So if it's not the neck part that's causing you pain pain then.




That's good news.


Yeah, I'll take it. Yeah, for sure. I mean, he had to literally slice. This is what he told me. I hope.






This is not.


Too much. When he went in, he had to literally scrape the muscles off of the bone, and so they're they're not happy, you know, like.


Go for it.


So it's going to take a while for them to, like you said, to readjust to. This is how it is now. But yeah, yeah, the neck part itself is great.


That is such amazing news. I I was really excited for you when it was happening, but I didn't realize how much I know that you'd been suffering, but not really to the extent or why or how it was impacting your life. And it really it's impacted your life in in huge ways. And when when you're that.


Incapacitated over periods of time and you have to depend on other people for you know your everyday things.


We'll talk about that a little bit because.




Yeah. That. Oh, goodness that.


Because I went from being.


So active doing everything you know, I worked a full time job plus and then I've volunteered on the weekends and I was always doing something. I was the person who could never sit down. I wouldn't call myself hyper. I just like to be busy. And so I went from that to literally not even being able to take myself.


To the restroom.


And that literally was like a form of torture for me. I just could not do anything for myself and.


Yeah, we you have, we have shared my story on the other episode about how you know that took me into a deep, dark place that I would never wish on anyone. And you know, I plan to just put an end.


To it.


And had this moment of clarity where I decided, instead of fighting to die, that I would fight to live with the attention of using my story to help other people. And so it was through that. It was a whole process like this has been 10 years worth. Like, it's been 10 years.


And so it's taken a long time to really work through that. It's OK for me to ask for help. It's OK for me to to depend on other people, and I talk about in the book about how I had an opportunity to go to a brain Center for two weeks, but it was going to cost $15,000, which I did not have that and so.


I had just resigned myself to OK, it's not possible because I don't have that money. And two of my close friends said you should set up a go fund. Me, I think people if they know that you need this, they will help you. And I said I don't know, you know, in my heart I was like.


Well, people really donate $15,000 to help me do this. You know, I was really questioning that and to ask people for help, to ask people for that much money. It was just like, Oh my gosh, I can't do.




But they convinced me to at least try, and it happened. They came out, you know, within 24 hours I had enough.


To make the down pot the the deposit on the place, and so just I have learned so much about.


Changing that mindset that it's OK to ask for help. I don't have to be self-sufficient, even though my you know Polish the mirror, which we're going to talk about.


It's about finding your hero within about the name of the book is finding my hero within like everything I need is within me. That doesn't mean I don't need help from other people. It just means that I can take care of most of the things that I need.


Internally myself, making me a better member of the community and being able to help others in a better way. And so yeah, I've had to learn a lot about that. It's OK to ask for help that that it's, it's an admirable thing actually.


I had a friend that used to talk about.


We would, we'd just come out of a Sunday service and.


It was about the spiritual gifts, and there's a spiritual gift for giving. And he, he wondered, kind of like absent mindedly as we were walking along the sidewalk. If there isn't a spiritual gift of neediness.


And, you know, stuck with me for a really long time. But people don't really understand the value there is in accepting gifts and accepting help because it really blesses the person who is gifted with giving.


To be able to exercise that gift.


To somebody who's appreciative of it, they get something, you get something and everybody wins. When when you're trying to hold yourself off as being only the person that gives, then you're you're cutting off all the the blessings that people who are out there.


Wanting to give to you too, you're you're cutting them off so that they don't have that opportunity to have that experience of helping you.


That is so true. And when you're saying that I'm recalling people who would come to my house and bring, like, gift cards for meals or just cash, like there are people who showed up to just hand me cash, you know? And I remember saying to one of them, you know, I'm so sorry. I had to ask for this or something like that.


And the person said, whoa, whoa, whoa, like you don't understand what a blessing it is for me to give this to you, to be able to help you. It's a blessing for me. So I love that you brought that up because it's so true.


Yeah, we, we're all part of one community. Everybody is all part of the same Organism here on this planet. And the more that we can be comfortable with the give and take you bless somebody they bless you. Not that you need them to repay you, but it just comes back.


In some form everything.


That you do.


Has a repercussion and it may not be from that person there. They may in turn go to somebody else and be have the confidence to bless them.


And it's just.


It's such a beautiful thing when it works like that.


When you can just say thank you. Thank you. Thank you for thinking of me. Thank you for being there for me. That means so much to another human being who may be feeling like, you know, I'm insignificant. And I don't really matter. But when they can do something for somebody else, that is just like hey.


I did something I helped somebody. I made a difference today.


Yes, yes, it reminds me of.


You know, I didn't start out. This didn't start out like I'm going to write a book. I'm gonna speak on stages, and I'm going to do all this. That was not at all. I just was simply like, I just want to use my story to help other people. And so it would just come up in conversations, that kind of thing.




You know, as it has progressed along the way, that is what it has become, but it's because I my purpose is in helping other people. But what has evolved from this is the more I share my story, the more I hear people telling me.


I I feel empowered to share my story now too, and so it's it's that cycle. You know, it's that I'm helping them in a way that I didn't even think about by just simply owning my story and being willing to share. It doesn't have to be on a stage. It doesn't have to be.


The book I was having, just conversations sharing my story, you know, before everything exploded in my life. But yeah, some of the things that we do in our in our lives when it's done from a place of love and wanting to help others, it can be life changing for others in a way that we don't even understand.


At the time.


It can. And when you do things from the right place and I'm going to, I'm going to bring this up because you you talked about this, you're you represent senegence, which is a makeup company that has fantastic products let.


Me tell you.


Right. They are pretty amazing.


I love them. I wouldn't be without that control. OK, I'm in control. Thank you very much. Was the first thing you told me to get. And.


Climate control.






I got it.


And I hope I never am without it. This is amazing, but the company itself did something.


You you put.


In some effort and you have an incredible story about that.


To get to their first conference after you'd only been with them for like 4 months and you asked them to make some allowances for you.


That did two things from from from your viewpoint, it was like there's just a company that really cares about people.


And that, I do believe, genuinely they do care about people and they're they're they made. They went out of their way to make you feel accommodated.




Even though, as I'm we said in the beginning, when you just look at you, you look totally fine. Like there's nothing wrong with you, but people can't see what's wrong with you and it's pretty significant and it impacts your life hugely every single day even now.


But from their point of view, they've got somebody who's willing.


To like step out of their comfort zone.


When your story is to just to get to that conference was pretty amazing and it's inspiring. And when you get on stage and tell that story, it really pumps their distributors up.


Excuse me, I'm getting over a cold.


It pumps the distributors up. The other people that are at the conference and makes them think, hey, if she can do it, I can do it and it helps them so.




By helping you.


And and making you really comfortable and allowing you to come back and and and giving you the confidence to keep doing what you're doing because you know that you're going to get taken care of if you come to these these events and it's not going to be.


It's not going to injure you further.


I mean, which is a very real possibility when you do stuff like that with big groups of people and and you talk about that in the story and there was, there was a moment where you just like too many people. I'm going to get hurt if I do this. And so you couldn't.


And do something.


But we'll leave it for the readers to read the story. But it was just it's an it's an example of how.


The company is benefiting a lot from having you as one of their representatives and.


They helped you by giving you the confidence to.


To promote what they're doing and they have a terrific product that always helps.


Right. Yes. Oh, my gosh, that whole story. Oh, it's it's very extensive and it's very emotional for me because as you said, it was.




It it it was stepping out of the norms, it's it was doing something I had never ever done since the accident and didn't know if I could.




Until I tried and I decided to try and I was able to do it and it just like it just kept going and they were so, so willing to and they still are. Like, it's not just that one incident, it's whatever I ask for them to do. They are.


I'm more than happy to do it to accommodate me, and at the last conference I was at.


They had a couch ready for me and I didn't have a pillow. And so one of them said, oh, let me go get one. I'll go get you a pillow. Like it was just I. I just have to name it. And they were willing to help me in in whatever way and as a person who lives with a disability that is not something that that's normal. That's not something you find everywhere. And that was.


Part of my point in writing it the way I did in the book is from a person who lives with a disability. There's a huge stigma around us that we are not as valuable, that we don't have as much to offer. And for a company to say it doesn't matter. You have a disability, OK, we're going to do whatever we need to do to accommodate you and take care of.


You and make you feel comfortable.


So that you can be here.


It's just remarkable to me. It it just really is. And the way they have just loved me and, you know, taking me in and, you know, the the founder and the CEO was on my podcast. She was a guest on my podcast. And so it's like they're just real people. Like, they just see you as a real person.


Not as someone who's gonna make me money, you know? And I I could talk about it for a long, long time. But but yeah, it.


Was a huge, huge.


Piece of my story. It's a huge piece.


Of my story, yeah.


It is a huge piece of your story, and it also leads into another another topic, and that is having having the confidence to step out and because your mission and you want to just tell the audience what your mission is.


I know you've already mentioned it a couple times, but.




That's OK, the.


My business is called Polish the mirror, and it's based on a quote by roomie that goes like this. Ye who seek God apart that which you seek. Thou art if you wish to seek the beloved's face, Polish the mirror, and gaze into that space so that told me that every answer can can be found.


But then if I can just go in, just get in touch with my soul, I can find all the answers that I seek within.


Then and so once I was able to change my mindset and choose to fight to live, I came across this, you know, wisdom by Rumi and this polished the mirror. So I have developed this philosophy of polishing the mirror, getting in touch with your soul of your authentic self of who you really are, not who you are now, but.


Who you really are meant to be.


Me and so my mission is to use my story to help other people and at the same time help them understand that the polishing the mirror can be a way of life for everyone. That it's not just me. I'm nothing special. I'm just a gal who's lived for the past 10 years with a broken neck trying to make a difference in the world. You know, that's pretty much all it is.


But I've figured out a way to do it and I want to help other people know that they can do it too that it you don't have to have any special skills that it's it's available for everyone.


It is and it everybody's got a story and everybody has something in their past that has shaped them to be who they are today and.


This is this is the thing that has always struck me with network marketing companies. People get involved in them and I've I've done network marketing too in in my life, but rather than.


Allowing the products to be.


Something that they have available to help.


Like your products actually?


Kind of go with.


Your your mission and your statement and and what you're trying to help people with because you ultimately want people to.


To be able to express themselves as they're meant at a sole level to be and part of that is you know how we appear. And so the skin care products really kind of fit in there nicely in my opinion.




It's like, you know, people that sell weight loss products if they're athletes or if they're vegans or if they they've got some something, that's their overarching mission and then what they're selling is kind of like.


Helps people.


To accomplish what their mission is.


Does that makes sense to you? And yes, I think that's the better way to.


To come to the market, then, rather than just like, you know, build a business and buy my stuff.


Which is the way most networking marketing network marketing companies teach their representatives to go out and, you know, bug your family and friends well, your family and friends.


They they're not part of a movement you've got, you've got to start.


Your own little movement in life.


In order to be able to have a market for whatever it is that you're.


You're offering and you know.


There's lots of people in the world and they all have different ideas about what they want to do. And every once in a while we'll all intersect with each other over, you know, different pieces that we can help each other with. And I just think that's really beautiful that the thing that I really wanted.


To talk to.


You about is investing in yourself.


Because it's not cheap to join a network marketing company, especially when you're faced with like the mountain of bills that I know you've got to have.


When it comes.




To being involved in the medical world.


So how did you just like?




Where did you find that? That I'm going to do this. I'm. I know that this is the right thing for me.


It. Oh gosh, that's a great question. Part of one of the things I do before I get out of bed every morning is a tapping meditation that.


I have done my Tony Robbins and it goes. I have to do an order. I can't remember it honestly.


Now I'm on the spot and I.


Can't think.


Because I'm not laying in my bed, you know, trying to do it.


I know I.


You know, right.


Oh my gosh, why am I drawing a blank? Anyway, when I get here it's ohh. It's right here is.


I have the courage I need to take bold action. Then I am ready and I am enough. And so it's this one. I have the courage I need to take bold action every morning. I'm telling myself that I'm tapping it into my system and it makes an impact. And so when it came time for me to make that decision.




This is a lot of money. It was when I was going.


To hire a coach.


My very first coach and I was like, that's a lot of money. And yes, I do have medical debt. I still have medical debt because in the being in the medical field as a patient is really expensive. But it was that I have the courage I need to take.


Bold action. And so I just asked. I went in into, you know, the connection I had with my soul. And I said, OK, is this the bold action I need to take? I have the courage I need to take it.


Is this the bold action I need to take and the answer was yes, yes, this is it. And so I.




Like Holy cow, OK.


Then you got to show me how to do it, because I don't know how I'm going to come up with that, that.


Amount of money to.


Make this happen and I ended up. You know, I was shown the way like things just appeared and happened in a way that allowed me to do that. But it started.


The fact that I was telling myself and tapping that into my system every day.


Those things and that's, you know, it's just part of who I am. It's not part of who I've always been. But since this accident and everything I've learned along the way, I'm a completely different person.


And I love this version of myself. Now you know it's.


Like I I see things from a totally different perspective. I see I am, you know, people tell me all the time. They just love how thankful I am for little things. Like I am just so grateful for every little thing that happens in my life because at one point it was all stripped away from me. I had literally nothing could do nothing for myself and so.


I am extremely grateful for every little thing that I have, and I think that makes a difference as we go through life. Just the lens through which you see your life makes a huge difference.




It really does. And just and you can reframe anything in your life.


And be grateful for something about it is.




As tough as some things are that we get faced with, there is always the silver lining and as long as you're focusing on that silver lining, it's not like you ignore everything else because you know life is still going on and there's things that need to be addressed and they may not be pretty things, but they have to be taken care of.


But not dwelling on those or dwelling or thinking when you think about them, think about them in a way that's positive.


And going to enrich your life.


Yeah, exactly, exactly. It's it's it is just a simple mindset shift. I say simple, that doesn't mean it's easy, but it is very simple that it's just shifting your mind to focus because we have our brain has a negativity bias. It automatically picks up on the negative. It will automatically without.


Even trying, it automatically jumps to a negative and so it takes some effort. First of all, it takes understanding that and being aware of it and then some effort to recognize, OK, this is negative.


I don't have to stay there. I can move out of that and you know, it just can be as simple as changing one thought.


And you know, I I created an emotion frequency chart which I do talk about in my book that's available on my website under the Free tab. And that's what it's it's based on. I use it with my clients.


But it's that you see where you are on the chart and where you want to be on the chart and you just simply make the change in your thinking. You just change one thought to help you get up to the level that you want to be on. You know, one at a time, you can't jump like 4 levels. Your body just won't.


Do that, but if we can be aware of what we're thinking and then be changed. Just one thing about it, my gosh, it literally can change your life. It has for me, that's it has for me.


And reframing what you're doing. You know what you're thinking?


Marissa Pierce calls it. Tell yourself a better lie.


Because they're all, everything, we everything we experience.


I don't like that.




We we experience for ourselves and we make up.


A story about it.


And that story is our story. No one else shares it with us, even if we're there with other people. And if you change the story and you know, I'm giving you permission, everybody has the permission to change the story that they're telling themselves about, whatever the situation was or is.


UM to one that.


Serves you better. Your life just feels better.


You know you can.




You can be suffering, but if.




You're not causing yourself more pain.


By what you're thinking about makes a big difference.




My son, when he was 16, said to me, well, there are two kinds of people in this world.


The first kind, they take the disability and they use it to keep them stuck. They use it to keep themselves down to keep themselves stuck, to be sad about it.


But then the other type of people like you or they take their disability and they use it as a stepping stone to get to where they want to be or to they use it to work for themselves and don't use it as an excuse. And I thought that's so profound for a 16 year old, you know. But he's right. Like, there are two. I mean it. It's not just people with disabilities.


It's any, any people you have a choice. And that's one of the things that.


That I have learned and I that I love to share, is that we always have a choice at the time when I wanted to swallow that handful handful of pills I didn't think I had a choice.


But it's just that it was just so foggy and murky, and by all of the sadness and depression that I didn't see another perspective it, you know it. If someone else can come in and say, give you a different perspective.


But sometimes we don't. We don't want to see it. We aren't willing to see it, but if we can do that for ourselves, just just convince ourselves. We always have a choice. There's always a different perspective.


Of that, we can look through that lens and see the other side of it. Always, always.


We always have choice and I I love that you titled your book. Finding my hero within because we're either going to be a victim in life, or we're going to be a hero and we can only ever be our own hero.




As a victim, you're waiting for somebody else to be your hero, so you're giving all your power away and.


As you give your power away, you give your life energy away, and that's how you end up in depression and in that's why suicides happen. It's because they've given all of the power to.


Change their life to outside forces. Rather than recognizing that no matter what situation I'm in, I have the power to to rescue myself.


I can be my own knight in shining armor.






Exactly. And one of the things I say in the book is we're always looking like we're we're taught to look outside ourselves for someone to come rescue us. We're looking, I give this whole list of things that we search for outside ourselves that we're looking for someone to come rescue us when the whole time, the person that you have been looking for the person.


I have been looking for is in the mirror, is staring back at you. That's the person that you have been waiting for to come rescue you this whole time. You just have to get to know that person. You have to get to know that soul that's in there and you can become your own hero.


I think this comes full circle to accepting help too, because sometimes I think people and as as a as a person who's kind of immersed in either victimhood or early on recognizing that they could be their own hero.


Being your own hero doesn't mean.


You have to.


Do everything yourself. It means recognizing that you have resources and taking advantage of the resources around you. You know, Knights don't go out there and fight by themselves. They fight in groups. They have teams and as you, as you're willing to embrace teams around you.






And, you know, teams don't mean that there's people that are going to come and be part of your team forever.


All the time, there are very few people in your life that will be forever people, but often there are people that will come and journey through your life and at that point in the on the path that you both are walking on, you've you're walking at the same space that you know people fear off and they have other things that happen at but new people will come and join you and.


It's what makes life the journey of life so interesting.


And it's it's the give and take between the two parties are the more than two parties, but it's not being afraid to embrace those that are around you at the time or that you bring on and you know, intentionally intentionally. We need to bring on people like when you're writing this book, it's the first time you've written a book.


On your own, I know you've published.


Other in other books that have been collaborative efforts, but you know you needed somebody that said, you know, an editor, you know, hey, do this and you have other people that have come alongside you and said, hey, this is this is an idea. Let's walk down this path together. But not just by me.


With me. But you're you have other people as part of the the whole package. And when the book is published and it's very popular and it makes #1 on the best seller list, then you go on Oprah and she gives it to her whole audience because it's amazing.


And they make the movie about it.


Remember us little people.


You are not little people please.


I can. I can tell you your story is the perfect story for the lifetime channel. I can. I can see it.




Wow. Oh my gosh.


That's, you know, it's it's interesting that you say that because.


As part of my free launch, actually I'm just creating this. I'm giving it free as part of the pre launch. It will have a ticketed price later, but it's called. I'm calling it behind the story I have been over the past 10 years, been recording videos and taking pictures journal entries.


Reflections. And so I'm putting it all together so that it's actually what the book was based on. It's me living.


It in real life and I took that and built the book around that about around my story. So it's called behind the story. It's a mini documentary about, you know, like I said with videos, pictures, journal entries and reflections that isn't exclusive like it it's going to be.


Three for the pre launch people, then it will have a ticketed price after that. But when you said a movie I thought, Oh my gosh, I'm already kind of doing, you know, this little mini documentary where I'm putting all this together.


Other because I feel like, you know, if people are invested in the story then and this is me, when I read someone's story and I'm I'm like, Oh my gosh, I could see videos of what it was actually like in the moment. I would love that. And so I just wanted to be able to offer that, you know, to people too. And I I thought that might be, you know, exciting for some people to actually see that.


Behind the scenes, peek there.


I think it's really a great idea kind of excited about it myself. Yeah, there's a lot of stuff pour through, but it's good.




How do people get on your your pre launch list?


It's really that my website is a hub for all the things it has my social links. It has information about podcast and under at the time of this recording it's called a coming soon and it has a picture of the cover of my book and you can just enter your information there and then as soon as it's available I will send you an e-mail.


And you can go buy it and read it and hopefully leave me a good review so that more people so that it can reach more people. And I mean, I keep saying that that's my.


Purpose is that I want this to help other people and so far my beta readers, which Jill was one of them.


Have just given me such positive feedback about what I have written and that one one person just really went over the top and told me how much he thinks this is going to help people who are dealing with adversity, who really want to embrace their authenticity, and that it's going to be kind of like a guidebook for them to help do that.


And so my whole purpose is to just reach people, to help them understand that it's possible. I have said, you know, working on a Ted talk right now. And I said to my Ted coach like.


Up front, I want you to know that this is not about me being famous. It's not about notoriety. It's not about anything else. It's all about how I can help the most people. And that's my whole purpose. And so I want to just carry that forward, even with it throughout the book too.


Yeah. And the book is not just your story. You've also interspersed in it a few chapters that.


Our our practical.


Application chapters I guess is the best way to call it, but it's it's for people to use, so it's kind of it's. It's definitely an interactive experience. It's not just a like a novel that you sit down and read and you're like ohh yeah, OK, so now I know all about Amy. It's a yeah. Now I know all about Amy and.


I know about the tools she used to to dig herself out of this massive depression depression she was experiencing, and maybe I could try that too. Maybe I can use some of these suggestions that she's made to make my life better and.


That that, that's hugely.


Yeah, I'm I it's interesting because I originally included those extra little chapters because my story is so heavy like there's so it's such a roller coaster. There's so many ups and downs to it, and I thought I've got to give the reader a break, you know, and one of the things I I want you to understand is that I wrote this with the reader in mind.


Like yes, I'm sharing this story, but it's all about helping, you know, helping the reader. And so I wrote this with the reader and.


Mind. And I thought I've got to give the reader a break. Like you can't just take all of this. You know, you gotta have a break throughout throughout the book. And so I originally wrote, you know, knew that I needed to have chapters in there that would give you a break and then under realized that, OK, I have all of this knowledge and this, you know, philosophy, this polished the mirror.


That I have created, I need to put a little bit of that in there too and make it actually like a guidebook like. Like you said, an applicable thing where people could take away something from it and actually put it to use in their lives right now.


So I'm happy to know that that you enjoyed those those pages because you know, like I said, it's it's part of my heart. It's part of. It's huge part of my story of how I got through it and to be able to help teach other people how to do that too is just, Oh my gosh, I love it so much.


I thought the book was fantastic. I.


I can't recommend it enough for for anybody that's just like.


Curious about how to go from.


From the pit that you're in and you know all of us start in a pit somewhere to to really getting out there and and expressing your your essence to the world. And you're just such a beautiful human being.






You're so sweet. Thank you so much. I I really appreciate you being willing to be one of our beta readers and giving me feedback and having me on here to be able to talk about it, to share it with more people. It really means a lot to me. And I'm just so thankful for the relationship that you and I have built.


And I want to say that Jill is the very first podcast I was ever on.


Like when my coach told me you need to go book, cart, book, podcasts. I was like, I don't know what I'm doing, you know? But Jill just took me in and she was like, let's just do this. And she's my very first one. And because of my experience with you, Jill, and maybe want to do more because my experience with you was so pleasant and it was like, it's not as scary as I thought it would be.


And so I was able to book a lot more because of that experience. So I want to thank you for that as well.




Well, I'm so honored that you did. Come on. And you were one of my first people that I interviewed when I first started the podcast. Yeah. Yeah. And. And your podcast is doing well, and it's fun to listen to. And it's just, it's exciting to see where this whole thing is going.


We were at least together.


For you and I'm really, I couldn't be more excited for you.


Well, thank you so much. It it literally has just, it's just exploding like I it's like I just opened myself. I say this a lot. I just opened myself up to it like, OK, I need to share my story to help other people. What does that mean? OK. And the universe is like, OK, here you go. Here you go. Here you go. You know, and all these opportunities just keep coming to me. And I just feel like I'm just so honored and humbled.




Like I just am so humbled. You know, I don't take it lightly at all. It's it's just.


Oh, I don't even know how to explain it. It's just it's just such an honor, you know, to be able to share my story in the way I have. And so I just appreciate it so much.


Well, I really appreciate you joining me today and for all the listeners, go to get Amy's to get on the pre-order list or if you're listening to this further in the future, you might just buy the book.


Yeah, if I'll eventually have the link to buy it on my website too once it's available.


So you just go there and find it.


Perfect. And if they wanna join you for your send agents business, you can find Amy over on Facebook too. And you can get all of this information over on her website. So thanks for joining me, Amy.




Thank you, Jill.

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