As you go through this exercise of completing the circle of perspective, you will want to consider how you rate these eight segments of your life. A rating of one signifies things are not going well at all whereas a ten rating indicates that things couldn’t be better. For the most part I’m sure that every area isn’t as bad as it could be or as great as it could be. Most of us are working with ratings somewhere between two and nine.

Once you complete the circle of perspective look at how smooth or bumpy this picture is. You can think of it as a bicycle tire. The goal is balance in life. That’s the way to have a smooth ride.

Life Changes & So Will Your Circle of Perspective

Over time the segments will change. For instance, at one point in time perhaps you lose your job or are unemployed. Your career and financial segments might be 2s or 3s whereas now you have lots of time for fun and friends so that area might be 8s and 9s. But then you get a job or start a new venture and the money starts flowing again, however you don’t have as much time to devote to friends. Now your career and financial segments are 6s and 7s and your friends and fun are 7s and 8s.

It’s good to do this circle of perspective exercise, maybe a few times a year. Thinking about how you perceive each of these segments of your life, as they are in the moment, allows you to consider how decisions for change might affect all areas of your life.


No Need to Go It Alone

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